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A Peak of My Exposing Adventures

Hi Kirby. It’s nice to be back in Holland and to see you. LOCKtober is over … do you continue with NOvember?

Kirby: Absolutely not xD. My previous locked/chast record was 19 days, so to make it to 31 this time is a really big achievement already. And I’ve already collected my reward anyway. I rode my bf until I came and it was awesome.

Hehe. It’s always nice to see what an effect a good saddle can have. 😉 Can you tell us why chastity is a turn on for you?

It’s a combination of things, but in the end it’s mostly that chastity is such a powerful tool for dom-sub play. The physical feel of a cage around my cock the whole day is a constant reminder I am a sub for my Dom. I mean it’s there the entire time, even when I do the groceries you can softly hear the rattling of a lock in my trousers.

slave kirby


The physical feel of a cage around my cock the whole day is a constant reminder I am a sub for my Dom.

Even more importantly is the constant buildup of hormones/horniness that enables me to quickly set new limits or try new things. Like last month. I’ve always wanted to play with some dildo’s in the woods, but whenever I tried I never actually got to it. The idea is super hot and would arouse me, but packing dildo’s in my backpack, getting in my car, parking it near the woods, these are all pretty sexless acts. So by the time I was there I would think “The hell am I doing here, I could just jerk it at home…”. But once in chastity I am always horny. I am at all times willing to do very daring things with the hope that if I do it well enough for my Dom, I might earn the key and finally get some release. So when he ordered me to take my favorite dildo, go into the woods and make some cool pics for him, I did it without much hesitation. And it was awesome.

It’s also a great tool for us as a Dom-sub couple. Aside from our bdsm life we are also just a gay couple. Switching between our roles as bfs and dom-sub can be difficult at times. But with him being the owner of my key, and thus being my only hope for sexual release, he can easily fall into his Dom role and order me around, without having to resort to any role-playing or name-calling.

So it’s a tricky path for a keyholder to guide his chastity sub the right way.

Would you say that being a key holder is really a powerful position? And do you see also humiliating aspects in chastity?

Yes it’s a very powerful position. As a keyholder you only have to guide your sub to longer periods of being chast, and every day the sub get hornier and is willing to do more and more. So far with us this has proved to be almost limitless. Things I never dared before I’ll do gladly after a week or two in chastity. Being a keyholder isn’t easy tho. There is a very thin line between making your sub hornier or more frustrated. For some that frustration is fun, but for most it isn’t. I don’t like that aspect either. If my Dom does things right, I get hornier and hornier, and my mind and body will just think “Well jerking isn’t an option, what else could I do to get off?”, making me very moldable as a sub. Like suddenly I love being flogged. The slaps off my ass give me somewhat release, so my entire body goes “Oh yeah do it more!”.

If it goes wrong, my body will just keep on trying to get off using my cock, which I can’t, so I just feel frustrated and that sucks.

So it’s a tricky path for a keyholder to guide his chastity sub the right way. But if you do it right, you have more control over my body than you would tying me up!

Another example, my Dom loves seeing me suck off other guys. Like, lending me out as a slut. I love that too, but I’m not always in the mood for that. It sucks when he has invited some guy over for a blowjob. I would still do it, but my heart wouldn’t be in it you know. He could of course just tie me up in a way that my mouth is easily reachable. But that does mean that he as the Dom and his friend would have to do all the work. Find the right positions, use the right knots, etc etc. OR! He could just put me in chastity, wait for two weeks, then invite the guy over. I am gonna give that guy the blowjob of his life, and I’ll probably ask for more afterward.

For some there is a big humiliating aspect with chastity. I see some guys going for smaller and smaller cages, trying to look as feminine as possible.

But that’s not the case for me. I have always been a very proud sub and I carry my cage with pride. I just love the idea that I am this perfect toy for my Dom. Also really love how I look in chastity. It also helps that I am big and wear one of the biggest cages on the market.

There is nothing more subjective than humiliation. A lot of things which for others are humiliating, for you they are just “normal”. I know you love to be naked in the nature, that you show your cage also on naked bycicle rides. Does that have a humiliating aspect for you and can you tell us about the attraction of such naked tours?

Yes during those moments I kind of love the humiliating aspect.

I have always loved to be naked in nature. There is something very powerful about being fully nude in the woods. And there is an aspect of arousal too when I walk or ride naked in nature. The chance of being caught its exciting to me, but also scary. When I go for a ‘normal’ nude hike or ride, I usually just kind of raise my head, square my shoulders and just tell myself that if someone sees me ‘I am just a fit guy that enjoys a naked hike, nothing wrong with that.’ Being caught might embarrass me a bit, but I think I have a nice body, and going for a nude walk isn’t that weird.

Wearing a cage and the excitement of the possibility of being caught is enhanced like a 1000 times.

