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LOCKTOBER: That Was Our Locked Boys’s First Week

The first week of LOCKTOBER 2019 is done. I know many of you had a hard week with your chastity devices. It is time to check up on how our six featured boys have survived the last week. But first I’ve really to welcome again Chirenon, our chastity expert.

Hi Chirenon. I’ve had a great week playing with boys. How was your sexual life during the last week and did you enjoy to cum? 😉

Thanks, MasterMarc. Just in the first few days of Locktober this year, it already seemed like a different experience. So many more boys were posting that they had locked than I remember from any past year, that it felt like Christmas morning — except that for a chastity Dom, this Christmas lasts 31 days. My sex life has been very satisfying, although I will admit that as my online boys have been providing me with their increasingly cute and horny pics and videos, in several cases I’ve wished for their physical presence.

Our Boy’s Reviews

We will ask our featured boys every week about their experiences and some other questions. Besides that, they also got to tell us about their grade of horniness (H – blue), frustration (F – orange), their submissivness (S – grey) and how comfortable their device was (DC – yellow).

Slave Kirby

1988 | 190 cm | 75 kg

It’s been a great start for Locktober. Although I was a bit of an idiot. You see I had planned on going for one last naked walk to enjoy my freedom, at this new trail I found on google maps. However the last day of September it was raining super hard so I couldn’t do the hike.

So In all my wisdom I decided on Wednesday to try it out anyway, but then fully naked + collar + cage. It was super exciting. I spend some time exploring the forest wearing no clothes but my cage. And then texted some of the nude pics to my KH, who then started giving me positions to photograph myself in… So yeah, at the end the of hike you could see where I had walked by following the trail of precum.

So I really blasted into Locktober and really had to calm down after that or I’ll never make it to the end. My KH did reward me on Thursday by giving me my first load of cum to swallow. Which is my top tier reward when I’m locked, so I went to sleep very horny and very happy.

Today (Sunday) I had a photoshoot planned with the cute pup Spark (@pupsparknl). Turned out Spark is also a Locktober participant. So during and after the shoot my KH boyfriend (skinnykinks) had a blast teasing us and making us squirm in our cage. Since the pup is a bit of an alpha he mostly enjoying having Spark dryfuck me so we were both growing super hard in our cage, while we had no chance of relief.


1994 | 178 cm | 65 kg

I have to say Im quite surprised with my current Locktober experience. The first day was a shock day. I got locked from 30/01 night and the morning of 1st of (L)oc(k)tober was very painful. I woke up with quite strong pain down there. My eyes were throwing swords, the inner me was swearing like never before. My sleep was ruined and that is never a good start of the day. When my erection finally disappeared i fell asleep again and had some naps before i left for work – unfortunatelly each of them ended up with pain that woke me up. It def. was not a good day. I kept asking myself – why the hell did you start with this again, havent you learnt anything from the last time? No erection, no cumming – are you really fucking crazy man?! Well it seems I am (or maybe im just accepting my fate as a sub boy?).

However the next morning was totally different. It shocked even myself – my body got used to my chastity (and maybe my fate?) from the second day as the morning sunshine woke me up (and not my cage). Since then i can say im doing well, i got used to my device and my old/new locked lifestyle. Lately im being a bit frustrated that i cant even tease my dick, i cant make it cum and play with that. On the other hand, i watch less porn but i don’t feel less horny, my body is being hungry for some attention so we will see what the next week brings. Wish me luck guys.

Boy Jason

1979 | 183 cm | 102 kg
Chicago (U.S.)

This is the first time I have done a specific goal with my Alpha in terms of chastity. So far we have done a week or two here and there. Upon agreeing to it I also expressed an understanding that a boy like me should be locked and this month shouldn’t be easy for me. My Alpha has been more aggressive in talking about it with myself and others, and also more physical in teasing or making that area hurt. As we have negotiated, of course.

Ero Sanzo

1988 | 170 cm | 67 kg

My first week was challenging, not being locked for a while made things a bit frustrating. But on the second and third day I was getting used to it. The occasional morning wood made things a bit hard. I’ve also notice that my horniness was dying down as the days went on. I was not getting horny as often as I did. The cage that I use is really comfy, it was so comfy that I almost forgot that I was even wearing it.

Well with my balls being full, I do notice that sitting down while driving can be a challenge. I can feel the ring of the cage pausing against my balls, which causes some discomfort.


1996 | 178 cm | 70 kg
New York (U.S.)

The week started off stressful with a difficult midterm on Wednesday, which took up a lot of my free time. From there, I could actually pay some attention to the lock downstairs. It built up until Saturday, when I met up with a prospective Key-Holder. Unfortunately, that did not go as planned, and I am currently still self-locked. Between the stress of the midterm, and the failure of the possible KH, this week has been pretty lack-luster. I imagine the week after this will be much more entertaining for readers. In the meantime, I’m enjoying the fact that the chastity hasn’t been too tortuous yet. I don’t expect that to last much longer. I’ll take the ease while I can!


