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SOLD! – Day Five

Early the next morning one of the handlers slammed open our door. 

He shouted, “Get up cocksuckers your services are needed right away.” 

He did take time to put our leather restraints on us I guess they were important for whatever the need was. When we entered the hall three other slaves were already standing there all similarly bound. He said follow me and lead us down the hall where he stopped and got another slave in a similar fashion. Once we were all assembled in the hall we were lead to an alcove off the main lobby. 

The handler had us line up and said, “The toilet has backed up and we have some maintenance slaves working on fixing the problem but it will likely take a few hours and with the large number of staff and Previewers coming in to get ready for this evening’s showing we can’t wait to have working toilets. Guess what cocksuckers you are filling in for the toilets until they are repaired.”

Pointing at B and I, “You too are the lucky ones. You’ll serve as the urinals. Get those urinal gags on and get on your knees there. Someone will be by in a moment to padlock your collars to those hooks and your hands behind your backs.” He pointed to the two next to us and said, “You two are the shitters. Get on the floor under those toilet seats and a spider gag will be installed to keep your mouths open to take the shit from our visitors. You better not miss any understand!” And finally to the last two he said, “You guys are the toilet paper. You will lick clean the asses of anyone using the shitters.”

We had all received urinal training at some point so what we were doing wasn’t something we hadn’t done much but wasn’t new. The other four to my knowledge had never been trained for their new roles. B and I took the positions we were told and the handler with the padlocks locked us in place. The urinal gags were placed in our mouths and strapped to our heads. Once we were set he said it was about time and opened the fly of his pants and filled my mouth with his piss. I swallowed as fast as I could because I was sure I’d be eventually cleaning up any I missed anyway. The other slaves took their positions even more reluctantly than we did. The guys under the seats had their heads strapped so their faces were just below the seats with the spider gags holding their mouths open ready to take what would eventually come. Their hands were locked to the legs of the stand the seats were attached to and their legs were padlocked to the wall. The guys who were to be toilet paper had signs hung around their necks stating their purpose and their hands were padlocked behind them and their collars were padlocked to the wall. As soon as word got out that toilet services were available once more there was soon a line waiting to use B and I. There seemed to be much less interest in the “shitters” I guess because they offered no privacy and free people were not accustomed as we were to being naked and relieving themselves in front of others. Eventually one guy dropped his pants and took a seat. I could see the slave under him cringe as it happened. It was obvious the guy was putting on a show for his buddies who had gathered around. He grunted and groaned much more than was normal. Fortunately I couldn’t see what was falling into the slaves mouth. Soon enough however he stood up and bent over for the toilet paper slave to lick him clean. He got just what he deserved when the slave puked all over his legs. Fortunately the gag in my mouth prevented me from laughing out loud. A ESA representative came running in almost as soon as it happened. He started apologizing over and over for what happened. He assured the Gentleman that the slave would be severely punished but it was partly their responsibility for not adequately training the slave for full toilet duties. 

To his credit the Gentleman said, “Please do not punish him Sir. It is partly my fault I was being an ass about it. I’ve never had access to a slave before and was showing off for my friends. If it has not received proper training it is hardly its fault that this happened.”

About that time the maintenance slave came out and said the toilets were fixed. So the ESA representative said, “Ok if you insist Sir it will not be punished that’s entirely up to you.” The representative looked at the handlers and said, “If the toilets are fixed get these slaves cleaned up. Per my orders they are all off limits from more use until tonight.”

We were taken to the hose room and given a quick rinse off and returned to our cell. B and I cuddled risking punishment to keep warm and just comfort each other. B asked me, “What do you think is going to happen tonight? Obviously it’s something big because of all the prep being done and the comments that the guy made last night.” “I don’t know, but regardless of what it is remember I will always love you B. With that we drifted off to sleep for a little while. 

