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LOCKTOBER WEEK 4 – A Testament To The Power Of Chastity In BDSM Training

The 4th week of LOCKTOBER is over and we are facing the finish line. It is really time to check out how our featured boys have done during the last seven days. Today we’ll talk a little more about the change in submissivness which the 4 weeks in chastity have caused. Chirenon, what are for you the characteristics of a real submissive boy? What makes him so special and attractive for you?

Male sexuality is normally tied up with your cock: fucking, jerking off. It’s active and assertive and caught up with the idea of thrusting and penetrating. And male horniness tends to build to a climax during sex, explode, and then dissipate.

With our locked boys, these tendencies are restricted by the cage which doesn’t allow for jerking, fucking, or even getting fully hard. The boy’s sexuality is forced inward, so that his whole body becomes sexualized instead of just his locked nub. Sex becomes entirely passive as the locked boy receives dildos and cocks, but lacks any active outlet. And so his horniness builds to a peak without ever dissipating that the boy is helpless to do anything about. As this continues, he becomes more and more passive, more eager to serve men, and consequently he becomes extremely submissive.

I love boys that are truly submissive: they become fully symbiotic with their Dom. The submissive boy derives pleasure entirely passively by pleasing his Dom. Not only does he do what the Dom says, he anticipates his Dom’s needs. When the boy and his Master are in perfect harmony, this can cause a positive cycle where the Master takes pleasure, which gives the boy pleasure, in a loop that builds on itself. However, this condition of true submissiveness is very different from passive aggressive bottom boys who actively try to guilt or manipulate Doms into doing things to them. The latter are acting out of their own cravings and neediness are simply making themselves into a chore for the Doms.

We really have to talk a little more about submissivness and inferior boys but first we should check how, how our boys have done during the last 7 days.

Review of the 4th Week of LOCKTOBER

Slave Kirby

1988 | 190 cm | 75 kg

I spent most off the week working my ass off. So had little time for adventures sadly. However it did make me enjoy Locktober so much. I’d be working really hard and not think about my cage at all. But then I would have to wait for a clients respond and had 5 mins to myself, and my horniness would just skyrocket.

I actually begged my KH several times to cum in my coffee this week just cause I was so horny xD Oh and yesterday my KH fucked me again while I kept my cage on. I came so close to an orgasm! But my own body denied it the last second. It was cool though. I really plan on finding a second top next locktober so they can tag team me and see who is the first to make me cum in my cage while being fucked.


1994 | 178 cm | 65 kg

The third week was quite all right for me. I got used to my device so it doesnt make any big problems, however by the end of the week my new holy trainer has finally arrived so it was also an experimental time for me. This week was quite long as I spent a lot of time at work.

Boy Jason

1979 | 183 cm | 102 kg
Chicago (U.S.)

I think about having a dick again and cumming all the time.  I need it.  Badly.  I need to play with my hole and have dick or toys in it more than ever before.  This is pushing me farther than I have ever been pushed in terms of horniness and submission.

Ero Sanzo

1988 | 170 cm | 67 kg

The week as goon pretty smoothly. Almost near the end and the pent up feeling is getting stronger, knowing that it’s about to end has gotten me really riled up. But other then feeling really horny life has been pretty normal.


1996 | 178 cm | 70 kg
New York (U.S.)

Week 4 was a fine week. A little bit hornier, a little bit more frustrated, but the same amount of struggle and comfort. At this point in a chastity cycle for me, I generally flatten out some. That doesn’t mean that I don’t want to unlock and shoot, but at least that feeling isn’t getting any stronger!

Seems that the boys really get used to be locked. I’m happy that there hasn’t been a lot of problems but now we have really to ask the boys about the submissivness and their development.

How did the time in Chastity Change your Submissivness?

Well its the main reason I’m a chastity boy. I’m a very difficult sub. I can follow certain orders to the extreme, but getting in that headspace take a lot of time and effort. When I’ve been in chastity for a week or two that totally changes. I can become super submissive within minutes for a Dom. It’s that combination of being super horny, and just knowing that I just cannot please myself. I can’t jerk or whatever so I am simply 100% depending on my Dom to give me any pleasure. Even if that pleasure is swallowing my own frozen cum or drive him around our country naked and exposed.

Today I had another good example I went to the gay sauna locked for the first time (another locktober goal done!). And I love the idea of just sitting there and have random guys shove their cock into my mouth. But once I’m actually there I’m too shy or too scared for stds or a million other anxiety thoughts that go through my mind, so I can’t enjoy the moment. But today, after being chast for 27 days. I just see a hard cock and I just pretty much dive onto it. I still need a tiny bit of encouragement from my KH, but once I get going my mind just goes blank and all I want in the world is for the random dude to shoot his load so I can suck another. I really just go insta-slut/sub now. It’s the best.

