Sorry guys, our weekly LOCKTOBER review is cause of a little emergency two days late. Three weeks are behind us and today we’ll focuse a little on the chastity device comfort. Many of you know that such devices can become ichy and scratchy with the time. Our six boys are still in chastity but today you get just feedback from 5 of them. It seems that KinkyKush is busy or what happened with your boy, Chirenon?

Unfortunately, Kush has gone silent and I haven’t heard from him in over 48 hours, which is completely uncharacteristic of him. Any I explanation I offer is necessarily speculative, because this hasn’t happened with Kush before and we don’t have any other information to go on.

Obviously, Kush also could have had something unexpected happen that has prevented him from responding. Above all, I hope he is well and safe, as he is very dear to me. I’m sure that everyone just wants to hear from him and know he’s ok.

Based on my experience with other very good boys, a very possible explanation is that Kush has had a lapse and didn’t make it through his Locktober pledge. And, having had an unauthorized release, he is feeling too much guilt to face me and his followers. Even if that is the case, I simply want to hear from him. He doesn’t have to worry that he’s disappointed me, because I know how difficult this challenge is, and he has always made me proud.

I’m sure that also our readers are hoping that he is doing good and I’m sure we will get an explanation soon. So it is really time to see how the 3rd LOCKTOBER week of the other five guys from all over has gone.

Review of the 3rd Week of LOCKTOBER

Slave Kirby

1988 | 190 cm | 75 kg

I rode my bike, naked, through the woods, with a dildo stuck to the seat! I mean I did other stuff too, but that event dominated my entire week. My horniness reached a new peak and this idea had been on our to-do list for a long time. With all the hormones cancelling out any objections a sane man might have, I just went for it. It was amazing! I first chose a rough forest track for the naked dildo ride. Which was amazing, tho it ruined my butt. After that I went on a public road dressed, with a hole in my bike shorts, for a more smoother ride. I did spend the rest of the day being very frustrated for not being able to orgasm to this new experience. But my chasity also ensures I don’t suffer any post-orgasm regrets. I’m still so happy that I did it.

This is exactly why I’m into chastity. Without it I could’ve never build up enough hormones or submissiveness to do such a thing. My bf/kh skinnykinks was super supportive too. He noticed my frustration after the ride and gave me a mouthful of cum to calm me down. Which really works.

As for the rest of the week, you can see I no longer experience much ups and downs in my horniness. It’s basically on a constant high level now. My frustration does differ per day. Sometimes I’m super horny and so happy I can jerk. I just watch porn and make myself suffer. Other days I don’t want to watch porn, but I keep getting distracted and feel more frustrated by it.

Aside from the bike-ride I haven’t reached the top level of submissiveness I want. I can still feel some defiance to my KH at certain moments. But I am convinced I’ll reach it before the end of Locktober. Oh and I also had yet another photoshoot yesterday. This time with 2 locked boys. My home is starting to become a “breeding” spot for caged boys it seems. But doing such photoshoots is an excellent way to convert those hormones and frustrations into creative energy.


1994 | 178 cm | 65 kg

The third week has passed quite quickly. I had some horny times, i had some painful times… but nothing extreme. It seems that my body got used to my device. When I compare my very first time wearing a cage and now, ummm in fact, it’s uncomparable. I could barely wear it for 3 days. I couldnt sleep, I got my balls sack scratched, I was swearing and I was so fucking nervous. However as time passed by, and I kept trying, my body got used to this feeling and this new ‘lifestyle’. As I mentioned in the first review, Im still quite surprised how my body has transformed and got used to being locked and not to cum.

Boy Jason

1979 | 183 cm | 102 kg
Chicago (U.S.)

The horniness has pretty much hit peek. I am constantly horny and wishing for some kind of relief. The desire to orgasm is strong! But I also love feeing this revved up, this submissive, and this ready to be used and put in my place. It feels good, it feels hot, and it is an honor to do this for my Alpha and for me. Third week and this feels like the longest I have been locked up. It isn’t though, I’ve done about four weeks before. Difference being I had an out if needed then and it wasn’t a set time. November can’t cum quick enough!!!

Ero Sanzo

1988 | 170 cm | 67 kg

My 3rd week went well, it when like any other day. It’s just that my scrotum started to itch and that became really uncomfortable. I guess starting the week by giving my self a good clean and shave might have cause the irritation. It’s been a struggle to scratch the itch and not get horny was a real challenge.


1996 | 178 cm | 70 kg
New York (U.S.)

Week 3 went about as expected, in terms of horniness, frustration, and submissiveness. My dad visited me at University this weekend, which explains why I wasn’t quite as impacted by the chastity come the weekend. Unfortunately, I did need to take off the physical cage when with him, since sharing a hotel room. It actually worked out well, since my penis did need to heal some.

