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Defeated Jock (4)

Kam sat back and looked at Taylor, who was passed out in his own cum on the floor. Taylor had always been a dick. Taylor would rub it in when he beat someone at an athletic competition, solo or team. Even when the loser was a good sport and stuck out his hand Taylor would taunt them, rag them for losing, or just call his opponent a loser. It didn’t stop there. Taylor had gotten girls in bed and loved to convince them that he didn’t need a condom. That had lead to a couple of pregnancy scares, one involving a slightly younger cousin of Kam’s that he was particularly fond of. When she told Taylor he blew her off, saying she was such a slag it could be anyone. Kam knew it was his cousin’s first and only time at that point.

Taylor’s dickiness seemed to have no limit.. Kam had seen Taylor bump into waiters causing them to spill their trays, mess with old people who were walking along. It all revealed that Taylor was a total prick. Kam had never known what he could do about it, even when he seethed at his cousin’s predicitment.

That changed after Kam started college. Kam’s dormmate was a fag. Not just gay, Kam had fucked around with a few dudes, but a total fag. Don, the dormmate, had offered to help Kam bring his boxes in, and insisted Kam lay down while Don put stuff away. Kam fell asleep only to awaken to Don sitting on the foot of his bed, arm over Kam’s ankles, fingers slightly touching Kam’s bare feet.

Don flushed red when he realized Kam had awakened, unable to string coherent words together. That was all the confirmation Kam needed. Kam had been with a couple guys who really got into doing “all the work” and knew there were bottoms that took it even further. “Nice, aren’t they?” Kam whispered.

“Yes, Sir.” Don replied, looking down.

“Why don’t you make them feel good?” Kam decided to see how far Don would go. The rubbing was expected, but when Don leaned down and started to take the toes into his mouth, Kam knew he had a fag on the hook. Over the entire school year, Don served as Kam’s slave. Cleaning, laundry, fetching anything Kam wanted, doing research in the library. And the sex! Don woke Kam up every morning with a blow job, and held his ass high any time Kam wanted to fuck it. Foot-rubs and massages on demand. Kam lived the life and Don made it possible. Don’s efforts meant Kam had more time for training.Kam was amazed how his speed and strength improved by having a slave taking care of all his chores, petty duties, and every need.The massages were great as well.

Don had to go back East over summer for his family, emails and texts of submission were sent to Kam the entire time they were apart. Kam responded just barely enough to keep the boy on pins and needles. Never responding too quickly, or too often. Even letting a few messages come in before considering responding. He wanted Don to constantly be thinking of his Master. It was easy to share a dorm room the next year as well, and Don went right back to his duties, this time unloading Kam’s boxes all by himself. Kam had it easy, and at some point while watching Don was sucking his pole the idea of turning Taylor into a fag crept into his mind. It would serve Taylor right, be pure justice. Don saw his Master smile at the thought, and believed Kam was pleased with this service.

The following year brought changes. Kam discovered he needed to transfer schools to get into a better physics program, and Don had a family emergency that would keep him home for the semester. Kam was okay for a while without his devoted servant, but the loss made him really desire a boy at his feet again. Running into Taylor was good luck. Taylor fell into a trap Kam hadn’t actually set. But once Taylor had started down that road, Kam plotted the rest out and was ready when the time came.

Kam sipped on his beer, still looking at Taylor. Don would be transferring to the Glegman Institute as well, and Kam was thinking about how it was going to be fun to pit his two fags against each other. One willing, the other broken. So many possibilities.

Kam’s mind returned to the boy on the floor. Taylor was going to need more time to reflect on his situation. Getting fucked for the first time was a big step, and it needed to drill into Taylor’s mind and stay there. Taylor had to know that he was totally owned by Kam, know it in his head, down into his bones. Kam got up and fetched some cord. Taylor stayed out of it while Kam bound Taylor’s ankles together, only starting to come to real consciousness when Kam grabbed Taylor’s balls and started to wrap the other end around the base.

“What are you doing?” Taylor cried out softly and tried to move, instantly getting confused that his legs were tied.

Kam slapped Taylor down. “Stay still boy!” Adding a tug on Taylor’s balls so the jock would know Kam was serious.

