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2nd Week of LOCKTOBER: The Problems Are Starting

It’s tuesday and that means it is again time to check out, how our six locked boys who are participating LOCKTOBER 2019 are doing. I’ve to admit that I really like to have sex and I was asking myself how it would be if I wouldn’t have the possibility to wank or fuck for two weeks? It wouldn’t be easy but it would definitely depend on my working schedule. In stressed times it can happen that I don’t wank or fuck for 2 weeks. But to be honest I wouldn’t feel comfortable by wearing a chastity device for so long. I think it would really make me feel incomfortable. Let’s see what our chastity expert Chirenon thinks about. Would the time without sex or wanking be a problem for you, and how would you feel with a chastity device hanging between your legs?

Even contemplating Chirenon locked is akin to blasphemy, Master Marc. To your core point, I will say that I have considerable willpower, and I believe I could endure an extended amount of time without having sex. But you are quite correct that this isn’t something that is easy to do for most people. Thus I have an enormous amount of respect for all of the boys in chastity who are taking part of this Locktober celebration. This is a very difficult practice, like training for a marathon, that involves a lot of willpower and stamina, and enduring a lot of horny desperation.

Our Boy’s Reviews

But now it’s really time to check out, how the boy’s last week has gone. In the graphs you can again see their grade of horniness (H – blue), frustration (F – orange), their submissivness (S – grey) and how comfortable their device was (DC – yellow).

Slave Kirby

1988 | 190 cm | 75 kg

The Monday of this week I woke up super horny, (mostly due to the photoshoot of the day before), so I went into the woods again and channel that sexual frustration into creativity. And I had a blast. Made a bunch of daring exposure pics plus some cool autumn/chastity themed ones. It’s why my horniness is so high that day, but my frustration so low. I was fully enjoying all that energy.

However I had pushed my body too far with all that outdoor nudity in autumn and I got a nasty cold the next day. Spend most of the week recovering from that. So I wasn’t very horny. I did start to sleep with my cage, it’s why my comfort started to rise. When it doesn’t hurt, waking up to morningwood trapped inside a cage is one of the best feelings. Like at the very start you are reminded your just a sextoy and nothing more. It’s amazing. But my skin started to chafe, so I’m on an on-off routine now. Swapping in sleeping with my cage everyday. It’s rough. I hope my skin gets used to it soon so I can just be locked 24/7 now.

Oh and I hit a new milestone! Yesterday after the bdsm party. And after my KH had me drive him naked back home… With a stop halfway where he made me exit the car naked and pose from him literally in the middle of the street. He fucked me! Like a full on fuck with orgasm deep inside me. It’s my first! Not fuck I mean, but being fucked while in chastity. Whenever we tried I got so hard in my cage I had to stop. But by taking it very slow, and probably being in a cage for 2 weeks, he managed to fuck me like he wanted to and finish. I felt incredibly proud afterwards.


1994 | 178 cm | 65 kg

This week was totally different from the previous one. It started with such a huuuuge horniness and frustration esp. on monday and tuesday, continued with some health problems and family time on sunday. The start of the week was little crazy but i somehow managed to move on. It was not easy, i was nervous, horny as hell and wanted to throw the cage away and cum immediately. It ended up with some clit teasing (still with the cage on of course) but that was all i was able to do. I brought some health problems from the cottage from the previous weekend so i had to visit the doc. Otherwise everything was going pretty same. Im spending some time with the fam and bf and enjoying.

Boy Jason

1979 | 183 cm | 102 kg
Chicago (U.S.)

It is a lot easier to feel my place and how I should this week. I know I should be like this: caged and horny, ready to submit and be used, and thirsty. I craved it more this week. The need to submit and be used. The desire to be seen or put in my place.

Ero Sanzo

1988 | 170 cm | 67 kg

My second week went well, everything was going normally until Saturday. Somehow I was really horny on Saturday that made things a little uncomfortable, the feeling of my growing dick made things a bit difficult to deal with. With no way to relieve my self, I had to use my dildo to lessen the hornynest but that made things worst and got me even more horny and submissive. In the end I ended up feeling horny and and submissive.


1996 | 178 cm | 70 kg
New York (U.S.)

The second week is where it really gets started for me. One week is a relatively average lockup when I’m self-locking and have no incentive. In week 2, I start noticing my submissiveness a lot more.

Saturday night was when I was cleaning my cage. Unfortunately it looks like there’s some serious wear to my dick’s head. In addition, my scrotum is very leathery right now, and not in the best way. I may switch to another cage, or take a day off. We shall see. One thing is for certain though: there will be no proper stimulation to my penis!

In non-locktober life, it’s been a weird week. Thursday I had a phone call where I confirmed that $500+ of my kink gear was destroyed by my last Sir, in a story too long to explain here but summarized as him not understanding my involvement with an initiative where he thought I was a part of it. That killed Thursday night. Then Friday I was hit by a car while biking to campus. I’m 100% fine, my bike is as well, and the driver was super apologetic. While it wasn’t bad, it was just weird.


