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SOLD! – Day Four

Morning came much too early when our cell door opened and we were ordered to quickly have our breakfast which consisted of a protein shake and a hard-boiled egg. There was a morning private session scheduled for us. We were told to quickly get to the hose room to be cleaned inside and out.  We were told to be very through because we would be in this session most of the morning.

Once we were done getting clean our boy was there and lubed us. Apparently there wasn’t enough time for us to be returned to our cell to do it ourselves. Our boy then escorted us to the room. This time he was completely naked as well. He had been also hosed down in the same room as us with a smaller hose.

We arrived at a room and the boy let us in. We stood on the podium as were our instructions and took our poses. This room was much lighter than the first room we were in. The walls were painted hunter green and the linens were in navy blue and white. Sheer white curtains covered the windows. 

After a short time a short round man that we had seen before at one of the evening sessions entered the room. He had reddish blond hair and was a few inches shorter than us. He looked to be about fifty and had a kind face. I instantly took a liking to him. Even though I didn’t find him sexually attractive but with that face I couldn’t help but like him. He came in and started by circling us he ran his hands all over our bodies especially our cocks and asses. He eventually stopped in front of us and gave us each a lingering kiss. Then asked us to help him undress. We complied and then he asked us to pull back the covers and climb in bed with him. I thought this sounds interesting and climbed in the bed. He got in the middle of us and continued to rub, kiss and cuddle with us. We must have just laid there like that doing nothing more for nearly an hour before he asked B to start sucking his small cock. Once I saw that I knew he would never be able to fuck us but that didn’t matter. He seemed to be having the time of his life. I had a feeling he would never be able to afford to buy us but was splurging to enjoy something he probably would never get to do again. While B was sucking on his cock I started rimming his ass and from the moans he was making you’d think he’d died and gone to heaven. That alone made me happy. Soon he asked me to fuck him. I rarely got to top anyone since we were enslaved only a few times in training. However before we were enslaved I was usually the top with B and I. Funny an old dog never loses his tricks and soon I was enjoying his ass while B took care of his cock. Soon he had B turn around so they could sixty-nine. We throughly enjoyed ourselves and gave the man the time of his life until a light knock on the door indicated his time was up. B and I got out of bed and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek before taking out positions in the hall to be collected.

Once we returned to our cell we found a note saying that right after our lunch we would be taken outside with the rest of the slaves to demonstrate our athletic abilities. We would have to run a lap around the field to show our speed, run an obstacle course to show our agility and lift a series of heavy objects to show our strength.

After our lunch which consisted of another shake and a bologna sandwich, we were lined up by lots and escorted out onto the filed behind the auction center. There was a reasonable crowd gathered to see up put through our paces. Since B and I were one of the last lots we had a long wait while the others ran their lap around the field. Once it was our turn we lined up at the starting line with the couple who were lot 119. The starter told one of the other slaves that he would hit his ass with the riding crop he carried and he was to yell which would be our signal to start. Since we weren’t running a race it really didn’t matter. I think he just wanted an excuse to hit some asses. Once I heard that yelp from the other slave I took off running as fast as I could we were all a pretty equal match and were making a good showing for ourselves. The sun was hot and beat down on us and since we weren’t given sun screen I felt I was starting to burn a bit. After the run was done the starter noticed my burning and called our boy over. He took the riding crop and hit him on the ass and back several times. Apparently he was supposed to apply our sun screen but didn’t because we had been in the extended session. He quickly applied the lotion to our bodies I gave him a look saying I’m sorry but didn’t dare speak a word to him.

Once the running was done they started again from the early lots running the obstacle course. The course consisted of running through tires, swinging over a pool on a rope swing, then crawling under barbed wire about two feet off the ground and finally climbing a wall using another rope. While that seems to be not too difficult it’s made more difficult by the fact that we were all bare ass naked. To help everyone keep straight which lot was running at which time our boys who were only wearing the skimpiest of shorts help up our lot number signs from the parade and an announcer keep everyone informed as well. When it was my turn to run. I did my best but I did catch my ass on some barbed wire and scratched myself pretty good but I did finish in good time. One of the handlers rapidly cared for my cut and in no time it was healed. B managed to barely beat my time and did it without ripping his ass on barbed wire.

After the last slave completed the obstacle course we were given three objects to lift one was a set of barbells that had 200 lbs of weight on them. The second was a big barrel and the third was a sack of sand. Most of the slaves handled the weight event with ease but a few struggled here and there when their turn came up especially the smaller slaves. Neither B or I had any problems. Once we were all done we were ordered to line up in front of the stands where the crowd watched the event. They were allowed to come inspect us as they left. I don’t believe anyone touched us since we were on the sweaty side and probably didn’t smell the best.

After the crowd dispersed they gathered us together to explain the evening preview session.  We were told that the theme for tonight was to be bondage. Each lot would be displayed in various forms of bondage. Some of us would be in cages, some simply tied up and some in more severe forms of bondage. The session would last two hours instead of one and we would stay bound the entire time.  After that we were told to run back inside and get ourselves cleaned up before dinner and then we’d be cleaned out and hosed down again before the evening session.

