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SOLD! – Day Six

The next morning we were seemingly allowed to sleep in because it was later than normal when the door to our cell opened. The handler came in and unlocked our collars from the wall. We were told to present to his inspection the areas that were punished last night. I immediately turned around and spread my cheeks for him to inspect my ass hole area. I was determined to be healed completely and ok to go to the dining hall.  B on the other hand had one cut that had not completely healed yet. He was instructed to see the medic team for a second treatment with the ointment and told he would be fine long before this afternoon’s viewing session. I went to the dining hall and found my seat. I was barely seated when B joined me at my side. We were actually served a rather good breakfast of pancakes, bacon and eggs. I guess they figured we’d need our strength to be on display for six hours in just a little while. I still found it weird to eat in complete silence other than the sound of the silverware on the plates. 

Once the sounds of eating were quiet as well one of the handlers stood on the platform at the front of the hall. He announced that today was to be a rather light day for us. We were expected to give the display galleries and the auction hall where the punishments were given last night a through cleaning. Each lot would be responsible for cleaning their own viewing platform and the area around it. Once we were done with that we were to see the duty roster posted at the main entrance to the galleries for our assignment to clean the other areas. 

Our viewing platform was already in pretty good shape. It just needed a bit of dusting of the drape around the side of the platform and we wiped down the top of it as well. I’m sure it would be splattered with our cum before the viewing was done. We also needed to restock the supply of rubber gloves provided at each platform in case a Viewer was squeamish about fingering our holes. We made quick work of that task and once we were done we checked the list at the door. It said that we were responsible for mopping and cleaning the runway we had walked up and down before and after the punishment session. It wasn’t that long maybe 20 feet and about 5 feet wide so that shouldn’t take the two of us long to accomplish. After that we were done until lunch time. 

B and I made our way to the auction hall. I was glad to get the chance to check the place out. Admittedly I was a bit preoccupied last night. We entered the room the first thing I noticed was it was bigger with all the lights on. There were easily a thousand seats and what looked like bleachers last night were much nicer like a very nice movie theater seats. There was some space between the seats as well. Some of the closer seats even had o-rings built into the floor between each of the seats.  I guess that was to secure a Master’s slave to during the auction. The walls were all covered in rich black velvet drapes. Over the stage hung the gold ESA logo of the three letters and the handcuffs. I noticed the risers were gone and the video screens were relocated so that there was one next to the podium where I assume the auctioneer will stand tomorrow. From what was displayed on the screen at that point it looked like that screen at least would show our stats, photos and the current bid. 

I thought again of Charlie. I hoped he was successful in raising more money or that especially the  Fight2DeathTM guy was good at his word and wasn’t that interested in us. That Pleasure and Pain place wasn’t somewhere I wanted to end up either but definitely better than being killed or having to kill B.

We found the rags and quickly took care of our assigned task even though we did have to do it on our hands and knees. Fortunately they didn’t require us to do it with our tongues with all that blood.  One of the work men handling the moving of the screens did stop and shoved his finger in my ass. I moaned at the intrusion but it actually felt good. I’m sure it will be the first of many in just a couple hours. Once we turned our bucket and rags in we were each given a bottle of liquid to drink and were told to drink it all right away. We stood there and downed in all while they watched and handed the bottle back. Once we were done we made our way back to our cell and took advantage of the opportunity to just relax for a few moments. Sure there were some scary uncertain times ahead but one thing I have learned since becoming a slave is that you have to enjoy what you can at the present because the future is always uncertain. B and I sat side by side and I put my head on his shoulder and just enjoyed the closeness and our time together.

Soon the lunch bell rang and since our door wasn’t closed we made our way to the dining hall where again we had a very nice meal of a make your own sandwich bar and chips and even bottled soft drinks. B and I made our way to our seats after fixing our sandwiches. Before we started eating an announcement was made that we could take our time eating. We would start the process of cleaning out and cleaning off in about a hour. We were told that the process this time would not be as brutal as was last night and but much more through because of the six hour duration of the viewing they wanted to make sure we were definitely clean enough that there wouldn’t be any surprises at the viewing went along. That was something I didn’t want either. That would be so humiliating plus likely ruin any chance for our sale to a good owner.

