TUTORIAL: Skydevil’s Ass Fisting Basics

FISTING refers to the adventurous art of hands-on exploration – whether it’s the brachioproctal adventure in the booty or the brachiovaginal escapade in the vagina. Double the hands, double the fun, known as Double-Fisting! It’s an intense yet thrilling play, demanding patience and practice for maximum pleasure and safety.

Your Tutors

For this lesson, I’m thrilled to introduce Skydevil as our guest tutor – a seasoned expert in both theory and practice. Fisting takes on almost religious vibes for our guest. Together, we’ll navigate through this lesson with passion and expertise.


he/him | Gay | Switzerland


Fisting can be everything – tenderness, gentle indulgence, meditation, or even boundary-pushing ecstatic bliss. What it becomes is solely up to both of you!

Take your time, no rush! Set aside a few hours with an open ending; Fisting shouldn’t be a quickie or a stressful exercise. There’s no specific goal, except savouring each other. The aim isn’t solely to get a hand in the booty; if your partner is tighter or less relaxed, there are plenty of other hand-and-booty adventures to explore.

Always communicate with your partner from the start, before and during. Share your desires, thoughts, and sensations. Build trust – that’s the key to relaxation and soaring together.

Geography of the Booty

Before every journey, it’s wise to check the map ahead of time. I know, in the age of GPS, it’s considered old-fashioned, but for Fisting, there’s no navigation device. So, it’s not just about knowing your partner; familiarize yourself with booties and their anatomy for a smooth ride.

Fisting GPS

In the realm of Ass-Play and Fisting, we’re primarily engaging with the sphincters—yes, there are two rings—and the anus, the lower section of the rectum, which, in turn, is the final segment of the entire colon.

If we’re picturing this as a journey, check out this schematic of the colon; it’s not a straight, wide highway through the desert. The path is winding and full of folds. And even though everyone’s anatomy is similar, it’s not identical. So, take it slow, embark on the exploration, and feel your way through this vast tunnel.

Given that the colon is anchored to the back abdominal wall near the spine, the bottom’s position matters. The doggy style should really be called the pot-bellied piggy style. In this position, the colon has ample room to unfold. Conversely, lying on the back has gravity pressing the colon firmly, creating a more compact arrangement.

For beginners, starting in the doggy style is recommended. This way, the bottom can control penetration with gentle movements forward and backward. However, in general, we always suggest trying out various positions yourself. You’ll notice that lying on your back with knees to chest straightens the curve from the rectum to the sigmoid colon, facilitating a deeper entry into the pleasure cave.

Exploring the depths of caves is undoubtedly thrilling, but the stop sign we’ve set has an anatomical reason. Going further there compresses the diaphragm and displaces the lungs. It not only sounds unhealthy; it is!

You might wonder why Ass-Play and Fisting are so stimulating or why, as a bottom, you might struggle to hold back the urge to pee. Well, that has its anatomical reasons, among other factors.

Just look at how close the prostate and bladder are to the play cave, with only a small amount of soft tissue in between.

In general, it’s worth mentioning that the booty is much tighter than the vagina. Understandable, considering it’s an exit for the little brown ones, not babies. Also, it’s “drier.” So, using plenty of lubricant is highly recommended. Don’t skimp on lube! When you start teasing the booty, try incorporating a good amount of lube inside. And when you’re greasing up your hands, remember, it’s not the palm but the back of your hand, especially the knuckles, that will make contact with your play partner’s insides.

Safety & Risks

Even Fisting has its health risks. So, here are a few tips on how to minimize them.

Rough and forceful actions during Fisting can cause internal injuries in the anus, leading to severe pain. In extreme cases, it may even result in perforation of the colon, which can be life-threatening. Explore the pleasure cave with patience, gentleness, and ample lubrication.

Like many sexual practices, Fisting poses the risk of sexually transmitted infections. Infections such as gonorrhea, herpes, and genital warts can be transmitted through contact with skin and mucous membranes. Using gloves and ample lubrication significantly reduces the risk of infection! Infections with Hepatitis C and HIV are also theoretically possible.

We advise against using numbing lubricants, as pain can be a clear indicator that taking a break or discontinuing the activity would be better.

Once again, we’d like to emphasize the importance of being careful with the sphincters. Mechanical damage to the sphincters can lead to incontinence. Even if we have readers on Kinkfinity who are Diaper Lovers, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. You can read more about it in our “You Ask – We Answer” article.

My Advices

for Fisting Tops

Address the bottom’s needs. Learn what they desire, their fears, preferred movements, and what you’d like to try on them. Discuss speed, pressure levels, and whether you both want to explore new things.

Start slowly with a gentle massage, warming up and relaxing the muscles. Massage around their opening, gently stretching with 2 + 2 fingers. Fill the opening with some lube. Take ample time for this foreplay.

It’s about enjoyment, not breaking records. It doesn’t always have to be the whole hand or fist. I often fist tight holes for an entire night with 2+2 or 3+3 fingers, stimulating the inner sphincters around three-quarters inside where most nerve endings are, making it highly sensitive. Evenings like these can be a lot of fun.

Being stimulated in the right place is the hottest, but everyone experiences differently. Explore your hotspots together.

If you’ve passed the knuckles at the sphincter, don’t stop; go 1.5-3 cm further. That’s the vestibule, the lower chamber. Let your partner relax briefly before proceeding.

For relaxation times, follow the rule of a minimum of 3 breaths.

Feel what your partner’s insides want and fulfill those desires. If they try to push you out, yield. Always play with the booty, not against it.

The fistee can also actively try to envelop your hand with their booty: Press your hand against/into their opening comfortably. Your partner takes a deep breath, slightly lifting their pelvis (almost automatic), and you follow their hand with the movement. Then, as they exhale, they push their booty onto/over your hand…

for Fistees

The sphincter, as the name suggests, is a muscle that can be trained, stretched, and controlled like any other muscle. In the beginning, it’s best to do this training with toys on your own.

Warming up is crucial, and it can be integrated into your dates. You can also engage in some self-play while cleaning and afterward.

For stretching, conical dildos and plugs work best. I recommend high-quality, soft silicone dildos.

Not everyone who calls themselves a “fister” can actually fist well from my experience. Try to find someone you truly trust, who enjoys playing and caters to your needs. Especially when it comes to making yourself fistable and accommodating a full hand for the first time, it’s advisable to play with a regular partner. Trust brings calmness to the game and to the body.

A Pussyboy’s Masculine Magic in Stockings

Oh, stockings might not be my go-to fetish, but damn, some guys just sizzle in them. Today, I’ve got one such hottie with me – Oliver. He not only rocks the stockings but flaunts them, especially in the heat of the moment.

Hey Oliver, spill the tea, why are stockings such a turn-on for you?


he/him | Gay | China

How important is for you the game with gender stereotypes, giving a masculine man a fem side?

Spill the scintillating details: What’s the juicy lowdown on those feelings when you slip into it?

Aren’t you a slut? 😊

Unveiling the mystery here: You’re a gym maestro sculpting that masculine charm, but is there a natural-born pussyboy vibe I’m sensing?

Going big or going home, right? 😊 Fisting’s my jam, but let’s dish on your side of the playfield. What’s the scoop on those feelings when a top-notch fister takes the reins on your pleasure zone?

