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A Pussyboy’s Masculine Magic in Stockings

Oh, stockings might not be my go-to fetish, but damn, some guys just sizzle in them. Today, I’ve got one such hottie with me – Oliver. He not only rocks the stockings but flaunts them, especially in the heat of the moment.

Hey Oliver, spill the tea, why are stockings such a turn-on for you?


he/him | Gay | China

How important is for you the game with gender stereotypes, giving a masculine man a fem side?

Spill the scintillating details: What’s the juicy lowdown on those feelings when you slip into it?

Aren’t you a slut? 😊

Unveiling the mystery here: You’re a gym maestro sculpting that masculine charm, but is there a natural-born pussyboy vibe I’m sensing?

Going big or going home, right? 😊 Fisting’s my jam, but let’s dish on your side of the playfield. What’s the scoop on those feelings when a top-notch fister takes the reins on your pleasure zone?

Oh if we talk about pussyboys then we have also to talk about your front side. You say that you are mostly locked during action. What’s the allure of keeping the crown jewels under wraps?

Do you remember when you have been the first time in chastity, and how did it feel?

Looks like your strength goes beyond just muscles! 😊When did you wank the last time, and can you tell us what your chastity record is?

That is one of the main goals of keeping boys in chastity, that they become hornier, more willing, and they are open for new things. Do you don’t think that would be something you should do much more and living it long-term ?

You know I’m top-only. So I’m not able to help you, but probably one of our readers has some advice.

ATM you are your own keyholder. Do you don’t think it would be better to give this responsibility to another guy you trust? 😉

Sure, freedom feels fantastic, but isn’t there a magnetic allure to the tantalizing grip of restraint? 😏 Ever explored the captivating charm of not feeling free? Curious if you’re more of a submissive spirit – care to spill the secrets?

Do you prefer an equal boyfriend or a dominant or even better a Master?

Hehe. Oh, I have the feeling that you are more submissive than you think now. 🙂 Oh yes, you mentioned your body mods … I’ve seen you have some dermal implants in your dick. I’m quite sure there are many readers who are interested in knowing how it feels when you wank or fuck another guy.

I’ve told you: You are a pussyboy! Seems that you agree now, or don’t you? I know you love to expose yourself in internet, and you did also a scene with Axel Abysse. Can you tell us about the turn-on you get if other people watch you?

Ever Been the Sub in the Spotlight? Spill the tea on your experiences as a submissive guy, basking in the thrill of being seen, used, and maybe even humiliated. Is the real-world exhibition a turn-on for you?

We’ve danced around the topic “humiliation”, but let’s dive deep! Do you savour the tingling embrace of humiliation, knowing it’s a secure haven with trustworthy hands?

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