Put a cage on me and all those thoughts don’t count anymore. I am no longer a fit guy going for a nude walk, but a sub following orders. That excitement of the possibility of being caught is now enhanced like a 1000 times. Explaining to a fellow mountain bike rider that I enjoy nude breaks or walks is do-able. Can’t really explain it when there is cage around my cock, precum dripping from the tip and a plug in my butt now is there? The humiliation creates an actual feeling of exposure. And the feeling of being so exposed is incredible. Especially when I have to dump my clothes. There is no going back and with every second I am further away from any possibility of hiding my nudity, cage and plug.  It’s super scary, very arousing and nerve wrecking. It’s gives this high that nothing else can give me.

There is always this moment I get when I have to be naked for my Dom in nature. Where I am so far from my clothes I go past this invisible line. Like there is no way I can hide myself now if something happens. And instead of panicking this weird rest comes over me. I stay super horny and my heartrate is 200, but I just accept my position. I just accept I am super exposed and that there is nothing to do about it. It’s very much like the feeling when you enter subspace, but with a lot more adrenaline. It’s really awesome! Once I have finished my ride or walk and put my clothes back on, I feel this mix of actual sadness it is over but also so much pride that I dared to do it.

Of course people can caught you if you’re naked in the nature, but there aren’t so many people. Another quality of exposure is walking naked through Amsterdam. There you can be sure that many people can see you. Can you tell us about your exposure experiences in cities?

Haha the naked walk through Amsterdam is the absolute peak of my exposing adventures. It’s also the only one that public. Exhibitionism and exposure is such a difficult kink to practice responsible. Like the woods thing. Riding naked with a plug is so exciting cause after every corner there could be another ride. That’s what’s makes it so thrilling, but at the same time, I don’t want to shock another ride with me sudden nudity. I don’t want to burden others with my kink. But without the risk of being seen it doesn’t work. So as an exposure/public sub you always walk this razor thin line between playing in public places, but not bothering others. So we keep most of our outdoor play in nature or really desolate places (like a parking lot somewhere at night).

the naked walk through Amsterdam is the absolute peak of my exposing adventures.

But, a part of me wants to be seen. It’s one of those weird things as a sub. Like if I would go to a bdsm party on my own and strip down naked there in front of everyone, I’d feel terrible. Like I would be forcing my nudity upon them. But when my Dom takes me to a party and says I cannot wear clothes there, I’m instantly hard. I feel so proud that I am his naked toy just following him around. It’s such an amazing rush to have my Dom drag me around with all those eyes on me.

The peak of this was Amsterdam couple of weeks ago. We were at a bdsm party that was spread over 2 locations. The street is one of the major streets leading from central station to the Red Light district and has a ton of sexshops and gay bars. So people in the street aren’t shocked that easily. I naked that night for my Dom, but you could borrow a bathrobe from the bar if you wanted to walk to the other club. Exposure being such a big kink for me, it didn’t take long before my Dom teased me with the idea of going without the robe. The idea was scary as fuck for me. I mean there were hundreds of people in the street, actual hundreds. But I also realized that it would be a once in a lifetime experience, and the rush would be unreal. Eventually sgt. Sadovka, an incredible skilled Dom and good friend of ours, helped us out. He got me well into my subspace to handle it, leashed me, my Dom went out first to check if it was safe and to record it, and then sgt. Sadovka just dragged onto the street! The first steps where just unreal. I could see soooooo many people and feel the cold night air right on my naked skin. I didn’t have any time to think tough. Sadovka just kept on pulling on the leash so I got dragged further and further into the street. Christ my heart is racing again thinking back to it. It was by far the biggest rush I ever had as a sub. We didn’t have to walk far, so it was over pretty quickly. Back inside there were actual Doms hi-fiving us.

After that first walk I was so deep into my subspace and in such a rush, that when my Dom ordered me to go back onto the street to the other club to retrieve my clothes, I did it too!

I can’t actually describe how I felt. It’s pretty much being in a rollercoaster / suspension / having seks all at the same time and then some.

I think this will always be the peak of my exposure kink.

I know this corner of Amsterdam and yes, it is really a well visited area. I think you have been the attraction for many tourists. 🙂 Do you have still some new ideas of exposure or other ways of humiliation you would love to suffer and enjoy?

Haha I think so too. If we stood around longer I wouldn’t be surprised if they took a selfie with us!

Yes! Actually, several! I want to do some really awesome urban nudity photography. So like being nude in some street at night under a lantern pole. I also “want” (not really but kind of…) to be dumped in nature without my clothes. Like, that my Dom drive me to some parking lot in the woods, strips me, and drives off with my clothes, to return a lot later. Leaving me to find a way to not be seen. I would also like to be dumped naked at a cruising spot, and having me earn my clothes back by sucking off cruisers. Or have my Dom dump me naked in the woods and hide my clothes somewhere else and then send me the location on WhatsApp. So I gotta find my way to them naked…. As you can tell, I am far from done with my exposure kink.

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