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SOLD! – Day One

It was a year ago my brother and I were caught having sex with each other. I didn’t see what was so wrong with it but our parents went batshit crazy. They told us over and over that not only was it wrong to have sex with my brother; that if we were caught doing it again that this would be our fate.

Our father brought us to the local slave auction of Elite Slave Auctions. He said if we were caught again he would sell our asses so fast our heads would spin. So we ended up at the auction watching other boys our age get paraded up on stage naked for all the world to see; to be poked, prodded, whipped and laughed at by the prospective bidders and those who just came to make fun of the slaves being sold off.

I was totally in love with my brother and we tried to be very discrete never having sex anywhere near home. But our gym teacher busted us about a month later getting it on under the bleachers by the football field. We begged and pleaded with him to not tell our parents but he would not hear a word of our pleadings or offers to make it worth his while if you know what I mean.

As soon as “good ole Dad” found out he loaded us up in the trunk of the car (because as he said “faggots don’t deserve to sit on seats”) and brought us here to the Elite Slave Auctions’ Training Center. It is here that we were trained in every way to serve our potential new owner. We learned to take any and all cocks whenever and however our Master ordered, we learned to take care of his home and gardens, work in the fields and care for his things. We also learned to take punishments and all sorts of other things to better serve our Master.

Good ole Dad did stipulate when he left us on consignment to be sold that we should be sold together. That surprised me I figured he would try to separate us to destroy our ability to love each other. I guess he still cared about us a little or maybe he figured that our new owner would just beat our love for each other out of us.

We have been trained for about nine months. Time sorta runs together here there are no holidays no days of the week. Upon arrival at the farm, we were stripped of our clothes which were burned in front of us along with any possessions we had such as our ids and wallets. Dad did take our cash before dropping us off. He said you won’t be needing this and it will come in handy until I get the proceeds from selling your asses off.

One of the members of our training sessions had been through the last auction and had told us a bit of what to expect. He was also being sold on consignment and the people selling him asked too much money so he didn’t sell. But at least he knew what would happen to us at that time.

Just as he said, this morning (although he didn’t know when it would happen), we came into the dining hall for our breakfast and found ball gags and a number on our plates. He had told us that we were expected to immediately put the ball gag on and that the number was to be our lot number for the auction. It would be about a week from that day. Instead of our usual breakfast those of us who were to be auctioned were served a shake made from the cum of all the slaves who were old enough to produce. We were told that since we would not be permitted to say good bye to any of the younger slaves who weren’t ready to be sold yet that this way we would be taking a bit of each of them with us when we left.

After breakfast we were instructed to return to our dormitory room and clean out our stuff and make sure it was ready for the next occupant of our space on the floor. All of our possessions that we had accumulated (not that there was much) were to be thrown away. Once we were done we were lined up by lot numbers (we are Lots 120 A&B, really together we are just Lot 120 for this auction but the A & B just designate which one of us is which since we no longer are allowed to use our former names.) There are only 122 lots all together so we’re one of the last lots that will be sold. Anyway we are told that the next step is that we will be lead into the adjoining room and line up against the wall. A hose with cold water will be use to wash us down both inside and out. Yes they shoved the hose up our asses and we were instructed to hold it for five minutes. We had to do it repeatedly until we could drink the water and yes we were ordered to do so. To clean our bodies, we were provided with a strong soap and told to be quick about it.

Once we were clean we again lined up by lot number and were inspected to make sure there were no lingering marks from any punishments we had received. I had a cut on my ass but they put some special ointment on it and was told it would be completely healed in less than an hour. I wondered where was this stuff all along. Once we were inspected and dry we were lead to the leather fitting room where we were fitted with leather cuffs for our wrist and ankles as well as a collar for our necks. There was a leash attached to the collar, Since I am 120A mine was left dangling but my brother B’s leash was attached to my collar. The last thing we were each given was a pair of flimsy leather sandals.

Once everyone was fitted we were once again lined up in order and each leash was given to a small boy slave (about ten or eleven years old) nicely dressed and holding a sign with our lot number on it. Ours said “2017-7-120.” Once everyone was in order we were marched out of the facility and onto the road leading into town. Since we were used to working outside where people would often gather to watch us we were generally used to being naked in public at this point but our little parade had apparently been advertised and there was quite the crown to watch us as we were lead to the Elite Slave Auctions Auction Center in town.

Once we arrived at the center the leather cuffs, collars and ball gags were removed along with the sandals leaving us as naked as the day we were born. A marker was used to mark our lot numbers on each of our hip bones before we were lead to small cells. There were 125 cells in the place so B and I had to share our small cell. We were told that he and I could speak to each other but talking with any other lots is forbidden and would result in severe punishment. I felt so bad for the majority of slaves that were in lots by themselves they had no one to talk to but at least I had B although we spoke softly only when alone out of consideration of the others. These had been our friends in training but it looked like we would never have the opportunity to say our good byes. I guess that is what it means to be property. Our feelings do not matter.

