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The Great Fetish Week London Review – 2 UNLEASHED

One of the musts for kinksters during the summer is London Fetish Week. We have sent Cassy, a rubber pup, abdl & gimp who really loves to party, to visit a lot of the events during fetish week. Starting by the Recon Members Party on Sunday this party marathon finished with the Deconstruction Party one week later. This was definitly also Pup Cassy’s deconstruction. Let’s see what he and people he has interviewed have to tell us.

Here the links to the reports of the different parties Pup Cassy visited:



Next in line for me was the ever popular Unleashed. WAGZ. This year held at London’s famously historical Royal Vauxhall Tavern, an iconic venue that has played a defining role City’s LGBTQ community for decades. This intimate setting on another sweltering London evening saw a large turnout with many a shiny pup, handler and general enthusiast. What would normally cater to a dazzling concoction of drag artists had now been transformed to a lively melting pot of dancing, socialising and general canine shenanigans for the pup community. And, of course, the stage was utilised just as much, if not more, as it usually would be in this place.

These are pups we are talking about!

Despite some people’s efforts to try and send me deep into headspace, you know who you are, I had work to do here and so, mostly successfully, resisted the temptation. The notion of inclusivity continued to resonate through the nights antics and guests from all over the globe had a chance to really immerse themselves into this particular corner of the community. This being helped by a wealth of pup toys, equipment and furniture provided and subsequently exploited. The mood, unsurprisingly, was very high spirited and playful and you could easily tell that FWL 2018 was now in full swing.

The space, albeit small, was put to good use and all in all I’d say that this was a great setting for new members to reach out, unwind and secure their place within this family of some absolutely mad and wonderful characters. A successful night with a well-deserved spot on the Kink Calendar.

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Pup Helix (London UK)

I had lots of fun thank you, was a very enjoyable night.

It’s a good chance to catch up with friends and meet new people and being on my doorstep its very convenient

I think that fetish week is special as it caters for all different interests but at the same time brings everyone together. It has a nice community spirit to it. I think a well needed rest before Full Fetish is definitely on the cards

Marky Pup

Unleashed was really good because it was social and we all got to chat to others. Yes, it being social means you have to keep your bits in your pants for the evening but made the rest

Of the week more interesting with frustration! The fetish week was well put together. After a lot of kinks/ gear meeting and having fun and being safe. The events make it special as you don’t always get a chance to do it Day by day but just having the week to meet everyone who’s into each kink makes it special and also to connect with others. I had to skip deconstruction as I was so worn out from all the other events and lack of sleep!

Matt Pup (Mister Puppy Europe – FR)

I had a lot of fun at Unleashed. I Discovered new pups, meet other I only knew on the internet, and of course see again pups I met before.

I have no problem with social events, as I’m both social and sexual.

Just a thing I discovered during the party: the rubber sash is really not practical to be on all 4 in the middle of the dog zone

Social, workshops, sex, leather/rubber/skin … It’s really an amazing celebration of the diversity of the fetish and kinky scene. By the way, in my opinion: the logistic/the venues were really good.

It was my first London Fetish week and I appreciated the diversity of events there were: Social, workshops, sex, leather/rubber/skin … It’s really an amazing celebration of the diversity of the fetish and kinky scene.

In my opinion: the community side: Face start to became familiar as you see many of the people from events to events, so finally, at the end of the week, let’s say there’s a kind of “fetish week ” community created.

I met pups/kinksters/friends I already knew from other events. I discovered guys I knew only online, and I also discovered new people. But sometimes my pup brain is too small to put names on all faces (and I’m really ashamed when it happens.

The next Party Pup Cassy has visited was RUBBER NIGHT.


BTW: Most of our interviewpartner have been published with their Recon profile name.  (Party pictures by Recon)

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