Oh if we talk about pussyboys then we have also to talk about your front side. You say that you are mostly locked during action. What’s the allure of keeping the crown jewels under wraps?

Do you remember when you have been the first time in chastity, and how did it feel?

Looks like your strength goes beyond just muscles! 😊When did you wank the last time, and can you tell us what your chastity record is?

That is one of the main goals of keeping boys in chastity, that they become hornier, more willing, and they are open for new things. Do you don’t think that would be something you should do much more and living it long-term ?

You know I’m top-only. So I’m not able to help you, but probably one of our readers has some advice.

ATM you are your own keyholder. Do you don’t think it would be better to give this responsibility to another guy you trust? 😉

Sure, freedom feels fantastic, but isn’t there a magnetic allure to the tantalizing grip of restraint? 😏 Ever explored the captivating charm of not feeling free? Curious if you’re more of a submissive spirit – care to spill the secrets?

Do you prefer an equal boyfriend or a dominant or even better a Master?

Hehe. Oh, I have the feeling that you are more submissive than you think now. 🙂 Oh yes, you mentioned your body mods … I’ve seen you have some dermal implants in your dick. I’m quite sure there are many readers who are interested in knowing how it feels when you wank or fuck another guy.

I’ve told you: You are a pussyboy! Seems that you agree now, or don’t you? I know you love to expose yourself in internet, and you did also a scene with Axel Abysse. Can you tell us about the turn-on you get if other people watch you?

Ever Been the Sub in the Spotlight? Spill the tea on your experiences as a submissive guy, basking in the thrill of being seen, used, and maybe even humiliated. Is the real-world exhibition a turn-on for you?

We’ve danced around the topic “humiliation”, but let’s dive deep! Do you savour the tingling embrace of humiliation, knowing it’s a secure haven with trustworthy hands?

Can my butt stretch out or get damaged from too much fisting?

Hey Pup Plum! Thanks for the question. It’s one of those thoughts that pops into many minds when they first witness a hand disappearing into the abyss. Fear not, we’ve got the answer for you. I’ve brought in a certified Fisting Maestro to join forces with me and tackle this question head-on. Enter SKYDEVIL, probably a familiar face from numerous Fisting Porn Movies.

The quick answer to your question: Yes, it can if you don’t approach it right. However, follow some crucial rules, and you’ll avoid any mishaps. Skydevil has been fisting for years, with a wild and intense style, and I guarantee you, from personal experience, that his butt is neither wrecked nor stretched out. Or are you dealing with some secret incontinence issues I’m not aware of?


he/him | Gay | Switzerland

Kink ABC:


A prolapse/rosebud is like a surprise cameo of your inner workings – when an internal body part, like the rectum, makes an unexpected guest appearance outside its usual space. It’s the body’s way of adding a plot twist, a brief and quirky performance that keeps us both bewildered and intrigued.

That caught my attention too. Personally, when it comes to Rosebuds, I don’t really find the whole thing appealing. But hey, that’s just my take, and I think we should dive into this topic in a separate article soon.

I must say, I’d love to expand on the question a bit and touch on the broader topic of Ass-Play, which includes Fisting. Let’s take it literally for a moment. It’s all about playing with your partner’s rear end, focusing on those intense anal sensations you can create. Sure, many of you enjoy experimenting with dildos and plugs, but I guarantee you, fingers can evoke way more pleasure than the in-and-out motion of a dildo. Let’s explore the art of ass-play!

You just mentioned the SPHINCTER, the gateway to anal delight. I believe we’ve hit the nail on the head of the question because when we talk about a damaged or stretched-out rear end, we’re primarily referring to the sphincter. This is a muscle, and as everyone knows from the gym, muscles can be trained, but it has to be done right. In the gym, you warm up first before hitting the weights, and you gradually increase the intensity. The same principle applies!

Haha, you are instiable. Sometimes it’s almost alarming.

Once you’ve had your solo playtime and decide to add some human assistance – yeah, I’m calling us Tops “assistance” now – I strongly advise picking your partner wisely. Especially since things can get a bit delicate back there, the selection process is crucial. As is often the case in the fetish world, trust is the foundation. Only when you trust your play partner can you truly relax. And trust me, relaxation is key in Ass-Play, especially in Fisting.

As with most Tops, it’s immensely helpful if the Top knows what they’re doing and has experience. And let’s be real, watching a 20-minute clip on Pornhub doesn’t qualify as experience. Also, one of the fundamental rules of Ass-Play (and I know many Masters like me might not love hearing this, but it’s crucial): THERE IS NOTHING MORE DOMINANT THAN THE BOTTOM’S ASS.

You’re enjoying this, aren’t you? Suddenly playing the boss.

In your dreams, maybe. But in reality, I just say: Forget about it! 😉

Now, back to the topic: As a Top, it’s crucial to feel and understand what the bottom’s booty desires and allows. Sure, over time, you can explore limits, but initially, it’s about building a kind of anal trust. When the bottom senses they’re in safe hands, or with safe hands inside them, they can relax and truly let themselves play – which, let’s be honest, is something us Tops enjoy too.

Dear Pup Plum, this topic is one we could talk about for hours. Skydevil is kind enough to provide a Fisting Basic Turorial, linked below. But let’s summarize our response to your question:

Yeah, if you don’t pay attention and dive into the world of Ass-Play and fisting too quickly or the wrong way, you might end up breaking your booty. That’s why we’ve got some key principles to keep in mind:

  • Training is Key: Take it slow, warm-up, and gradually increase intensity. Training helps the sphincter gain flexibility without losing its ability to close.
  • Choose Wisely: When involving another person, especially as a Top, trust is crucial. Establish a sense of anal trust, allowing the bottom to feel secure and truly enjoy the experience.
  • Relaxation is Crucial: Whether a beginner or experienced, relaxing is essential. If it hurts, take a break – forcing things can lead to damage. There’s more to enjoy in between, giving the booty a well-deserved pause. Play with the ass – not against it.
  • Equipment and Preparation: When playing with toys, opt for high-quality and soft ones. Sure, they may cost more, but you’ll have more fun, and the risk of mishaps is significantly lower. And make sure those fingernails are trimmed.

Last but not least, never forget that it’s about enjoyment. The focus should be on pleasure, fun, and the shared sensual experience, not about records or extreme social media posts.

We’ve compiled the key tips from Skydevil in the following tutorial for your pleasure.

The attraction comes from the idea of wanting to please

In the last months, we’ve presented two interviews with young subs (Jessie Forest | Alex Sillyboy) for whom bdsm has been a way to overcome bad experiences of their past. Today I’m talking with a young British kinkster, a cute switch, about control, submission, domination and his experiences.

Hi Alex. If I remember the time I was in your age, one of my most important goals was to spend as much time as possible with friends or meeting new people. To be at home was definitely something i’ve tried to avoid as good as possible. Friends, party, alcohol, sports and sex have been what I wanted to do. How is it for a young guy as you are to be inclosed at home cause of the Covid situation?

It’s not been so bad for me… I’ve just had an operation on my knee so I wouldn’t be able to go out anyway so I’m not missing out like I would’ve been haha. Having said that, it’s been very hard this year as I’ve made friends with so many amazing people online that I normally would’ve met up with 10 times over by now, but due to covid we still haven’t been able to meet.

