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The Great Fetish Week London Review – 1 RECON MEMBERS PARTY

One of the musts for kinksters during the summer is London Fetish Week. We have sent Cassy, a rubber pup, abdl & gimp who really loves to party, to visit a lot of the events during fetish week. Starting by the Recon Members Party on Sunday this party marathon finished with the Deconstruction Party one week later. This was definitly also Pup Cassy’s deconstruction. Let’s see what he and people he has interviewed have to tell us.

Here the links to the reports of the different parties Pup Cassy visited:


This year’s highly anticipated Fetish week London 2018 was underway on a particularly hot week in London town, weather included, hosting to a number of lucky guests from a very eclectic mix of backgrounds, as came to light during the nights escapades. It appeared everyone was dressed in their best regardless of the climate, braving it with a very animated spirit. This manifested in a cordial ambiance throughout the delightful Cafe de Paris, who took its second year running as host.

Both new and familiar faces at this customarily theatrical cabaret and burlesque house were treated to a motley feast of some very impressive ensembles, fun features including the beloved photo booth, tasty food weaving its way through the swathes and some live entertainment with a very deviant edge to it. All this generously put on the hosts bill. Not to mention their bar tab too.

As the night progressed, amongst marvellous performances of fire breathing, muscle clad showmen and a very lascivious spectacle involving a gunge filled bath tub, members were fully enthralling themselves into the crowd, meeting new and old friends and truly embracing the inclusivity of this community. The hangovers from the previous day’s pride celebrations were by this point abated and it was clear that people were excited and braced for the week’s events.

Once again, Recon did not fail to impress. This opening night was a real privilege to be a part of, set in a beautiful location in the heart of London’s West End and proved an exceptional start to the week’s events. If you are lucky enough next year to receive one of these highly sought-after invitations, I would highly recommend you go! You will not regret it, even if it is a Sunday night.

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Currige (DE)

I have never experienced such an event before. I am from Germany and some British friends introduced me to a lot of amazing people. I had a lot of fun that evening and enjoyed it very much to see so many kinky people in their best gear.

I like that the Fetish Week offers something for everyone, the variety of events is incredible. I personally can act out what I really want to do. Everything’s possible – from just socialising to ‘having fun’ with other guys. And since it’s such a big and international event it is also a great way to see some friends again.

As I mentioned I think the variety of the event is the most special aspect of it. A whole week just full of Fetish events of every kind – that’s really unique and incredible.

I plan to attend the Rubber party and the Full Fetish on Saturday. Finally, some time in full rubber, meeting old and new kinky friends. And hopefully I will be the rubber gimp for someone this week – I am really looking forward to it.

Oh Yes, I have. And I really hope to see him again later this week. That’s something amazing of the Fetish week as well. Meeting new guys, talking to them and then having the chance to meet them again at another evening.

Pup Gar (Chicago U.S.)

I had a lot of fun throughout the event. It was entertaining to watch some of the performances, and games that occurred. And there was a great choice of venue to have it all. Then it is nice to take home some memories with the photo booth

I like the variety of events that are being put on throughout the week. What makes it special for me, is that I am experiencing a different community of kinksters, as someone who is from Chicago.

I love that there are places inviting to all, while also having some more narrowed events (such as Unleashed!). I also love how welcoming the Recon Premium Members party was, as even in the opening ceremony, the host said that if someone was seeming alone to go and give them a hug and have a conversation.

My plans for tonight are to gather up some puppies and to take over a club! What is better than some puppies running around a club dancing and drinking.

There were some very sexy puppies, leather men and rubber men. Hoping to get the chance to find some of their bones.

Corium101 (London UK)

I had awesome fun at the event. It was a brilliant showcase of the Fetish community. With the emphasis on community. The evening was led with such passion and energy by the Recon staff, and the energy of the room was very positive. I really loved that the event was specifically social, it created a very relaxed and pressure-free vibe. We were all just there to hang out in gear and catch up with each other!

Fetish week is brilliant for so many reasons. I love being able to parade around London in leather, rubber or sports gear. And feel confident with others in expressing myself. I also like that each major corner of our Fetish spectrum gets its own space and time for each part of our community to feel included. That’s very important.

Fetish week is special because it’s returning to what many would say we have lost as a community. Face to face connections. A week entirely devoted to getting as many people from our diverse community together and fostering new connections and relationships.

I plan to catch up with as many people as I can! I also am a total exhibitionist, so I love to be in front of the cameras, posing in my gear… so probably a lot of that too! And who’s gonna say no to the free bar, right?

Oh, so many people… I loved spending time with TwistedJock and SteveLovesKink. I also really loved meeting some of the core Recon team. But there was also a certain rubber clad pup who really grasped my attention….

The next Party Pup Cassy has visited was UNLEASHED.


BTW: Most of our interviewpartner have been published with their Recon profile name. (Party pictures by Recon)

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