“Don’t do that! Stop!” Taylor tried to struggle, but Kam shifted to sit on Taylor and keep the boy in place. Another harder tug on the balls kept Taylor from squirming too much.

“I said stay still!” Kam had the cord wrapped a few times and tied it off.

“There.” Kam stood up. Taylor let out a scream when he tired to unfold his legs and it pulled on his balls.

“The fuck!” Taylor gasped. His legs were bent and tied together now, and attached to his balls.

“Nope!” Kam grabbed Taylor’s wrists as the jock moved his hands to release himself. Kam started to drag Taylor into the bedroom.

“Ow! Fuck!” Taylor quickly learned he had to control his legs so not to pull off his balls, and yelled at the rough treatment. Kam merely grinned.

In the bedroom, Kam quickly grabbed a pair of handcuffs and forced one of Taylor’s arms around the leg of the bed, locking the wrist together. Kam had prepared his friend’s cabin earlier in the day for a number of eventualities, since Kam wasn’t entirely sure how things would go. The cuffs were a given, and Taylor had been too involved in his ball pain to put up much of a fight.

“Let me fucking go!” Taylor yelled as Kam walked out of the room.

“Shut the fuck up!” Kam shot back. Kam turned out the lights in the other rooms and picked up his own boxers and a roll of duct tape. He could hear Taylor struggling in the bedroom, cursing.

“Quite down!” Kam said, returning to the bedroom. Kam held up the boxers and tape. “One more sound out of you, and I stuff these in your mouth and keep them there.” Kam tossed the tape in the air falling on Taylor’s chest. The meaning was crystal clear. Taylor nodded. “I’m going to sleep.” Kam put the implements of his threat down and got under the covers of the bed. Making Taylor keep himself quite was so much better than taping his mouth shut. Taylor would actually be silent and still and it would all be because Taylor feared the consequences. Kam sighed as he lay in the dark room listening to Taylor move a little, and let out a grunt when his balls got pulled. Perfect. Taylor would be unable to get any real rest, and have to think over the fucking and the predicament he was in. All while his Master was sleeping soundly inches away.

Kam woke himself up, the sun had been out for a while, he could tell. Kam lay there quietly, listening, he could hear Taylor’s uneasy breathing and wondered if his slave was awake or not. In either case it gratified him that Taylor was miserable. Kam just lay there revelling in the feeling, it was magnificent. Taylor would be paying for his actions for the rest of his life, and Kam would reap the benefits.

Kam decided it was time to push Taylor a bit lower. Kam swung out of bed, waking Taylor from a fitful sleep. Taylor made and inarticulate growl. Kam got the leash and attached it to Taylor’s collar, giving it a few jerks to exert his dominance. Kam reached down and unlocked the handcuffs. “I want a blow job.” Kam had a quick release knot on the balls that he yanked, freeing them and pulled the leash and fell on the bed, roughly forcing Taylor up and kneeling towards Kam’s dick.

“I can’t. I’m so fucking tired Master.” Taylor was whining.

Kam kicked Taylor. “I don’t fucking care you stupid shit. Get on my dick.”

Taylor groaned and moved to suck Kam’s cock. Kam took the sucking for a short while than slapped Taylor in the head. “Do it better faggot.”

Taylor shuddered at the word faggot, another blow. But it was accurate giving how he was acting. Kam was tearing him apart bit by bit, ripping any dignity and masculinity away. Taylor didn’t know how long he could keep it up.

Kam sighed and watched Taylor’s head going up and down. So much hair. Taylor had a marvelous head of hair, long, black and slightly wavy. It’s movement turned Kam on, seemed to add to the blow job. Kam knew Taylor was proud of his hair, and that it was moving with Taylor’s submission boned Kam a bit more. It could almost be a girl, but Taylor’s impressive muscles were under it. The fact it was a man, a strong, handsome man sucking his dick was a trip. Thinking of what he’d done to Taylor and what he was still planning pushed Kam over the edge and he shot his cum into Taylor.

Kam got his breath under control as Taylor cleaned up his cock. “Time for breakfast.” Taylor looked up at Kam, face a mix of fear, hunger, and worry. “Yeah, not what you expect. You will be eating, but not food.” Taylor seemed to go a bit pale. “The technical term is rimming, known as eating ass. You get to eat my ass until I’m done.”

