One week ago LOCKTOBER ended and most of our guys have been happy to get released. Today we’ll do a little review of the whole month. First of all I’ve to thank our boys for their colaboration during the last five weeks and I have to admit that I’m proud of them, even more that five of six guys really have been locked all the month without cheating. How was your Locktober 2019 experience, Chirenon?

From my perspective, this has been the best Locktober yet. Such a large number of boys participated, and a significant number successfully completed the whole month. I’m really delighted by all the boys who celebrated in chastity this year. My own boy Kush was one of the boys who didn’t make it and had to drop out of this article series to focus on real-life issues, nevertheless I applaud him and all the boys who attempted this difficult challenge. And, of course, I’m extremely proud of our five boys who stuck with the series and made it to the end.

Before we start to analyse Locktober 2019 we should really have a look how the last few days went for our boys.

Review of the last few days of LOCKTOBER

1988 | 190 cm | 75 kg
My Twitter

I had a lot of work so not much time for adventures, aside from making coffee with cum twice. But it was good, I just rode Locktober out in comfort and was incredibly horny despite doing not much kinky. I felt my frustration rise nearing the end. I was just really looking forward to being unlocked. Not so much to cum even, but more so I could finally walk around naked with absolutely nothing on my body.

1994 | 178 cm | 65 kg
My Twitter

These last days of Locktober made me really feel what was that all about. My frustration and horniness finally reached level 10. Last days of Locktober and first days of NOvember drove me crazy. I finally had some days off so I had some rest of mind and body, also my Master was out of the town so i was left home alone. All I was able to think about was to cum. However my Master kept me locked so there was only one way to cum – analplay.

1979 | 183 cm | 102 kg
Chicago (U.S.)
My Twitter

I was so excited to get my payoff reward. I felt very horny, submissive, and needy. This has all really helped me get past some mental hurdles in terms of being a good boy. These days where fortunately busy at work but dragged otherwise. So ready to be done!

1988 | 170 cm | 67 kg
My Twitter

The last few days have been changeling, knowing that the end was close made it really hard to focus. Thinking about unlocking was just at the back of my mind and it was frustrating.

1996 | 178 cm | 70 kg
New York (U.S.)
My Twitter

The last 4 days went. I’m not sure if I should be happy or sad that the last four days were pretty meh. I was going through the motions of the days and didn’t really do much until the 1st when I thought “oh, I can be freed.”

It was always interesting to see the graphs of the week but to see the graphs of the whole month is even more interesting. What would you remark as first by seing them, Chirenon?

The graphs have been one of my favorite parts of this series. Looking at them in final form, I’m most interested personally in the blue and gray lines, horniness and submissiveness. Yellow (device comfort) is something that the boy has to work out for himself whether he’s found the right device yet or not. Orange (frustration) for me is a counterproductive trait, since I would like to promote long-term lockup and I think it’s difficult for a boy to sustain perpetually high levels of frustration. Frustration has been a bit all over the place for our boys: Jason got to peak in all his stats early, and for Ero and Ares frustration was definitely trending up.

But the beautiful lines for me are blue and gray, both of which trended up to peak for all five of our boys by the end. What exciting and consistent results: we have a great formula for producing boys who are at peak horniness and peak submissiveness. What a wonderful result!

My next question I’ve asked the boys was how their release was. Let’s see what they have answered.

My Release

I waited until Friday afternoon. And I just unlocked myself before getting in the shower. Nothing super magical, knowing my body would just really have to get used to be without a cage before I could get any pleasure from my cock again. So yeah, took it off, watched a bit of porn so I could get a boner. Then showered and got back to work. After work my bf and I played around a bit and then had my bf edge me to my limit, then I jerked myself to an orgasm. It was really good.

Well I cant tell about this feeling as Im still locked 😓. I got unlocked only for cleaning. I still dont know for how long and still dont know when I will be allowed to cum and have fun. We will see

My Alpha unlocked new this morning, November 2nd. Teased me some, before we separated for the day told me to edge myself all day without cumming, and I will be taken to orgasm later (possibly in public) when Alpha so chooses.

They was no fanfare, I unlocked my self and relaxed. It was calming and I didn’t straight away and jerk off.

I unlocked and cleaned up, first and foremost. I took care of downstairs with a nice long shower. Been physically unlocked since. I still haven’t done anything about it yet though; I’m letting my penis heal fully. I also have many influences who want me to continue my chastity through at least November, so we shall see.

Chirenon, we really have to think about a locking and unlocking ceremony. The boys have done such a great job but for most of it the moment of release hasn’t been something special. That is really not what good boys diserve. What do you think, Chirenon, how should such a happening be celebrated?

I think that’s a wonderful idea. I think ceremony is important and it’s also important to recognize and honor difficult achievement. At the minimum, boys should record their locking and unlocking moments in short videos for their feeds. But before next year rolls around, you and I should definitely work out some additional ceremony and also ways to award recognition both to participants and boys who successfully complete Locktober 2020.