2000 | 183 cm | 53 kg
Glasgow (UK)

I started off Locktober feeling excited about being locked again and eager to please my lord, it made me a little horny just being caged once more, and with all new lockups it took me little while getting used to being caged again. After a few days I was getting rather lustful, but I was enjoying being constantly aroused again. I was struggling to get an uninterrupted sleep but that was my only real issue 😅. I’d say the weekend was when I really hit my ‘horny maxima’, it was nice to be desperately horny again but the frustration was also building. In the early hours of Sunday I woke up straining, nothing new, but I could feel the dull ache in my boyballs, signalling that the blue balls had begun 😣. I’d felt pretty rough that evening and it just made it all the more difficult. Luckily for me I was able to be consoled by lord chirenon, and that allowed me to push on to the second week without making any accidents 😋.

I have ordered a new cage that’s considerably smaller and is hopefully much more sturdy (Metal design). It’s due arriving over the next couple of days and I’m super excited, it should help make the rest of locktober a little easier – hopefully anyway 😋.

I think it is time to talk a little with our chastity expert Chirenon about the frustration level of our boys. Chirenon, what do you think about the developement of frustration? I was really surprised that Ero and Ares have started their experience on such a high frustration level. Normally the first day of such a project is more a day with neutral or positive feelings.

True, and yet sometimes even if one is looking forward to a month-long experience, there is sometimes an initial hurdle that is frustrating. For many boys starting chastity (or restarting after a hiatus), one of the first hurdles is “morning wood.” Being in the cage often wakes the boy in the night or early morning as his nub tries to harden and finds it cannot. Losing sleep can be frustrating, but fortunately it usually only takes a few days for the nub to adjust to its new reality.

How do you think will the frustration graphs develop during the upcoming three weeks?

As I look at the graphs, I’ll say I sad for my boy Kush and also for Kirby that they’d had such an increase in frustration over the weekend. Obviously, from 10 it can only go down, since you can’t maintain that level of frustration 3 more weeks. I think frustration is may be a metric that will oscillate the most as boys have good days and bad due to external issues. It may increase generally over the month, but my goal in chastity training is to try to make locked life sustainable, so I hope it’s able to remain manageable for the boys in your sample group.

Time to be honest: Did You Cheat?

No. I’m still unlocked at night to give my skin some time to get used to the cage. But I plan next week to start being locked 24/7, with one moment to clean each day.

Nope I havent. I dont have a key nor any spare time for finding out any solution to escape my cage this week 😜 But I have to admit, last few days, im being more and more horny and my desire for release is growing really sharply.

Not at all. It hasn’t come off since the last day of September when I shaved the hair off the area. It will not until it is time to give it a full cleaning it again some time mid week.

Define cheat? Because if it’s unlocking for my weekly cock cleaning and cage cleaning. Then I don’t count it as cheating. Personal hygiene is important, cleaning the cock and cage avoids health problems for the future.

Nope! So far, no problems in that regard. Did switch my cage shaft, but that left my nub exposed for less than 15 soft seconds. Works great when you have two identical cages! Being in a HTv2 means that I do need to clean it regularly, and this helps with that process.

Considered it 😅, but I’m still staying strong and determined to do Locktober property this year 😇.

Did you have any shameful chastity experences this week?

My Curve sticks out a bit too much in my skinny jeans. I totally caught a guy looking at the outline when I went shopping. But since I caught him staring it was awkward for us both xD.

Me and my friends had some cage comparison as we met for the weekend. It was quite interesting as i was the only one with metal cage. But the really shameful thing is my cage bulge. Even tho my cage is quite small and difficult to escape, it makes such a visible bulge. However as an old pervy, i dont really care if ppl see or not. It turns me on anyway.

I am very proud to have a keyholder and Alpha who does so much for me in my life. A boy like me should be locked and I am very proud of that. No shame here!

Hum… not really, I’ve been locked in chastity for a while that I’ve gotten numb to it. So no, I don’t feel any shame being locked in chastity.

Simply being in the device has been the usual humiliation, however always looking for men who want to make it a more degrading experience. Nothing has been incredibly degrading besides following basic tasks and requests. Nothing’s saying the demands can’t be more humiliating though… wink wink nudge nudge.

Fortunately for me, I didn’t 😁. Although I’ve came close a few times, when myself and friends have a drink we can get a little violent but luckily no one’s ever went for that area. My cage is hardly visible the majority of the time and it’s been nothing but smooth sailing since my last night out 😅.

Last but not least I’ve to admit that the boys have done it well the last week and that they all deserve a “good boy” label for the first week of Locktober. Or what do you think, Chirenon?

Absolutely, I couldn’t agree more. They’re all very good boys and I’m so happy they’re sharing their Locktober experiences with you and all your readers. Be good, boys!

And I think everyone of you knows what Chirenon means if he says: “Be good, boys!”

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