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One on one: Leo vs. Tristan

Leo entered the studio wearing baggy blue jeans, a beige t-shirt on top of a white long sleeve shirt, sneakers and a baseball cap. He was carrying his skate board and smiled.

 “Hi”, he said.

 I grinned. “Looking forward to the fight?”

 The 19 year old skater leaned his skate board against the wall and shrugged. He took off his baseball cap and ran his hand through his curly black hair. “I dunno.”

 “Oh, come on, it’s gonna be fun”, I smiled.

 Behind Leo, his buddy Tristan appeared in the door frame. His clothes were similar to Leo’s: Sagging blue jeans, t-shirt and sneakers.

 “Hey, Tristan”, I said. “Leo seems to be a bit reluctant. But you are looking forward to the fight, aren’t you?”

 Tristan grinned. “Sure”, the dusty blond skater said. He was the same age as Leo.

   The two skater boys had been friends for quite some time as far as I knew. I had met Tristan at Jesid’s casting, a Mexican boy who was no longer with us because he had gone back home to his family. The casting had been quite extraordinary: Jesid and Leo had fucked each other while Tristan had dutifully cracked their nuts at the same time. That innocent looking skater boy sure had a naughty side…

 “I’m gonna bust your balls, Leo”, Tristan grinned and playfully grabbed Leo’s balls through the denim fabric of his blue jeans.

 Leo gasped.

 Tristan chuckled.

 “Guys”, I said. “Save some of that banter for the camera…”

 The two skaterboys laughed.

 My cameraman Chad was standing behind the camera and nodded at me.

 “Alright, let’s go”, I said. “First, a short statement for the camera. Then you can go at it…”

 Tristan grinned. “Hi, I’m Tristan. I’m 19 years old.” He ran his hand through his dusty blond hair.

 Maybe he didn’t know how sexy he was. On the other hand, he probably did know…

 “I’m gonna bust Leo’s balls”, Tristan smiled and held his hands in front of his chest and pretended to squish some unseen objects between his fingers. “I’m gonna pluck his grapes, crack his nuts, scramble his eggs, squish his muffins, squeeze his lemons until the juice comes flowing out of his dick.” He giggled.

 Leo, Chad and I were staring at him.

 “What’s up?” Tristan said. “Too much?”

 I raised my eyebrows. “Well…”

 “I’m in the mood for it, today”, Tristan grinned.

 “Good”, I mumbled. “Your turn, Leo.”

 Leo scratched his head. “My name is Leo and I’m 19 years old.” He looked at Tristan who squeezed his palms together with a comically exaggerated look of strenuousness on his face.

 Leo gulped. “I guess I’m gonna try and save my balls.” He looked into the camera and gulped again.

 “Excellent”, I said, laughing.

 “Actually, that wasn’t a joke”, Leo smiled uneasily. “I’m a little bit afraid of Tristan…” He turned to his friend. “Do you mind if we take off our shoes?”

 Tristan shrugged. “Okay.”

 The two boys took off their sneakers. Both of them were wearing white socks, although Leo’s the color of Leo’s socks wasn’t as easily identifiable as Tristan’s.

 “You’re afraid of me?” Tristan grinned and put his arm around Leo’s shoulders. “Come on, Leo, you don’t have to—“

 Suddenly, out of nowhere, Leo punched Tristan’s nuts hard. His knuckles dug into the soft mound in Tristan’s jeans, making the blond boy moan in pain and double over.

 Leo bit his lower lip.

 Tristan looked at him in disbelief.

 Leo shrugged and sent another punch into Tristan’s crotch.

 Tristan shrieked and sank to his knees, cupping his crotch with his hands.

 Leo shrugged. “I won’t let you get the upper-hand…”

 Tristan groaned and nursed his balls.

 Looking straight into the camera, Leo smiled and took off his shirts, revealing his smooth, skinny chest. Being a tall and lanky boy, Leo didn’t seem to be very strong. But Tristan’s miserable groans told another story.

 Leo adjusted his crotch and turned to his friend. He playfully slapped the back of Tristan’s hand and reached for the head opening of his t-shirt.

 Tristan moaned. “What—“

 With a quick motion, Leo pulled Tristan’s t-shirt over his head. Tristan’s chest was as smooth as Leo’s, but he wasn’t as skinny as his friend.

