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There’s the cliché ‘I used to play dog as a kid’, but it runs deeper for me

Hello dear readers, I’m here with pup Kenzie, an adorable doggo from the SF Area. Can you tell us a little about yourself? Are you a good dog or a bad dog? 😉 And what do you all like and enjoy?

Hiya, thank you for inviting me to the interview. I go by Kenzie. I’m 26, non-binary, and I’ve recently settled in San Francisco after living many different places all over the world.

I bought my first pup hood three years ago, but I don’t consider that my introduction to pup play, rather a manifestation. I’ve always understood myself as an ‘animal-person’. There’s the cliché ‘I used to play dog as a kid’, but it runs deeper for me. If we’re in the realm of calling things ‘gender-queer’ I like to call myself ‘species-queer’. Animal species, like gender, are largely social constructs. In fact, Linnaeus coined Homo sapiens because he struggled to taxonomically define humans. Arriving at sapiens, humans are suggested to ‘be wise’ of their place. I like Deleuze & Guattari’s concept of ‘becoming-animal’ as an introductory lens to queering human-animal ontology.

But enough of my soapbox. I spend my time enjoying and collecting music, out dancing at raves or clubs, and camping with my bio-dog. I enjoy theory, as you could probably tell, photography, and cultivate a daily meditation practice. Pup play feels like the most authentic representation of myself, and I am always eager to share that with the world.

As far as a good or bad dog, duality doesn’t fit well into my Buddhist world view. But pup play is certainly very sexual for me 😉

Philosophist Deleuze and Psychoanalyst Guattari are both authors famous for the two volume work “Capitalism and Schizophrenia“, consisting of Anti-Oedipus” and “A thousand Plateaus“. The concept of becoming-animal as described by Gerard L. Bruns in another paper called “Becoming-Animal (Some simple ways)” is this:

Basically “becoming-animal” is a movement in which a subject no longer occupies a realm of stability but rather is folded into a nomadic mode of existence in which one is always an anomaly, that is, inaccessible to any form of definition.

The concept of “becoming” reaches far back, up to the ancient greeks, starting with Heraclitus “On Nature“.

I mean, it’s an interesting concept 🙂 And I’ll definitely link it for people to read more about.

And Haha oh well, understandable. But honestly, isn’t that joke more of an ironical touching of duality? I mean, the answer’s mostly always along the lines of “Depends on who you ask, and what mind I’m in. Kinda both. But in the end, I’m just a dog being a dog ;P”. And doesn’t that go more into Buddhism view?

But anyway, that raises an interesting question. What does fit into your view? Is it more along the lines of sexual enlightenment, or enlightenment through sexual discoveries rather?

You got it right, I am just a dog being a dog 😉

I aspire towards presence, connection, and non-attachment in kink. I also have a flair for the performative elements and find value in kink’s ability to serve as a liberative technique. It causes people to re-think how they understand the world—and still threatens existing power structures enough that the ‘kink at pride’ debate is in full force.

I shy away from the traditional BDSM discourse with master/slave, dom/sub, etc. I’m not seeking to ‘give myself up’ to another person, nor do I want that from someone. These roles seem very codified and attached. I do have a deep respect for power exchange, but to me that’s very tender ground to tread with someone. All this isn’t to say I don’t enjoy long-term play partners, either, I’m just not gonna claim to own you.

I fall on the more naturalistic side of kink preferences. The term ‘primal’ somewhat describes what I’m getting at. I often have trouble articulating what I’m “into”, because the answer is entirely dependent on my chemistry with my play partner. It’s about learning and following the flow of both myself, and the other person(s). The immediacy of a club bathroom will always be hotter than a planned scene.

As far as enlightenment goes, I’m not sure I can comment much there. I’ve learned so much about myself in play spaces, dark rooms, and kink environments. The experiences far transcend physical pleasure.

As you say you’re more of an animal-person, do you also enjoy other kinds of pet play to manifest that? If so, do they have different attractions to you?

As an animal-person, I’ve always related extremely well to other species. I worked as a dog trainer once upon a time, and as I kid I spent most of my play time with pets. Some of this is probably a nod to having a rural upbringing, too. The proximity and importance of animals is much different than in an urban center.

In a sexual context, I love just about anything to do with dog role play. I understand myself less as a pet and more as a dog, because it implies less ownership/hierarchy. I’m not opposed to playing with others’ who resonate with a different animal. It might depend on what they’re channeling, we’d have to see.

