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It really sends my mind into a different place

Hello dear readers, I’m here today with Phoenaxx, a lovely and hot looking gearhead. Say Phoenaxx, can you tell us a little about yourself. What are some of the things you like, and what are some that get you hot and flustered?

Hey! Thanks for the lovely introduction. I am venturing around online under the name Phoenaxx, I am based in the Ruhrgebiet of Germany & currently making my way through my last year of my 20s. In the Kinkverse I’d consider myself a Gearhead first and foremost I guess after years of exploring and finding what tickles my fancy the most.

Seeing people fully covered in gear, be it skintight or big and bulky, the mystique & power it shoots out is something that really gets me going. I love to capture said mystique in photo and video form, the gear really becomes the main actor of my shoots. Everyone could be under it.

Outside of kink, my hobbies are music (digging a lot for new records and playing guitar myself), video games & movies, though more recently I have been picking up cooking which I start to enjoy more & more. Otherwise of course, taking photos & videos.

Good at cooking and a kinky gearhead, oh my, that’s a dangerous combo for many readers out there You say from skintight or big and bulky, so that means for you it’s less about the type of gear and more the combo that makes it right? Or do you have some favorites still?

Well, my best friend is the only one so far who got a taste of my cooking, but she lived to tell the tale, so I guess it’s all good haha. Yeah it really is just the combination, I love it when people get creative.

Of course I also love the more typical sets, a gearbiker in his black racing leathers with a great looking helmet, a rubbergimp in a fullsuit & gasmask, but what I really love & appreciate is mixing types of gear.

Casual Gear with Gasmask, Rubber with Bike Gear & so on. At one point I mixed casual clothing with an MX Helmet & a parachute harness. Wild combo on paper, but the combination looked great.

In my teenage and early adult years I was heavy into the gothic scene, I think that’s where my affinity for “All Black Everything” stems from & recently I’ve crammed out some old clothes from that and tried to get some cool combos with gear going. It’s fun just trying different things and see what looks amazing.

My favorites are constantly fluctuating I guess, but most recently it’s been a combo of my black zentai, boots, my Leatt Protector Vest over & a Helmet on my head. It’s big and bulky yet incredibly comfortable.

Haha so gothic, is that also where your love for gear comes from? Or how did you discover that?

In a way it was definitely something for me to kinda slowly venture into the latex & rubber field since it was also kind of represented in outfits in the scene.

My excitement around gear came before that though. I think it was when I was 13-14, my stepdad got himself a motorcycle and since he wanted to also drive me to school from time to time, we went shopping for a helmet.

There was an absolute excitement inside me being in the store, with all the gear around, all the helmets on display & even back then I specifically was intrigued by helmets with the chin straps that really made your head fully enclosed inside it, but back then only the real expensive ones had that feature, so I sadly never got one, but I for sure tried them on in the store haha.

It was nothing sexual back then, it was just a kind of “Man this is freaking cool” kind of excitement. Later in my teens tho that all kind of took a backseat for the goth stuff, then came the latex, rubber and neoprene & around 3 years ago I started getting more interested in all kinds of gear again & it’s been exploding from there.

What are some of the sensations you feel in gear that makes it more special than just plain vanilla sex for you?

It really is a combination of the feeling on the skin, the confinement, the smell, the sounds it makes when moving. It really sends my mind into a different place where worries & insecurities start to take a back seat, it’s quite therapeutic at times. In sexual scenarios, gear really defines either dominance or submission to me, depending on the type of gear.

Being in full rubber definitely makes me more submissive, getting into my Protector Vest, Helmet & everything really pushes me into a more dominant mindset. Vanilla sex has become pretty boring for me, it always feels like something is missing when gear or BDSM is missing from it.

Once you got to experience the heightened sensations, it’s difficult to go back right? Speaking of experiences, you told us you had your fair share of them after years of exploring. Do you still have some things you haven’t gotten to try yet you want to though? Or are you at a comfortable place for yourself?

Definitely, but who knows, maybe that also comes back once I actually am in a relationship again. I think there is always more to explore & in the last years it felt like the kinkverse has just been expanding. I am following the automation fields, people coming up with the craziest devices to control breathing, e-stim equipment, aroma dispensers & much more, it’s absolutely amazing. Being completely controlled by machines is such a turn on for me.

Virtual Reality also gives new opportunities. I once had someone control my E-Stim box via the web while we both were inside VRChat. It’s a mindrush when there is a Master Chief towering over you controlling the dials. What I haven’t gotten a chance so far to explore myself more is a classic honestly: Spanking. I genuinely so far only had 1 session where spanking got involved & the top stopped because I started weeping uncontrollably. It was great, but I just couldn’t stop myself from tearing up.

Also & this might be a tad bit exposing, I am pretty unused “back there”. I already have had experience, some good, some bad but never really got serious with it, sometimes it feels like I am missing out on something that can be quite fantastic, but I haven’t found someone yet who I could trust to explore that area further. I have gotten myself a F-Machine last year but that’s mostly catching dust currently, tho I did have some fun with it already. In terms of gear there is always more types I want to get my fingers on & more combinations I’d like to try out. Currently I’m eyeballing the Techwear stuff.

You might miss out, but as fetish is, general sex practices are also just different for everyone. There’s some that are really addicted to the sensations, and there’s others that just don’t feel it that much as need. I wouldn’t say you’re missing out as much as just going in your own pace, which is honestly the best thing you can do.

Never thought about it like that, but yeah, I guess technology makes all the cool armored game protagonists suddenly more available true šŸ™‚ How was that experience for you? I mean for most people there’d be the physical “flesh” aspect missing. Does that also hold true for gearheads into machine control though?

Yeah, I guess that is a way to look at it. I find this level of connection to be the ultimate bond. Maybe a part of me just wants to keep it something special. The VR Experience was something new and exciting & in the last year was definitely the safest way to still have some kinky fun. Of course actually being together in person is better, but it’s all just about more opportunities.

There is a lot of research and development in making VR more immersive, haptic suits and all. It’s definitely something I’d recommend people to check out. One of my favorite fantasies is being in suspension bondage with machines working me over, controlling everything. My breathing, my sight, f-machines, milking machines, all able to be electrified. Reading my vitals for algorithms to decide what’s being done to me. Don’t know if that answers the question haha.

It does I’d say. Last question. How much do you think is gear connected to your life? Has it become something enveloping your lifestyle, is it more something you separate from the rest of things? And why do you think that may be so?

Hmm, this is a tough question honestly. I think it is more a thing for me to escape regular daily life at this point. Granted in my apartment I sometimes gear up while doing very regular things, but thats about it. I have never been to a gearwalk or other types of public events in gear, but was interested in maybe attending a pride this year in gear. I think I just like to keep it special and exciting for me personally. My headspace should immediately go “Ok, now something exciting is about to happen” once I get my butt into gear.

That’s a reasonable way to live it. And also a good point to end on. Thank you for taking time for us Phoenaxx, and I hope you’ll get to go on that pride! I believe that in gear would definitely still make it special and exciting šŸ˜‰



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