Our cell, marked with our lot number, was quite small maybe three feet by six feet just room enough for us to lay down together very closely. There was one lightweight blanket and a pot presumably for us to use as a toilet. The walls were stone as was the floor there was no window and the solid wooden door likewise had no window just a small slot at the bottom where we assumed our food could be served.

Upon looking around we found on the floor a list of instructions that reminded us that we were expected to be silent at all times outside of our cells. We were not permitted to touch ourselves or each other in a sexual way (unless ordered to by a Previewer) and warned that any failure to comply with any rules will be met with severe punishment at a public viewing which would certainly not help our sale price even with the fast healing ointment. Even though our father was evil for selling us for loving each other we did want to make sure that he and our mother were well taken care of in their old age and the money from our sale would be their nest egg for the future since we wouldn’t be there to care for them.

We were also instructed to keep ourselves clean and have our holes lubed at all times. There was a bottle of oil we were to use as lube in a small cabinet on the wall. We could be summoned at any time day or night for a “extended viewing session,” where a potential Master could fuck us or use us in any way He chooses. We could even be whipped to show our ability to take punishments. These sessions were basically no limits as far as we were concerned.

As far as the schedule goes the auction will be one week from today. Starting tomorrow each evening right after our dinner which will be another protein shake only we will be escorted to the viewing rooms. During which time we will be completely naked and unless otherwise instructed will stand with our feet precisely three feet apart and our hands behind our heads. We are reminded that our holes are to be well lubed for anal inspection. Those viewing sessions will last one hour each. If any potential bidder requests additional time with us on a private basis it would likely come right after but could be scheduled for other times as well. During the day on the fifth day there will be an outdoor viewing session at the local football field where will be expected to demonstrate our athletic and physical skills. No private sessions will be scheduled for after midnight of the fifth advance preview night.

On the sixth day the day prior to the auction we will be on display for previews for six hours. After that we will be permitted to rest and do our final preparations for the auction. For some slaves they will not be displayed naked but our father did not wish us to have the luxury of any draping for potential female buyers.

B said, “I guess we should get our holes lubed up. I’ll do you if you do me.” I turned around and presented my hole to my brother. He put a generous amount of the oil on his fingers and inserted two fingers at once in my hole. Once I was good and lubed up he scissored his fingers to stretch my hole some in case some buyer wanted to fuck me in a extended preview tonight. Once he was done I did the same for him. It was all I could do to not kiss him and insert my tongue deep inside him.

Once we were done we decided to get comfortable as we could on the cold, hard floor to await what would happen next. I really hadn’t paid attention earlier but once we were sitting on the floor I began to notice how cold it was here at the center. Then I remembered that the temperature was set for the comfort of the freemen who were clothed not us slaves who were naked.

Since there wasn’t a viewing that evening we had hoped that we would be left alone to spend some time together to talk about what was to come. Shortly after our dinner which was that disgusting tasting protein shake that I’m sure had additional supplements in it to keep us horny and stiff to make us more attractive to bidders.

Apparently someone noticed us during the parade through town and decided to have us for an extended private session. There was no knock on our door it was simply unlocked and opened. We were told to stand and were inspected to make sure we were clean and lubed. Told to hold our wrists, ankles and necks to have the leather restraints put back on. We were lead down a couple hallways to a much nicer looking wing of the building. Here the floors were fine hardwood with Persian rugs, the walls were paneled in rich wood. The door to a room was opened and the restraints were removed. We were ordered to stand on a raised platform as for a regular viewing. Once the handler left us alone we had just a few moments to look around the richly appointed room. Like the hall the walls were hardwood with fine carpets, the walls were paneled in warm rich wood with paintings of nude slaves in bondage and being punished by their owners.

In the corner was a very plush canopy bed with rich crimson damask curtains and bed coverings. There were hanging on the walls a variety of whips, paddles, restraints and torture devices. B gave me a nervous look when he noticed that section of the room. It was not unexpected we were well trained to take many forms of punishment. I just hoped that whoever was viewing us did not want to inflict too much pain.

We stood their in position for what seemed an eternity but was likely no more that 15 minutes. The door finally opened and an attractive gentleman who was well dressed with nicely styled blond hair entered. We were told to come and undress him. We stepped off the small platform and proceeded to disrobe the gentleman. First we removed his jacket and found a hanger to hang it on. Then B removed his shirt carefully folding it and placing it on the table provided for that purpose. I kneeled at his feet and untied his shoes before removing them. I hoped I’d be ordered to give his shoes a shine with my tongue. They were truly a nice pair. Then I removed his socks and smelled his scent.  I placed the socks on the table but only after kissing each of his feet. This caused our at least temporary Master to moan slightly. When I returned B was already unbuckling his pants but allowed me to unbutton them and pull down the zipper with my teeth. B moved behind him and opened the up and started to pull them down, slowly revealing the man’s flaccid cock since he was not wearing any underwear. I took over and removed the pants the rest of the way. Stood and folded them carefully putting them on the table. At this point I joined B who was already kneeling at our Master’s feet waiting for further instruction.