I appreciate some aspects of furry culture in this regard. I have met many furs whose concepts of animal affinity are similar. Plus we share a similar vocabulary for what gets me going—knot/breed/bitch are hot-button words for me.

Fetish does bring one to see common social structures in another view, very true. And Woof, yeah those are trigger words I know well too xD

But you don’t see yourself as a furry either? And what else are some hot-buttons for you you’ve noticed?

I don’t see myself as a furry. I’ve dipped my toes in a few times, but the community hasn’t been a good fit.

I’ve got a fair few turn-ons. For location, I love groups, exhibitionism, and clubs/bathhouses. I much prefer cruising IRL to apps. Anon is fantastic too. Face down ass up 😉

For dynamic I love being bred like a dog. Any sort of language and gear that plays that up. Grab me by the scruff of the neck and tell me you’re gonna knock me up. I like feminization here, not in a sissy way, but in a “fuck me like a bitch in heat” way. I can’t reproduce but that’s not what I’m telling myself. Knot me and I’ll cum without touching at all. Just like a femmy puppy should. This is what’s going through my head even in vanilla Grindr hookups—I just try to tone down the dog noises.

The last big area is I love well-timed watersports. If I bring it up with you, it means I really like you. Watersports feels very intimate to me and only ever works when we’ve both reached a level of mutual connection and vulnerability. But gosh it is just about the hottest thing.

Wruff yes, being marked in a hot moment can bring in such a strong sub-headspace, and can be the cute-hottest thing to see from the other perspective 🙂 And exhibitionism is hot as well. What makes such action special for you? What feelings stir up in you when you’re surrounded and seen people and groups?

I like to be seen. In a sex club setting, it opens the act from a linear two-person engagement to a multi-channel event. I’m not just focused on who’s inside of me and how I feel, but on how I am occupying space, and the presence others are lending to the environment. And specific engagement with watchers, even if just eye contact. There’s also a good chance someone will take me over if the top needs a break.

At a deeper level, heteronormative culture constantly shames and devalues queer bodies and expression. So much of my queer experience has been colored by invisibility. The rush of fear when holding hands in public. Trying to present ‘straight’ to keep a job, a rental, or stay safe from the police. Being denied access to spaces. Exhibitionism is a direct refutation and refusal to comply with the demands of cishet culture. It’s a reclamation of identity and self.

And are you content now with your kink experience zone you’re moving around in? Or do you still have some fetishes and fantasies on your wish bucket list you haven’t crossed off yet, so to say?

I am pretty content. My sexual relationships are always evolving and improving. There is room for a lifetime of work to explore sexual expression.

As for bucket list items, I’ve checked most of them off. The only one that comes to mind is I’d like to do a complete anon, cum-dump style scene, with load tally marks and all. I’d give my Grindr/app profiles over to someone, get blindfolded, and let the city have it’s way with me. A couple of people here in San Francisco have mentioned they’d be interested in helping me with this, so stay tuned 😉

Haha I believe many of our readers will. At least me certainly. Last question. Do you perhaps have any words or recommendations for fresh pups and kinksters who are newly finding and diving into the fetish scene?

It’s cliché, but there is no one way to practice pup/kink. We are all shaped by unique experiences that led us to this interest. Let that shine. The best thing you can bring is your own authentic energy. Diversity and intensity of expression are beautiful.

I’m not going to deny the role that social media, image, gear, and commodification play in the community. We live in a capitalistic society that prizes these concepts. Almost all of us will feel lacking from time to time. I certainly do. It’s how the system is engineered. But the joy should lie in sharing your truest self with others. Making connections. Finding community.

Take it from me with 100% honesty that my most intense experiences have been without gear. The best connections formed entirely off of social media. The hottest encounters have been with people who don’t fit the toned ‘influencer’ image. Go to meet ups, clubs, and events to meet people, get off the internet.

Lastly, unpleasant people seem to lurk on the fringes and falsely leverage age/gear/etc as experience or reputation. A good dom/sub/kinkster—like any relationship—will not pressure you. That’s the real marker of experience. Respect.

A great word to end on. Thank you Kenzie, it’s been a real pleasure, and I hope you’ll still have many good primal-energetic experiences to come in your future 🙂


SF Area, USA

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