It did seem like we had just fallen asleep when our cell door was opened and we were told it was time for dinner. Tonight for dinner we would be required to wear our shackles and ball gags because we weren’t supposed to say a word. Well that was the normal instruction and no one had broken the rule that I was aware of so something was going to happen at dinner that they were afraid would cause a ruckus. Once we were shackled and gagged our boy led us to dinner and sat next to us. Soon we took our seats with the rest of the slaves and our dinner was served. Once again it was the protein shakes as they could be sucked through the breathing holes in our ball gags with a straw. 

As everyone was finishing one of the maintenance slaves took the stage naked. This was unusual because they usually wore very short shorts that helped hold their tool belts up. He took position in the center of the stage in the dining hall that had been used for announcements and turned his back to us. Soon one of the ESA representatives took the stage with a leather shaving strap and instructed the slave to bend at the waist and his ass was spanked very hard with the strap. He yelled out in pain. That instantly got the attention of any of us slaves that weren’t already paying attention to what was going on. 

“Glad I got your attention, slaves. As you may have noticed over the last few days you have not received much in the way of spankings or other non-punishment beatings. Well there is a reason for that. We have changed things up a bit this time for the pre-auction previews. Potential Bidders were not allowed to try you out on the ability to take punishments by us. We did this not out of consideration for you or your welfare but simply to keep our costs down. The ‘miracle ointment’ that we have been using on you here at the Auction Center to make you heal more quickly is extremely expensive so rather using it on you after every private session, we have told potential bidders that rather than they each put you through your paces that we would have you all undergo a severe punishment session and that high definition cameras and video screens would allow them to see the punishment inflicted but also your faces to see your reaction to it. Then afterwards we will use the ointment once to have you looking good for tomorrow’s viewing. The good news is that there will be no further private viewing sessions from here on out with a few exceptions. Those are for lots  73, 119 and 120. The bidder requesting that session was unable to get here sooner for a session and is paying us ten times the usual fee for an extended preview session. You will be taken to that session directly after the punishment session tonight.”

“Now for some details on the session tonight. You will remain in your shackles until time for your turn to be punished. You will be called up by lot number (and letter for the multiple slave units) Yes frat boys that does include you! Once you are center stage the shackles and ball gags will be removed. To the side of the stage there will be a giant wheel – well actually three wheels in one. One wheel will determine how many licks you have to take, the second will determine where and the third will determine the implement used to administer the licks. The first wheel has 100 spaces 80 of them are numbered from 20 to 100 and the other 20 are marked as “Double Jeopardy.” If you land on a double jeopardy space the other two wheels are spun to see where you take the licks and with what but the number on the wheel is spun again until you get a numbered space. You will take the licks determined by that spin in the manner chosen, then the double jeopardy comes in. The second  and third and have to take the same number of licks determined by the second spin.”

“You will all be on risers on stage for the entire time before and  after your punishment your shackles will be reapplied and you will return to your spot. While in your spot on the risers a discreet device will come up through the floor from below the stage and secure you in place. Some of your punishments will be quite severe but I hope you will appreciate that by undergoing this you have avoided multiple punishments over the past few days that could have been much worse.”

I gave B a look of dread as we were lead out of the dining hall to the hose room where we were cleaned. After the drying room we were lead directly to the room where the punishments would take place. It was a large room with bleacher seats for the Guests. There must have been a thousand or more Men sitting there as we were lead in. This must be the room where the actual auction will take place, I thought. We stepped up a few steps onto the stage which wasn’t easy with shackled legs. Once on stage we were lead down a short walkway to allow the Guest to get a closer view of us. One we got back from the walkway we stepped up on the risers there was a spot with not only my lot number but my letter as well. I stood on the spot and put my feet where the footprints indicated. As soon as I was in position a hook came up from the floor and secured the chains attached to my ankle shackles to the stage. I was going no where!