Have you ever worn a chastity device, Chirenon? I just tried it for one day once to know how it feels and it was really not a nice feeling. I see also how often my boys try do avoid problems with cremes, baby oil or by padding the ring. What kind of experiences do you have?

I bought several cb3000s back in the 2000s when they were among the first mass products on the market. I am relatively well endowed: 8” (20 cm) erect length, 7” (18 cm) erect girth. The girth or width is the particular problem with most chastity cages. The interior diameter of the cb3000 cage is 1 3/8” (3.5 cm). My erect diameter is 2 ¼” (5.7 cm) and my flaccid diameter is 1 ¾” (4.5 cm). For the first few years I thought it wasn’t possible for me to even fit in a standard chastity cage. With later experimentation, I realized that the penis is amazingly flexible and it’s possible to stuff even the largest cocks into cages while they are flaccid. However, in this case, it means that the penis isn’t simply being prevented from erection, it is being actively compressed much tighter than resting state. That isn’t comfortable nor is it sustainable. As a result, although I’ve tested cages for feel, from personal experience I don’t really know what it might feel like for a boy who is in a cage that is correctly sized for him.

So let’s ask our six locked boys about their experiences and problems with the chastity device they are wearing. Probably they have also some advices for you as user or for the producers of chastity devices.

Chastity Device Experiences

I’ve reached the tipping point where being in chastity feels a lot more safe and comfortable than without. Being naked with chastity in the forest now feels “right” rather than exposing. Same with sleeping. I slept 1 night without cage this week, and it just felt wrong.

As for the practical stuff: My skin around the ring of the cock no longer has any chafing issues. Which is great cause that means I don’t have to use any cream anymore, this ensure the cage moves less during the day and so prevents chafing on other areas. This is all due to wearing it for a long time.

I clean everyday in the shower. I keep my unlocked times as short as possible. I go in my cage in the shower, but with the lock unlocked. So I can first wash myself and shave etc. The last moment I pull my cage off, clean my cage and cock and quickly shave around my cock. Then I lock myself asap. During this unlocked time I am so busy with cleaning I don’t feel any urge to jerk, but the longer I wait to more risk there is for that urge to come up.

The only actual issue I have with my cage is its size. I wear the Curve, one of the biggest on the market, cause any normal cage squeezes my cock so hard I can’t pee. But the design of the Curve is very bulky. It has an actual curve in it. While I’m naked that curve is super comfortable, but when I’m dressed it makes up for a massive outline. This means there are some occasions I cannot wear it (certain workdays, family events, etc). And that really sucks. Those unlocked moments aren’t comfortable at all. I might at some point get a semi-custom cage that is as wide as the Curve, but shorter and has a more compact design.

The only cage Ive ever worn is Prisonbird (sorry for the typo in the first article 😏🤦🏻‍♂️). I dont know whether it’s the matter or the ring or not but my testicles (in normal conditions) are quite tight and attached close to the body ( oh lord how envious I am about low hangers 😓🤤) so when im out and the weather is cold or when i just walk wrongly, i start to feel a strong pain in my stomach and i already know what is going on. When my vas deferens get pushed or ‘attacked’ in any other form, my testicle (always right one as it’s higher) ‘escapes’ out of the cockring and the cage becomes unstable. I dont know whether it’s the issue of the cockring or my balls but this happens almost every time i feel cold so i guess it’s just a reaction of my body. However I ordered some other cages so Im gonna find out as soon as they arrive. Pls let me know in comment section if you’ve ever experienced something similar or if im the only one 😰

Well let me sum up pros and cons of this device from my POV (as a long term user).

– the cage is metal so keeping it clean and hygienic is way easier than a plastic one (i guess so)
– the cage has holes so it’s easier to manage pissing and daily cleaning – your penis can breathe so it doesnt get sweaty and smelly
– this model came with three various rings

– the cage has some sharp parts (well they are not really cutting but with a wrong step it can hurt your skin
– the cage is a bit heavy as it’s metal
– cockring is wide so it can squeeze your sack (I have experienced this – not so nice feeling, however idk if it has something to do with a ring or not)

Chastity not being new to me I am fortunate to have a lot of experience here. I had a cage that was a little bit too small for me for awhile: that was more of an issue than I realized. Metal didn’t quite work for me due to being so active. But this cage is custom so it fits very well. It is starting to feel more normal to have one on than not. I miss it being on when it’s gone.

I clean it with hot water and simple dish soap once a week. I also use a sanitizer spray. I then put it back on with lube on me and the inside of the cage. I have no issues with my cage no matter what I’m doing: working out, in bed, bending over … it is comfortable and easy to wear.