Taylor reared back, almost trying to scramble off the bed. “No fuckin way.”

Kam was quicker, grabbing Taylor’s throat and squeezing. “Faggot, you will do as you are told, when you are told, and how you are told. No delays, no complaints, just obey. You obey your Master or your Master will punish you worse than you can imagine. Now get your stupid slave lips and tongue on my asshole and eat me out until I say you’re done!” Kam’s grip on Taylor’s throat intensified harder, really causing Taylor to fear, before pushing him face down into the bed.

Kam flipped over and rested his head on his arms. Choking back a breath, Taylor moved his head between Kam’s cheeks. Taylor went from choking to breathing rapidly. Taylor forced himself to go forward, to bury his nose between Kam’s globes and place his lips on the oblong hole between them. Earthy, wrinkled. Taylor was again shattered by the actions he was forced to preform by the man who had vanquished him. Knowing he had to, Taylor extended his tongue and touched the ring. The earthy taste was stronger, and the wrinkles joined over his tongue, Taylor felt more of his soul burn away as he gave short licks and heard Kam let out a sigh of pleasure.

Taylor made a series of small licks, wanting to gag, but knowing he couldn’t without some punishment. Taylor started to push into the hole, getting another bit of his soul shredded away. Taylor continued, bound in servitude to a man he could never escape, that no matter how much he struggled. Taylor had to service Kam anyway Kam wanted, no matter how degrading it was, no matter how much Taylor wanted to do something else, anything else. Taylor moved his tongue around, exploring the tunnel of ass. Changing the shape in hopes that any of it would be better. Taylor was disgusted at himself for what he was doing, and hearing Kam’s little moans of delight didn’t make it better for the sub. Running the tongue up and down the aperture, lipping around the area, stimulating this private, intimate part of Kam as required.

Taylor could barely hold himself together, like so many times since he fell to Kam. It was tough, and Taylor didn’t know where the strength came from. It was almost like Kam’s will was what drove him, kept him going on. Alone, Taylor would be a quivering mass on the floor, with Kam’s will Taylor continued. Taylor’s tongue and lips were getting tired, but he couldn’t stop. He had to go on, Taylor had no will of his own, he was only the tool Kam used to get off. A fap-toy. The thought crushed Taylor. He was a fap-toy, able to be used and reused because Kam wanted to get off. Taylor knew he was supposed to be the user, taking girls to get off and sending them away. Now he was being used, it was wrong, it was backward.

Taylor was so tired. He had barely slept. Everytime he drifted off, his leg moved and pulled on his balls, waking him in pain. The floor had been uncomfortable and he was partially bound, denying him what rest he could have had. Now his stomach was empty, which intensified the taste and smell of Kam’s ass. Plus his lips and tongue were tiring. And he was hard. How was he fucking hard? Taylor couldn’t believe he was boned doing this. Had Kam slipped him some Viagra? But that didn’t explain how Taylor always got hard serving Kam, no matter what Kam had him do.

So exhausted, so worn out, Taylor couldn’t resist what Kam was making him do, and hated himself for it. The only part of him that seemed to be into this was his dick. His dick that had given him so much pleasure fucking and getting sucked, now it was getting hard as he debased himself to Kam. It was like a betrayal. And Taylor was sure Kam knew he was hard even if Kam was facing away. How could Kam know? How could Kam play him so easily? Taylor was lost, not knowing how Kam did it. Taylor was miserable, but Kam seemed to be having the time of his life. Getting his ass eaten out by his old rival – a rival who used to best him in everytime, and who had now lost a series of bets and his very manhood to Kam.

Kam rolled over, confusing Taylor. Kam’s dick was hard again, and pointed to the ceiling. “It’s your job to take care of this.”

Taylor was too exhausted to argue. He took the big member into his mouth and started to suck. Damn, Kam had just blown into his mouth, but was raring to go again. Taylor serviced the dick, slobbering all over it. Kam watched Taylor’s head go up and down, reaching out and grabbing Taylor’s head through all that hair. To both, it was meaningful. To Kam, it was exciting to exert such control, to know he owned the hair and could do anything he wanted with it. And the slave who’s head of hair it was. Exercising that control, he began to brutally face-fuck Taylor, slamming his head up and down on his dick.

