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About diaper changing, good feelings and humiliation

This is definitely not my first interview I’m doing about ABDL and I also talked with a lot of age player friends about their fetish over time, but I’ve to say that to watch the diaper changing of my interview partner has changed a lot. It was the first time that I was able to follow the sensations and attractions of ABDL action. It showed me different facettes of such a simple action like diaper changing.

First you’ll see and feel that it is an intimate moment. But at the same time it is also a moment of exhibition as people have been watching, and you can feel the tenderness of that moment. But you see also the difference in role standing and the last seconds include humiliation as well. So the diaper changing seems to be a very special moment, and about that we want to talk today.

Hi DiaperKing. Which age do you have as little and how would you describe your character as little?

When I’m in the little headspace, I tend to think of myself as a toddler around the age of a 2-3 year old. I think it’s the perfect age because I still enjoy having my daddy/caretaker taking care of all my needs, but being able to attempt a few things on my own. Id like to consider myself down to earth, creative, and mischievous when in the proper headspace. It’s no fun being good all the time!

How does it come that you’re into ABDL? Do you remember your first steps into this kinks and what is in your eyes the attraction of being an adult baby?

Honestly, I have always had an attraction to diapers ever since I can remember. I would always think about diapers as a child. Whenever I had the opportunity to go over to a friends house, I would always go into his bathroom and look inside the cabinets. I knew my friends younger brother had pull-ups and I wanted some. Long story short, I would take some of his pull-ups home with me to enjoy. As I got older and discovered websites like and, I knew I wasn’t alone. It felt great knowing that other people had the same love for diapers that I did. I just love the idea of being taken care of and treated like a baby by an experienced daddy. It truly is an amazing bond/feeling!

Can you describe what the sensations and feelings are which are connected in your brain with diapers? What is the attraction of them?

Whenever I see bags of diapers at the store or anything babyish in general, I get turned on. It’s hard to explain tbh. The way diapers feel so secure and snug around me, the crinkly sound they make, I love it! I think wearing diapers and using them for their intended purposes is a great way to escape from the adult world. I’m attracted to diapers even more when there’s someone else involved enjoying them with me!

One of these moments someone else is involved is the diaper changing. Why is it such a special moment in ABDL play for you?

I think having your diaper changed by someone you trust can be an amazing bonding experience. It’s a sweet moment where my daddy can softly speak to me, letting me know that I’m just a baby who needs his diapers. He is always there to take care of me and clean up my dirty diapers. Having my daddy put a pacifier in my mouth and change me into a clean diaper is such an amazing feeling for the both of us! It all adds to keeping me in the proper baby headspace.

Can you describe this feeling? What happens in your headspace during such a moment? Please share your sensations with us.

I feel like such a baby when a grown man is changing my diaper. It’s humiliating and embarrassing but I love it! My heart starts to beat fast knowing that I’m being treated like a baby, and that usually leads to my penis getting very hard! My daddy loves to tease me during changes, but won’t allow me to cum, just denial.

It seems that such situations arouses you and that your little dick gets hard. 🙂 Let’s talk a little about the humiliating and embarrassing aspect. Why do you feel humiliated by it, and what makes this kind of humiliation so desirable?

It’s humiliating because someone my age should not be wearing diapers and wanting to be treated like a baby, but I do! I love the idea of a grown man that’s bigger than me taking control and turning me into his baby boy. I love when I’m thickly padded and forced into situations I can’t get out of. Being in a thick diaper and having to go out in public in it is a big turn on. The thought of someone hearing or seeing my diaper peaking above my waist is such a thrill to me.

Is humiliation something you like in general? And if you say the bigger man should take control does that mean that to be an adult baby includes also being submissive?

Yes I do consider myself to be a sub baby. I do enjoy humiliation and public humiliation! I just enjoy being the baby in the daddy/son type of relationship. I’ve always been attracted to older guys who are bigger than me in size. I think it works best that way for an ABDL relationship.

I know, like in the furry world, the ABDL world has different points of view how sexualized the ABDL should be. Is sex and BDSM part of your ABDL life?

Yes, ABDL is sexual for me and I do incorporate it into my sex love with my partner. I wouldn’t want to be in a relationship with anyone that didn’t accept this side of me.

I know that your daddy sometimes puts the old wet diaper on your face after having changed you. How important are such “dirty” moments for you? And what does it give to you?

I’ve only been dabbling in the dirtier side of ABDL play for about a year now. I find it humiliating and a huge turn on when I’m forced to enjoy my soiled diapers. Diaper hoods are what we call soaked diapers taped around your head. Reminding me that I’m nothing but a baby that enjoys his piss soaked diapers a little too much.

Did you ever shit into your diapers?

I do mess my diapers at times, but haven’t gotten into messy diapers in a little while. It’s a nice sensation to use your diapers for their intended purpose like a real baby would. It feels even better when you can sit in your wet and messy diapers for a little bit and play with yourself.

I can imagine that you can be a real brat and that the straitjacket is really needed. Does your daddy also punish you sometimes?

It’s no fun being good all the time, that’s for sure! 😏 He will punish me at times. Usually he’ll take away my sticky machine (magic wand lol) and put me in padded mitts! Other times he’ll just spank me nice and hard.

So you recommend corporal punishments for babies? At least for adult babies?

Only for adult babies! Lol

You’ve told me before, that you’re ready now to become the baby you always wanted to be. Can you tell us, what kind of baby that will be?

I’ve always dreamed about becoming a baby full time again. Growing up I would read stories online about men regressing boys back to babyhood and basically creating a whole new life for them as a baby. The thought of that turns me on so much. I want it, I crave it, I need it. I don’t know why, but I just love it so much. I want to continue to build my nursery up and make it extremely babyish. It’s the perfect place for me to be who I am. I don’t want to hide this side of myself anymore. I want to embrace being the big baby I’ve always dreamed of being.

Oh, now you’ve really to tell us about your nursery. What do you have inside, and what are the things you really love in it?

So far I have a crib and a high chair. I absolutely love how giant they both are. Sitting in them makes me feel like such a big baby and I love it so much!

I can imagine that it is a great feeling. Would be nice if the window would also start in a 2 meters height. What are the next projects you have for your nursery?

I’m hoping to get a rocking horse and changing table sometime soon.

The bed and chair are also visible on your new pictures. Can you tell us why you love these pics and why as many as possible should see the little Diaperking?

I love the pictures of me in my crib and highchair because I look and feel like the big baby I’ve always wanted to become again. They are some of the best purchases I’ve ever made.

Yes it are great pics. BTW. if we talk about the best pics, we have also to talk about your best ABDL experiences. Could you please give us an insight into some of the best moments as adult baby you’ve ever had?

Some of my favorite ABDL experiences have come from inside of my nursery. Owning a crib and a high chair truly makes me feel like a big baby. But the very best are when you’re able to meet up with other guys into ABDL and diapers. Being able to enjoy that part of yourself with other people who truly enjoy it and won’t judge is the best feeling. You feel free and are able to be who you truly are.


1995 | 178 cm | 61 kg
Florida (U.S.)

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