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DJ Ultrapup – A Pup At The Turntables

For a good kinkster party, you need first hot and sexy kinksters. But everything goes better if there is also great music playing, and even better if there is a real kinkster DJ at the turntables. My guest today is one of these DJs in the Washington DC area.

Hi UltraPup. Which is in your eyes the most musical dog race? And what’s your dog race?

Oh, jeeze no softballs out of the gate eh xD… well first off thank you for having me, I really appreciate the time and effort that you guys are giving to help make this happen. So as far as what I imagine the most musical dog race is… I would personally have to say a poodle. They seem like they would be music snobs and be very, very picky about their music. Almost like a music purist, and with that in mind, I would figure they would know their music. As for me, this is always a tough question for me, I have very rarely seen myself as a single dog race. My friends however like to think of me as a yorkie… Small, cute, all bark and no bite… loyal and lots of fun to be around. Also, bratty like a yorkie, so it makes sense why they would think that I suppose, lol

Well I mean I think kinksters like to hear a wide range of music

Hehe. So you’re not a Pudel? Isn’t it necessary to be musical to be a good DJ? ;)) But of course, I’m also used that the Dogs are on the other side of the gramophone. When have you started to be a DJ?

Well I am currently uncollared despite many efforts to find it otherwise xD. I think that it is of course necessary to be musical to be a good DJ, and I consider myself very much so in touch with my musical side and abilities. It actually runs in the family. My father was a Deejay at the famous Studio 54 back in the day of Disco. I started actually deejaying in my bedroom for one about 2 years ago, and I started playing shows live around June 2018 so it’s been a year now. Over the past year however, I have grown an incredible amount. My ability has improved dramatically, and I am playing gigs I never could have seen myself doing a year ago.

I consider myself very much so in touch with my musical side and abilities. It actually runs in the family. My father was a Deejay at the famous Studio 54 back in the day of Disco.

Wow, with a Studio 54 DJ as father, it has to be genetic. I’m sure he was also able to give you some good advice. Has the dog been a good boy and has he listened to it, or are you just doing your own thing?

Well surprisingly, for a lot of my life my dad tried to push me away from becoming a DJ. He didn’t think the field was good to go into and that it was rough and full of not so great people. When I turned 19 I decided I wanted to pursue it and check it out and then around 8 months ago my dad heard me DJ for the first time and told me that he thought I was incredible and that I could actually make a living doing it. So ever since then he has been giving me advice when I want it, but for the most part I have been doing my own thing. I owe a lot of my DJ learning to my mentor David Merrill who gave me my first DJ gig and still believes in me. I also am happy to spend a lot of my time with my DJ apprentice and DJ Partner Pup Phoneix.

That sounds really great. Lucky boy to have so many guys supporting you. At what kind of events are you playing your sets?

I play a wide range of events. I try to be as open as possible when looking at events. I have a residency at JOX at green Lantern and run my own events at the D.C Eagle. I also am proud to open for the NYC based BRUT party when it comes to D.C. I will sometimes do pup night when it works out with my schedule. I also recently have begun growing a following in the furry community.

That sounds impressive even more if we know that you’re just DJing for 2 years. How has the sound to be so that it fits to kinkster parties?

Well I mean I think kinksters like to hear a wide range of music ya know. So like during a sex party I am more inclined to pay like tech house or tribal something a bit darker to give people something to have sex to. I also have played kink parties like underwear parties I play like more main stream gay stuff and Circuit music, it just kinda depends on the vibe of the party to determine the music type I suppose.

Before we talk a little more about your sound, we should also talk about your kinks, boy. When have you realized that vanilla is not really satisfying you, and what have been your first steps into the kinkster world?

So I come from a kink friendly household where my entire family and grandparents are involved in the scene in one way or another, or were when they were alive. I’ve always known since a young age. I really started coming into my own when I turned 18, but it wasn’t a hard choice for me to know I liked kinky things and that being kinky just made me more unique, and I loved that about my self.