I’m actually yet to go to my first event, and I was planning to go to as many as I could last year and meet as many people as possible, but covid kind of ruined tbag as well.

Yes we’ve strange times, but with all the vaccinations we can see a light at the end of the tunnel now. But let us talk about you. How long have you already been living out your kinky side, and how did you come to that?

I have been living out my kink life since I first started having sex at around 14. Being totally honest, my first time wasn’t the most pleasant and hurt me for a quite a while. I guess kink helped me through it and let me escape from myself when I was struggling. Even though I was doing it for so long, I only took it seriously around a year ago when I made my twitter! I connected to so many people and really felt like I found where I belonged 🙂

Oh, you seem to be a sexual early bird. Do you want to tell us about your first experience and what the problem has been?

I was raped when I was 13… it was pretty traumatic but now I look back as a blessing in disguise honestly. It really opened my eyes to how the world can really be and is what made me start kink and that changed my whole life.

Sexual abuse is a crime, and in my eyes even worst if the victim is such a young boy. But let us talk about how kink has changed your life after this bad experience. Why was it such a help for you?

It sounds a little bit fucked up, but I guess the idea of being able to control what happened to me in a sense. This time when im tied down, blindfolded, whatever it is I’m doing I have control. I can make it stop. And when I’m doing it to others I know how it feels.

Yes, this kind of “control” is important. But isn’t it more the trust you have to people you know and that you can feel safe with them?

Oh 100%! It goes without saying I only ever meet people I trust and have a good connection with. That’s one of the most important things there is within kink. If the trust and connection isn’t there then I can’t relax and get into the right mindset.

There are guys who love to do SM cruising in darkrooms or other places. What do you think about?

Everybody is free to do as they please with who they want, but personally it’s not for me. I’m happy to go in with people that I know but I wouldn’t really stray from those I don’t think.

What was the attraction of losing control in an SM session after your rape experience, and how old have you been then?

It was only a few months later I started watching that kind of porn and wanted to try it out, and my boyfriend at the times dad was a police officer… so he kept saying he would steal his dads handcuffs and use them on me and the idea was always super hot but we never actually got the chance to try it 😅 we ended up breaking up and i spoke to a guy online for a while, and we decided to meet up. He tied my hands with rope behind my back but only tight enough that I could slip out. And I loved it!

From there I watched more kink porn and tried out more kink and it’s still snowballing today! I’m finding out more and more kinks and wanting to try more and more too. The best thing is with each perosn it’s a totally different experience. I could have the exact same session with 3 different guys and it would always have a different feel.

Yes, the interpersonal relationship is important in BDSM. Every sub and every Master are different, and the same action feels total different with different people. What is the attraction of losing control?

I just find it incredibly horny hahaha!

It’s hard to answer. There’s no specific or correct answer to it. If I had to say something I guess it’s the idea and excitement of knowing something horny is about to happen but not knowing when, how or what.

As you’ve told us in the beginning, Covid has minimized your sessions. How do you live your kinks at the moment?

When I get back to Leeds it’ll be online mainly, over calls or through videos/texts. I’ve still been buying lots of gear over lockdown and have been going over a lot of fantasies with other doms/subs and playing them oht through texting. It really helps me get an insight of how they see a session going, so I’m a bel to use that for/against them depending on the situation haha.

Are you just talking with them about kinks and bdsm or are you also into cyber sessions?

Yes I do also cyber action. I don’t really enjoy it so much as a sub, unless I’ve got a really great connection with the dom. If the connection is great with the dom then even online they can still get into my head and into that mindset! But as a Dom I love it! I can have a few boys all doing things at the same time and if they’re into it I’ve even used them against each other in little competitions haha! For example seeing who could use for the most pegs on their balls, exposing them if they’re into it, that kinda things.

What is the attraction of dominating guys online?

The main attraction is that it’s the only thing I can do right now haha. I grew up in the middle of nowhere, so I couldn’t really meet people until I moved out, so I’m pretty used to that kind of session as well.

So it is just a substitution of real life encounters. That I can understand. But now we’ve really to talk about your kinks and of course also about gear. You haven’t had a lot of real life action yet, but can you tell us, what have been the highlights of your experiences?

The best experience for me … I stayed with a Dom in scotland for a month and had an amazing time. Because I was around him for so long he really managed to get inside my head and make me feel extremely submissive towards him. We did a lot of leather worship, bondage, sub/dom etc. I think the highlight was reallt understand just how much he could get inside my head and manipulate me into doing whatever he wanted. I trusted him completely that he wouldn’t abuse me of course haha.

Yes, trust is the base of good SM. Was it supposed to be a full month from the beginning on and have you visited him as friend or as slave?

It was only meant to be a few days to a week haha. But we got on really well as friends! Although we had a great dynamic, we didn’t really click as slave/master, and even today we’re still great friends!

Oh most of my slaves remain good or even close friends to me. I think that a slave-Master-relationship don’t exclude friendship. As a Master you need to have a good understanding of your boys and this understanding but also the trust you can find easier if you have also a friendship. You’ve told us, that you have become extremely submissive towards him. How did that show?

Well whenever I did something wrong or let him down I actually felt bad about it. It wasn’t just roleplay or a hot scenario, it was genuine emotions haha! He made me feel loved but also degraded and humiliated me at the same time. I can’t explain the feeling but it was very intense.

Well for example he would make me doing something extremely submissive like kissing and licking his feet, slapping me across the face or spanking me, but then kiss me passionately and tell me how great a job I was doing.

Or if I was in the wrong hed punish me and degrade me and tell me how awful I was, but then afterwards embrace me in a deep hug and stroke me hair telling me he’s only doing it because he knows I can do better. He’s doing it for me own good almost.

I see you’ve met a good Dom. That is the way it has to be. I would never humiliate or punish someone I don’t really like and who isn’t important to me. What is the attraction of feeling inferior?

Exactly! I learnt a lot from him actually.

I guess the attraction comes from the idea of wanting to please. Having somebody to impress and work for. Somebody to focus my time onto. I didn’t really have much going on when we met so it was a great distraction hahaha.

Hehe. In my eyes, it is an important point that to feel inferior or submissive is nothing people have to feel bad about and also nothing that others should blame someone for. It is a natural desire. And important is that devotion has to be earned. In good SM you can just dominate people you take also care about. That is a key point. I also say that to be submissive doesn’t mean to be inferior to the whole world. It is about to serve your Master and other tops your master trust. What do you think about?

Oh, I totally agree! Although it can be hot to role-play with the idea of being inferior, and I so believe that some submissive are inferior to dominant men. I don’t believe that being submissive makes you inferior, though.

It makes you act inferior but you aren’t.

Well it’s fun to act as if a man is totally better than me, as it’s fun to act as of a sub is totally inferior to me. And during the moment it can really feel that way as well. However it’s important that I both make sure my sub knows it’s roleplay and they’re loved, just as I expect to be treated when I’m submissive.

Would you like to continue your journey as a submissive and dive deeper into the slave world?

Slave no – Submissive yes. I could never be owned by somebody, I don’t think. It’s just not who I am, and I can’t really say more on it haha.

And what are your future goals as Dom?

