Today we have a very special filthy boy with us, a real pussyboy! He looks more masculine than a lot of twinks in his age, but the moment he stands naked in front of you, you see “a little” difference. There is a pussy instead of a dick. Yes, Ed is a female to male trans guy, and a real kinky and filthy one. 🙂 Hi Ed. I know several F2Ms who would be totally upset if I would call them a pussyboy, but you seem to like it. What kind of associations do you make when people call you this way?

I associate the term with sex and kink! Trans guys refer to their genitals in lots of different ways, but I call mine pussy, clit, etc. I used to be upset that I have a pussy, but now I really love it. I have a lot of fun with my body and I don’t take ‘pussyboy’ in a derogatory way, because for me it’s just descriptive really.

I know from trans friends that the way they have behind was a long and hard one. When did you realize for the first time that what you feel and what you see in the mirror don’t correspond, and what have been the next important milestones in your trans life?

I realized very early on – I was about eight. Of course, I couldn’t change anything medically or physically until much later, so puberty was a struggle, and my childhood was pretty unhappy despite having a loving and accepting family. Starting to take hormones (testosterone) in my teens was a huge milestone which improved my life significantly, and chest surgery at 18 also helped me to feel a lot more confident in my body.

Have you never missed your tits since your surgery?

Thankfully no! This was actually a genuine concern of mine. When I had them, I hated them, and wanted them gone – but there was a small part of me that was worried I might regret it. Obviously, it was worth considering, but I haven’t regretted it once. They always felt out of place, like they didn’t belong to me, and I went to huge lengths to conceal them. I wore tight binders which restricted my breathing (and not in a fun way), and thick sweatshirts in the middle of summer. I feel much, much happier with my body now that they’re gone.

You have told us before that you have also had a negative relationship with your pussy in your past, but now you really love it … What has changed, and what is the difference between the titts and the vagina?

Interesting question! I think the main problem when I was younger was that I thought that every man needs to have a dick, and if he doesn’t, he isn’t a man. I had to overcome a lot of societal conditioning telling me I’m not a real man, but thankfully I don’t care about any of that anymore – I’m happy as I am. Honestly though, I can’t explain exactly why the same principle didn’t apply to my tits. They felt wrong, and my pussy feels right – I don’t know how to explain exactly how or why that is. Starting to date people also helped with my relationship to my pussy. I don’t think it’s healthy to completely rely on validation from other people but I had a couple of early supportive partners, which helped to reassure me that I could be desirable. Until then I’d thought that no-one would be interested in me because I was trans.

I know many kinkster subs who love to be called pussyboy. Of course, it is a way to show a bottom boy what he is here for, but it has also the attraction of the humiliation the term brings with. Does the term pussyboy have a humiliating side for you or does the word just make facts clear …. you are a boy with a pussy?

Yes, that’s right. It’s not humiliating for me because it’s true – I’m a boy with a pussy.

Ok, even if it isn’t humiliating for you it is one of the keywords which shows me that we should start to talk about your kinky sides. 🙂 I know you’re a filthy boy but tell us, what are you into?

I like sweat, cum, and bodily fluids. I love being really sweaty and disgusting when I hook up with someone. A boyfriend of mine likes it too – he would lick my pussy right after I’d been to the gym, when I hadn’t showered all day, and it was a huge turn on. If he’d been like that, I would have told him to go take a shower, haha – I like my partners to be really clean – but I like being dirty myself. In some ways I’m more Dom because I like just taking what I want from someone, using them to get off. But I can be submissive too, depending on the person (or people). I’m really into piss as well! There’s something about completely releasing everything and letting go that gets me hot.

Such filthy moments like licking a sweaty guy or piss games also often include a humiliating aspect. Would you say that you’re into humiliation as well?

If I know it’s getting my partner off as well, that they enjoy being humiliated, then yes!

That sounds a little like that you’re a service Dom if you’re in the dominant role. Are you one of the guys who like to please the partner while acting as dominant?

Well, my pleasure is very important to me too! Haha, but I definitely place a lot of importance on consent and communication beforehand, so everyone knows what the others like. That’s necessary anyway to work out if we’re compatible. So it’s more like . . . I want them to make me cum, but I want them to enjoy doing it!