B and I enjoyed our lunch but soon enough it was our turn to go to the hose room to be cleaned out.  Once we got to the hose room we were told that the bottle of liquid we drank earlier had a chemical in it that would make sure everything was cleaned out of our system even our lunch. They inserted a hose in each of our holes and we were filled and instructed to hold it for ten minutes before we were allowed to let it out. I’m glad I didn’t have to look at what came out but we repeated the process it seemed like a dozen times before we were done. Ugh it was awful. I was glad it was done. From there they allowed us to shower in a traditional shower for once and were instructed to give ourselves a good scrubbing. After the drying room we then went to the lubing room where one of the boys inserted what looked like a syringe in our holes and squirted lube inside while slowly pulling it out. It felt weird to have lube in me so deep. Once that was complete the boy who had been our attendant all along met us to lead us to our platform. He was wearing the same outfit he had worn a few days earlier for the parade through town. Once in place we prepared ourselves for the viewing to begin. This time there were no restraints on us we had been told this was to show how submissive we were that they weren’t needed to keep up in line. 

Once we reached our podium I noticed there was a touchscreen video monitor set up. The monitor displayed our lot number, stats and links to videos of our punishment sessions, us both ejaculating to show our virility I guess and other videos from our training sessions. I didn’t even realize there were videos made then.

Although we were in the last gallery room it was not long before Previewers began to enter the room.  We were displayed in the same room as lots 115 to 122 and in no time we could see the other lots being bent over and probed. Some of us had to display our teeth and what was referred to as our face cunts by some. Our bone structure was felt. You name it. It didn’t take long for our boy to be ordered to get both B and I hard so some Previewer could see our cocks hard. He then grabbed our asses and thighs to feel our muscles. Then before he was done the boy was ordered to make us cum. If there was any humiliation left in me after the last week this would have been bad but after all we’ve been through I just stood there and let the boy do his job. I almost let a smile slip when a bit of my cum landed on the man’s face. Of course I was ordered to lick it up. Finally he was given a rubber glove to finger my pussy as he called it. He not only put one finger in but three. He gave my ass a good swat with the gloved hand before walking off. 

Across the room I could see the guy in Lot 116 which still had his blindfold on be fondled as much as we were. He alone skipped the punishments at last nights “show.” Apparently he doesn’t even know where he is or what is going on. I’m not sure how he couldn’t have figured it out by now but the ESA representatives are still making the potential buyers believe the story. 

Slave 115 is really built and is getting more than his share of attention. Lots of Men and a few ladies are spending a lot of time feeling his chest and abs. He was very sexy but he definitely wasn’t as attractive as B in my eyes. 

Lot 117 has a very nice cock and seems to be very eager to be owned and used by a Master. Whenever someone pays attention to them you would think he thought they were the only ones on the planet from the way he looked at them with such devotion and submissiveness. I hoped he ended up with a Master that would treat him as well as he would treat Them.

Standing next to him was Lot 118 who was the one slave I had developed any sort of friendship with during our time at the Training Center. We had been instructed not to make a lot of friends because we would likely never see each other again there wasn’t much point. But I did befriend him because he had been through all this before and for me knowing what to expect was better than not knowing.  He had told me all about his last auction experience apparently they change things up each time especially the punishment session last night. He had talked about regular extended preview sessions that involved taking punishments. I guess what they said last night about making a change was true. He said that he was being sold by his family because they were deeply in debt. They had set the reserve last time to cover all their debts plus give the family some money to put in savings for his brothers.  He said he had four brothers and I figure another one may end up being sold if he didn’t bring enough to get the family out of debt.

The guys in Lot 122 the last lot were the ones I felt sorry for. They had entered a beach volleyball tournament last summer in which it was advertised as the “winner takes all.” They didn’t read the fine print in the contract that the losing team would be sold off to provide the prize money for the winners.

I was completely shocked when one Previewer came in with what appeared to be his wife. I was ordered to my knees and he pulled out his cock there in front of everyone and I was ordered to suck him off.  I almost couldn’t believe my ears when she told him to enjoy it because he wasn’t going to get any head from her. I’m not sure whether he was interested in assessing my cock sucking skills or just wanted to get off and figured we were located far enough from the main entrance to be at least somewhat discreet. Fortunately he didn’t last long but did shoot a nice load down my throat. 

As I was allowed to stand again, I spotted my friend Charlie. He was standing there with his jaw wide open. He was shocked at what he had seen me doing I guess. He hobbled over since he was in his old man disguise he had worn the first night. He walked up to me and slapped me on the ass. He said I guess you will be a worthwhile purchase if I’m lucky enough to win you. He ordered me to get on my knees so he could pretend to inspect my teeth. Once my mouth was open and he looked inside it gave him a chance to whisper to me that he was still hopeful about buying us. So far he had raised $30,000.00. Several contributors had asked to be repaid in service that if he won we’d have to serve them for a period of time to pay them back. I was totally ok with that and thanked him for his efforts. He said though after watching my show just then he may have to do that for the ten grand he put in personally as well. That actually brought a big smile to my face. That was something I was looking forward to. For appearances sake he did play with our dicks and stick his finger up our asses but I swear he looked like he was enjoying things way more than he would admit but that boner in his pants wouldn’t lie.