For Taylor, feeling Kam’s hands reminded him that he had lost any dominion over his life, that Kam controlled everything. This was emphasized when Kam began to face-fuck him. Taylor gagged and couldn’t control his breathing or his head. Attempts to hold onto Kam’s arms, legs, anything, were futile. Helplessness pounded into Taylor like Kam’s cock, shattering everything and leaving him powerless. Kam shot into Taylor’s throat, forcing Taylor’s face deep into his pubs.

The stimulation sent Kam over the edge, flooding Taylor’s mouth with spunk. Taylor swallowed it all down, licked Kam’s cock clean and slid off it. The defeated boy’s eyes closed as he concentrated on his breathing to hold himself together. Kam got up, untied Taylor’s legs, and left the room, going to the kitchen to make breakfast. Taylor remained face down on the bed, glad to be untied.

While frying up bacon for himself, Kam considered what he should do to Taylor next. Kam had several plans that had worked through his head the last few days, now it was only a question of deciding what it would actually be. Kam took his cup of coffee to the door and stood looking out at the door’s window. The scene calmed him, let his mind decide on what it would be. A small smile crossed his face, it would be great.

The last parts of his own breakfast ready, Kam put a bowl of cold mush on the floor. “Faggot, crawl in here.” Kam could hear Taylor’s defeated acknowledgement, just loud enough for Kam to hear. The smile got slightly wider, disappearing as Taylor crawled in. It was working, Taylor was breaking for good, head down, back sagging a bit.

Kam slightly kicked the bowl. “This is yours, get on it.”

“Yes, Master.” Taylor didn’t raise his head, just lowered it and started eating, like a dog. After Taylor had finished about half, Kam stuck his bare foot in the bowl. Taylor gave a muffled sob, but continued, getting his tongue around Kam’s toes.

Kam finished his breakfast first and watched amused as Taylor lapped up the last of his. “Stay bitch.” Kam said as he stood up and left the kitchen, returning quickly.

Kam roughly pulled Taylor’s hand behind the slave’s back, and tightly bound them together with rope. Kam then snapped the leash on Taylor’s collar and pulled the boy to follow him. Taylor let a soft groan escape his lips, Kam curled a corner of his mouth at the sound.

Kam lead the jock out the kitchen door, to a tree in the yard. Once there, he securely tied the leash to a low branch. Taylor would be able to sit on the ground. “Just stay here bitch.” Kam left Taylor standing there and returned to the cabin. Taylor watched him, glassy eyed.

Taylor stood by the tree naked for a number of minutes not sure what to do. He looked towards the cabin. Kam was inside and Taylor could see no activity. Taylor was left there, not sure what he was supposed to do. Taylor waited, expecting Kam to return any minute. But it didn’t happen. Taylor shifted on his feet, boredom and terror wrestling in his head. Time passed, and the fear Taylor felt subsided. Taylor looked around, the cabin was surrounded by a forest, it looked nice, birds were singing and a wind caused the leaves of the trees to roll.

Taylor looked down at his nakedness, his dick was still somewhat hard. How was he partially erect? Taylor couldn’t understand it. Kam had to be doing something, but Taylor had no idea what. This wasn’t natural, it wasn’t him. He couldn’t figure it out.

Where was Kam? Taylor was surprised at the thought. Did he want Kam to come back and do something to him? No, that was impossible. But what was he out here tied to a tree for. Taylor shuffled some more, taking the few steps the leash attached to the collar on his neck allowed. Finally tired of standing, Taylor sat on the ground and waited, everything that Kam had done to him still running through his mind, his dick not fully deflating.

Over an hour passed, Taylor was getting bored. He watched some of the birds flying, and noticed rabbits hopping through the yard around the cabin. He shifted around, trying to get comfortable, his hands tied behind him, and a leash keeping him sitting up. The wind had picked up, and it was slightly cool. Kam was still inside, and Taylor could see no movement at all. What was the purpose of leaving him here?