 The tow boys were shirtless now. Tristan was down on his knees, clutching his aching balls, while Leo was standing next to him.

 Leo grinned. “This is easier than I—“

 He was interrupted by a mean uppercut to his nuts. With all the force he could muster, Tristan punched his buddy’s nuts, driving them into his pelvis and making Leo scream in pain and sink to the ground next to Tristan.

 “Fuck”, Leo whispered in a high-pitched voice, grabbing his nuts and doubling over.

 Tristan grinned weakly, massaging his own balls. “I guess that means—“

 Leo lunged at his buddy, throwing his – not too heavy – body onto him and knocking the wind out of Tristan.

 The two guys struggled with each other, each one trying to get the upper hand.

 Finally, Leo’s elbow found its way between Tristan’s thighs.

 Tristan screamed from the top of his lungs.

 Leo was panting heavily, driving Tristan’s balls into his crotch with his bony elbow.

 Tristan screamed and writhed, banging his fists on Leo’s back, but Leo didn’t stop. He continued to grind Tristan’s nuts with his elbow, moving it around to maximize the pain his friend was experiencing.

 Suddenly, Leo turned his buddy around, grabbing his ankles and spreading his legs apart. He got his feet in between Tristan’s thighs and stomped on Tristan’s balls hard. With a determined expression on his face, Leo started gaspedalling his buddy, squishing and squashing poor Tristan’s balls with the sole of his feet.

 “Fuck”, Tristan groaned. He was breathing heavily and sweating. His dusty blond hair was wet, and his face was beet red. “Stop, please…”

 Leo looked at his mate. “You give up?”

 Tristan was silent.

 Leo pulled Tristan’s ankles towards him, adding more pressure on his balls and moving his feet around to grind his buddy’s nuts.

 “Fuck!” Tristan screamed.

 “Do you give up?” Leo repeated.

 Tristan whimpered. “Okay…”

 Leo grinned and pushed his buddy away. He straightened and massaged his crotch. Then he looked at his watch. “Must be a new world record”, he grinned.

 Tristan was lying on his back, his hands cradling his manhood. He reached inside his jeans and whimpered.

 “You know”, Leo grinned and grabbed Leo’s sneakers. “Why don’t you take those jeans off?”

 “What?” Tristan groaned.

 Leo pulled Tristan’s jeans off him, revealing his boxers and his naked legs.

 Tristan was wearing nothing but his underwear and his socks, now. He reached inside his boxers and fondled his agonized testicles.

 Leo grinned. He stood right next to Tristan’s face. Dangling his foot over Tristan’s face, he teased his buddy, “Do you like the smell, Tristan?”

 Tristan grimaced and turned his head away.

 Leo lowered his foot until it was touching Tristan’s face.

 It looked like he hadn’t changed his socks for quite a while. Their color was an unidentifiable shade of grey. Originally they might have been white, but that was a long time ago, apparently.

 Tristan coughed.

 Leo shifted his weight, rubbing his smelly sock on Tristan’s face, on his nose and his cheeks, until he reached Tristan’s mouth. He poked at Tristan’s lips with his big toe.

 Tristan grimaced.

 Leo chuckled. “Come on, Tris, I’ve been walking around all day. My feet could use some soothing…”

 “Fuck you”, Tristan muttered.

 Leo grinned.

 Tristan looked up at his buddy.

 A couple of seconds later, Tristan opened his mouth, letting the socked toe slip into his mouth.

 Leo smiled. “Yeah, that’s what friends are for…”

 Tristan chuckled and spat out Leo’s toe. “We done?”

 “Well”, Leo grinned and ran his foot down over Tristan’s chest and abs until he reached Tristan’s boxers. With his toes, Leo poked at the mound that was bulging inside Tristan’s boxers.

 Tristan moaned.

 Leo slipped his foot into the waistband of Tristan’s boxers and pushed them down.

 Tristan’s hard cock sprang up and slapped against his belly. He blushed.

 “Ooooh”, Leo grinned and rubbed his socked foot on Tristan’s hard cock. “What a nice surprise…”

 Tristan groaned.

 “Let’s see”, Leo said and bit his lower lip, concentrating on running the sole of his foot up and down Tristan’s cock, manipulating it and stroking it gently.

