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SOLD! – Day Seven

We were permitted to sleep in until almost eleven o’clock in the morning. Our last meal here at the center was strictly liquid, which did not take long to consume. After we were done we were given some basic instructions about how the auction would proceed. We were told first that we would each be given a pair of wireless earbuds that would not be visible to the bidders but would allow the ESA officials to give us instructions about what to do and when but would also prevent us from hearing anything relating to what we or other slaves sold for. As slaves that was not any of our business. We were expected to serve our new Masters whether they paid millions or a single dollar for us. He said he certainly expected every one of us to bring top dollar however. ESA would make quite a bit of money today. The pre-auction prep would be much the same as last night’s prep for the preview except for the lubing since we wouldn’t be expected to get fucked at the auction anything after that would be the responsibility of our new owners. However we would each be given a injection of B12 in our asses to give us a bit of extra energy after last nights festivities. That last comment did elicit some smiles around the room as we thought back to the evening’s event. He added, “Before the auction prep begins we need each of you to empty your cells since you won’t be returning. Dump the blankets in a pile at the end of the hall the cleaning slaves will take care of them. Also make sure the cells are clean otherwise. The slaves will scrub the floors and take care of the pots. Once your cell is clean wait outside the cell door for it to be inspected then you will proceed to the prep area.”

Once we were done cleaning our cell we gave one last look to the cold floor and took our position outside to wait for the next step. Across the hall I saw one other slave just standing in his cleaned out cell. He was standing there with his head against the wall I guess he was like the rest of us just stressing and thinking about what was to come. Soon however he joined us in the hall waiting for the process to begin. Once we were all standing in the hall they lined us up by our lot numbers and lead us in the direction of the cleaning rooms. 

Once the cleaning process was complete and we were given our shot of B-12, we were again lined up and throughly inspected to make sure we were free of any marks or damage. We even had to bend over and spread our cheeks and multiple ESA representatives inspected our holes. Once they were satisfied they passed out the earbuds which we were instructed to put in our ears. The video screens in the hall came on and we could see the crowd gathering in the auction hall. We would be permitted to hear everything through the buds until the actual bidding for each slave began at that point music would start to play. If any instructions needed to be given to us they could give it to us individually or to all of us via the earbuds as well. 

Soon we were given some general instructions. When told, we would go up the stairs to the stage and walk to the center and much like a beauty pageant we were to walk down the runway and back. However in addition to stopping at the end and turning around we were to bend over and expose our holes for the crowd to see. All of this would be displayed up close on the large video monitors. In the case of B and I we would actually kneel in front of the other and I would pull B’s cheeks apart and he mine in turn. Then return to the center walk to the far side of the stage and return to the center. At that point the bidding on us would begin.

The Head of ESA made some introductory remarks before the actual auction began. I was too nervous to pay him any attention but I’m sure he was just welcoming the Bidders and all that stuff.  Soon we saw the first slave come on the stage he did his walk and exposed his hole as instructed then back to center stage and stood there and the screens went black and the music started to play. After a few minutes the screen came back on and we saw him exit the stage. After a few moments slave two began the process all over again. Everything went very calmly until slave 27 he started off just fine but after he exposed his hole and started making his way back to center stage it looked like he just passed out right there on the walkway. Almost the same time he landed face first on the stage the screen went black again for quite a while and when it came back on slave 28 was taking the stage. I wish I knew what happened and that he was ok. I doubted I would ever know. 

Soon it was our turn. The voice came on our ear buds and said, “Lot 120 to center stage.” We stepped onto the stage and went and stood in the center. After a few moments we heard, “Walk the runway to the end.” Once we go to the end it said simply, “Display.” B dropped to his knees and I stood in front of him he grabbed my ass cheeks and spread them open and I bent over his head and made a 180 degree turn showing off my hole. The voice said to, “Switch,” so we did. Then it said, “Stand and walk back to center. Give your cocks a few jerks to get harder and walk to the other side of the stage. Pause, then return to center.”  The last thing we heard was, “Good luck slaves,” and the instructions were covered with music while the bids happened. I tried to find Charlie in the crowd but I couldn’t find him. After what seemed like and eternity and no time at all the voice came back and said, “Congratulations slaves you sold. Make your way off the opposite side of the stage and turn in your earbuds and follow the instructions there. 

