In the last few months Twitter has become one of the places many people love to expose themselfs. One of these kinky twinks is Davey, a cute young boy from Belgium. I think it is time to give him what he needs also on sadOsam.

Hi Davey. How is the little fag pup doing? Can you tell us, what is the attraction of exposing yourself?

Pup Davey on Twitter

Hi Sir … I’m doing fine, thank you! honestly, I’m not sure why I love exposing myself so much. It started small but eventually I always wanted to show more and more. Its so hot to know that so many people have seen me wreck myself on camera, and they they also know all my personal information.

Losing control and not being able to do anything about it makes my cock harder than anything else! There is no good reason for me to enjoy this… so that must mean that I’m just a dumb faggot and that craving ruination and humiliation is in my nature.

How have you started with it and can you describe the feelings you’ve had at your exposing beginnings?

I don’t remember very well. I was 16 when I met a Dom of my age, who liked exposing guys. we talked and eventually he convinced me to let him expose me a little bit. I felt so humiliated! I was rock hard and had never been that horny… from that moment, I was hooked.

It was very scary though, and after cumming I would always regret my decisions. But eventually I would ALWAYS come crawling back for more.

I can imagine you have been scared. But what have been the reactions you have got beside your own horniness?

The reactions online are great! People often laugh at me, but I also get many compliments 🙂 In real life, I don’t really get reactions from people who know me. at least not anymore. at first I lost a lot of friends because they thought I was weird or gross, but I made new ones who accept me.

I try to tell most people I make porn and am into fetish, that way if they ever find it, it’s less of a shock. But they don’t know (nor do I think they could understand) about my faggot nature. My family is mostly ok with the fact I “made a porn movie”, but some members can’t stand the idea, unfortunately.

Oh I can imagine that can hurt. How can you handle such negative feedbacks? And would you have started with your exposing and with doing porn if you would have known about the negative sides of it?

I did know the negative sides of it.. People have been warning me from the start. As I said, It has become something irresistible.

It wasn’t easy to deal with the negative feedback, and it made me want to stop the exposure for a while, multiple times. But everytime I quit or take a break, it’s as if the craving only gets worse, and when I cannot take it anymore, I go all out! Usually much much harder than before, with less limits

That sounds interesting. So let us talk what has changed between your first steps of exposure and the way you’re living it now?

At first, things were mostly going on in private group chats or on small exposure blogs. Every once in a while, someone was able to convince me to try something new, to push a limit… and whenever that limit was pushed, I was insanely horny, and most importantly, still alive! so it wasn’t so bad… pushing that limit was actually fun and nothing bad had happened.

That scenario kept repeating itself until nearly all those limits I had were gone. And now I’ve become an all time exposure craving internet whore!

As for my personality: I don’t like showing people my emotional sides. My humanity is something which can easily kill the fantasy of being a total loser and faggot. I still believe it is important to keep people aware that I’m still a person with feelings, but I don’t want to be treated like one within a sexual context.

Your last statement sounds like you’re just submissive in a sexual content. Is that really true?

No, I always feel submissive. I just try not to show that side to people who don’t want to be confronted by it, like my family.

But whenever I’m with people who don’t mind seeing my submissive side, I will always try to show it.

Oh that’s nice boy. Can you tell us as what superior people should see you? What is the image you have of yourself and what is the treatement you like to get?

Superior people should see me as entertainment. If a Superior ever meets me, they should see me as a faggot for them to laugh at, take pics of, humiliate and order around.

However, I’m not a public fuckhole (yet). I’m trying to get more comfortable with strangers using me sexually, but for now, I’d rather not get raped or used if it wasn’t planned first.

Oh, nice to hear but that doesn’t really sound convincing. Boy, you should really tell us as what you see yourself by starting with the words “I am …”.

Oh god.. yes Sir.

I’m a stupid little fuck toy for people to laugh at. I’m nothing more than a loser faggot. I have no chance of making it in life, that’s why I need Superiors to make decisions for me.

I’m just a popper addicted exposure whore and I have yet to meet someone who is dumber than me. even animals are more Superior than me.

What has been for yourself the most humiliating situations you’ve had in your life and can you tell us how you’ve felt in this moments?

There are a few moments I remember:

One day my family and I were sitting around the table when suddenly I got a phone call. Ignorantly, I picked up, despite not recognizing the number. There was a man on the other side of the phone, talking dirty to me. I didn’t know what to say, my family was staring at me, my face was red as hell. Everyone knew something weird was going on. Since then, I stopped picking up the phone when my family is around.

A superior made me eat spaghetti out of a metal bowl for dogs, with my hands behind my back, using only my face. He recorded the whole thing. It was extremely difficult. Of course, next time I was with him, his friends were there too, and he shared the video with them, as I was standing next to them.

Oh, that sounds for me like there is still a lot of development possible. 🙂 Am I right, fag?

Yes, Sir! Very right! I deserve to be badly humiliated, and I encourage people to do so whenever they feel like it! There is no need to ask for permission. Fags like me don’t get to decide to say no to such things.