 Suddenly, he lost his balance, stepping to the side and crunching Tristan’s balls into the ground.

 “Sorry”, he grinned sheepishly while Tristan screamed in pain.

 “You wanted to… wait, let’s see if I remember… squeeze the juice out of my lemons”, Leo grinned, continuing to rub Tristan’s cock with his foot. “Didn’t you?”

 Tristan moaned. A little drop of precum appeared on the tip of his rock hard dick.

 Leo chuckled and tapped his foot on Tristan’s juicy balls.

 Tristan moaned.

 “Funny, huh?” Leo smiled. “I know I have large feet. But they seem even larger in comparison to your dick…”

 “Fuck you”, Tristan groaned.

 Leo clicked his tongue and playfully kicked Tristan’s naked balls. The two large testicles bounced, and Tristan whimpered in pain.

 His cock twitched and another drop of precum oozed out of its tip, running down on his abs.

 Leo focussed on Tristan’s cock again, rubbing it with his socked foot. Now and then, he watched Tristan’s face.

 Tristan had his eyes closed.

 Leo chuckled and continued jerking Tristan’s cock with his foot, alternately using the sole and the toes to manipulate his buddy’s member.

 After a couple of minutes, Tristan started to pant heavily. His eyes opened and he looked at Leo.

 “Fuck”, Tristan whispered. His cock twitched violently. “I think I’m gonna—“

 When the first jet of cum spurted out of Tristan’s cock, Leo kicked his nuts hard.

 Tristan screamed in pain and doubled over. His cock continued shooting, spraying jets of creamy white cum all over the place, coating the ground and Leo’s feet.

 Tristan whimpered in agony, clutching his spent balls while his dick let out more spurts of thick cream.

 “Fuck”, Tristan whispered.

 Leo looked down at his feet. He raised his eyebrows. “My socks are dirty.”

 Tristan chuckled despite himself. “They were dirty before.”

 “Yeah”, Leo said. “But now I’ll have to wash them.”

 He held his foot up to Tristan’s face. “Why don’t you lick them clean?”

 Tristan stared at Leo’s cum-stained socks. Then he looked at Leo’s face. “You are not serious, are you?”

 Leo shrugged and nudged Tristan’s lips with his toes.

 Tristan grimaced and reluctantly stuck out his tongue.

 Leo chuckled.

 Licking Leo’s wet socks, Tristan moaned and grimaced. His tongue moved over Leo’s foot, and he sucked on the fabric with a disgusted expression on his face.

 “Alright, alright”, Leo grinned and pulled his foot away. “That’s enough.”

 Tristan sighed in relief. “Thanks.”

 “You’re welcome”, Leo grinned. “You don’t want to clean my other foot, do you?”

 Tristan shook his head.

 “Okay”, Leo said. “You don’t have to. But only if you let me kick your nuts once last time.”

 Tristan inhaled sharply. “But—“

 “That or I’ll take off my socks and use your mouth as a washing mashine”, Leo grinned.

 Tristan slowly got up. His boxers were hanging around his knees.

 He stood in the middle of the room, his hands behind his back. He looked miserable. His softening cock was dangling in front of his spent balls.

 Leo grinned. He looked at his cum-stained socks, then at Tristan’s dangling nuts.

 “Alright”, he chuckled.

 Leo brought his foot back and sent it crashing into Tristan’s gonads. His instep caught both of Tristan’s nuts dead-on, flattening them against his pelvis. Drops of cum, from Leo’s sock and Tristan’s cock, sailed through the air, landing on the ground.

 Tristan whimpered and collapsed on the ground. He grabbed his balls and moaned in pain.

 Leo grinned and adjusted his crotch. “That’s what friends are for…”

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Alex Nehling
Alex Nehling
Alex Nehling has been into ballbusting ever since he can remember. He has published hundreds of stories on his website In addition to testicle torture his stories feature themes like wrestling, chastity play, edging and milking, muscle worship, small penis humiliation, oral and anal sex, public humiliation, domination, and many more. In 2017, Alex wrote his first ballbusting stories in his native language and started the German blog in collaboration with another author. In 2018, he has teamed up with fetish porn producer Toby Springs to produce a series of ballbusting video clips. Alex lives and works in Germany.

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