What I’ve Learned About Myself During LOCKTOBER?

How much the frustration is a mindset rather than a direct result from the cage. I did Locktober last year too and I struggled so much more back then. Almost to the point of hating that. This year I just enjoyed almost every day of it. There were some frustrating moments, but overall it was a good experience. And it really came from just accepting not having any pleasure from my cock. It’s difficult to put into words, but from the start I simply accepted the cage as a part of my body now, and from that moment I could get super aroused, but not for 1 second think about unlocking for release. I just accepted that arousal as part of me.

I havent reached all of my target but I can say Im pretty satisfied. I got some more experiences with chastity, my body got more used to that, I have tried various cages, I trained for analgasm and I guess my limits are improving. We will see what NOvember brings. Stay tuned.

Again, it has helped me be a better boy and a thirstier one. The need for more cock and play is real. It has helped keep me in my place. I want to continue to be locked more and I know it will be soon. I think I will only get today and maybe tomorrow free of the cage. Then will most likely be back in some way.

Well my tolerance for not jerking of is pretty high, I don’t mind not cumming and I learn to appreciate to please others. As for needs, I realize that I really need someone to fuck me in the ass, it’s something I don’t have in my life.

Not a lot, since I have done so much with chastity, I know what a month locked will do. What I learned most is how I blend with the HTv2: fantastic for a week, but much longer starts to have problems without proper maintenance.

My Hardest & My Best Experience during LOCKTOBER

Hardest: The bdsm party was difficult. It was one of the moments where I was really denied pleasure rather than have it focused elsewhere. Simply cause there were too many locked subs to be played with. So that was a difficult moment for me. And the moments where my KH fucked me. They gave me so much pleasure, but no orgasm. Especially the last fuck my entire body was ready for an orgasm. I even felt it come up, but at the last second it failed…

Best: The dildo ride, mostly the moment afterwards where I really had this moment of pride. Having finally done one of my top sex-bucket-list items. And the moment right after the fucks 😀 Where I just transformed in the most hungry bottom you can imagine, begging my bf to fuck me again. Using his cum as lube etc. xD It showed how much a plastic thing around my cock can just transform me entirely.

Hardest: These last days my ball sack is being quite sensitive and it hurts a little. My frustration is on its highest levels, so is my horniness. However I dont regret anything. Once again it was amazing experience and progress in my life as a sub.

Best: I was really curious about other cages types so trying them on was a new experience and Im pretty satisfied. Also the cum restriction is always fun. Ive enjoyed this Locktober and Im already curious how far I can go.

Hardest: Just in general knowing how long it would be without any release of that kind the entire month for the first time in my life.

Best: Oddly the same due to the lack of the power and control I had in it and how intoxicating and hot that is to me.

Hardest: Well I think it was the weekly cleaning. Having a scheduled and keeping to it was not easy and keeping to it was challenging.

Best: Just the supports from the Twitter followers, all of their likes and retweets made this whole things worth it. Now I just have to keep it up!

Hardest: The bit in the middle where I was chafing extensively was not good. That really made the locked part troublesome.

Best: The satisfaction of having been chaste every October of my adult life stands strong!

What do you think about the experiences and conclusions the boys did get, Chirenon?

I do love Kirby’s best and most difficult experiences. His nude dildo ride through the park was amazing and I’m glad he shared it with his followers. I also loved the pics from his BDSM party. It was the most difficult moment for him because of being denied personal physical pleasure, but as a good boy, he should now take pleasure in how much satisfaction he gave to Masters like me, who so enjoyed seeing all of those locked boys being good together.

The difficulties that many had related to going from shorter term lockdowns to a longer experience: chafing, hurting the ball sac, cleaning issues. This is always going to be part of Locktober because Locktober is a gateway for boys to experience a longer-term lockup for the first time. With the experiences under their belts, as it were, our boys are now better prepared to commit to a long-term lockdown, if they so choose.

I think Ero’s best experience is important for all boys who participate in Locktobers. The #teamlocked crew are great at supporting each other with likes, retweets, and affirming comments. I encourage all locked boys to make use of that support themselves. And I hope these good boys will all resolve to spend more time supporting their fellow subs.

You’re totally right it was great that our boys have got such a support from our readers and on twitter. Last but not least I want also to thank you, Chirenon. It was real fun to comment together with you the Locktober of our six locked boys. Have you had your fun too and do you think we should work on another sadOsam special for Locktober 2020?

Absolutely! I’ve enjoyed this series so much, both our discussions, and monitoring the progress of these good boys. Thank you for putting it together and for all your good work this year. I definitely think we should have a sequel next year that encourages even more boys to participate in Locktober. My hope over time is that this challenge becomes a regular, annual celebration throughout the kink universe — gay and straight — and even beyond.

You’re totally right and probably some remain in chastity permanently. And for all the boys who continue with NOvember we can just whish that they have another good month without being able to play with their own dick. Good luck, boys!

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