Things went pretty much the same for the next few hours more groping, poking and prodding. Although we didn’t have to suck any more cocks. Someone from ESA did come around towards the end of the evening when the crowds got larger for the early lot galleries were closed for several minutes while the slaves had their cocks covered for the more delicate Previewers in attendance. B and I, as consignment slaves, weren’t covered so our gallery remained open so the crowd moved into our room while the other rooms were closed. Before long however that finally hour was over and so was the final preview session. Slowly the gallery emptied of Previewers The handlers came back in  and told us all to all gather in the Dining Hall.

B and I made our way to there as quickly as we could and found our seats. My ass anyway was a bit sore from all the fingers but it wasn’t too uncomfortable to sit. Once we were all assembled the Head of ESA took the platform and got every slave’s attention. He said he had a very special announcement, something that had never been done before. He went on to explain that we were the best Auction class that ESA had in many years. There had not been a single incident of misbehavior from any of us the entire week. That had never happened before. So in recognition of that we were being given a special treat that evening. We would be allowed to have a “party” of sorts. They were providing some snacks, sodas and lube. We would be permitted to talk freely with each other and as long as we didn’t get carried away could have sex with each other for the rest of the evening we would just need to get enough rest to be at our best tomorrow for the auction that would begin at 2:00 PM. I couldn’t believe my ears. That was awesome. It would definitely help to take our minds off what would happen tomorrow at least for a little while. He did qualify that we had to stay here in the dining room we couldn’t go to our cells and come back. Once we left the room we had to stay the rest of the night locked in our cells. We also could not have sex outside of the room. 

I looked at B and said let’s do it, but there is one thing I want to do first. He said he was ok with that but asked what it was. I said I want to check on 27 and see how he’s doing? B said he’d like to join me. I stood up and looked around the room. I found him sitting in a corner all alone. Meanwhile several other slaves were starting to pair up or get into groups to have some fun with each other. Some just got together to talk and hug. I’m sure many of the single slave lots who had not been able to talk all week felt wonderful to simply talk. One slave even stood up and said out loud, “Anyone want to fuck my slave pussy?” That elicited several laughs around the room. But several of the straight guys made their way in his direction. 

B and I made our way over to 27. As we got close he looked up at us like he was afraid or just curious why we were paying him any attention. We explained that we were just concerned about how he was doing. He let our a sign of relief and said that he was just really anxious and that anxiety was manifesting itself in physical ways. He said that he was born a slave and been a slave his whole life but he had always been on the farm surrounded by his friends and family. Now he was being sold off into the unknown and he just was having trouble dealing with the changes and uncertainty in his life. B told him he understood. He told him a bit of our story about how we never pictured ourselves as slaves and we never expected to be sold to gods knows who. That made him smile to realize that he wasn’t alone. B and I both gave him a long hug and left him to himself. It wasn’t long before I saw him leave the room to go to his cell. I felt bad for him. Despite his claims about having friends it sure looked like he didn’t have a friend in the world at that point. I wonder how many of his so called friends were there but were embarrassed to be seen with him. One of the other slaves came up to us and asked if we knew him. We said we really didn’t and explained that we were in the toilet with him for the first incident and everyone had seen the second on stage. We were just concerned because he looked so sad. The other slave said you didn’t see what happened tonight then did you?  We said, “no, what happened?”

The other slave said that, “He was just standing there no one was really paying him any attention after what happened last night when all of a sudden he pissed all over himself.”

“Oh no! No wonder he is so down.”

“Yeah I seriously doubt he will sell after all that but who knows. Some Master may pick him up really cheap and use him as a disposable slave or something.”

I shook my head and walked off with B. We found a quiet spot in the room and made ourselves comfortable and started making out with each other. It was nice to have that time with him, who knows if we’ll ever have the opportunity to do so again after tonight. Making out soon progressed to me sucking him and us ending up in the sixty-nine position. It was at that moment that I noticed the security camera moving in our direction. I whispered to B that we were being watched. He said in that case let’s give them a show. He rolled me over and started fucking my ass with a passion. He had not fucked me like that since well before we became slaves. It felt soooo goood! I could feel his cock rubbing against my spot and soon we both came, him in my ass me all over the floor. He let his cock slip out of my hole a few minutes later and gave me the most passionate kiss of our lives before taking me by the hand and leading me back to our cell.

To be continued …

The author usemeinva is a submissive in Virginia. it is available for use and abuse and will serve superior men.

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