Today we are in a garden close to Belfast, and we’re watching how a cute, young boy is working in the garden under the Northern Irish sun. Pity that he isn’t naked at work, because we know from our visits in Alicante, how cute this guy is. He is one of the new boys of BoyNapped:

Hey Johnny. How are you doing?

Fine, but it’s too hot!

You can be happy that you aren’t a gardener in Alicante, where we have met us for the first time.

You’re right. πŸ˜‰

As we have visited BoyNapped in March, you have been on set too. A young, cute twink who was doing his first porn shooting. Meanwhile, you have also done other scenes. But if you look back, what kind of feelings have you had as you have been boarding to fly from Belfast to Spain?

I had mixed feelings bout going there. I was going to a place that I never visited with people that I never met to become an adult model, so I was scared, excited and hoped that the new path that I decided to take was a good idea.

Can you tell us about your motivation to apply to become a porn actor?

I wanted to try something very different in my life. I wanted an adventure, to look at all possibilities of careers that I wanted to try before I will decide which one to go with. I was thinking about becoming a porn actor when I turned 18, but I was busy with learning. But when I got a job, I started to think that there could be an easier career that I could do.

On set, I was able to bond with other models.

What was your imagination of being a porn actor? And how is it to be one?

In my head it looked like these men go on set, do their routine after just spending some time talking to each other, then going home and not doing anything with this industry until there is a new job offer. But at least in my experience with BoyNapped it is different. When being on set, there is always something different going on, and I am not talking about just different positions. We talk, mess and joke around. When off set I was able to bond with different models and make new friends and now, even when I am home, I have contact with them. There is another side of that too, because I am a model I have to look for new offers myself and satisfy my fans by tweeting about me πŸ™‚ and I need to do that more often haha.

Hehe, yes, Public Relations is always important. That remembers me, we also have to present the scenes which have been published in the last two weeks:

Johnny Polak & Sean Taylor in

Slamming His Snug Little Hole

Sean has found a new toy, and he’s not likely to give it up any time soon. Little Johnny has the most perfect arse, so tight and warm, he can’t get enough of it. The boy has been roped into the swing ready for his big cock, but Sean isn’t gonna give it to him that easy. He licks out the boy, fingers his little hole, plays with the boy’s feet and drenches his soles in hot wax before making the boy gag on his big dick. Johnny takes some real punishment before Sean even rams his big cock into his hole! Finally he sinks in and gets unto a position to be able to really pound that pucker, using the boy for his pleasure and pulling out to drench the lad in his cum.

Click here to watch the trailer and more pics.

Ariel Black & Sebastian Kane in

Gorgeous Twink Spanked & Made To Cum

When will these boys learn that you don’t piss off the master, and if you do you should hide? Ariel has been caught and now he needs to be punished, and his cute little arse is gonna take the brunt of it. Master Sebastian slaps that butt through his jeans, bending him over his knee and spanking him. The boys cheeks are already red and sore when the master jugs his underwear off, playing with the twink’s arse. Even though the boy is in pain he can’t say no when the master demands he stroke his long uncut cock and cum for him!

Click here to watch the trailer and more pics.

Joey Valentine & Sean Taylor in

Winched Up & Fucked Deep

Joey was caught by a couple of the boys and they’ve already prepped him for dom boy Sean. He’s been hanging naked in the ropes for a while, winched up and left waiting to be used. When Sean arrives he doesn’t pause to consider how he’s going to use this boy and his tight little arse, immediately playing with that hole, licking the boy’s pucker out, then taking a break to suck some cock and feed the boy his own before plunging his boner into him! Joey endures the punishing fuck well, until Sean is happy and ready to decorate his used ass with his cum load!

Click here to watch the trailer and more pics.

Alexis Tivoli & Sean Taylor in

Electrodes & A Sucking Mouth

We all know Sean loves his toys. He has a big collection of dildos, butt plugs, masturbators and more. One of his fave toys right now is his electrostimulation gadget! Smooth boy Alexis is gonna get the experience in this session, stripped naked and chained to the cross, his long cock there for Sean to play with and suck. He manages to endure the pulsating quite well considering it’s his first time being milked of a load like this, but ultimately Sean gets what he wants and makes that cock spew hot cream before wanking out his own load over the boy’s spent and sticky dong.

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Oh, Sean was slamming your snug little hole. πŸ™‚ How was it to work with Sean Taylor?

Hahaha every time when on a set (and even off) Sean Taylor he is unable to stop himself from playing with me. Before this scene, I remember him bouncing around the set so excited  πŸ™„ .

Whenever we were between the takes he just didn’t want to take it out, and I was not complaining, he knew how to play with me. The most difficult thing was not laughing when wax was poured over my feet because I have ticklish feet  😳 

Many fans think that on a porn set, there is also sex off the camera. Have you had such kind of fun with some of the models after work?

Oh. Haha, there is one model  that I didn’t have a chance to work with and I wanted to have some fun but I decided to be professional. But yes it happen once or twice when I was first time working with BoyNapped πŸ˜‰

Now you’ve made us curious. Common, tell us some details. How was it? And is sex with porn actors wilder than the sex you’ve had before?