I’m quite sure the boy has some extreme fantasies he would love to realize. Can you tell us about them?

With pleasure, Sir!

I’ve never been suspended/bound for a long period of time, so it would be absolutely amazing to try that and be a completely helpless meatsack for use and abuse.

I’d also love to get gangfisted! I think I would feel soooo slutty! Of course, the more people take out their phone cameras, the better 😉 They can then use the footage to blackmail me, and keep me their obedient little faggot slave… Maybe then can even put me in permanent chastity or castrate me (or both!). Of course, they would also control my finances so I can only spend money on things that really matter, such as dildo’s, permanent hair removal and food.

As you know, my hole is wrecked and loose, and I have the secret fantasy of getting fucked by a real stallion! I have horse dildos, but just imagine me getting bred by the real thing!

Last but not least, I’ve always had a thing for sissyfication. It’s not really something I do anymore, but being blackmailed into it sounds like a dream come true! Anyone and everyone should blackmail me to become a real sissy faggot, and they should force me to take hormones until I start becoming a real girl. I can’t imagine something more humiliating than that!

I would love to Be forced to wear diapers in public! Or to go shower in a gym with my chastity on. (I would DIE in shame!) If someone forced me to piss my pants outdoor, I would probably start crying from how humiliating it is. These are just a few good examples of things that make my little cock hard, but also scare me so much

I understand that these fantasies do also scare you. How realistic do you think is it to realize them and would you be ready for it if you get the chance?

I’m a pussy, Sir… I think the only way for me to actually realize them, is if someone takes control and forces me to. But yes, I would be ready for them. I want this to happen.

Wouldn’t that destroy the life you have now? And would you really be ready to do such a big step?

I suppose some of those fetishes might partially destroy the life I have now, but not all of them 🙂 And it’s not about me being ready.. I don’t think I will ever be truly ready. That’s why I need a push in the right direction, Sir. That’s why i need to be forced and blackmailed. So I can become the faggot I was born to be.

Nice to hear but also not really easy to find. It seems it has also to be a person you really trust in. Would you also be happy if pictures or videos of such kind of humiliations would be published on internet?

Yes Sir! It must be published on the internet! I deserve no privacy. And what is better than sharing the humiliation with the rest of the world?

We have been talking about extreme things at the end. That is not really the programm for beginners. What kind of advice would you give to a young kinkster thinking about the idea to start to expose himself on internet?

If you want to expose yourself, do not be afraid! nothing bad will happen, and eventually everything will be OK. Try to let an experienced exposure Master help you. Someone you find hot and persuasive. Don’t be afraid to push your limts, but do one at a time.

Dear young kinksters,

The mistake a lot of young exposers make, is that they don’t take responsibility for their actions. If you let someone expose you, chances are big you will get scared and regret your decision after you cum. Whatever you do, DO NOT REPORT YOUR EXPOSURE POST. Live with the decisions you make. try leave it on for just a few more hours until you have calmed down… reporting content could result in the Master losing their account on the platfrom they exposed you on. That’s not fair…

Stay calm, push your limits and enjoy it as much as you can!

That’s a nice advice the little fag boy has given but if you are a newbie think always about the consequences you probably have to face. Just start with exposure If you really can handle it. Remember: Anything which is published online is very very hard to get it off again.


  1. This is a great interview, I have been contemplating exposing myself for some time but have always been afraid of the potential consequences (im closeted). But, this article and Davey’s perspective are very inspiring, I think I am ready for permanent, irreversible exposure and ruin!

  2. I’ve been exposing myself for 18 years. I’m from a small town, and used to post pictures of me sucking cock and being fucked on the local Craigslist. Many of my friends saw me there, and shared my pictures with others. I would post them on a Friday afternoon, then leave for the weekend, with no internet access. I couldn’t have deleted the ad had I wanted to.
    I also post to many websites, knowing friends and family will eventually see me servicing cocks. Some weekends, I got to a local hotel bar, tape up a picture with my phone number on it in the restroom. I stay in the bar, and have got up to eight men to suck off in an evening. My favorite experience doing that was one night only one customer and the bartender were in the bar. I sucked the customer off on a bar stool while the bartender watched. He came around the bar and I thought I was in trouble, but he just dropped his pants and got his cock out for me to suck off, too.
    When I suck off a man, or am getting fucked, I encourage them to take pictures and videos, so they can share them, and I have no control over them. My best video was getting fucked by three men taking turns in me. that has been shown at an adult book store in Missoula, Montana several times that I know of.
    Being from a small town, it has been gratifying how many cocks I’ve had. I’ve received post cards addressed to “Cock Sucker”, thanking me for sucking cock. I’ve really appreciated those, as my post mistress is a real gossip, and she has probably spread my fame as a faggot more than anyone.
    I do have pictures of me sucking cock and being fucked, all public domain. If you would like to see the, and hopefully share them along with my name and location, email
    Ric Carter
    Somers, Montana
    Proud Cock Sucking Anal Slut Cum Dump Faggot

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