The man simply said I’m going to fuck you both. I look forward to pounding your asses fast and hard. Get up on the raised platform since you faggots don’t deserve to be on a man’s bed and present your holes to me. I will see which of you is tighter and fuck him first. B and I instantly complied putting our asses up and faces down on the platform reaching back to spread our cheeks to give our Master the best view of our holes. He shoved three fingers up my well lubed hole and gave it a good fingering before doing the same to my brother.

The next thing I heard was B moaning for just a second before I heard Master slamming against his ass. He had shoved his entire ten inch fairly thick cock up B’s ass in one fast move. Soon I heard the sounds of rapid skin hitting skin as Master pounded my brother’s ass. After about 25 minutes of pounding I heard Master moan as he finally shot his load deep in my brother. After a moment he pulled out and said to B, “What are you waiting for turn around here and clean my cock and get it hard again for your brother’s ass.” B instantly complied. I was nervous but also eagerly anticipating my turn taking that monster cock.  Master told B, “That’s good get your ass back up in case I want seconds.” In no time that cock was all the way to the root in my ass. I saw stars as it hit bottom. But almost instantly it turned into total bliss. I stayed in that bliss like state the entire time I was being fucked by that wonderful cock. I didn’t want it to end, but eventually I felt his load enter my ass as he grunted even louder that he did before. Once he pulled out I didn’t even wait to be told and spun around and cleaned his cock. Once I was done he smacked my face hard for not waiting to be told to suck his cock. At that point there was a light knock on the door apparently signaling that the time he had paid for with us was up. He told us to leave the room. As per our training we left the room immediately and kneeled just to the left of the door with our eyes downcast waiting to be collected.

Soon, even before our Master had dressed to leave the room, we were collected to be taken to the shower room to be cleaned up and out. As we walked down the hall to be cleaned we noticed three other slaves lined up against the wall. They all were restrained by what looked like metal pipes with their hands above their heads and the legs spread. Each of their cocks were tied up in some form. All three were very read they had obviously either received or were in the process of receiving a severe beating of some form. I certainly hoped this did not happen to us. Although we had received our fair share of beatings as part of our training, it was not my favorite thing to do. I looked down and B and I made our way past I couldn’t look those slaves in the eyes, not only would it get me in trouble but I just didn’t want them to see that I had seen them like that.

Soon B and I were cleaned up and returned to our cell. We lubed each other again after being cleaned out but maybe we would not be called on again that evening. We did manage an hour or so of peace and quiet before the door opened again. We were told to come. Once again we were lead to the same room as before and we stood once again on the platform to await our fate. Shortly the door opened and a strange looking man entered. He was hunched over and his face was partly covered by a large hat. Once the door closed behind him, he stood erect and removed the hat. We instantly recognized him as our friend Charlie. Charlie had been our best friend before we were enslaved. We played sports together in school and even went out drinking together. Charlie said, “Aren’t you going to give your old friend a hug?”

We jumped off the platform and hugged him with giant bear hugs. Only once the hug was over I was suddenly embarrassed to be standing there hugging my old friend while completely naked even though we had seen each other naked lots of time in the showers at school and when we went skinny dipping in the river near our old home. He stepped back giving us a once over. He said, “I’m so glad to see you both. How are you doing?” B responded that we were as good as could be expected but not looking forward to the future. Charlie said, “That’s why I’m here! I wanted to let you know what I’m working on and give you some hope. Some of our old teammates and I feel horrible about what your Dad did to you guys. We want to try to buy you. You’d need to work for us a few years to help pay back all the money even maybe provide some sexual favors from time to time but basically you’d be free. I have paid for an hours time with you but I just want to watch. You too get in that bed and enjoy yourselves together like old times for a long as you can.”

“Geez Charlie! How much have you raised so far?”

“Right now we’re at $25,000.00 but I had to spend a thousand of that for this hour. So don’t waste time get in that bed now and enjoy yourselves.”

B and I wasted no time since our time was limited. We all but ran and jumped on the bed. It was so nice to be on something soft for once. We didn’t even get under the covers wanting to give Charlie a good show for his money since we suspected he always had a crush on us but was afraid to say anything. Mostly we just cuddled and kissed since we had just gotten fucked a little while ago. But eventually we did get into some 69 action because who knew when or if we’d ever get to suck each other again. Unfortunately all too soon our time ended but not before we each climaxed into the other’s mouth. Oh it was so wonderful. We thanked Charlie and wished him luck on getting enough money to win our freedom. We got up with a bit of extra spring in our steps and gave Charlie a quick kiss on the cheek before returning to our positions on our knees in the hall to await being returned to our cells.

This time on the way back to our cells one of the other slaves was being led to a different room and three others were kneeling also waiting to be returned to their cells but we didn’t see anything that they had gone through. Having already came now we really wanted to get some rest. It had been a long day. Fortunately we were allowed to get some sleep and weren’t disturbed until morning.

To be continued …

The author usemeinva is a submissive in Virginia. it is available for use and abuse and will serve superior men.

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