Time stretched on. Clouds got heavier and the temperature dropped a few more degrees. Taylor looked up when the first rain drops hit him. He didn’t think it would matter at first, but the rain got heavier. Soon, it was coming down seriously, and Taylor was shivering in the cold. At the start, he raised his head, let the rain wash over him, hoping it would clean him of what he had done, how he was feeling, but the chill started to get to him, and he felt a different kind of misery.

As it continued to rain, Taylor tried to tough it out, but he was getting cold and uncomfortable. He would look at the cabin, but see no sign of Kam. Taylor moved around some, but the rain still found him, the tree he was under offering very little protection. After sneezing, Taylor knew he had to ask to be let in. He looked at the cabin with woeful eyes, devastated at what he was about to do. He did it, calling out “Master, please let me in.” Taylor waited, nothing. He called a few more times, each cutting into his gut like a knife. Still nothing. Taylor sneezed again. He was powerless. His head bent down, his long wet hair getting into his eyes, and he couldn’t do anything about even that.

Meanwhile, Kam had gone back into the cabin and went to the living room in the front, stopping to grab a cup of coffee. He sat on the chair and relaxed, knowing Taylor’s mind would be a jumble conflicting emotions. Grabbing a book, he got down to waiting. When he heard the rain start Kam considered bringing Taylor in, and actually started to get up, then thought better of it. Let Taylor wallow in wet misery. Kam settled back until he heard the rain really get going. Kam snuck to the kitchen and looked out, knowing Taylor couldn’t tell he was watching at all. Taylor was water-logged and pitiful. Kam broke out in a broad smile when he heard Taylor call “Master, let me in.”, and repeat it. It was very satisfying. Taylor was begging him, and calling him “Master”. Kam’s dick twitched at that.

Kam knew Taylor would never be able to resist him now. The boy would want to, would crave to escape, but some part of his brain would always be Kam’s slave. Taylor slumped against the tree. He still needed to push Taylor lower, so much lower. Kam had to eliminate any thought in Taylor’s mind that wasn’t submission, wasn’t crawling at a man’s feet.

The rain tapered off, Kam waited until the last drops were falling from the sky and the clouds had broken up, letting the sun start to warm the world again before he went out to Taylor. Kam was pretty close before Taylor looked up. The sub was a wreck. Kam wondered if he had been crying. It didn’t matter. Kam didn’t say a word, only roughly pulled Taylor up and bent him over the limb, kicking the boy’s legs apart. Taylor let a moan out.

Kam lined his cock up with Taylor’s hole and ran the head up and down. So nice to know he owned the boy in front of him, could crush him like a bug, could fuck him any time the mood struck him. Like right now. Kam forced in as deep as one thrust could go. He pumped in and out getting a rise out of the physical action and Taylor’s almost total inability to resist.

Kam grabbed Taylor by the sides, feeling the skin cold under his fingers. The skin was cold, but the ass was warm. Let Taylor heat up that way, a hot dick in him should be all he was needed.

Taylor’s cunt felt good, warm and wrapped all around Kam’s prick. There is nothing like a boy’s pussy taking a big shank. Kam looked around while he fucked, the wind was still up, helping cool the heat he made, and causing the wet Taylor to shivver a bit. Feeling the involuntary movements under his hands excited Kam even more.

The contrast of the chilled air and the warmth of Taylor’s chute, not to mention the exertion of sex were in counterpoint, like some special position. His dick was surrounded by heat, the rest feeling the wind. Kam felt powerful, fucking a slave out in the open. Outdoor sex has a unique feel, a freedom that the bedroom could never offer.

Kam reached out and pulled Taylor’s head back by the hair, causing a choaking sound to come out of the jock. Increasing the force of his thrusts, Kam shot into Taylor’s body, and pulled out. Taylor crumpled back to the ground, and Kam made the decision right then to leave him, and walk away back into the cabin.

To be continued …

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Max Potter
Max Potter
Max Potter discovered an interest in domination and slavery at a very early age. First reading about historical accounts of slaves, that eventually turned to an interested in the Dom/sub culture. A voracious reader, he see dominance and submission in many passages. When a friend gives up something, when a man takes a metaphorical blow for someone else. When one will is subjected to another. For his writing, he looks for the unusual situation. It could be total reluctance on the part of the sub, or innovative commands given. Always on the lookout for a novel idea, he can be contacted at his Gmail account as maxrpotter.

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