2000 | 183 cm | 53 kg
Glasgow (UK)

My new cage came on Monday and I got incredibly horny as soon as I opened the box, when I attempted to put it on my already sensitive nub I kept getting chubby and leaking big 😇 droplets of precum 😅. It was like putting on a cage for the first time again, I didn’t think my horniness could go any higher but I was most definitely wrong in this instance. 😋. Over the next few days I quickly got used to my new cage, I can’t get any sort of proper hard-on anymore which is particularly frustrating but conversely can feel my desperation and submission growing much larger as a result. I’d say the initial ‘horny shock’ is gone now too, in the sense that I’m able to embrace and enjoy being helplessly horny and lustful opposed to feeling bursts of disgruntlement and resentment about being locked 😁.

It seems that many of the boys are experiencing inner conflicts during the second week. Some are feeling some effects of being caged for a longer time, others get sick, etc. Why do you think that is?

Typically, during the first week, the boy’s body is still adjusting to caged life. It had been used to regular discharges of cum, it had been free to erect in the morning (morning wood). Now it can do neither and at first it must get used to that fact. In the second week, the body has begun to adjust and adapt to the new reality. Now it’s time for the boy’s mind to adjust. Having endured initial phases of horny desire to jerk off and cum, the mind is realizing that this level of horniness is going to be the new normal. At this point, most boys will begin to reach a “horniness plateau”: which is a more constant, background state of horniness, rather than the previous, erratic spikes. This period of mental adjustment corresponds, I think, to the inner conflicts you’ve observed in these boys.

After two weeks I would love to compare the evolution of the horniness and submisivness of each boy. If we compare the average values of the first week (green) with the second (blue) we can see that it has increased (red) in general. Over all the values of horniness are 43% higher and the values of submisivness more or less 42%. Just Ero has had decreasing values. He told me, that he has had some personal problems during the last week which can explain this anomaly. If we have a look on the other data so we can see that KinkyKush and Ares have have had a big increase of horniness last week. As KinkyKush is one of your boys you can tell us what the reason was, Chirenon.

Yes, with the exception you have explained, the results from all the boys are precisely what we would have predicted: horniness level increases in a direct relationship with submissiveness. A lot of people unfamiliar with chastity play ask me why I’m such a proponent of locking subs up. This central equation connecting increased horniness with increased submissiveness is a huge part of the answer. These second week increases are precisely what I’d expect anecdotally, but it’s wonderful to have the data you’ve collected.

In my boy Kush’s case, he’s been trained to understand that being caged and feeling horny is not a punishment, it’s a reward. I’ve been training him so that when he’s let out of the cage and free to jerk off that this activity is essentially boring and unfulfilling. He quickly begins to miss the sensation of ongoing, helpless horniness that he gets while locked. In his case, a month ago I let him out of the cage for a week as a break, and it was only a few days before he begged me to let him lock back up. Again, the training should be: being in the cage is a reward; being let out is a punishment.

It is more or less half time! Did the 2 weeks in chastity change something? How do you feel now?

Yes. That beginning horniness from the start is gone now. So I don’t get those rushes anymore. Now it’s more like a constant thing building in the background. So I know the next 2 weeks are really going to be very hard once it builds to a peak. I’ve also really started to just like being a locked boy again. The constant clacking sounds my lock makes when I walk around naked in the house. Having to spread my legs wide to give room for my cage when I read a book in bed. Such things have become something comforting and fun in the past week 🙂 And I’m noticing my KH getting more control over me. I complain less when I have to do certain tasks, and I’ve actually started asking him to dom me more xD

Well i havent gone thru alot, and i dont know if it’s not just mental issue but since i got locked, i’ve started to have some problems with my digestive system. Maybe it really doesn’t have anything in common with the cage and locking process but i dont really have any other solution for this. That’s why id appreciate your experience in the comment section under the article if there are more of us with similar issue or if Im the only one. Thanks in advance 🙂

Also the skin on my balls got quite sensitive. I have to moisturize that at least once a day as it hurts esp when i wake up with hard on or when im walking and the cage is moving. This week i had moments when i really missed my dick so badly, i was thinking again if it was all worth it to start the chastity journey again and all this stuff (i guess you locked guys know what im talking about). Otherwise im doing and going well and waiting what the other half of locktober brings 🧐

It has been a wonderful exercise and milestone in being a sub. I am proud to be as I should be like this. It makes me want to continue to work on being a good boy and pup.

I’ve notice that being in chastity for 2 weeks has made me gotten use to my cage. I almost never notice it at all and it feels like it’s a part of me. Also I’ve gotten use to peeing sitting down in public bath rooms.

It’s done about what I’ve expected, minus the life hiccups. The cage awkwardness is new, but that kinda comes with the process of learning how to wear a new cage. I’m hoping that will be fixed with time. I’m definitely more submissive. I’ve had demands sent to me, and I have responded to the best of my ability!

