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The Great Fetish Week London Review – 5 DECONSTRUCTION

One of the musts for kinksters during the summer is London Fetish Week. We have sent Cassy, a rubber pup, abdl & gimp who really loves to party, to visit a lot of the events during fetish week. Starting by the Recon Members Party on Sunday this party marathon finished with the Deconstruction Party one week later. This was definitly also Pup Cassy’s deconstruction. Let’s see what he and people he has interviewed have to tell us.

Here the links to the reports of the different parties Pup Cassy visited:


Alas! Deconstruction.

Truth be told, this was something of a real test for me to see if I’d be able to last after 8 consecutive late nights out and a full-time job in between. Much to my surprise though, this night turned out to be my favourite of the lot. Maybe it was something to do with the fact that this was in my opinion the most intimate night of the week with everyone being distinctly chilled and very gracious and nostalgic for the week just past.

The ambience was again jovial and conversation flowed effortlessly. This was the perfect opportunity to have some decent one on one time with those you may have missed during the weeks devilment. Although, as always, the dark room was in full swing. No changes there.

Fire in Vauxhall was halved in size for this occasion, facilitating a splendid finale to a very profound week of debauchery. This has absolutely ruined me.

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Pup Cole (New Jersey U.S.)

I had an absolute blast. The crowd was a bit smaller than most of the other nights, but it was a great way to catch up and meet some of the kinksters and puppies I hadn’t yet met over the course of the week. I think being a bit more ‘chill’ was a nice way to come down from the week.

This was not only my first trip to London, but my first Fetish Week as well. I specifically planned my visit so it would coincide. I think it was great to go to so many of the different venues that were all kink friendly and very supportive. I’m from the New York area, and even there, there are not as many spaces specifically designed for such events. We have the NYC Eagle, a few other bars, and the NYC Bondage Club, but it was just so fun to see all the different events.

As above, the multitude of different spaces and events that were planned was wonderful. I think it’s also great that as a visitor, I was able to see the touristy sites during the day and look forward to nights of debauchery (also nice for those that have to work during the day). Unlike other Three Letter events (MIR, IML, MAL, etc.), it was great that it was more spaced out and allowed for other things to do and see. As well as great to plan times to meet other kinksters in a 1:1 setting during the day 😉

Earlier in the day we saw Grindr: The Opera. Much fun. After the party: Return to my host and spend some time in his bondage chair as a rubber puppy/gimp.

Lots of the puppies that I met (and didn’t meet) throughout the weekend. Especially a really cute pup named Cassy.

DontPokeTheAlien (London UK)

Lots of familiar and new faces, loved the aesthetics of the venue, and there was a puppy park! Play room was packed though, never seen so much action concentrated in so little space.

it’s not just sexual, but also has quite a big social/community aspect to it, meeting up with people, both old and new. Having fun in the play area is nice, but having fun with people you (got to) know is a lot nicer

It’s a continuous stream of events, so you really get immersed in the kink quite thoroughly, being in gear every evening. At this time, I actually have a hard time acting “normally” and not just bark at people in the streets.

Mainly taking it easy TBH. I’m already pretty exhausted and foremost want to say my goodbye’s, and I don’t want to make it too late as I have to work on Monday (I’ll probably fail though). Those goodbyes can involve some dick of course.

Too many too list, and I don’t even know the names of halve of those. The ones I do know can expect some messages on Recon soon!


Thank you Recon and all else involved. Not a day goes by without my appreciation of how far I’ve come in these past three or so years and how blessed I am to be accepted within an ever-evolving community that prides itself in being so welcoming, whatever your niche interest and endeavours, especially to those who need it most.

A big thank you to all interviewees for their generous contributions.

Until next time

All my love.

Pup Cassy

P.S. Feel free to say hi if you come across me online or elsewhere ?

The next Party Pup Cassy has visited was in HIS BED.


BTW: Most of our interviewpartner have been published with their Recon profile name.  (Party pictures by Recon)

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