Just to explore myself more, meet new people and try out new kinks! Continue to learn and teach others in the process 🙂


United Kingdom

Alternate Paths 12

While Micky is in the basement getting reeducated, Kris is upstairs enjoying a light workout — one of many activities that he finds makes him super horny. Fortunately, members of his staff are in position to receive his copious gift.

As Kris fills boi #3 up with a huge load of hot, thick cum, bois #1 and #2 check-in with their Master and give him a status report on Mick’s progress…

Early the next morning, Kris wakes up amid his harem, finding himself increasingly virile, horny, and hungry.

There’s the cliché ‘I used to play dog as a kid’, but it runs deeper for me

Hello dear readers, I’m here with pup Kenzie, an adorable doggo from the SF Area. Can you tell us a little about yourself? Are you a good dog or a bad dog? 😉 And what do you all like and enjoy?

Hiya, thank you for inviting me to the interview. I go by Kenzie. I’m 26, non-binary, and I’ve recently settled in San Francisco after living many different places all over the world.

I bought my first pup hood three years ago, but I don’t consider that my introduction to pup play, rather a manifestation. I’ve always understood myself as an ‘animal-person’. There’s the cliché ‘I used to play dog as a kid’, but it runs deeper for me. If we’re in the realm of calling things ‘gender-queer’ I like to call myself ‘species-queer’. Animal species, like gender, are largely social constructs. In fact, Linnaeus coined Homo sapiens because he struggled to taxonomically define humans. Arriving at sapiens, humans are suggested to ‘be wise’ of their place. I like Deleuze & Guattari’s concept of ‘becoming-animal’ as an introductory lens to queering human-animal ontology.

But enough of my soapbox. I spend my time enjoying and collecting music, out dancing at raves or clubs, and camping with my bio-dog. I enjoy theory, as you could probably tell, photography, and cultivate a daily meditation practice. Pup play feels like the most authentic representation of myself, and I am always eager to share that with the world.

As far as a good or bad dog, duality doesn’t fit well into my Buddhist world view. But pup play is certainly very sexual for me 😉

Philosophist Deleuze and Psychoanalyst Guattari are both authors famous for the two volume work “Capitalism and Schizophrenia“, consisting of Anti-Oedipus” and “A thousand Plateaus“. The concept of becoming-animal as described by Gerard L. Bruns in another paper called “Becoming-Animal (Some simple ways)” is this:

Basically “becoming-animal” is a movement in which a subject no longer occupies a realm of stability but rather is folded into a nomadic mode of existence in which one is always an anomaly, that is, inaccessible to any form of definition.

The concept of “becoming” reaches far back, up to the ancient greeks, starting with Heraclitus “On Nature“.

I mean, it’s an interesting concept 🙂 And I’ll definitely link it for people to read more about.

And Haha oh well, understandable. But honestly, isn’t that joke more of an ironical touching of duality? I mean, the answer’s mostly always along the lines of “Depends on who you ask, and what mind I’m in. Kinda both. But in the end, I’m just a dog being a dog ;P”. And doesn’t that go more into Buddhism view?

But anyway, that raises an interesting question. What does fit into your view? Is it more along the lines of sexual enlightenment, or enlightenment through sexual discoveries rather?

You got it right, I am just a dog being a dog 😉

I aspire towards presence, connection, and non-attachment in kink. I also have a flair for the performative elements and find value in kink’s ability to serve as a liberative technique. It causes people to re-think how they understand the world—and still threatens existing power structures enough that the ‘kink at pride’ debate is in full force.

I shy away from the traditional BDSM discourse with master/slave, dom/sub, etc. I’m not seeking to ‘give myself up’ to another person, nor do I want that from someone. These roles seem very codified and attached. I do have a deep respect for power exchange, but to me that’s very tender ground to tread with someone. All this isn’t to say I don’t enjoy long-term play partners, either, I’m just not gonna claim to own you.

I fall on the more naturalistic side of kink preferences. The term ‘primal’ somewhat describes what I’m getting at. I often have trouble articulating what I’m “into”, because the answer is entirely dependent on my chemistry with my play partner. It’s about learning and following the flow of both myself, and the other person(s). The immediacy of a club bathroom will always be hotter than a planned scene.

As far as enlightenment goes, I’m not sure I can comment much there. I’ve learned so much about myself in play spaces, dark rooms, and kink environments. The experiences far transcend physical pleasure.

As you say you’re more of an animal-person, do you also enjoy other kinds of pet play to manifest that? If so, do they have different attractions to you?

As an animal-person, I’ve always related extremely well to other species. I worked as a dog trainer once upon a time, and as I kid I spent most of my play time with pets. Some of this is probably a nod to having a rural upbringing, too. The proximity and importance of animals is much different than in an urban center.

In a sexual context, I love just about anything to do with dog role play. I understand myself less as a pet and more as a dog, because it implies less ownership/hierarchy. I’m not opposed to playing with others’ who resonate with a different animal. It might depend on what they’re channeling, we’d have to see.

I appreciate some aspects of furry culture in this regard. I have met many furs whose concepts of animal affinity are similar. Plus we share a similar vocabulary for what gets me going—knot/breed/bitch are hot-button words for me.

Fetish does bring one to see common social structures in another view, very true. And Woof, yeah those are trigger words I know well too xD

But you don’t see yourself as a furry either? And what else are some hot-buttons for you you’ve noticed?

I don’t see myself as a furry. I’ve dipped my toes in a few times, but the community hasn’t been a good fit.

I’ve got a fair few turn-ons. For location, I love groups, exhibitionism, and clubs/bathhouses. I much prefer cruising IRL to apps. Anon is fantastic too. Face down ass up 😉

For dynamic I love being bred like a dog. Any sort of language and gear that plays that up. Grab me by the scruff of the neck and tell me you’re gonna knock me up. I like feminization here, not in a sissy way, but in a “fuck me like a bitch in heat” way. I can’t reproduce but that’s not what I’m telling myself. Knot me and I’ll cum without touching at all. Just like a femmy puppy should. This is what’s going through my head even in vanilla Grindr hookups—I just try to tone down the dog noises.

The last big area is I love well-timed watersports. If I bring it up with you, it means I really like you. Watersports feels very intimate to me and only ever works when we’ve both reached a level of mutual connection and vulnerability. But gosh it is just about the hottest thing.

Wruff yes, being marked in a hot moment can bring in such a strong sub-headspace, and can be the cute-hottest thing to see from the other perspective 🙂 And exhibitionism is hot as well. What makes such action special for you? What feelings stir up in you when you’re surrounded and seen people and groups?

I like to be seen. In a sex club setting, it opens the act from a linear two-person engagement to a multi-channel event. I’m not just focused on who’s inside of me and how I feel, but on how I am occupying space, and the presence others are lending to the environment. And specific engagement with watchers, even if just eye contact. There’s also a good chance someone will take me over if the top needs a break.

At a deeper level, heteronormative culture constantly shames and devalues queer bodies and expression. So much of my queer experience has been colored by invisibility. The rush of fear when holding hands in public. Trying to present ‘straight’ to keep a job, a rental, or stay safe from the police. Being denied access to spaces. Exhibitionism is a direct refutation and refusal to comply with the demands of cishet culture. It’s a reclamation of identity and self.

