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Welcome to readers, old and new. For nearly a decade, I’ve created original stories through photomanipulation with comic captioning. I’ve helped to popularize male chastity, providing inspiration and Rules for boys to follow. I have a much broader range of fetish interests that include overturning power dynamics: these themes include top-to-bottom, muscle-theft, age regression, gender transformation, and other role reversal and transformation themes. Enjoy!

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Alternate Paths

A Potesterex and Degressol story. Mick and Kris happen upon their friend Derek who has been transformed from a normal guy to a muscle god. They realize that the stories about transgenic Rejuve therapy are real!

A Master’s Workout

When it’s time for a real man to do his daily workout, it’s important that he have access to the appropriate equipment.

Ball Boy

Scotty agrees to take part in one of Prof. Proteus’ experiments

Becoming a Fixture at Club Dominion

Kyler goes to a secretive, private club looking for work.

Bound Shaving

Good boys have to be smooth. A boy gets his shaving.

Boi Soup

A houseboy left home alone for the week reflects on his Master’s rules.


Is the legendary lost realm of eternal boyhood nothing more than a myth?

Chaste Marriage

Bradley and Karl reflect on their marriage vows, which included swearing to be permanently locked and chaste.

Chastity Boi Island

Dylan realizes that different Rules apply to different guests at Chastity Boi Island.

Chastity Knights

The Knights of the Covenant, defenders of the realm, have sworn to maintain a vow of chastity until they fulfill their quest and find locate the sacred Chalice of Ix.

Chastity TV

Four twink couples agree to move into Chastity House for a Reality TV competition.


A good boy has his duties.

Clone Dick Souvenir

Check out how useful a clone dick can be.


Scotty and Gavin are ready for friday evening clubbing with Lord Chirenon and his friend.

Darius and his friends

Darius and his friends orchestrate an orgy where the men are free to fuck and the boys are kept locked to ensure that they remain passive receptacles.

Doctor's orders

Seth has a terrible masturbation problem that is affecting his relationship. Fortunately, Seth's doctor has an easy solution.

Davy’s Christmas Frustration

Is the release after a chastity period really a release?


Mr. Stone knows how to keep his favourit boys with him. Has one of your friends disappeared?

First day at Gaveston Boarding School

Laurent is visiting the doctor for the medical examination.

Foreclosure – The Auction

Young students in debts become slaves.

Friendly Persuasion

Not sure you want your nub locked up secure and safe instead a protective chastity cage? Maybe you need a little friendly persuasion.

Good Couple

A twink couple who both enjoy BDSM play learn the best lesson of all: neither one of them needs to be the “top.”

Harem Boy

Carter Preston, a successful Toronto architect, meets a mysterious Arab prince and finds himself being drawn away from his normal role as a Top, to becoming a receptive bottom.


After many years of hard work in Chirenon's research department we are very proud to announce the new himbofication treatment.

His New Protector

A boy’s tiny new chastity protector includes a urethral plug…


About Chirenon’s rules for Houseboys.

How to turn a room-mate into a slaveboy

A muscle top becomes a slave boy.

Lance and Jamey

Lance decides it’s time to get his boyfriend Jamey “mounded”.

Lance and Jamey doing Sports

Jamey and Lance Workout.

Locked Naked Office Interns

Toshio was a little concerned when he the orientation materials for his new internship at the Company included a chastity device and instructions for putting it on.

Mikey Mounded

Boyfriends Austin and Mikey both have big cocks. But Austin is a Dom/hunk/top man who wants Mikey to be his sub/twink/bottom boy.

Model Proposition

When tempted with actual cash, Lex learns that he’s prepared to sell more than he originally imagined.

Monthly milking procedure at Gaveston Boarding School

It's about milking not about orgasms.


When puppy Nubby encounters his ex-boyfriend in the park, he couldn’t be more mortified and humiliated!

PA Security for Bavarianboi

Short of securing the boy in a full belt, the main solution is attaching the cage to the nub itself, using a Prince Albert (PA) Piercing as Bavarianboi demonstrates.

Paul’s Houseboy: A Degressol Story

Paul’s tired of his boyfriend’s lazy and domineering attitude. He decides that if James is going live rent free, he needs to transform his role.

Petey Teased

Peter becomes a "model".

Phalliminating Ethan

When Ethan wanted to move into his Master’s home as a 24/7 slave boy, he realized he had a big problem.


A month after he began taking Phalliminate to solve his persistent problem, Armond began to notice some of the side effects.

Preparing a New Boy

Every new boy is a lot of work. Here you can see how to prepare a boy.


Jarrett succumbs to peer pressure and explores the latest fashion trend of boys sporting unbelievably tiny, sexy packages.

Protecting Fine Art

A Master art collector adds a wall hanging to his collection.

Punishment Academy

First day at a new Japanese school for bad boys.

Puppyboy Wiggles

Now back home, Takeo has continued to treat Keiji as Puppy Wiggles.

Puppy Jacky

That's how Chirenon trains his puppy.

Rejuv – A Potesterex Story

The transgenic treatment with Potesterex.

Relationship Counseling

Get an insight into Dr. Hardpalm's therapy sessions.

Santa spanks the “good boy” Tommy

Don’t belive everyone who is telling you that he is a good boy.

Santa’s Elf

A classic Christmas tale. Merry Christmas, and ‘be good for goodness sake.’

Sex on the Beach

A Tapping (Milking) Story - Assad decides that the boy needs an orgasm-free release and employs Chirenon’s “Tapping method” of milking.


A devious doctor experiments on a sailor with a new kind of virtual reality simulator ….

Shave Love

Boys have to be smooth.


Daniel is offered a small fortune to do nude male modeling for a wealthy sheikh.

Swim Team

The coach has theories for how the swim team can save up their energy for the competition.

The Atomic Trio vs. Triangular

The Atomic Trio vs. Triangular: An evil super-villain uses his hypnotic powers to defeat the gay super trio Proton, Electron, and Neutron.

The Augmentation and Mounding Package

A surprise at the hospital.

The Benefits of Pussification

Chirenon presents a solution for twink porn actors.

The Cuckolding Plan

Who will get the chastity device?

The Defeat of Prince Zomandius

In a world far away, there is a new chapter in the age old battle between the patriarchy of Korubia and the Amazonian warriors of Valchaeria.

The Omar Bell Virus

Dan had had it all: the All-American athlete, with self-confidence, good looks, muscles… but that was before Dr. Omar Bell released his infamous transgenic virus.

The Reduction of Loan Harrington

Faced with a dire medical condition, Logan Harrington is forced to consider transgenic therapy.

The Reductor

Two friends are following Lord Chirenon's orders and solving the problem of big cocks.

The Resort

Chirenon's epic story about a resort for "good boys".

The Romulan Probe

Chirenon goes Star Trek.

The Shetfield Pony Academy

Rosamund Criddle has decided their her stepson Devon needs to learn obedience.

Top No More

Suchart describes his decision to submit to Master Darius and transform himself from a guy with a big cock who liked to fuck twinks, into a locked, bottoming twink.

Wrong Stereotype

Why has the black guy to be the top in our relationship?

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