I took B’s hand and we made our way off stage. At the bottom of the stage there was a handler waiting for the earbuds which we gave him. He directed us to post sale room 23 just down the hall on the left. As we went down the hall we spotted slave 27 locked in a cell with a collar around his neck. His face was all swollen from where he had fallen on it on the runway. I tried to make eye contact with him to offer my sympathy but he would not look up. I’m guessing after the face plant he did not receive any bidders and was awaiting transport back to the training center for punishment and additional training. 

We found the room and entered. There was a medical person there and a handler. They said kneel on two spots on the floor. “It will be just a moment for us to get the post auction instructions that your new owner has requested.”

I asked, “Who bought us?” but the answer was simply a smack to the face that told me to shut up and now. Before too long there was a knock on the door one of the Center’s slaves appeared holding two collars, some lotion and gold jewelry and a branding iron. When I looked closer there was also some kind of device. At that point I knew Charlie had not been successful. I was heartbroken. “The handler said let’s put the collars on first. The steel cable was measured first to fit tight enough to not come over our heads but loose enough not to choke before it was cut. The cable was fitted around our necks after the tag was attached. A machine was brought in and the collars were welded in place. We both got burned my the welding machine but the handler didn’t seem to care. It was definitely still hot when it fell against my neck. The handler said, “You think that hurt wait for what’s next!” We were told to stand and put our hands behind our heads. He put on gloves and put this lotion on us from our ears down. It burned like crazy especially on my balls. We had to stand there for 30 minutes with it burning our skin. Then we were told to go to the corner and a ice cold shower washed the lotion off. Along with the lotion came all of our body hair. He said that was permanent. Our hair would never grow back after that treatment. 

We were instructed to return to the spots for the next step again to stand with our hands behind our head. He reached for the branding iron and turned on a blow torch and started heating it. Soon it was red hot. He said this is going just below your left hipbone to hold very still that we didn’t want him to have to do it more than once. As he got closer I could see the brand was simply a capital “P.” That was intriguing but hardly answered who our new owner was. I barely had time to think before the brand was applied to my skin. It hurt like a motherfucker I wanted to scream but knew better. The medical guy said to keep still they couldn’t put the ointment on it because the brand would vanish and that would defeat the purpose. He started to reheat the brand for B. All too soon it was applied to him as well. He also was barely able to keep from screaming. At this point we were instructed to follow the medical guy to another room. I though god what else. Once we got to the next room which looked like it was for surgery, which I soon found out was exactly right. I was told to lie on my back on the table and the medical guy put on gloves but no mask or anything. He made a small incision in the skin at my hipbone just above and to my right of the brand. He then took a small drill and drilled into my hipbone He reached behind him and grabbed one of the gold pieces of jewelry I saw before. It was a gold “P” that had a post similar to the stud on an earring. He inserted the post into the hole in my hip then took a tool and tapped the top of the post and I felt something inside widen and lock into my hip. He told me that in a few weeks you won’t be able to remove it that the hipbone will grow back around and lock it in place. Once he was done it finally dawned on me who had won us. “P & P – Pleasure & Pain.” My heart sank. At that point the tables stirrups were pulled out and my legs were raised above his shoulders. He inserted his finger in my hole and found my spot, keeping one finger on it he reached back and grabbed one of the devices. He shoved it up my ass and placed it next to my spot. He pushed a button and it clamped on. He said that was not going anywhere and could never be removed. I would find out soon enough why it was there. I definitely had a feeling I knew and I was not looking forward to it.  After he was done I was told to stand and he did the same process with B while I watched. 

Once we were done I was still in a fair amount of pain since it had all been done without any pain medications or numbing, we were lead out into the shipping area where we saw slaves being caged for shipment to their new Masters. We saw three slaves in a big metal cage they had their hair cut very short and were handcuffed with their hands behind their backs.  Some were in wooden crates. I was afraid to know what awaited us but as we were greeted by the Owner of Pleasure & Pain. He was waiting for us with leashes. He attached the leashes to the collars around our necks then instructed the handlers to put the shackles on our ankles and wrists. He informed us that we would be walking down the street about 10 blocks to the bar which would be our new home. 

