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The Smooth Without The Rough!

Whether it’s for a smoother, cleaner more athletic look or the kinky act of shaving and being demasculated, many guys these days are choosing to forgo the fluff, prune their pits, pubes and posterior or even banish the bush altogether.

As a guy who loves being smooth I thought I’d explore and share some of the benefits and my personal reasons for being shaven, along with my preferred techniques for achieving the smooth without the rough!

Almost ever since it started growing I have sought to rid myself of my body hair, even before I realised it was a trend other men followed. I love the clean, silky look and smooth sensual, more intimate touch that hairless skin provides, and of course the added benefit of making your cock appear to stand prouder as part of it isn’t nuzzled in a nest!

I guess I’m more of a bottom boy too, so have no qualms about appearing any less masculine as a result. I have heard it questioned why you’d want your privates to look like a prepubescent boy’s, in response I ask, “Do you shave your face to look like a boy?” No, it’s for a smoother look and clean fresh feel.
Few would neglect trimming and styling their head or beard hair, so why ignore your most prized possessions down below?

Being smooth also has its practical benefits, hair can trap sweat increasing body odour, and I find it’s always a moment killer when you have to pause to pick hairs out of your mouth part way through an intense and intimate oral session!

So whether you choose like me, to go for all over smoothness or just a tidy trim, here are a few of my preferred techniques and tips.


The simplest and quickest way to shave is by using a razor with a disposable blade. This method is cheap, effective and suitable for larger areas such as your legs and torso. An easy addition to your regular cleansing routine; start by trimming any longer hairs then softening the skin with a warm shower.

Preferably using a multiple blade razor shave in the direction of growth, this will help to avoid cuts and nicks. The use of a shaving cream and after-balm will help reduce redness and rehydrate your skin. I apply a little tea tree oil as I find the antiseptic quality is beneficial to preventing an after rash.

Of course you are dealing with a very sharp blade, so use extreme care around your privates. I don’t recommended this technique for your balls or hard to reach areas!
The downside of this approach is the regular upkeep required as you are only removing the hair above the skin, this can quickly result in itchy stubble and sometimes shaving rash due to ingrown hairs.

Luckily shaving companies have at last caught on to manscaping, and specific electric body hair groomers are now available and designed to be used safely even on your most sensitive regions.

I regularly use and recommend the Phillips Bodygroom, this comes with varying guides for different hair lengths and is perfect for keeping all areas trim and tidy.

Depilatory creams

A good alternative to shaving is using a cream formulated to dissolve the hair away. This method is relatively quick and easy, although can be a little pungent and messy. Results are also slightly longer lasting than shaving.
Again companies such as Nads and Veet have caught on to the male market and produce products designed to tackle tougher male hair growth.

Simply spread the cream onto the skin, leave for the recommended time (usually about 10 minutes) then, starting with the area you first applied, wipe off, along with the offending hairs.
As with shaving, once regrowth does start, skin may become spot prone due to ingrown hairs, this can be minimised by exfoliating the skin a couple of days after treatment.

I would not recommend this method for very sensitive areas such as your anus/balls, but if you do then I advise extreme caution, just don’t blame me if you end up singing “Goodness gracious great balls of fire!”

Laser hair removal.

I am often asked how I achieve my level of smoothness, and this is how, Laser removal!
This technique works by using short pulses of light to weaken or destroy the hair root, resulting in a permanent or long lasting reduction in hair growth. Hair that does regrow is usually finer, meaning skin is much less affected by rashes or itchy stubble.

If you’re looking to get serious about smoothness there are many clinics offering this technique, although it’s by no means a cheap option. Luckily however there are now affordable devices available to use in the convenience and privacy of your own home.

My favourite is the Tria Laser Hair Remover
Unlike other IPL (intense pulsed light) machines which require ongoing treatments, the Tria utilises a laser which is more effective for a permanent reduction in hair growth. This method does require time and commitment, however the long term benefits are most definitely worth it!

Treatment involves firstly shaving hairs to skin level then placing the appliance on the skin to activate the laser. The device will emit a short burst of light, destroying or weakening the root (sometimes a brief hot stinging sensation may be felt), then simply move the device slightly and repeat until the required area has been covered.
As Individual hairs have different stages of growth, treating an area once every 6 weeks works best to capture all the hairs in the required growing cycle. As regrowth subsides you’ll be able to reduce the treatments, just topping up if and when needed.
I now use only a few times a year to keep myself ultra-smooth!
Although the manufacturer does not recommend use on the genitals, I have had no issues using this method on my pubic region, if used with care on the lowest setting first due to the more sensitive nature of the skin in this area.

Of course, there are other techniques such as waxing to consider, however, having watched a friend’s facial expressions and cries as he endured a chest wax, I’m not sure my pain threshold would be high enough to undergo this kind of torture!

Whichever way you choose and for whatever reasons you wish to be hair free, you may need to experiment to find the solution that works best for you. My personal preference is a combination of methods: a dedicated electric body groomer to safely cover my legs, arms/underarms sack and crack, and the laser device for smaller areas such as the treasure trail and pubic area.

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