And are you content now with your kink experience zone you’re moving around in? Or do you still have some fetishes and fantasies on your wish bucket list you haven’t crossed off yet, so to say?

I am pretty content. My sexual relationships are always evolving and improving. There is room for a lifetime of work to explore sexual expression.

As for bucket list items, I’ve checked most of them off. The only one that comes to mind is I’d like to do a complete anon, cum-dump style scene, with load tally marks and all. I’d give my Grindr/app profiles over to someone, get blindfolded, and let the city have it’s way with me. A couple of people here in San Francisco have mentioned they’d be interested in helping me with this, so stay tuned 😉

Haha I believe many of our readers will. At least me certainly. Last question. Do you perhaps have any words or recommendations for fresh pups and kinksters who are newly finding and diving into the fetish scene?

It’s cliché, but there is no one way to practice pup/kink. We are all shaped by unique experiences that led us to this interest. Let that shine. The best thing you can bring is your own authentic energy. Diversity and intensity of expression are beautiful.

I’m not going to deny the role that social media, image, gear, and commodification play in the community. We live in a capitalistic society that prizes these concepts. Almost all of us will feel lacking from time to time. I certainly do. It’s how the system is engineered. But the joy should lie in sharing your truest self with others. Making connections. Finding community.

Take it from me with 100% honesty that my most intense experiences have been without gear. The best connections formed entirely off of social media. The hottest encounters have been with people who don’t fit the toned ‘influencer’ image. Go to meet ups, clubs, and events to meet people, get off the internet.

Lastly, unpleasant people seem to lurk on the fringes and falsely leverage age/gear/etc as experience or reputation. A good dom/sub/kinkster—like any relationship—will not pressure you. That’s the real marker of experience. Respect.

A great word to end on. Thank you Kenzie, it’s been a real pleasure, and I hope you’ll still have many good primal-energetic experiences to come in your future 🙂


SF Area, USA

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Alternate Paths 11

(Back in the present, takes place immediately after Part 30): Number one and his helpers have subdued Mick and attached him by his harness to the “disciplinarium.” Now even more of his bits are being attached to the machine.

The bois have strapped poor Mick into a device called the Disciplinarium. With his bottom fully prone to spankings and his reduced nub fitted with an estim sound, Mick finds himself completely at the mercy of the machine.

At the mercy of the Disciplinarium machine, Mick must either give in and submit to its “facts,” or face continual discipline in the form of robotic spanks to his exposed bottom and electric shocks to his poor nub!

It feels like a plethera of kinks that I am into.

Hello dear readers, I’m here today with the FemPrincess. Now from the name we can already guess what you are into 🙂 But a nickname only says so much. So let me ask: What are you all into, and what do you all enjoy?

Well that could easily turn into a pretty long list. If I distill it down to a few it would be Pup Play, Rubber/Latex, BDSM, ABDL, Exhibitionism, Heavy Ass Play, and of course being a FemBoy. Being a Femboy is something I have always been into but just started recently exploring over the last year.

ABDL is my first love, and thats something I’ve been into since as early as I can remember, and I enjoy every aspect of it without going into tremendous detail. As I got older and kinkier Rubber and latex combined with puppy play were major turn ons for me. Then that quickly evolved into BDSM, and here I am now with what feels like a plethera of kinks that I am into. 🙂

What were the moments where you started to notice your kinky essence, so to say? And what were the thoughts and emotions that got you to wanting to be a femboy?

For me it started with

Well that could easily turn into a pretty long list. If I distill it down to a few it would be Pup Play, Rubber/Latex, BDSM, ABDL, Exhibitionism, Heavy Ass Play, and of course being a FemBoy. Being a Femboy is something I have always been into but just started recently exploring over the last year.

Well that could easily turn into a pretty long list. If I distill it down to a few it would be Pup Play, Rubber/Latex, BDSM, ABDL, Exhibitionism, Heavy Ass Play, and of course being a FemBoy. Being a Femboy is something I have always been into but just started recently exploring over the last year.

Your definitely can pull the femboy look of 😉 And that’s not just me saying that, but also your evergrowing twitter fanbase. Does showing that part of yourself on the internet like that also an effect for/on you?

Well that could easily turn into a pretty long list. If I distill it down to a few it would be Pup Play, Rubber/Latex, BDSM, ABDL, Exhibitionism, Heavy Ass Play, and of course being a FemBoy. Being a Femboy is something I have always been into but just started recently exploring over the last year.

Well that could easily turn into a pretty long list. If I distill it down to a few it would be Pup Play, Rubber/Latex, BDSM, ABDL, Exhibitionism, Heavy Ass Play, and of course being a FemBoy. Being a Femboy is something I have always been into but just started recently exploring over the last year.

The FemPrincess



Daddy Faggot Slave (9)

I had been up almost all night in a cheap Memphis hotel getting fucked by strangers, but I had to be up early to get back to my little hometown, my wife, and my vanilla life.  It was going to be a hard day.  As I drove home in the light of day, the dangerous stupidity of what I had done last night hit me.    I could easily have been raped and killed last night.  Maybe not raped, since I let any man who came to the room fuck me last night.  I was a good and stupid fag daddy last night, and my jaw was sore, my throat was sore, and my asshole was sore this morning.  After driving an hour, I had to stop at a gas station restroom to push more cum out of my ass from last night’s gang bang.   You know you were fucked and breed deep when cum is still coming out of your ass hours after your last ass fucking.  How did I sink so fucking low?

When I made it home, my wife was luckily out shopping, but she had left a note saying our son Glen and some of his friends would be home for dinner, and she wanted me to cook steaks out on the grill.  I had some time to recover.  Another hot shower helped me feel less dirty.  On the drive home, I had imagined I could still smell sweat and cum on me, but that was probably just guilt working on my nerves.  I had a long nap after my scalding hot shower and felt almost normal.

My wife pretty much ignored me as usual once she was sure I was doing my assigned duties for tonight’s cookout.  There would be a group of Gen’s friends and their girlfriends.  Karen’s brother Jess and his latest girlfriend were coming too.  To say I had mixed feelings about seeing Glen and Jess again would be the understatement of the year.   How would I react?  Could I act normal when I meet my own son who had literally fucked the cum out of me last weekend?   He did not know it was me of course, but I knew and knew a new side of my son I never suspected.  He can be casually cruel in a way my baby boy never was.  As young as he is, he is a man now who takes what he wants.  A hung man who can fuck a man like me into submission and orgasm without really trying.   It would be hard to look at Jess as Karen’s baby brother now too.  I always liked him, and God knows he is a big good-looking man, but I don’t like the way he has taken over with my son.  I should have been Glen’s role model, but last weekend I found out it was Jess he looked up to and was learning from.  When Glen copied Jess’s moves and slammed his massive cock up my ass to make me whimper, I knew what Jess had been teaching my boy.

Jess’s new girlfriend was pretty.  They always are.  My wife always thinks the current girlfriend will be the one for her little brother.  I’d like to tell her that her brother is anything but little, but I won’t ever.   We had a good crowd since several of Glen’s friends from high school were there to see him.  I knew almost all of these boys (men?) since I had helped coach many of them in little league and junior football.  I would have had a great time seeing the kids again if I had not been so uncomfortable with my brother-in-law and son.  Not that either of them acted any different.  My Son had given his old Dad a big hug and Jess had shook my hand just like normal when they arrived.  The only one that was a little odd was Glen’s roommate Lance.  He squeezed my hand a little too hard and too long.  Did he suspect?  Maybe he thought of all daddies as potential fuck meat after using me for a cum dump last weekend.