The chastity device that I’m using is comfortable, but after 3 weeks of using it some complication starts to raise. Mostly it’s the ring around my balls, it starts to itch and if I don’t lube it, it starts to chafe.

I have to unlocked to give my dick and balls a good cleaning and shave. But after that my balls gets irritated and start to itch. Mostly my problems arise from the scrotum area. But other then that everything is fine.

If I were to say what changes I were to make to make my self more comfortable, I think it would be the ring. Maybe use another one or try to add padding. I’m not sure on this one.

Well, it hasn’t gone as well as I had hoped. In my old device, a metal cage with a solid shaft and relatively-open tip, I had no issues with skin wear-and-tear. In the HTv2, I have found my scrotum drying up significantly faster, and my shaft and head becoming completely dry. I try to combat this with in-cage cleanings as best I can. Generally I can squeak a pinky into my cage to clean my shaft and head, and work my scrotum heavily, all with soap and hot water. I do my best to dry these all out as well. Unfortunately, that hasn’t stopped the dry skin. Fortunately for me, the timing came when I needed to stop cage chastity for a couple of days due to sharing a room with my dad, so I should be good to finish the month in this. However, in the future, I think the HTv2 will be a week-long cage for me. If I were to try to modify it for better long-term use, I would need to find a way to prevent that skin drying. That may require a more open head, or maybe some vents on the side.

I’ve to say that I’m a little surprised about the chart. I thought that the decrease of the felt comfort would be more remarkable. Ok to be honest my self test with the chastity device was many years ago. It still was a CB3000. What do you think about the development of the Chastity Device Comfort chart and how do you explain it ?

This isn’t as surprising to me as to you. Cage discomfort isn’t really a function of time; it’s more a function of how suited the boy and the cage are for each other. All boys are different, so there’s no one cage that works best always (I’m always asked for recommendations, and the answer really is “all boys are different.”)

As boys become more experienced with chastity and as they experiment and find the cage that is most suited for their particular characteristics, being kept in that cage becomes completely sustainable. It’s clear just from the report that Jason has found a cage that is well suited to him. And looking down and reading the report, I see that he has one that is custom made for him. So after a brief blip at the beginning, Jason is comfy in there and likely would be (will be?) comfortable in there forever. By contrast, it’s clear the TNT hasn’t found the right cage that is sustainable for him yet. For other boys, like Ero, it may simply be a matter of maintaining sustainable practices, like making sure to always oil the skin instead of only remembering after it starts to chafe.

Did you have any Shameful Chastity Experiences this week?

I went nude swimming yesterday (family event, nothing naughty), so I was unlocked. I feared spontaneous boners at first but the vibe was so sexless (and fun) nothing happened. Or I thought it was the vibe. On the way back my KH wanted to make use of my rare unlocked moment and played with me for a bit. And even though I came very close to an orgasm, I stayed 100% flaccid. I’ve been locked for so long now my cock doesn’t get hard when stimulated anymore xD.

Well i had some hard ons when i was at work but I dont find this very shameful. But the one painful moment has occured when i was being crazy with my sis and fighting. She accidentally pushed the cage with her knee but i managed to control myself.

More playing with my hole, showed it off some in a leather bar, more groping and the like. My Alpha always teases and plays with it when we are together. Also, often people think I’m well endowed but it’s really just largely my plastic resin cage. People enjoy laughing at that! I also shaved my pubic area and I try to do every 2-3 weeks and my ass as well. Trying to be a very good boy.

Well… if you guys remember last week I told you that my friends wife saw my twitter and saw me in my cage… well she came and gave me a visit and told me to show her my cage in person. She started to stare and ask a lot of questions about it, she did comment that she’s been meaning to put her husband in chastity but he was a bit reluctant.

Nothing stood out this week. I had a normal week of classes, and this weekend was a weekend with my father. Didn’t have a lot of time to do anything humiliating or shameful.

Time to be honest: Did You Cheat?


I have to admit i teased my locked clit a little. But who doesnt? However it only made me more horny and frustrated as I felt my cock was throbbing but there was no place to grow. Even tho I teased myself a little, I managed not to cum so in this way Im untouched and obedient 😝😈 I also tried some assturbation to get at least some release but no big deal 😒 we will see what the next week brings. Stay tuned

Not at all. It hasn’t come off since the last day of September when I shaved the hair off the area. Same answer as last week still! I will not cheat any. I did take it off to clean it as I do once a week but I put it right back on after.

Well be side cleaning my self, nope I didn’t cheat. Stayed locked and secured till the next cleaning day.

While I may have been out of a physical cage for healing and room-sharing, my dick has had zero positive stimulation (unless you count taking care of rough, dry skin as positive stimulation… it’s satisfying, but it doesn’t feel grand). No orgasms, nothing but the steady stream of precum that never seems to go away now…

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