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Alternate Paths 12

While Micky is in the basement getting reeducated, Kris is upstairs enjoying a light workout — one of many activities that he finds makes him super horny. Fortunately, members of his staff are in position to receive his copious gift.

As Kris fills boi #3 up with a huge load of hot, thick cum, bois #1 and #2 check-in with their Master and give him a status report on Mick’s progress…

Early the next morning, Kris wakes up amid his harem, finding himself increasingly virile, horny, and hungry.

Lord Chirenon
Lord Chirenon
For nearly a decade, I’ve created original stories through photomanipulation with comic captioning. I’ve helped to popularize male chastity, providing inspiration and Rules for boys to follow. I have a much broader range of fetish interests that include overturning power dynamics: these themes include top-to-bottom, muscle-theft, age regression, gender transformation, and other role reversal and transformation themes. Enjoy!

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