Anyway, he did not say or do anything else odd during dinner.  It was a great cook-out and everyone seemed to have a good time.  One of the boys even suggested throwing the football around after dinner like old times.   There were enough of us to play what was supposed to be just a friendly game of touch football.  When the boys were young, I had to be careful not to be too rough when we played because I was so much bigger, but now it was the boys trying not to be too rough with the old man.  That is till Jess sacked me to the ground, after that the game wasn’t touch football anymore; it was tackle.  I got sacked several more times before I could throw the ball over the next half hour.  I think roughing up their old assistant coach was fun for the boys.  Somewhat painful for me, but a bit of a thrill.  The chastity cage on my cock made sure I did not show wood at least as my son’s old friends and teammates tackled me.   On one of the last plays before the more sensible women put a stop to the game, Jess tackled me and held me down long enough to get his lips close to my ear and say two words.  “I know”.  At least I think that is what he said.  It was fast and there was a lot of other noise, so I can’t be sure.  The dinner broke up after that, but all seemed cool with Jess as he and his girl left.  It was just one more thing to rattle my brain.  It was all I could think about as I helped my wife clean up.

I had three normal days at the beginning of the week.  As normal as possible when your cock is locked away.  I’m use to jacking off once a day before work and sex with the wife a couple of time a week.   Disappointingly my wife did not seem to notice that I had stopped initiating sex.  That was good in a way.  I mean, it made it possible to hide my chastity device, but still it hurt to think that sex with me was just something she did to humor me.   I had the worst case of blue balls of my life.  I could not look at any man, at work, on the street, anywhere without thinking about their cock in my mouth and especially my ass.  Caged cock or not, I thought about getting the cum fucked out of me all the time.

My dry spell ended Wednesday afternoon when I got a text from Master Jeff.  He had a customer for me to service at one of the local motels after work.  The instructions were simple.  Walk into a dark room then undress and lay face down on the bed spread eagle.   Sounded easy compared to the ordeal I went through last weekend in Memphis.  The only downside was that someone I know could see my car at a local motel, so I parked at a gas station near the hotel and walked to room 131.  The room was dark except for a laptop playing straight porn near the bed.   I did not see or hear anyone else in the room till I was naked and in position.  Without saying a word, a man gripped my right wrist and zip tied my wrist to a rope tied to one of the bed legs.    The guy was fast and it was done before I could react.  I guess I could have fought or objected, but I was already caught and sure as hell did not want to make enough noise to attract attention to this motel room, so even though I was scared, I let him zip tie my other wrist and ankles too.  I hoped this was part of the plan and Master Jeff had “vetted” this guy whatever that means, but how could I know?

I still had not seen him clearly or heard a word from him when I felt his belt across my ass.  I jumped and made a yipe sound more from surprise than pain.  But pain was coming.  The belt blows on my ass and legs got harder till I was involuntarily trying to move to avoid the hits, but I was able to stay quiet.   No one through the thin motel walls was going to hear my cry.  He reached under me and pulled my caged cock and ball back.   He started out gentle, just tapping my balls with the tips of his fingers.  It still hurt of course.  When he slapped my nuts hard, it was just too much and I begged “PLEASE NO!”  Wrong move on my part.  He put his hand on the back of my neck and used his full weight to crush my neck and face into the mattress.   “Whore, you don’t tell me NO!  I own your ass.  Understand?”

I gave the only right answer “Yes Sir” My balls felt the belt after that.  I’m not going to exaggerate and say he beat my balls black and blue.  He did not have to.  Just popping my exposed nuts with the belt buckle over and over was enough to make me pull on the ropes and struggle to get free, but not to say anything or make a sound.  It did not last long, but he sure made his point.  He could do anything to me and I would take it. 

I felt a few drops of lube on my ass then something thick pushed several inches into my cunt.  He had used only enough lube to wet my hole lips, so it was not an easy insertion, but when he switched on the vibrator motor, I was loving it.    He moved in front of me so his cock was at my face.   I could see some of what he looked like now.  He was very hairy and in good shape and tall.  He had a covid mask on, so I could not see his face, but I’d guess he was under 30.   I could move enough to raise up and get his hard 6” fat cock in my mouth.  He let me suck it at my own pace for a few minutes before grabbing my head and face fucking me till he came in my mouth.  A huge bitter sticky load.  “Swallow it.  Swallow my cum you whore.  After I had swallowed and deepthroated him to clean his cock., he pulled out and turned my head toward the laptop on the nightstand.  There was a brunette with big tits on her knees sucking a long fat uncut cock on the screen.   “That is what you are.  A cum whore.  Only good for sucking cock and swallowing cum.”

I’d hoped this was over after he came.  I wanted to be untied and away from this guy before he did something I would regret.   He was just getting warmed up. He scooted closer to my face and raised his legs so his ass hole was at my lips.   The smell of the sweat off his balls and ass was a major turn on especially with a vibrator purring in my ass hole.   I was into it even though his ass tasted awful.   I ran the tip of my tongue around his muscle ring then licked his hole up and down. I was making slurping noises as sucked and rimmed his nasty ass.  I could tell he was gently working his cock as I ate his ass.  The taste of his ass got much worse when he grabbed the back of my head and pushed my face closer to his hole and my tongue went up his ass. “Dirty whore” I tongued out his hole for only a short while till he was ready to cum again.  The vibrator was yanked out and his cock was rammed in with only the spit lube from the blow job.  More lube would have been great, but it felt so good, his weight on top of me and his cock moving in my cunt.   Having a caged cock and blue balls made the pleasure of my hole so much better.  I almost groaned in disappointment when he pulled out without cumming.  I thought this was over as he cut the zip ties on my wrists and ankles.

“Stand up.  Bend over the bed facing the laptop.”

When I was in position, he mounted me again.  Holding my hips tight he fucked me hard while we both looked at the porn playing on his laptop.  “Look at that whore!  She has big cocks in every hole of her body.  That is you.  That is all you are good for, taking cocks and cum in both holes.  You’re worthless except for your holes.  Next time I’ll bring some buddies and we will rape your holes all night long.”  He did not say anything else for a while, just pounded my ass till he came in me balls deep.    This time I was sure it was over.  I had a load from his balls in my stomach and ass.

“Get back on the bed.  Face up.”

He sat on my face for another rim job.   While I ate his ass he tapped my balls lightly with his fingertips again.  Not enough to hurt really bad like the belt buckle, but enough to motivate me to give him the deepest, wettest, sloppiest rim job I could.   He was clean inside and out when I was done.  I would like to write that I did not like it, but my cock was straining in its cage, so I can’t write that.    The customer liked it too.  He was rock hard again when he sat on my chest and fucked my face.  I did my best and could tell he was close, but I could just not get him over the edge. 

“Finish me off, you cum whore.  Suck and lick the head while you stroke the shaft.  Just like that.  Keep it up.  Don’t you fucking stop.” 