Haha, I think that the biggest difference between non actors and actors is the conversations that happen after ;). It was a lot of fun, plus because of the huge experience (and more other huge things) it feels it is just amazing. I think that it depends on a person how wild the experience is, and the wildest thing that I did during sex happened on set.

Oh, you are into huge things? OK, you have also a cute ass which can handle it, but why is the size so important?

These huge things need to be used properly as well, but I really enjoy when a man has a thick dick that can be shoved into my cute ass πŸ™‚ , when I am being tested with it then finally that juicy cock goes in it just feels good and exciting to feel more. But I did have good sex before with regular size, but he was able to make me cumming with his cock just hitting the right spot for the amazing final.

I really enjoy when a man has a thick dick.

Hehe, I’m talking with a little pussyboy. That’s always nice! OK, you are working for BoyNapped, a kinky porn label. What kinks are you into? And how submissive are you?

Well, I would say that it depends on a person I am with, because I never was 100% submissive. But if there will be the right man, oh so many things would happen,  😯 . The link that I just think is the best is age play when I am being someone’s boy and I have a daddy to play with. I enjoy being tied up, as well, that I will be unable to move, and the dominant daddy is able to play with me.

Ah, you like dominant daddies? Nice to hear that. How has a guy to be so that you can imagine having sex with him?

Yes, this is my favourite type of man. Big, strong daddy that could carry his baby around. My perfect daddy would have a hairy chest with a six-pack under that hair, big beard or no beard at all and a cock that is long and thick so every time I would beg him to push this cock into my bouncy ass. But you know how it is, even if you have a type of guy, at the end there are many other guys I like and with whom I can imagine spending a night or more.

Scenes with Johnny Polak 

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I know you have done several scenes now for BoyNapped. Can you tell us how the ultimate scene in which you are one of the main actors should look like? Now you can show us your qualities as story book writer. πŸ™‚

Oh, this is my favourite question now. I will go with my favourite idea, a boy (me haha) getting lost in the woods and after some time of wandering he hears someone in the forest. He walks towards that sound and then realizes that this is a lumberjack, I would start getting closer to see better who is that and when I got close enough I would hide behind a tree, to see a man in the shirt chopping down trees. Because of the heat, sweat is coming down his forehead, he undoes his shirt. The boy decides to walk closer and asks for help. The man notices me, looks me in the eyes and smiles, I feel like I am on under a spell when I get close to him, I am unable to speak charmed with that big strong sweaty lumber jack. He introduces himself as Colby Keller. He takes his dusty glove off, so he can greet me, I give him my hand and hope that he will pull me closer to his body. I was able to stutter out my name to him, but I couldn’t focus on talking. The only thing I could think off is his big, strong hand touching me. I got hard and I think Colby noticed. He puts his arm around my shoulder and starts walking towards a large tree stump. He told me that I look lost, but I responded that I found the place where I should be, and I kissed his lips. And at first he’d push me away, but I noticed that there is a monster in his pants that wants to be released. This time he kissed my lips and grabbed me tight against his warm body, close enough that I can feel his dick pulsing against my mine. When he released me I immediately go on my knees look up to his eyes while playing with his beast and pulled his pants down and have his cock hit my face. I put my hand on his balls and slowly started to take his cock into my mouth, teasing and pleasing him. Now I grab his ass and start to choke on that juicy cock dripping pre-cum into my mouth. He lifts me off my knees rips my shirt off me, throws me on a tree stump to pull the rest of my clothes off me, revealing that my cock is covered in pre-cum. He took some of that pre-cum turns me around, spreading my legs with my stomach on the stump, starting to play with my hole first with his tongue, then with his big hands, when suddenly I feel his dick forcing its way deep inside me, that I was able to feel it in my throat just a few moments ago. Furthermore, he lifts me into the air, grabs my fat ass and places it on top of his dick, making me bounce in the air against his juicy cock fucking me so hard that I start to moan and shout, and with his cock making me squirt my cum all over us. And when I did this, he got so excited that he puts me down on the ground and kneels above my body to cover my face in his huge load. And after he finishes, Conor shoves his cock deep down my throat, making me lick all that tasty cum off his dick.

Ohhhhhh …. that’s nice. Hope you lick it clean as it should be, hehe. Well Johnny, it was great to talk to you, and I’m sure we will see us again soon. But now we have to ask the Pro what he is thinking about your story book?

Oh wow, Johnny, that’s one hell of a HOT story! Let me see if I can get Kolby on the phone and ask if he is available. We might have to add some kink to the story, though, and then maybe it could be a bestseller! πŸ˜‰

Good idea, Sean. There can always be more kink in stories πŸ˜‰ . Btw. What kind of kinky action will you show us on BoyNapped during the next two weeks?

Yes, a bit of kink always makes a story better! πŸ˜‰ The two weeks of scenes are going to be amazing. You’ll get to meet new boy Teddy Lane who gets flogged and edged by Sebastian in his first ever BoyNapped video. Cute blond twink Joey Valentine gets all his pubes shaved off, and finally you get to see me face fuck Chris Jansen and then cover him in piss and cum! Definitely worth a look!

Johnny Polak

United Kingdom