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The Creativity And Mindfuck Aspect Of Things Are Really A Fecking Turn On For Me.

Pup Kase

1972 | 177 cm | 73 kg

Atlanta (US)

Kase’s Twitter

How did you start out as a pup? What was your first time trying it out? And what was it like?

I started off as a pup before puppy was a thing. I was considered a human beast or just as a slave dog. I was an owned slave in a contract relationship. I was never allowed to be on my feet in front of my owner, nor was I allowed to use human words. I had my name taken from and had a slave registration number. So, my journey was different than most.

When I was at my owners side he’d reach down and pet me, I would respond with grunts and others sounds. My contract ended but I learned to really enjoy this sort of lifestyle. As puppy play evolved over the years, so did my style of puppy. I will never be one of the cute party pups, but I love seeing the diversity. I will always be a well trained slave dog at heart, but I am mischievous as hell nowadays.

What is pup play for you? Is it a fetish, a humiliation thing, a trait, a lifestyle…? And how do you live it out?

I guess I kind of touched on that in my previous question… but for me pup play is a true lifestyle. It has expressions in my everyday life. For those that see the cues, one catch a glimpse of the puppy in everyday life. I am currently with my husband/handler and poly family. We have been together 17 years.

When I am with any of them they know how to treat the pup. I identify as the alpha of our pack and have a lot to take care of with everybody. So far as puppy in the community, I am almost always geared up. I am a gear pup and really do enjoy it. Whenever I can, I am wearing my hood or tail. My every day comfort space is with my puppy, so some days I just put my hood on and just enjoy the feel that it brings me.

Whats important to you when pupping?

For me to Pup out fully I don’t need anybody or anything! Ha! It’s just kind of who I am. But, what I enjoy? I am a social pup. I do enjoy being with a group of other pups. However, my behavior will drastically change with what groups I am around. When I am in a public I have a tendency to keep my alpha personality on guard.

I keep an eye out for new pups to get them out to play, make sure no one is injured, and there is water available. If there ends up being some rough play, I’ll join in, otherwise I am not a kind of pup just to go play with a ball.

Now, if I am pupping out with friends and pack, that’s different. There will be a much more sexual vibe to my puppy style. For me Pup is both fun & sexy. Why say ‘or’ when you can say ‘and’?

Did pup play help to let you discover other kinks of yourself as well? If so, what would those be?

Funny you should ask this. So far as other kinks, I truly flag ‘orange’ as my color. Doesn’t mean I am into EVERYTHING, close…. but if you need something to get you off, let’s do it! I have a moniker as ‘Sado Pup’.

I am also a masochist, however, the sadist part is usually much more visible when others see me play. It has been said that I am the only masochist that can handle my level of sadism. As a bottom I do enjoy extreme bondage, electro play, and rough body play particularly. As a top, my favorite tools are dragons tails & canes. I am also known for predicament scenes.

The creativity and mind fuck aspect of things are really a fecking turn on for me. As an educator in the kink scene,one of the classes I regularly teach is ‘the kinky puppy’. This class helps explore different way to incorporate all kinds of kink into puppy play. I must say I’ve learned some stuff over the years of teaching this class.

One thing that is particularly fun can be a puppy adoption event… people will come ‘adopt’ a pup from the group and sign a contract for that puppy for the duration of the event. Then the pup gets his series of treatments. First, he’s got to have his shots, maybe a few needles? Then he or she needs to be ‘fixed’, so some electricity to take care of that… they need to be dewormed and checked, so let’s get inside that pup and make sure they are cleaned out. Finally a nice grooming before they get to leave the care of the kennel.

Obviously this can be tailored to the settings and play level of the group, but it’s just a single idea of a way to mix ones kink and Pup. For me, one of my favorite scenes was with another pup where I trusted him to rough body top me. His ‘warm up’ a heavy rubber flogger while tied to a St. Andrews Cross.

He followed this up with a monkey paw flogger he made where each ‘paw’ had a 1 inch steel ball inside of it. The main part of this scene, he had his hands wrapped in steel chain where he proceeded to beat me. Later in that scene I actually tried to escape vertically of the equipment.

Obviously that didn’t work. At this time he was so worked up that he couldn’t help but fuck me as a grand finale to our scene. Needless to say, about halfway into this scene the entire dungeon stopped what they were doing to simply watch in delightful terror. Huh, oops! Did i get a bit carried away with this question?!?!

What would make you a happy wagging pup? And what would your ideal pup day for you?

To keep my a wavy pup… well I must say let me keep in alpha mode with my pack. I know that wounds a bit cliché but it’s pure truth. Fewer things make me happier than making sure those I love are cared for, know they are loved, and are living the best life by their standards not mine.

That would encompass my ideal pup day. Gear would not be necessary but always appreciated. A guy in a pup hood is always a way to my *ahem*…. in my ideal day, clothes are never needed. I believe the purity of the pup is a beautiful thing. I guess in short my answer would be… my pack. They make me happy. They make me proud. They define love.

Are there any pet play fantasies that you would love to try out one day?

Fantasies are always a difficult question for me to answer. My biggest fantasy turn on is to allow somebody else to live theirs through me. I say that because watching somebody else come alive because they have somebody to explore their deepest with is intoxicating. If I was being selfish it would be a complete switch scene. The struggle would be for submission. I always enjoy a good whip fight. That would end up with a fight to fuck. No holds barred.

Just beware I always keep a small wooden knife that is surprisingly sharp on me. With all of this being said, I live my best Pup life and fantasies. We get one chance at this in life so I actively choose to surround myself with the best people I can. I would rather have a smaller circle if just true friends instead of a thousand acquaintances. We live the life to allow us our fantasies without forgetting that one provides for the other and balance is the key.

Hey, I'm Se7en, one of the authors and guys behind sadOsam. I'm an all around kinky puppy that enjoys to explore new things and talk to interesting people. Don't be shy to hit me up if you like, I promise I won't bite. Fair warning though, I'm a slow replier, quite busy on here usually :)

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