I did not stop for another few minutes then he flooded my mouth with a third big load.  This load was watery compared to the sticky glue-like first load, but still big. As he moved off to the bathroom, he said “you can go now.”  His balls were drained but mine were full.  I felt horny, frustrated and used, but relieved it was over with no permanent damage to my ass and especially my balls.  My “role play son” and real Master Jeff called me before I made it home.  I drove around the back roads so he could talk to me in private.

“Good job daddy.  A satisfied customer.  This one actually paid real money, $150.  You’re an engineer.  Do the math for me. What does that work out to per cum load in you?  I bet he put the $150 on his expense account as an entertainment expense”

“Master, $50 per load he dumped in me.”

“Dumped three loads in you?  Impressive.  No wonder he wants to use you again when he comes back to town.  Batesville is in his territory and he is here at least twice a month, but I think he will make it once a week now that he has an on-call cum dump there.  Good job daddy, you will be earning me a nice bit of change every week off this customer.  You will never know his name, so to keep it simple, let’s call him Master Rope.  Master Rope wants to use your holes with his buddies.  He asked me if I would cut him a deal, a group rate.  Tell me the truth daddy.  Don’t even think about lying.  Do you want me to make him a good deal, so he and his buddies can tie you up and rape you all night long?  Hard cock after hard cock in your cunt.  Load after load shot in you.  What you want does not matter. I’m just curious.  What price do you think your holes are worth if Master Rope runs a train on your ass and throat?”

How could I answer that?  My face and ass had just been fucked for $150.  Did master Jeff have to fuck with my brain too?  I could still feel the guy’s cum in my ass and taste it in my mouth.  I had not cum since the night Glen fucked me so good, I came hands free.  I needed to cum so bad, and my hole was my only sexual pleasure now.  I said “Yes.  Yes, cut Master Rope a group rate to use my holes.  $300?”

“You must want his cock again really bad.  Selling yourself cheap daddy.  Do the math.  Master Rope has four buddies and all of them dump three loads in you.  When Master Rope and his buddies are done using your holes, you will have 15 cum loads in your holes, so you earn $20 every time you let a stranger dump a load in you.  You are a cheap horny slut, aren’t you?   Your pussy can never get enough cock can it.  Say it.  I want to hear you say it.”

“Master, I’m a cheap horny slut.  My pussy can never get enough cock”

“I’m so good to my daddy.  You will get more cock in your hungry hole before Master Rope comes back to town.  I’m going to give you some of what you want Saturday night.  What daddy needs. You’re going to take more dick.   You’re going to get fucked at my ranch again Saturday.  Lots of real men paying me to slide their hard cocks into you.   If you work those pussy muscles real hard you might even cum while you are getting used.  I’ve checked your Facebook page.  I know your wife is out of town, so daddy is free all weekend to earn money for me.”

By this time, I was close to my house, and a surprise was waiting for me.

“Damn !”

“What’s the matter daddy?”

“My wife’s car is gone but her little brother’s car is in my driveway.   I think he knows about me or at least suspects.  He is probably here to confront me that he plans to out me to my wife!”

“Calm down daddy.  He is probably just at your house because he is horny.  If he was going to be a tattle tale, he does not need to talk to you first.  I bet he is just sitting in your living room waiting for you to get home, so you can blow him.  If he wants to fuck your face or pussy, have him call me first.  You are a cheap fag daddy, but not free.  He will have to pay to use you, but since he is family, I’ll cut him a friends and family discount.  I’ll still make decent money because a young guy like that probably needs to cum real often, and he practically lives at your house.    You said $20 a cum load was a fair price for strangers using you.  What do you think I should charge Jess?”


“Answer me daddy.  Answer me NOW!”

Fuck it was so wrong, but he is so fucking tall and good looking.  I had jacked off so many times fantasizing about him, and I was so fucking horny.   I said “$5”

Jess was sitting on my couch.  Jess is tall, about 6’2”.  He has short very dark brown hair framing his handsome face.  His eyes are pale blue.  He is hairy all over (yes I have seen him naked in an innocent way) with light skin.  If he was born in LA or New York, maybe he would have been a model rather than an engineer.  He is that good looking.  He was wearing a tee shirt and blue jean shorts.  Since he was man-spreading on my couch, I sat in the chair opposite him.  I could not help looking at his crotch.

“You’re home.  I was about to give up on you.”

“I worked a little late”


“So, what’s up?”

“Kate is being a bitch today so, I thought I would come see you.”

“Glad you did.”

“Sure, you are.   The thing is, the reason Kate is a bitch today is because she has been on her period for two days.   She is lousy at sucking dick and too much of a prude to just let me fuck her ass when she is on the rag, so I thought I would come see you.   I knew you would be happy to see me because like I said in the football game, I know.  I’ve known you were queer for a long time.  The mask you were wearing when you were whoring did not fool me for a minute.  Yea I knew it was you when I fucked your ass with Glen and his friends watching.  What I did not know was that you were nasty and horny enough to let Glen fuck the cum out of you without touching your cock.    Was great for him.  He still talks about how good and tight the fag pussy was and how your cunt milked him when he fucked the cum out of you.  NO, before you ask, he does not know it was you.  He thinks it was just some cock addicted fag daddy.   He is right.  You are a cock addicted fag.  Get down on your knees and suck me off.”

“I can’t”

“What makes you think you have a choice?”

“I don’t have a choice.  If I did, I’d already be sucking your cock.  But Master Jeff, he says before you fuck my face or pussy, have him call me first.  You have to pay.  Not much money, but you have to pay him.

“What?  Does he own you?  It’s not just fun for you? He is pimping you out?   Glen and I paid nearly nothing to fuck you at that so called ranch.  The gas to get there cost more than fucking you.  I thought you were just role playing being a whore.  You are turning tricks for that kid?  Fuck, I did not think you could be sleazier than the first time I fucked you.  Damn!   Call your kid MASTER.  I want to talk with him.”

I only heard Jess’s half of the conversation.

“The fag is telling the truth?


“Yea it’s cheap.  Real cheap.  How do you make any money? “

Long pause

“But here is the deal.  I plan on using the fag often.  My girlfriend does not put out near enough for me, and she is high maintenance. A trophy girl but expensive, so I can’t afford to pay even that little every time I dump a load in it.  I have a counter offer.  I’ve got all kinds of connections.  I can throw lots of business your way, guy who will pay good for a no limits fag.   Yea Yea I know you said he has limits, but his limits are so nasty, most men will never go there.  Here is the deal.  I send you lots of customers you would not have without me, and I get an all-access pass to the fag and 50% of what the fag makes off my customers.  Deal?”

Another long pause.

“Deal.  35% it is.  The fag will just have to take more dicks to make up the difference.  We both win.   Yea, I’ll put him back on the phone.”

“Great news daddy! You have two masters now.  I’m sending Jess a copy of your chastity cage key.  He can let your dick out to play anytime he wants, so you better please him in every fucking way possible every chance you get.  Isn’t that Great!  You have fantasized about Jess for years, and now I made your dreams come true.  Gee, I hope it does not turn into a nightmare for you.  And even more great news for you.  He has lots of buddies to fuck and use you.  Between Jess and me, we are going to keep your holes painted with cum every day of your life.  Say thank you.  Say Master thank you for making Jess my 2nd pimp and Master. then put down the phone and suck your new Master’s cock.”