The Head of ESA appeared on stage along with some slaves who were setting up a rack of the implements that would be used on us. I couldn’t see everything but I could see a belt, a flogger, a tawse, and a few paddles. There were some other things too but I couldn’t make them out from the distance they were away. The giant wheel was rolled out from the other side of the stage. I could see the large screens hanging above our heads but someone had “thoughtfully” put smaller screens so we could see to. I knew I didn’t want to. Camera men soon appeared and started showing our worried faces for the Guests to see.

The ESA Head made some introductory remarks and explained what was going to happen this evening. Basically he just went over what we were told at dinner. Then said, “Let’s get the festivities started.” Lot number 1 was called his stats were stated for the guest. They removed his shackles and he stood before the large crowd awaiting his fate. With that he spun the biggest wheel was spun. It landed on “Double Jeopardy.” The other two wheels revealed Birch and Cock. The ESA Head laughed and said I guess we’re getting off to a good start huh?” The large wheel was spun again and landed on “49.” The other two wheels landed on Riding Crop and Ass. “This means this slave will have to take not only 49 licks to his cock with the birch but another 49 from the riding crop to his ass. With that a plexiglass wall rose from the floor that was completely transparent. There was a hole in the center. The slave was instructed to insert his cock into the hole. The height of the hole shifted slightly to be at the perfect height for his cock to go in. At that point a guy dressed as an executioner took the stage with what looked to be a very real executioner’s axe. I hoped that was just for appearances. He walked to the side of the stage and set the axe down next to the implement wall and reached behind the wall and pulled out a bucket with lots of what looked to be switches in it. He pulled out what appeared to be a bundle of several switches. They were dripping wet. He switched them back and forth a few times sending water droplets all over. He then walked over to the slave and proceeded to administer the licks to the poor slave’s cock. Soon his cock which was once hard as a rock deflated into a bloody noodle. The slave showed the pain on his face but took the punishment well. I just hope I make as good of showing for myself. Once the executioner had administered the 49 to the poor slaves cock this cock was removed from the hole and the wall lowered back below the stage. In a matter of moments a plexiglass “chair” replaced it and the slave was told to turn around and bend over the chair displaying his ass to the crowd. The executioner returned to the side of the stage where he handed the used birch to a slave which had already replaced it with a fresh one in the bucket. From where I stood I could now see there were several buckets full of birches to be used on us. He picked the riding crop off the wall and returned to the center of the stage and without warning proceeded to give the slave the 49 with the crop. The camera crew slaves did a great job of showing all the detail to the Guest in the stands. The slave stood and you could see his ass was red but nothing compared to his bloody cock. He returned to his spot and was left to stand there with the blood dripping on the floor. His chain was secured to floor again and Lot number 2 was called. He came forward and after the reading of his stats the wheels were spun once again. His spin indicated he was to get 94 on the Balls with a Flogger. The same plexiglass wall as before rose and his balls were put through the hole once his shackles were removed. The executioner administered the strokes and he returned to his position once he was done. The process repeated without incident. Slave 9 received the worse receiving 88 on his cock and ass with the Cat O’ Nine Tails. He was a bloody mess for sure.

Well I should say things proceeded well I should point out that Slave 27, the same slave that had puked on the guy this morning went to the center of the stage. After his stats were read and displayed with his catalog photo on the screens, the Head of ESA spun the wheel for him I could see his heart drop when it landed on Double Jeopardy. The other two wheels landed on Paddle and Ass. The Head let out a short chuckle before spinning again where it came up with 95 Cat O’ Nine Tails and Ass. He was lead to the position on the state where the little footprints indicated he should stand. The plexiglass “chair” rose from the floor and he was bent over the back and grabbed the seat like his life depended on it. I guess I’d feel the same way if I knew I was about to receive almost 200 licks on my bare ass. The executioner walked to the edge of the stage and grabbed the paddle it reminded me of the paddles I had seen in movies that were used by fraternities. 