I’m not sure exactly but I do generally get much more ‘whore-ish’ as time goes on, Suddenly every guy is 10x more attractive and every spare second in my mind is used for sexual fantasies 😅. I’ve also been keeping on top of my housework and chores as a way of siphoning away the horny energy that comes with lockups, it’s really nice to be in a crazed up horny state and be enjoying it with very little frustration once again 😇.

Did you have any Shameful Chastity Experiences this week?

I went to a bdsm party yesterday. It wasn’t as good as last year. It was the same party as last years locktober that ended with me walking naked through a busy street in Amsterdam. But it was fun being with so many locked boys, We tried to tease eachother or have sex, but there was little we could do with all of us in cages. And the few boys that weren’t locked pretty much constantly had a lock boy wrapped around their cocks. It showed how difference a cage can make. All of us locked boys were useless and the unlocked Doms walked around like kings XD.

This week i faced something new in my chastity career. I had to visit my doc with my cage on. I was expecting my master to unlock me as i told him im going to visit my doc for the health check but all i got to hear was – Dont expect me to unlock you boy, it is Locktober. So going locked to get checked was quite challenging for me even tho i was there with some sorethroat and it would be more than surprising to be asked to show a dick (but you never know) 😅 however everything was pretty ok. I survived 😜💪🏽💪🏽

I have played with my hole and frustrated myself. Exposed myself as a caged boy all over. Had my cage teased some at a local leather bar.

Well this one is a bit embarrassing. Was out with some of my friends last Saturday night, we were talking and I somehow decided to talk to them about my Twitter. My friend’s wife decided to check it out and she gave a hearty laugh and comment on how small my dick was. It was really embarrassing but somehow I liked it.

One man interested in CBT had me record myself slapping my balls with my phone. It was a really fun angle, watching the phone camera smack my balls (albeit the video was somewhat dizzying with the phone moving so much). I’ve also been asked to drop my pants on a whim and record it. I love the exhibitionist risk! (Always practicing consent, no others saw anything… It’s the thrill that gets to me).

Not particularly, no 😋. I’ve been taking delight in been locked for the last few days, and without any troubles it’s been very good indeed 😁.

Hehe, sounds that Ares and Ero have had some very special experiences this week. How do you like this real life exposure, Chirenon?

I think Ero’s experience is great. There’s a lot of boys who like to be exposed and I think the reason “small penis humiliation” is an established fetish is because the humiliating feeling gives the boy a rush. I find small penises very attractive personally, so I don’t see it as a cause for humiliation. By definition, half of males are smaller than average and half are bigger than average. It’s the societal bias rather than anything intrinsic that makes being small a cause of humiliation. But the story of his friend’s wife seeing him exposed and her commentary is delicious.

Ares’ experience was also thrilling for him and fun, I’m sure, for his Master. However, for myself and my boys, I prefer to keep fetish life in private places. For example, I’ve ordered my boys to unlock prior to going through airport security and then relock on the plane.

Time to be honest: Did You Cheat?

Nope! Had a few close moments when watching porn, but so far so good. I have no interest in jerking or even touching myself when I sleep unlocked. First thing I honestly want to do when I wake up is lock my cock .

Well i dont know if some cage teasing can be marked as cheating. Like i mentioned above my start of the week was pretty crazy and i was not able to go on untouched so all i was able to do was to ‘jerk off’ with the cage on where satisfaction went hand in hand with pain and even more frustration.

The next thing was under supervision of my Master Storm. He connected the lovense hush plug on my cage and played with my locked dickie while i was doing my daily service to his bone. It was a weird feeling, similar to the cage teasing i experienced on monday and tuesday. In both cases it was a mix of pleasure, horniness, fristration, anger and desire to cum and to touch the dick, so i cant really decide if that really went for more good or bad.

I havent really trained my pussy yet (shame on me) but i hope i will get my health under control asap and will be able to work on reaching my goals as soon as possible. Wish me luck guys and stay tuned on my twitter.

Not at all. It hasn’t come off since the last day of September when I shaved the hair off the area. It will not until it is time to give it a full cleaning it again some time mid week. Same answer as last week still! I will not cheat any. I did take it off and clean it but put it right back on after.

Nope no cheating this week. Still locked up and are starting to feel the effects of being locked.

I have not. If I do need to let my dick heal some, I’m sure I’ll be tempted. But I’ll be damned if I fuck up Locktober!

Nope 😇. Still safe and secure like a good boy should be 😁.

Last but not least I have to ask you again if you think that all of our locked boys have been good boys?

They’ve all been such good boys and I’m very proud of them. I’m proud of all the boys who have been celebrating Locktober, including those who tried and haven’t made it. Normally, when a boy is new to chastity, I advise setting achievable goals, so that the boy is sure to succeed, and then gets more confident as he achieves success. Locktober is different because the time frame is fixed no matter how inexperienced the boy is. I’m very proud of all the locked boys this Locktober. Boys: continue to be good. You can do it. I believe in you!

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