Once B and I returned to our cell we started wondering out loud what bondage we’d have to endure. I just hope it doesn’t involve electricity that’s fine for a little while but he didn’t think he could take it for two hours without stop. I said that I hoped that it wouldn’t involve being in a very small cage the one yesterday wasn’t so bad it was enough room to move around but I have a feeling that will be tame compared to anything tonight. Dinner was in the dining hall tonight and consisted of oatmeal and milk. The oatmeal was bland with no sugar or butter or anything else added to give it flavor.

Dinner was very awkward. This was really the first time we had eaten together since arriving at the auction center. You could tell everyone was nervous about tonight and the fact that we weren’t able to talk about it only made those feelings worse. As dinner wrapped up they called the first twenty lots to go to the hose room. We were doing things in smaller groups apparently tonight, I guess to allow the extra time to get us into our bondage situations before the Previewers arrive. Those of us in the final lots helped the kitchen slaves to clean up and get the dining hall back in order. Soon it was our turn to go get clean for the evening’s viewing.

When we arrived in the hose room we noticed that tonight there were iron restraints hanging from the ceiling and on the floor. I guess this is why we were cleaned in shifts tonight. There was only so many shackles to go around. We were told that they were going to use a higher pressure tonight for cleaning us and that the restraints were to set the mood for the evening. The whole process was being videoed and would be played for the guest this evening prior to the doors opening. When it was our turn B and I took our spot and extended our hands above our heads to be locked up and spread our legs to have our ankles shackled as well. Soon everyone was locked in and the hose blasted us with water. Once we were throughly wet our boy came in and washed us with a soapy rag. Then shampooed our hair and stepped back for the high pressure hose to rinse us down. Once that was done the smaller hose was stuck in our asses and we were repeatedly filled and told to empty until we were completely clean inside as well. Then the high pressure hose washed the outside of our asses and legs again in case we got anything on them from the inside cleaning.

Our shackles were soon removed and we were lead to a room where warm air was used to dry us. We were then escorted to the leather room where not the usual leather was applied to our necks, wrists and ankles but steel shackles similar to what was used for the shower. I guess they really wanted to put on a show tonight. In addition the shackles for the collar, wrists and ankles were all connected by chains. The chains were short enough that we could not walk fully erect. We had to keep bowed and take short steps because to the short distance allowed between our ankle restraints.

On our way back to our cell to await our turn to be taken to the display room. We noticed other slaves sitting in their cells. Some of the cells apparently had cots. I guess they may be sold under consignment and the seller stipulated that comfort for them. But one slave particularly looked very depressed over his situation. I wished that I could give him some comfort but that would only make things worse for both of us.

Once B and I hobbled to our cell to await our turn we sat silently since our cell door was left open but I had known him long enough that we could communicate with each other with just a look. I could tell he was just as apprehensive as I was so I moved and sat next to him and put my head on his shoulder. It was as much as I thought we could get away with and not get into trouble. It seemed to be later than normal when our boy dressed similarly to us but with a black thong and more slack in his chains came to get us to lead us into the viewing room.

Upon entering I saw that the delay was because us being placed into bondage was part of the show tonight. We passed other slaves that were already in bondage and had guest looking them over. One slave was tied up with rope and hanging from the ceiling so he could only stand on one toe. A Previewer was squeezing his balls to add to the humiliation. Another slave was tied by his balls so he couldn’t stand and had a clamps attached to his nipples which were connected to the ceiling that did not him to stand or sit. He had pain either way he tried to move.

As we moved along another slave was shackled to a frame on his podium that held his wrists ankles and head in place. I bet his ass gets well used and has his balls abused tonight for sure. Another slave was displayed on a St. Andrew’s Cross and yet another on a traditional cross so that he looked like the crucifix I saw in one of the churches in town. The next was stretched by ropes to two poles on either side of the podium. Another was in a small cage that left no room for movement while his neighbor was only leashed to his podium but I noticed that the floor of the podium was covered in small tacks so that it was like being a pin cushion. One of the other slaves in our room was simply impaled on a large dildo mounted on a post so that his feet couldn’t reach the floor. He had his hands shackled behind his neck and his feet were shackled to the post so they did support some of his weight.

We finally reached the twins so we knew we were next to be bound. The had their hand bound by rope and were stretched to the ceiling, but they were attached so that they were way apart we then noticed that the were pushed closer together and had their cords put around their balls and they were tied together by their balls so they their balls stretched as the leaned back trying to maintain balance.

Once we reached our podium we were told that we would be displayed in the faggot sixty-nine position. I was suspended from the ceiling so that my head was down and my feet were up. Once I was secure B was told to get into the sixty nine position and we were to put our cocks in each other’s mouths and wrap our arms around the other’s waist. At this point we were tightly bound together so we could barely move. B was told that I may black out from hanging with my head down. If I did he was to bite my cock to wake me back up. We were told that after the first hour they would come and switch us to prevent damage to me from being upside down so long. That was very much a relief to me and a source of dread for B I’m sure.