Once we were outside I saw there was an entire entourage of naked slaves waiting for us. They were all shackled like us but they had flyers to pass out as we walked up the street advertising the club which was opening soon. We slowly made our way up the street largely due to the short chains on our ankle shackles which allowed us to do little more than shuffle up the street. Having not seen the sun for several days it was extremely bright to our eyes. Soon though our eyes adjusted and a rather sizable crowd was gathering to watch us and see who the star attractions of the new club would be. At one point a group of small boys started making fun of us as cocksucking slaves. The owner said to them to watch out who you make fun of that some day they may be in the same position. That shut them up pretty quick. 

Once we reached the big square at the center of town the Owner had arranged for a small stage to be set up. We were taken up on stage and he addressed the crowd that gathered. He introduced us as the feature attraction of Pleasure & Pain he explained the concept of the club and said he’d give everyone a small demonstration of what he meant. He explained that we had just had devices permanently inserted into us that when the device he held in his hand was activated would cause one of us to experience intense pain while the other intense pleasure. That either of us could hit a switch at any time an reverse the situation so we felt the opposite. But it would also cause our brother to feel the opposite as well. He did explain that he was holding the portable version of the device and that the inplants were very recent and once they were better established to our bodies the effects would be stronger. He told us to start kissing each other. He pressed the button and I thought I was going to pass out from the pain. It was ungodly. It was all I could do to keep from wanting to push the button but I knew that if I did I would inflict that pain on B. I just couldn’t do that so I endured it as long as I could. I refused to push the button. B finally reached for it and did it himself and instantly I experienced the most wonderful pleasure I had ever felt. That continued until the Owner turned off the device and said that was enough of a preview but at the Club we would be on display behind the bar with the device turned on.  He had the other slaves pass out flyers to everyone and led us off stage and the rest of the way to the Club.

Once we arrived we noticed that construction was still very much underway. There were slaves putting the finishing touches on the grounds outside one very attractive slave was cleaning up weeds around the side of the building as we approached he was bent over for all the world to see his hole. I was kinda surprised that he was permitted sandals and gloves. Maybe our new Owner wasn’t as cruel as I initially thought. Other slaves were doing some touch up painting and other final tasks. 

Once we entered the Club we noticed that similar final details of the construction were underway. The Owner said, “Welcome to your new home. Actually your new home is in what we call ‘The Bubble’ up there behind the bar. We saw a big bubble shaped window with what appeared to be a bed right behind it. As we got closer we saw that the room also included an open shower and toilet. There was a small shelf where it looked like we would stand to eat our meals that would be passed through a slot in the wall. He walked us into the room and removed our shackles and told us that we’d only be let out of the room once a week for our punishment session whether we needed it or not. 

He said that we had been through a lot today we would start P&P training the next day to test out the equipment. “Get some rest tonight. You’re going to need it!”


Owner was right about needing the rest, we were awakened early the next morning simply by knocking on the window of the bubble. Our bed would also be our stage for our pleasure and pain performances if you can call them that. Once we were awake Owner informed us through a PA system that it was time to test out the system. Normally we’d be instructed to interact with each other either fucking, sucking, kissing, etc. but for now just sit there and look at each other save the sex stuff for the paying customers. He explained that the switch button was right there in front of the window and the on off button for the system was just on the other side of the glass, so close but yet so far away. With that they system was turned on. I instantly felt the pain and I could see the pleasure in B’s face. We were instructed to hit the button which he did and it did switch. Owner asked about the pain and pleasure levels if they were unbearable or not. We nodded that it wasn’t unbearable. So He said, “OK, let’s turn it up a bit.” And the system was tested again. We did this several more times until he had the settings just as he wanted them. I would have been happier with a much lower level of intensity myself. 

Over the next several days the system was demonstrated for various VIPs and investors. The sessions were never more than an hour at a time. Owner said he wanted to keep the surprise of the longer sessions for opening night which would be tomorrow night. We were ordered to get some rest, there was some very soft white noise pumped into the room via the PA system to drown out the noise of the last minute prep in the bar area. Soon we drifted off to sleep. When I woke up the next day I was still getting used to being the fish is the fish bowl where every thing we did was on view for everyone to see. We showered and went to the bathroom. Had a light dinner before it was time for the Grand Opening. Soon the lights dimmed in the living area of our quarters but bright spotlights illuminated our bed. That was our clue to get into position. B and I were instructed to simply make out all night while we endured the pleasure and pain. 