To be honest, I dont really know if this affects me or not. I think being locked makes me more horny and playful but Im not sure if Im also more submissive. Id say Im more nervous and irritated than submissive. To be honest Im not so good sub and bttm as I cant relax very well. I keep myself nervous and worried (Unfortunatelly it’s way above the ‘sexy’ limit 😏). Maybe Im not the right person to judge and you should rather ask my Master @themaster_storm

I need dick and toys in me as well as to be used more than ever.  I think I am more ready to please while in chastity: in general but to my Dom in particular.  I am ready for more of all the above and reasonable/consensual things that may please others.  I need it, really.

Oh yes, I would say that being locked in chastity has made me really submissive. I would occasionally day dream of getting down on my knees and sucking off a guy or even get involve in a 3 some. Also my twitter feed is not helping, just looking at some of the art makes me wish it was me, being pined down by a top and getting my ass pounded till I cum in my cage. That has gotten me really really submissive.

Since I’m already willing to do so much, it’s not necessarily that I’m more ready. I see it more as I’m looking forward to it more. Instead of going through the motions, I’m anticipating and awaiting the next task.

Did the time in chastity expand your limits? Can you for example take more pain?

I’m not much into pain as a sub. So I can’t say much about that. But I do notice I last way, waaaaay longer when I’m getting fucked now. This Locktober was the first time I got fucked in chastity. We had tried before but I always got so hard in my cage I got blood-circulation issues and just had to stop. But this month, being locked for weeks in a row, my cock simply doesn’t get that hard anymore and I can take a cock in me without that unstoppable erection. And it has made me a super hungry bottom. My bf is very well endowed and usually after 20 minutes my body is just done. Now I literally beg him to fuck me again minutes after he has filled me. To the point I’m even saying things like “Just use a toy then for round 2”. Yesterday he first filled me with a massive Crackstuffers toy, and then fucked me super hard. And afterwards I was begging him to keep fucking me. I have no idea what changed inside my body to have my ass be able to take this much and more suddenly.

This doesnt really work for me. My body is generally sensitive and ticklish – EVERYWHERE 😓 my hips, my neck, my feet, stomach and also my dick. I think the cage makes me a little more sensitive as when my Master is cleaning me is for me quite intensive – I think more than ever 😏

Absolutely it helps with that for me.  It almost helps relieve some of the frustration around being caged: it’s almost like I can use some of the same energy and spend it on taking pain/impact/torture.  I have experienced this before with impact play, CBT, and nipple play where it makes it easier for me to get into a submissive headspace and easier to take pain (as well get pleasure from it).

Well I’m not sure about that. Being in chastity for a long period of time dose make me really submissive and open to suggestions, but I still think my pain threshold is still the same. I guess I need to be eased in to doing stuff that I’m not use to.

I don’t really have many limits in the first place. So long as it’s legal and consenting, there’s a 99% chance I’ll do it. What does change is that instead of waiting for demands, I’m more likely to actively seek them myself. I’ve done some chastity challenges I’ve found on Twitter, like those from @K1nkMega. It helps scratch that itch quite well.

It’s interesting to see how different our boys are but I can also recognize that the horniness of the mayority of the boys is moving from their dick to their ass. It seems the boys are becoming good pussyboys. Do you agree, Chirenon?

Yes, absolutely. I sometimes observe caged boys in my Twitter feed playing excessively with their cages, wiggling them, shaking them, and sometimes cumming in them. In my view, that’s entirely missing the point and is functionally making the cage into a fleshjack. Our boys here, by contrast, have the right idea. Properly worn, the cage is supposed to eliminate most stimulation of the nub, which should be utterly ignored. Instead of thinking with their nubs, good boys transfer their desire to their pussies — craving them to be filled. They also often find that their nipples become more erogenous and, indeed, the whole of their bodies become sexualized. It was wonderful last week when Kirby observed that during a period of time outside of his cage, while making out with his Master, his nub never hardened despite how horny he was! As you say, this is exactly the goal: to transfer all the attention and craving from the boy’s nub to his pussy.

The development of the graphs are more or less as I’ve expected it: Moving from the bottom left corner up to the top right corner. It seems that it really needs at minimum 2 weeks to make the boys real submissive. Before a chastity device just helps to prevent the boy from playing with himself. What kind of conclusions do you get when you see the graph?