The executioner positioned himself to the side of Slave 27 and pulled the paddle back to make his first lick. He took a big swing and the paddle landed on 27’s ass with a loud crack. It was no louder than any other slave’s licks but I could see him turn white. Several more licks later he was even whiter than before. Then about fifty licks in, which were counted on the screens, you could tell the poor guy passed out. The executioner made a signal to someone off stage and a medical staff person came on stage. He didn’t check the poor slave’s ass or anything but simply gave him smelling salts until he was once again conscious. He indicated for the executioner to continue. This time he managed to finish the paddle swats without further incident. He got a short break while the executioner returned the paddle to the rack and got the cat. He was permitted to stand and stretch a bit before he was once again bent over to the licks with the cat. I knew this wasn’t going to be pretty as the executioner was not going to show him any mercy. He was barely ten licks in before he passed out again. Once again the medic was called and he was revived before continuing. He passed out again this time falling off the chair at 45. He was revived again and secured to the chair with his shackles. Soon he managed to receive the remainder of his licks but only because they continued even though he had passed out yet again. He did wake up pretty quickly though when he received the next one. By the time they got him upright and back to his position I could tell his ass was pretty bruised and bloody. Hopefully it would be fine soon thanks to the ointment. 

I wish we knew what we were going to get because the dread of not knowing was worse than the actual licks we would get. As things progressed there were some slaves that were severely bloodied and did not look well but no one else passed out. Much too soon it was time for the two slaves in the lot before us. The first once came forward and his photo and stats were shown on the screen. The wheel was spun and it landed first on 56 then Cat O’ Nine Tails and Face. He turned white. He was moved to the correct footprints on the floor and a different plexiglass wall came from the floor and adjusted itself to the correct height. He had his face put through a hole in the wall after goggles were put over his eyes to protect them. The executioner got the cat from the rack and returned and took up his position. He proceeded to administer the required licks to his face. Soon he was bleeding and trembling from the pain. Fortunately it didn’t take long for him to be done and he returned to his spot with the blood still running down the front of his chest. The second slave soon took his place as he was given 80 with the paddle also to the face. When they put his face not in the hole but so that his profile was to it. It looked like they didn’t want to break his nose. He did receive half of the licks on each side of his face which was very badly bruised and his eyes were both black.

Soon I was called and the hook holding me in place on the riser raised turned 45 degrees and went back in the floor allowing me to step forward to center stage. I saw my photo and stats show on the screen. To say there were butterflies in my stomach would be an understatement. I finally made my way down the risers and to the front. We had been instructed to not watch the wheel so I didn’t but I heard it announced that the number was 68 with the flogger on my ass hole. I guess it could be worse. They turned me around so I was facing with my ass to the crowd. The chair rose from the floor and a second panel came up that held my ass cheeks spread allowing the executioner unrestricted access to my asshole. I looked into the camera lens and gave what I hoped wasn’t too fake of a smile for the crowd. I was determined to hold that look on my face the entire time. Soon the first lick hit my hole and it burned but not as bad as I feared. But soon I lost count and couldn’t see the screen to tell. Soon the repeated licks to the same place began to severely burn. I wanted with all my might to move but there was no way that was possible with the plexiglass holding me in place.  I didn’t manage to hold my smile the entire time but as they ended I had to grimace some but when they were done I figured I had made a decent showing for myself. Once the plexiglass lowered I stood and my shackles were reapplied I returned to my spot and was locked back in and awaited to see B’s fate.