Now you’ve made me really curious. What does it mean if you say that your parents and grandparents have been involved in the kinkster scene?

Without getting into too much detail, my grandma and I were extremely close, and she introduced me to the kink scene when I was younger and let me explore and learn about myself I was always able to ask her questions and she took me to the red-light district in Amsterdam when I was 18. So I knew she was a dominatrix when I was younger.

Wow, that really made it easier for you to start to live your kinks. I’m sure many of our readers would be happy to change with you. So she was a dominatrix …. nice … but you are enjoying more the other side. What is the attraction of being a submissive boy who has to suffer things like humiliation, pain and more?

So it’s kind of funny thing about that I am a switch, so I can both Dom/top and sub/bottom. I do however lean heavily towards submissive. As for why I do it I really don’t have an answer for you, I enjoy the art and act of submitting I am also the self-proclaimed king of the super brats, so I like to make Doms work for it and give them a challenge that brings me a lot of joy and happiness. I enjoy letting go of control and giving it up to a Dom who can help keep me on track and what not.

I enjoy the act of submitting. I am also the self-proclaimed king of the super brats, so I like to make doms work for it and give them a challenge that brings me a lot of joy and happiness.

Hehe. To be honest, switchs are mostly leaning towards the submissive side. I think that’s logical … As a submissive, you can also serve others by acting dominant. But it is really not so easy to submit if you have a dominant character. 🙂 Or what do you think?

I am lucky in that I am able to go full Dom or full sub, but very rarely can I do both in the same scene. I am a very dominant person outside the bedroom when it comes to Deejaying. So I think that those who are super dominant do have a harder time submitting yes but I can be broken and once I submit I can be trained. Although, it is hard to get me to that point.

I know that pup play is your main kink. Which of your pup qualities can also be recognized in your sound?

I have some very high-pitched moans and squeaks and rawrs (i rawr allot like a dinosaur because I am also a little xD) but yeah my sound is very unique to me lol it’s very playful and very much so an identifier, but I also am a playful pup who will nip and bite for no apparent reason.

Hehe. So let us talk again about your sound. Can you show us one of your sets you would recommend for a good fuck & fisting session?

Well it’s a 2 hours mix, so the sound is very tribal and dark, and it allows the listener to get into the mood and the drums and beats keep everything in time, so they can get into a rhythm. it’s good fucking music.

If I need some good music for a good party with great people to dance and socialize, which of your sets would you recommend me to play and why?

That is one of my recorded show episodes that I am really proud of. It is a circuit set it is one of my demos, and I am really happy with it:

Oh that really sounds good. What are your upcoming projects as DJ?

As a DJ I am working on doing some more shows and perfecting my craft, working hard each day as it comes to become a better mixing DJ.

That sounds like a lot of work but also fun. If we talk about fun, we also have to talk a little more about your kinkster life. What was your hottest kink experience yet?

Well I mean so like I went over to my friend’s house, and he tied me up which was great fun, I do enjoy bondage and being tied up like usual. Anyway, he put a gas mask on me for the first time I experienced it, and we did some poppers controlled breathing. I was enjoying my self pretty high in my own zone at one point he gave me some really strong poppers I can’t remember what the brand was, but it was certainly enough to knock me out, and I was out and unable to move for a few moments.

He tied me up and rode me which was a unique experience for me as a submissive top which i very much so enjoyed.

Last but not least, I have to ask you if you have some fantasies you haven’t lived yet and what kind of fantasies that are?

Yes tons! 🙂 So I have some fantasies of a TPE relationship and being fully submissive all the time. I have a fantasy of like anything to do with W/S something I want to experience more. I want to try something with consensual non consent, cause it interests me just based on the idea of it. I also would like to try something with a full time pup. I love everything to do with cages. I really have a big fantasy with feminization over the place xD

DJ UltraPup

Washington DC
United States

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