What a beautiful graph: with the lone outlier of Ares, the boys have all achieved peak submissiveness over the course of the month. As you say, this is the desired result and the expected result. One of the reasons I promote Locktober is to help boys achieve the twin conditions of helpless horniness and total submissiveness. Your data illustrate that it works and that a month seems like the right amount of time to achieve the desired results. Kirby and TNT both started the month off as rather willful subs, by their own reporting: when you’re reporting a submissiveness index of a 1 or 2, they probably weren’t obeying orders with much alacrity. But look by the end! Locked into the 8-10 range, they are not just obedient, they are craving more orders. It’s definitely a testament to the power of chastity in BDSM training. Doms should take a hard look at these numbers and ask themselves why they would ever leave chastity out of their sub training.

As you say Ares is not having the same development as the others have but he is giving the answer why by himself by saying that he is not really a good sub and bottom. I’ve really have to ask me now, what such a long time in chastity would do with guys like you and me, real doms without any submissivness inside us. I think I would be frustrated and becoming twitchy even if I’m totally not an aggressive type of guy. What do you think, Chirenon, how would you become after 4 weeks in chastity?

The only time I did any subbing or switching was back when I was in my early 20s with a serious boyfriend at the time. Mostly I would Dom him: blindfold him, tie him up, edge and have sex for 16 hour stretches. But occasionally we turned it around and he blindfolded me and tied me up. It could be pretty exhilarating, even if he wasn’t naturally a Dom or me a sub. So, it’s difficult to speculate what would happen in your hypothetical situation over 31 days, since we have no real data. However, we do see that the system works generally and the numbers you’ve graphed don’t lie. For natural Doms, I think the frustration and horniness would certainly build, but I believe it’s also possible that any latent submissiveness in even the most dominant Dom would likewise be amplified.

Did you have any Shameful Chastity Experiences this week?

Yeah the sauna today. It was really scary too. It’s a gay sauna but not really cruisy. I mean you can cruise, but many guys also go there just to relax or converse. So I got so many stares at my cage. And no one asked about it so it was quite awkward. My KH did notice the attention and several times took my towel away so I was forced to walk naked through the halls giving everyone a good look at my cage…

I had some show off at work (check my twitter 😜). When I was trying my new holy trainer and wore it at work, my dick, well my cage was quite visible thru my skinny jeans – also I found out that combo of skinny jeans and holy trainer doesnt work for me very well. 😏 So Im back to my prisonbird right now.

This week was more of the same humiliation of me not having a dick anymore as I gave it to my Alpha. Of me having to sit down to pee. Feeling like I can’t remember what it was like to not have a cage between my legs. I also got a well scented jock to tease me as it’s something I would otherwise love to sniff while playing myself. But can’t now. My Alpha loves teasing my cage and balls or making it hurt in various ways, too. I like not having a dick. I think it’s how it should be and it should be like that all the time.

Well… this week my friends and his wife was away so nothing new from them. But I did get called out from a friend that recognize me from one of my pictures. He confronted me about it (knowing that I would like it), and I admitted to being locked in chastity. He ask to see and he started asking questions about it. It all ended with me sucking him off and him telling me that he’ll keep it a secret… for now (obviously his just kidding, but knew I would get a kick out of it).

Finally I have a story for this one! I’m helping a buddy out with his PhD research, and for that he needed to measure my % body fat. To do this, I needed to strip naked and step into this space pod-looking machine. I joked with him about what happens if I get hard, and he said I should try to avoid it. So, of course, I asked him about what if I came caged. He said it should be fine. I chose to unlock the first visit, so as to not force the kink upon him. After the measurements, however, he was disappointed I wasn’t wearing it. You bet your ass next time I had my body measured, I went in locked and showed it off to him. It’s definitely not for him, but he enjoyed seeing it and asking me questions about it!

Seems that the submissiveness has a direct connection with the desire of humiliation. Or how do you explain yourself that this week every boy has had a shameful experience?

The boys are now in a place where they don’t have a lot holding them back. They’re fully submissive and maximally horny, so they are also ready to do humiliating things they’d never have done at the beginning of the lockdown. Just the slightest encouragement or order and they’re ready to obey.

Time to be honest: Did You Cheat?

No, but I am at my limit now. These last couple of days are going to be hard.

Well, I have to admit I had some while off but under supervising of my Master so everything was safe. When I was trying the new holytrainer the ring and the cage pushed on my dick and balls so it became very sensitive and painful. But I got back on track almost immediately so, Locktober goes on 🔐😜

Continuously same answer: not at all.  It hasn’t come off since the last day of September.  I will not cheat any and I have no desire to.  I do take it off once a week to clean it and then put it back on again.

No cheating here, been locked the whole time. Can’t really say much about it.

It was damn tempting when I had to unlock for the measurements to quickly hit the bathroom, but I stopped myself. This close to the end, I’ll be damned if I don’t go all the way!

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