B took his position at center stage while his shackles were removed the wheel was spun. I was much relived when he didn’t get Double Jeopardy but he did get 61 with the birch on his balls. Once again the wall rose and his balls were inserted through the hole. We had both planned on holding the fake smile through the punishment but I didn’t see how B would be able to do it with that many with the birch to his balls. I couldn’t watch them hurt my brother but I couldn’t not look either. I needed to know that he was ok. I watched his face carefully for any signs that he was doing less than ok. Although he probably made more pained faces than I did he handled himself remarkably well. When he returned to stand at my side you could see that his balls were quite bloody from the cuts to his sack that the birch inflicted. Once we were done we only had to stand there for a few more punishments. One of the slaves in the next lot had to take 83 with barbed wire to his asshole and another 83 with the belt to his face. He was bleeding from both ends when he rejoined our side on the risers. Another got 86 with barbed wire to his feet. As he made his way back to the top of the risers ever step was a puddle of blood. I didn’t know how he could even stand. The rest were comparatively mild. Soon the punishments were done and starting with Lot 1 we had to once again walk down the runway and back then off the stage. Once we came off the stage we were ushered to the side along with the other double slave lots. A medic was there and gave us a quick clean up but the Gentleman requesting the special preview session asked for us not to have our wounds attended to more than that for the time being. We were lead through the back hallways to the gymnasium. Our shackles were removed and we were told to kneel on the mat in the center of the room according to our lot numbers. 

Before too long a well dressed Gentleman entered the room and took a seat at the edge of the mat and motioned for us to come closer. We complied and he introduced himself as being a promoter for Fight2DeathTM events. He explained that he was there to buy at least one of our lots to be used in a special match at one of their events. He liked our stories of twins, incestuous brothers and lovers to help promote their events. He went on to explain since in all of their matches one slave dies it’s hard to create much drama to promote events on. So he was going to buy one of our lots and use the love between us to promote the fights being that we’d have to fight the “person” we most loved to the death or be killed in the process. All six of us were too stunned to speak even if we had been permitted. He went on and responded to the unspoken thought in my head, “Yes I know you don’t want to kill the other. I fully understand and respect that. In fact I want whomever we buy to play that to the hilt. The thing being that you have a simple choice either you fight to the death or we torture you both until you die. And I promise that will be long and very painful.”

I knew I wasn’t permitted to even look at B. That was a conversation that we would have later. The Gentleman said, “None of that matters you’ll do as you’re told for whoever buys you and I would love to get all three lots if the prices are right. The reason I’m here tonight is to see if any of you have any natural fighting skills. Yes you will have to fight for me tonight. Yes I know you torn up, battered and bruised. All the better for me. I will not however make you fight your lot mate tonight I want to save that drama for the actual event. He matched us up and I was to go first fighting the B slave from lot 73. He said no real fighting just wrestle around a bit and that would be enough to get a good enough idea of our skills. 

We took our positions at the center of the mat and I dove for his legs and barely missed but he quickly took advantage and jumped on my back. I had been expecting that and thanks to my wrestling experience in high school. I escaped and had him rolled up for the pin in just a couple seconds. The Gentleman applauded me and seemed to be quite impressed. I’m not sure that was a good thing though. The A guy from lot 73 and the B guy from 119 were next. They obviously had no experience and just rolled around on the mat for a while until the Gentleman told them to stop.  B and the A guy from 119 were last. B made quick work of him too. B was my high school team mate and was undefeated in his senior year. 

The Gentleman thanked us and walked us to the door where the handlers were already waiting to get us medicated so our cuts would heal by morning. As we were walking to the door he pulled B and I to the side and said that you guys are really good. I think you’d make a great match but I’m afraid  it would be too quick one way or the other. For what we’re spending on this I want something that will last longer so most likely I won’t be bidding on your lot. That caused us both to smile broadly. 

Once we were lead to the medic station and our wounds were taken care of we were taken back to  our cell. When we got there we found that our shackles were waiting for us and discovered that from now on we will be chained to the wall by our collars so that we couldn’t touch each other or cuddle in our sleep. We even had ball gags so we couldn’t talk. We were told that this was to remind us that nothing was ever guaranteed to slaves that our new owner could separate us and we’d never see each other again.  Eventually exhaustion overruled loneliness and I fell asleep.

To be continued …

The author usemeinva is a submissive in Virginia. it is available for use and abuse and will serve superior men.

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