Once the doors opened and the guests started to arrive the system was still not turned on it seemed that Owner wanted to introduce us and make a great show of turning it on. I was in no hurry to start because it would most likely be on for 6 or more hours without a break. Before it was turned on I did notice that not only were we naked but the bartenders were as well. I guess Owner was making the most of slave labor to keep his profits high. We would later learn that the entire staff was kept naked at all times. Eventually Owner made his appearance and he was dressed in a fitted leather tuxedo. It actually looked rather sharp on him. With his big announcement the system was turned on and our torture began. Approximately six hours later, after seemingly endless pain and shooting multiple loads each all over our bed/stage B and I were finally permitted to get some sleep. Thus would be our lives for six nights a week and even longer hours on the weekends. 

After one year Owner came to us and said it’s time to get a new couple to be in the bubble. I’m going to have you be trained for barkeepers. We learned how to mix drinks and got to be quite good at it but it turned out that once the device was turned on even outside the bubble we still experienced the intense pain and pleasure. There was no way we could work that close to the bubble. So he moved us to cleaning the toilets and being bathroom attendants. Even though the effect was less there because of the distance from the bubble it was still enough that we were unable to work.  Owner came to the conclusion that he couldn’t use us anywhere in the bar because there was no way to remove the devices without killing us. His only option was to consign us back to ESA to be auctioned off again. 

One evening soon there after Charlie happened to come into the bar and overheard Owner talking about needing to have us auctioned off. Charlie apparently had taken the part of the money he had contributed to our rescue fund and invested it very wisely or with a lot of luck. He now had over $50,000 that was just his money. He approached Owner with a deal that he would buy us for half of what he had paid for us since we were now used merchandise and he could skip the whole auction. Owner thought about it a few minutes, Charlie later told us, but agreed. So we became Charlie’s property. He came back the following day with two leashes and gave us the news. He put the leashes on us and lead us out the door and walked us the couple miles back to his place. 

Once we were back at his place he had us kneel at his feet and said there are going to be some changes to what I originally promised you. You will be my slaves for the rest of your lives. You will serve me as my slaves in any and every way I ask without question. So start now by sucking my cock and eating my ass. We jumped at the chance to finally taste what Charlie had to offer.

The following day Charlie took us back to ESA’s auction facility. Initially I was afraid he’d changed his mind about owning us. I was so disappointed. However once we got there apparently we were expected and were escorted back to the post auction prep/shipping area. First I then B were told to get on the table face down, ass up. I heard the blow torch turn on so I knew what was coming. Soon we were both branded on our ass with “CC” for Charlie Cox. He said we may be P&P alums but now we were 100% his and he wanted the world to know it. Charlie even considered buying another slave to care for his household to give us more time for other pleasures he said. We were taken to an extended preview with one slave and were told to kneel in the corner. It turned out the slave was 27. Apparently they had tried to auction him off one time before this and had the same results as before. He was given permission to speak once we recognized him and told us that if he failed to sell this time they would turn him over to the Fight2DeathTM promoters to use as they wished.

Every night we slept in his bed with Charlie and were very happy. He even would occasionally take us back to Pleasure and Pain. Apparently they had even added a dungeon room below the bar but it had a glass ceiling where the bar patrons could watch what was happening below. We spent a great deal of our visits down there where Charlie experimented with all the room had to offer. He was turning into quite the Master. He even loaned us out on occasion to friends. Apparently the reason he’s left our P&P brand and gold jewelry on is with that he and his guest always got free drinks there whenever he went. Because our devices still worked and added to the evening’s entertainment. Our time with Charlie was the best of our lives, however Pleasure & Pain was where we would experience the agony and ecstasy of the device much to his amusement. We wouldn’t have had it any other way. 

– The End –

The author usemeinva is a submissive in Virginia. it is available for use and abuse and will serve superior men.

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