As my hour went by my ass we slapped and fondled more times than I could count. Fortunately the ropes that bound us together made it all but impossible for someone to have access to my hole. I did pass out a couple times but B managed to revive me without resorting to biting my cock off.

Apparently we were one of the few lots that were being adjusted at the midway point so we became quite the attraction as we were switched. The position that we had been in did not allow us to see what was happening around us so I took advantage of the very short break to check out my surroundings and noticed many men were watching us and many of them had rather significant bulges that you could not help but notice. Once we were back in position I could hear the crowd at least somewhat disperse, which was a relief I didn’t like being the center of attention under normal circumstances. I endured the second hour of the faggot sixty-nine position, although admittedly I had the easier end of things this time. I did have to work every now and then to keep B conscious with all his blood running to his head but we managed to make a good showing for ourselves. I could sense that there was a nice size crowd watching us most of the evening.

Finally it came time to end our bondage. I was much relieved. The handler said you boys did great. So great in fact that there is a group of Men that have requested a special extended preview with you both. I rolled my eyes at B and let the man lead us away. I think we were supposed to go back into our iron shackles but he didn’t bother since we were being escorted directly to the extended preview.  He even took us out the back way so we would be ready for the Men by the time they got out of the regular viewing because of the crowds.

Once we got to the room we found not one but two of the frames we saw earlier where the wrist ankles and necks are restrained but these were positioned at a ninety degree angle. I looked at the handler I couldn’t figure out how that was going to work. He said to me get up there and let me get you secured which he did complete with padlocks, he told me stay just like that. Then he told B to get up beside me and put his ankles in the restraint for them. He did and was also padlocked in. He said ok get under your brother and put your wrists in. B did that too. Now rise up on your knees which he did which made his back slightly lift my stomach. B inserted his neck in that restraint and was soon locked in. Once we were secure the man put some sticks in holes that I had not noticed before on either side of us so they stuck straight up. He stepped on some lever which unlocked something. At that point he gave the whole podium a spin and it went round and round. Basically B and I were on top of the wheel of fortune wheel. The handler set up chairs around the podium and then left. As he left he said, “Oh by the way boys the Men that are coming in are from the local large cock society. You have to have a minimum of a ten inch cock to be a member, many of them are even larger.”

Soon the group of Men entered the room.

One of them said “Ok slaves, we found your show out there to be really hot and wanted to get some of those hot asses. So were are going to play a game with you. We’re each going to sit in a chair and spin the wheel. Wherever it stops the guy in front of your face is going to fuck your throat and the one behind, well I’m sure you can guess what he’s gonna do.”

Another guy said, “Yeah you better get used to a wheel determining your fate boys!”

That comment earned him a death look from the obvious leader who said, “Shut up Frank they aren’t supposed to know anything about that yet.”

Wait! What was that? I didn’t have enough time for that to sink in before the “wheel” spun and I found both my holes filled with huge cocks. The cock that took my throat came so quickly I barely had a chance to get a breath before it cut off my windpipe. It’s a good thing our gag reflexes had been trained away months ago as part of our training but that is a skill that is quickly lost if not used on a regular basis and the last few days I had not had to suck any really huge cocks. I did gag a few times which seemed to please the Man a lot. The cock in the other end felt every bit as long as the one down my throat but was probably a bit thicker. He pounded on one hole while he friend pounded the other.

After a few minutes I heard a timer go off and both Men removed their cocks from my holes. Soon the “wheel” spun again and the whole process started over. This time the cock in my mouth was wet so it must have been the one that B had just had in his throat. The one in my ass must have just had B’s ass too he was very hard and pounded me like he was very horny too. Just as the timer dinged again I felt him shoot his load in my ass. He said there I lubed him up good for you guys. I’m out for this round. Apparently once a guy came he left the game to give everyone else a better chance of getting some.  Soon we were spinning again. This time the cock in my face was big veiny and black. It was really thick too. I wasn’t sure how I was going to suck it much less get it in my throat. Turns out I didn’t need to worry because I wasn’t given a choice. He rammed it in my throat in one thrust. Then he proceeded to pound my face with his balls bouncing on my chin. The game continued like that for not just one round but three before we were released.

Before we went back to our cells the handler that unlocked us inspected our ass holes. He said, “Ouch that has to hurt.” I don’t know much about hurting after a while I sorta zoned out and didn’t feel anything any more. But I could tell our holes were pretty much wrecked by those huge cocks. The handler said the management really didn’t want to do that to you guys but that group does a lot of business with us so they couldn’t say no. I really liked this guy he treated us well and although he was doing his job he didn’t treat us as bad as many and better than just about any one. I had completely forgotten the comment about wheels deciding our fate the guy made earlier apparently B had heard it too so he asked the handler about it. The handler said he didn’t mind helping us out where he could but some things would get him enslaved himself and he couldn’t risk that. He said just be patient and you’ll see soon enough. He did take us by and have the medics check our holes and get some ointment on them to make sure we were in shape for the next day. After that we went back to our cell where sleep found us soon enough even on the cold hard floor.

To be continued …

The author usemeinva is a submissive in Virginia. it is available for use and abuse and will serve superior men.

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