Hehe. But you need to have a service mentality in your second job. You work as an escort. What is in your eyes the differences between a session with friends and one with a client?

You’re right that the main difference is the service mindset. Again, I always like to discuss a lot beforehand, so I know what they like, and the main focus is on their pleasure. With my friends I feel more relaxed – not just in terms of sex but in the things I say and do. When I’m with a client, I’m aware that I’m at work. However, it depends on the client’s personality and how well we click with each other.

Can you tell us how you’ve started with escorting?

I started in Manchester, while my only other income was a zero-hour job. Obviously I do it for the money but I also enjoy meeting people, and I love hearing about people’s fetishes, kinks, and desires. I know I can always say no to a request, so I like it when clients (or anyone really) are upfront about what turns them on!

Of course, it is mostly about the money and that is not something bad. It is a business, and a hard one. It is often more than just sex. Do you still remember how it was to “sell” yourself for the first time?

Yes! The main thing I remember from that time was how nervous I was. I hadn’t told the client that it was my first time, so I was pretending to be confident and experienced, haha. I really had no idea what to expect. Thankfully, I haven’t had any really bad experiences.

That’s great that you never have had bad experiences. Do you think to be a trans boy helps you on the market?

I think so, yes. A lot of my clients are curious because they’ve never been with anyone with a pussy before, which is fine with me. It does make me stand out a bit. But then it will put some people off as well.

Unique selling arguments are always an advantage. 🙂 Before we have talked about body parts you have lost, others you have become happy with, but now we have also to talk about something you have got new with your hormone treatment: BODY HAIR! What does it mean to you and would you ever shave you as there are many guys who like smooth twinks?

The main reason I don’t shave is that I’m too lazy to maintain it! I trim my pubes because sex feels better that way (and it minimizes stray pubes in mouths) but other than that I don’t do anything with my body hair. I know some people like smooth twinks (including me, though I have lots of types) but lots of people like hairy guys as well. When I first transitioned, starting to grow facial hair and thicker leg hair was really exciting, but that was years ago, and now it just feels normal. I quite like being fuzzy all over.

I’m also one of the guys who prefer the subs being smooth, 🙂 You like to expose yourself on Twitter and OnlyFans. What is the attraction of showing yourself naked and in a sexual environment to strangers?

I get turned on by the thought that I’m turning other people on. When I get comments and messages from people telling me they’ve wanked to my pictures and videos, it’s a turn on, but it also tells me what kind of content people want to see. The same goes for tips and OnlyFans subscriptions – I really love the thought that people are enjoying my content, and want to see more. There’s probably some power element to it somewhere as well, and it’s definitely validating. Although I feel quite happy with my body, I used to be reluctant to send nudes because I was worried people wouldn’t like them. I’m not worried about that any more, and if someone doesn’t like them, I care a lot less than I used to.

So your exposing is giving you self-confidence and the acceptance of others is giving you acceptance for yourself?

Yes, but I’d say it goes both ways: I needed a certain level of confidence and acceptance before I would feel comfortable exposing my body to anyone. Over the last few years, I’ve become more accepting of my body and my sexuality – and that has only increased since I started the escorting and the online work.

That sounds really good, and we are really happy for you. If you look back to this time, you’ve mentioned, which was the hottest kink experience you’ve ever had?

This comes to mind because it was kind of unexpected. A regular hookup of mine in Manchester licked honey off my toes; I’d never had anyone lick my feet before and wasn’t expecting to like it, but it was really hot. Then he licked my pussy till I squirted in his mouth – which obviously I quite enjoyed.

I remember a very hot session with another regular. I tied him up and rode his face, using his tongue to get myself off, then as I came I let everything go and pissed on his face and in his mouth; it went everywhere, though he drank as much as he could. I love that feeling of total release when I piss when I cum.

Not bad, boy. Do you have still some kink fantasies in your mind you haven’t lived yet and do you want to share it with us?

I’d still like to play with piss a lot more. I’m pretty open and willing to indulge other people’s kinks and fantasies, especially if I’m in the Dom role – maybe something like a master-slave relationship; that’s a big turn-on. I’d also like to experiment more with role play and groups. And maybe being submissive as well. My list is very long!


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