We are still in the pandemic but the label “My Dirtiest Fantasy” was able to continue their production with local models. One of the cuties who has had to suffer frequently in front of the camera is Galiel Swan. It is really time to talk with this nice guy.

Hi Galiel. I suppose that the pandemic doesn’t make it easier to work as model but you’ve produced a lot of scenes in the last few months. How did you like it?

Yes you’re totally right. The situation is not easy. Covid has hit us all … but to be honest I love to get punished and restricted in sex but not in life. I’ve been very lucky that I was able to produce in the last few months several bdsm and bondage scenes for different labels. That was real fun and what I needed.

Yes, the last year is really one to forget, even harder for young guys as you are. How sexual was the pandemic year for you? Have you missed a lot?

As a young guy and even more as porn actor you have a very sexual life and if you don’t have the possibility to live it you’re missing a lot

Yes it was and is not so easy. As a young guy and even more as porn actor you have a very sexual life and if you don’t have the possibility to live it you’re missing a lot, not only the money you get for it. I really love sex and I’ve have a high sex drive and I get unsatisfied and unhappy if I can’t live it. I was really happy to have some close friends to have sex sex with sometimes and then I started to produce also a lot of content for my onlyfans, with my friends or just me wanking or playing with my ass. ๐Ÿ™‚ And of course it was also great to work for the labels here in Spain.

Yes I’ve seen you’ve been active for the labels but also for your only fans. I hope that your only fans becomes also a little more kinky as you seem to be a real nice submissive boy.

The problem is that there aren’t a lot of dominant guys here in my area. Most of my play partners on onlyfans are just fuckers. Some of them even don’t want to show their face. It is about draining the balls but in a hot way and with a sexy boy.

I also love these harder vanilla fucks and as I’m more or less horny 24/7 I produce also solos. I hope you and also your audience like my work.

You’re doing a good job, boy, and that with the missing doms I can understand. But as much as I can see in your scenes you really like dominant guys using you for their pleassure. What is the attraction of hard bdsm sex?

I am a submissive and I like to be treated like the son who has to obey and to learn.

I am a submissive and I like to be treated like the son who has to obey and to learn. I want that my partner shows me my place, that I get forced down on my knees so that I can smell the scent of the man at his croch. That are such small things which makes me really horny. I think it is this desire to be guided which makes me also love the harder sex.

How important is your own satisfaction or do you prefer that the top takes what he wants so that HE is satisfied?

That is not such an easy question. On one hand I like it mutual. There is nothing better than a hot 69. Have I told you that I love to give blow-jobs, but also to receive them? But it even becomes better if with the time the top shows also his dom side and starts to spank me while I’m still licking. Of course I love to give satisfaction but I have also moments in which I want to get MY satisfaction.

That you don’t have to say. I can see in your OnlyFans how much blow jobs you’re giving. In your scenes with My Dirtiest Fantasy you have got to suffer several punishments. What is the attraction of pain and punishment?

I think I have my masochistic side because I really like to get punished from time to time. It is at the same time also a play with my limits. So at the end it is a mix between pleasure and challenge. Of course you need also to get used to and it isn’t always easy to switch from tender moments to painful action.

If I’m on a set I ask sometimes to get some slaps before filming just to be used to pain and that my brain is ready for a hard session. That sounds probably strange but I’m quite sure there are a lot of guys who understand me.

You say that you like dominant dads. What is the attraction of tops who are older than you?

I like to learn not to teach! ๐Ÿ˜Š Older guys are often stronger than a twinkish guys like me and they have a lot more experience than same age boys. I like to be their fresh meet to use and fuck hardly. This is also what I think about if I’m waking. This idea makes me horny as hell. Show me, that you’re my daddy and you know how to treat me … then I’ll do everything for you.

If you look back to the bdsm scenes you’ve done what have been the hottest expeirences you have made and why?

That was my last scene I’ve produced for MDF. It will be published soon (3rd of April 2021). That was really an incredible hot scene in which I was in total rope bondage, not able to really move. My ass got destroyed with dildos and with Izan Loren’s dick while I was supsended. Of course I’ve got also hard slaps and I felt really used and humiliated in this moment. Belive me, I’m still thinking about the feelings I’ve had in this situation from time to time and it makes me get hard instantly.

Yes to be in bondage is a very special feeling for a submissive. Do you like to be totally without power and just there to be used? Can you tell us how you feel in such moments?

Yes, I love it. This mix out of pain, pleasure, humiliation but also to feel desirable and needed is just great. And bondage combines it with feeling of being helpless and delivered but you know you’re in a safe environement. Of course on a pron set you get into such situations with people you don’t really know, some actors you have probably met some minutes before. That’s probably a little weird but you know, the team is taking care of you even if the scene is hard and playing with your limits.

You’ve told us that you felt humiliated. Can you tell us why?

I was hanging there totally helpless and he was spitting on me, slapping my face while I was giving him a blow job or he spanked my ass during he was fucking me …. doesn’t that sound a little humiliating?

This mix out of pain, pleasure, humiliation but also to feel desirable and needed is just great.

Probably it does … ๐Ÿ™‚ You’ve told us before that you like it mutual but what you’re saying sounds more that you like to be an object to use. So what do you prefer?

You catched me! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Of course I prefer it mutual but if you’re in total bondage, totally delivered and a hot dominant top with a nice tool is in front of you and using you, then you just can (and want) to follow his orders and satisfy his desires … ohhhhh, I really sound like a submissive bitch …. probably I am one. ๐Ÿ˜‰

What kind of feelings do you have when you get whipped?

First I get the feeling of being a bad boy who hasn’t been as good as I should. The whip let me feel more submissive and it motivates me to be a better boy, to be open and willing, to suck his dick better and deeper and to please him even more.

Seems you need that.

Yes sometimes I do. And it gets me into a headspace in which I just want more and more and more … that are moments I hope they will never end. I just want to feel him exploading his load deep into my ass and to hear a tender “good boy” at the end. In this moment his satisfaction is also mine and even if it was painful I just feel good.

You’ve told us that you like smells and sweaty guys and I see you like also to show your feet on Onlyfans. But are you also a good foot licker?

I really love to lick feet. ๐Ÿ™‚ Once I met a guy who was totally into foot play and me as nice submissive boy I started to give him a good foot massage with oils and everything … meanwhile he started to play with my dick and that made me as horny that I started to lick his feet, first the sole and then toe by toe. You haven’t heard his moaning but belive me, that made even more horny. That was a real good start for a great night.

You really seem to be a good submissive boy. Do you just like to have a “boss” in sex or do you like your partner to be dominant in life too?

That’s a good question. I really like dominant guys and I like to be there for their needs and pleassure in sex and in life. But sometimes I want to be in the lead too. It is not that I want to dominate him but I want to be a partner who is taken for serious. Equal moments are important. A cute twink boyfriend in the streets and a submissive bitch in the sheets.

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