“Master, thank you for making Jess my 2nd pimp and Master.”

Jess already had his shorts down and his long fat cock was hard.  He was pushing his cock down my throat before I could put down the phone.

To be continued …

About diaper changing, good feelings and humiliation

This is definitely not my first interview I’m doing about ABDL and I also talked with a lot of age player friends about their fetish over time, but I’ve to say that to watch the diaper changing of my interview partner has changed a lot. It was the first time that I was able to follow the sensations and attractions of ABDL action. It showed me different facettes of such a simple action like diaper changing.

First you’ll see and feel that it is an intimate moment. But at the same time it is also a moment of exhibition as people have been watching, and you can feel the tenderness of that moment. But you see also the difference in role standing and the last seconds include humiliation as well. So the diaper changing seems to be a very special moment, and about that we want to talk today.

Hi DiaperKing. Which age do you have as little and how would you describe your character as little?

When I’m in the little headspace, I tend to think of myself as a toddler around the age of a 2-3 year old. I think it’s the perfect age because I still enjoy having my daddy/caretaker taking care of all my needs, but being able to attempt a few things on my own. Id like to consider myself down to earth, creative, and mischievous when in the proper headspace. It’s no fun being good all the time!

How does it come that you’re into ABDL? Do you remember your first steps into this kinks and what is in your eyes the attraction of being an adult baby?

Honestly, I have always had an attraction to diapers ever since I can remember. I would always think about diapers as a child. Whenever I had the opportunity to go over to a friends house, I would always go into his bathroom and look inside the cabinets. I knew my friends younger brother had pull-ups and I wanted some. Long story short, I would take some of his pull-ups home with me to enjoy. As I got older and discovered websites like and, I knew I wasn’t alone. It felt great knowing that other people had the same love for diapers that I did. I just love the idea of being taken care of and treated like a baby by an experienced daddy. It truly is an amazing bond/feeling!

Can you describe what the sensations and feelings are which are connected in your brain with diapers? What is the attraction of them?

Whenever I see bags of diapers at the store or anything babyish in general, I get turned on. It’s hard to explain tbh. The way diapers feel so secure and snug around me, the crinkly sound they make, I love it! I think wearing diapers and using them for their intended purposes is a great way to escape from the adult world. I’m attracted to diapers even more when there’s someone else involved enjoying them with me!

One of these moments someone else is involved is the diaper changing. Why is it such a special moment in ABDL play for you?

I think having your diaper changed by someone you trust can be an amazing bonding experience. It’s a sweet moment where my daddy can softly speak to me, letting me know that I’m just a baby who needs his diapers. He is always there to take care of me and clean up my dirty diapers. Having my daddy put a pacifier in my mouth and change me into a clean diaper is such an amazing feeling for the both of us! It all adds to keeping me in the proper baby headspace.

Can you describe this feeling? What happens in your headspace during such a moment? Please share your sensations with us.

I feel like such a baby when a grown man is changing my diaper. It’s humiliating and embarrassing but I love it! My heart starts to beat fast knowing that I’m being treated like a baby, and that usually leads to my penis getting very hard! My daddy loves to tease me during changes, but won’t allow me to cum, just denial.

It seems that such situations arouses you and that your little dick gets hard. 🙂 Let’s talk a little about the humiliating and embarrassing aspect. Why do you feel humiliated by it, and what makes this kind of humiliation so desirable?

It’s humiliating because someone my age should not be wearing diapers and wanting to be treated like a baby, but I do! I love the idea of a grown man that’s bigger than me taking control and turning me into his baby boy. I love when I’m thickly padded and forced into situations I can’t get out of. Being in a thick diaper and having to go out in public in it is a big turn on. The thought of someone hearing or seeing my diaper peaking above my waist is such a thrill to me.

Is humiliation something you like in general? And if you say the bigger man should take control does that mean that to be an adult baby includes also being submissive?

Yes I do consider myself to be a sub baby. I do enjoy humiliation and public humiliation! I just enjoy being the baby in the daddy/son type of relationship. I’ve always been attracted to older guys who are bigger than me in size. I think it works best that way for an ABDL relationship.

I know, like in the furry world, the ABDL world has different points of view how sexualized the ABDL should be. Is sex and BDSM part of your ABDL life?

Yes, ABDL is sexual for me and I do incorporate it into my sex love with my partner. I wouldn’t want to be in a relationship with anyone that didn’t accept this side of me.

I know that your daddy sometimes puts the old wet diaper on your face after having changed you. How important are such “dirty” moments for you? And what does it give to you?

I’ve only been dabbling in the dirtier side of ABDL play for about a year now. I find it humiliating and a huge turn on when I’m forced to enjoy my soiled diapers. Diaper hoods are what we call soaked diapers taped around your head. Reminding me that I’m nothing but a baby that enjoys his piss soaked diapers a little too much.

Did you ever shit into your diapers?

I do mess my diapers at times, but haven’t gotten into messy diapers in a little while. It’s a nice sensation to use your diapers for their intended purpose like a real baby would. It feels even better when you can sit in your wet and messy diapers for a little bit and play with yourself.

I can imagine that you can be a real brat and that the straitjacket is really needed. Does your daddy also punish you sometimes?

It’s no fun being good all the time, that’s for sure! 😏 He will punish me at times. Usually he’ll take away my sticky machine (magic wand lol) and put me in padded mitts! Other times he’ll just spank me nice and hard.

So you recommend corporal punishments for babies? At least for adult babies?

Only for adult babies! Lol

You’ve told me before, that you’re ready now to become the baby you always wanted to be. Can you tell us, what kind of baby that will be?

I’ve always dreamed about becoming a baby full time again. Growing up I would read stories online about men regressing boys back to babyhood and basically creating a whole new life for them as a baby. The thought of that turns me on so much. I want it, I crave it, I need it. I don’t know why, but I just love it so much. I want to continue to build my nursery up and make it extremely babyish. It’s the perfect place for me to be who I am. I don’t want to hide this side of myself anymore. I want to embrace being the big baby I’ve always dreamed of being.

Oh, now you’ve really to tell us about your nursery. What do you have inside, and what are the things you really love in it?

So far I have a crib and a high chair. I absolutely love how giant they both are. Sitting in them makes me feel like such a big baby and I love it so much!

I can imagine that it is a great feeling. Would be nice if the window would also start in a 2 meters height. What are the next projects you have for your nursery?

I’m hoping to get a rocking horse and changing table sometime soon.

The bed and chair are also visible on your new pictures. Can you tell us why you love these pics and why as many as possible should see the little Diaperking?

I love the pictures of me in my crib and highchair because I look and feel like the big baby I’ve always wanted to become again. They are some of the best purchases I’ve ever made.

Yes it are great pics. BTW. if we talk about the best pics, we have also to talk about your best ABDL experiences. Could you please give us an insight into some of the best moments as adult baby you’ve ever had?

Some of my favorite ABDL experiences have come from inside of my nursery. Owning a crib and a high chair truly makes me feel like a big baby. But the very best are when you’re able to meet up with other guys into ABDL and diapers. Being able to enjoy that part of yourself with other people who truly enjoy it and won’t judge is the best feeling. You feel free and are able to be who you truly are.


1995 | 178 cm | 61 kg
Florida (U.S.)