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Why do you like … WATER SPORTS ?

There are many guys who love to play with their piss or even to drink the waste of other guys. We have talked with three guys about their love for water sports. Everyone has got the same questions.

First Question: What is the special attraction of water sports? What kind of sensations do you get with it, and what do you see as the biggest turn on for you?

We start with Yoshi Kawasaki. Most of you know this kinky Japanese porn actor. So it isn’t really a surprise, that he is into piss. Let’s see what he has answered:

Yoshi Kawasaki: There are too many things in watersports attracts me and turns me on. I get great pleasure when I feel the warmth of piss. Body, face, mouth, ass, no matter where it may be. And being covered in piss and feel the sense of being dirty, I enjoy very much. But for me the sensation of filling my mouth, piss going down my throat and my ass turns me on the most in watersports.

What is more, to me water sports is one of the ways to show my submission. If I was told to drink his piss, I will do it in order to show my position as a slave. In addition to piss, I am also into saliva and sweat. I think I simply love the idea of getting dirty with body fluid.

The next boy to answer the question is a kinky artist living in London, doing music and working in a sex store.

Gabriel NoAngel: I don’t have an absolute attraction when it comes water sports. The act doesn’t attract me by itself. It’s more of the connotation that goes with it. The submission, humiliation. I don’t particularly enjoy getting it all over me in a mutual way without any kind of submission/domination dynamics. It’s a turn on when it takes the form of an abuse. I know most guys enjoy it on its own, happily pissing on each other in the shower, that’s not my kind of game. I’m drawn to the dark side πŸ˜‰ 

Surprisingly, I have found that water sports are very, very common in the gay community and across all “tribes”. Maybe it’s a guy thing, we enjoy the dirtiness of it. With much of my straight friends, it is considered an extreme practice… Almost still taboo. 

The third dude in our round is Pisswhore. He is a real piss addicted guy from England’s North-East. Sounds as he is a super pro …. Let’s see what he is answering.

Pisswhore: It’s a turn on, first and foremost.  It’s different to share cum with someone.  It’s also been a part of you, and it’s something different, but it’s dirty.  For me, it’s the act of partial domination, piss is basically stuff the body is expelling and to drink it, or have it on you, or watch someone pissing, etc. is supposed to be dirty, which partially the turns me on.  I like to feel a bit degraded with it, but I also like to show off how dirty I can be.  I’m just a bit of a deviant and like things that are sexually taboo, I guess.  The biggest turn on for me is sharing the liquid

What to feel a bit degraded with it but I also like to show off how dirty I can be.  I’m just a bit of a deviant and like things that are sexually taboo I guess.  The biggest turn on for me is sharing the liquid with another person, whether that’s anally, orally, on the skin, pissing in front of each other, or a bit of exhibitionism with it, it all turns me on.  I would love to go into more of a why but then I’m hard typing this so as I said, it just turns me on!

Is piss really so dark and dirty? At the end, it is the only aseptic thing of our body. That doesn’t really sound dirty. Sounds as it has a bad reputation. But let us talk more about the symbolic behind the piss drinking. Next question: Do you think a good slave/sub/pup should also drink piss? Why and what kind of meaning do you see in this action?

Yoshi Kawasaki: As I mentioned earlier, for me, watersports can be a tool to express my submission to a master. I find it quite hot when see others drinking piss. I personally give anything at least one chance especially when it comes to fetish. For instance, I never thought I would have got into sweat, but ever since I have met this guy in Spain, who made me smell and lick his sweaty, smelly armpits and his bare feet, I found myself getting into it more and more each time!

Although I believe that you should not be forced to do something you do not enjoy doing. Just because you drink piss, it does not make you a good slave. In the same sense, just because you consider yourself a good slave, does not mean you have to do things you do not like. As far as I am concerned, the relationship between master and slave is not a one-way street.

Gabriel NoAngel: A lot of people are scared by it, obviously, we are taught that it’s dirty. That’s what makes it exciting, the sense of breaking the rules in a way. I think subs/slaves should definitely experience it. If you want to give yourself fully and be dominated, this is part of the submission. It is defying the norms of society that tell you you should be treated with respect. It makes you objectified, which keeps it horny, in my opinion.

There is also something quite poetic (in a twisted way) about letting someone invade you like that. A dimension of slave/master play that people tend to forget about is the tenderness that can be behind it. You are to be cared after your master, there is some healthy Stockholm syndrome happening there. Letting that person piss in your mouth is like letting them cum inside you, it’s taking a part of them in and satisfying them as much as you can… beautiful isn’t it?

Pisswhore: Always!  If sado or domination is your thing then drinking piss can be a huge turn on for both.  You’re dominating someone and degrading them by pissing on them.  Piss is supposed to be dirty!  Forcing them (though I doubt most actually wouldn’t be lapping it up by the litre if they could) to drink it demonstrates your domination of a pup or slave.  Pissing on them again, shows you’re position of power.  They can’t force you to drink it and you wouldn’t let them piss on you so if you’re in the dominant position it’s a quick and easy way to assert said dominance.  making them piss themselves or wear piss covered clothing, like jocks and stuff, it’s all degrading and dirty! Fucking Love It!  I’ve happily eaten spag bol made with piss, washed down with a glass. But then I’m basically a urinal anyway. lol

So it is a deep symbol of submission. That’s why i love if boys drink my piss and believe me, it has spared me many queue at kink events and clubs. And I was also able to follow the story of movies in times replay TV hasn’t been invented. πŸ™‚ But everyone has different tastes … Let’s ask our three guys about theirs. Next question: What kind of piss games do you like?

Yoshi Kawasaki: When I am super horny at home but too lazy to go out, I piss into a silver dog bowl and drink it on the floor then finally jerk off. Or in a shower piss all over my body, into my mouth, feeling the sensation of fresh warm piss then cum. Just wanking myself is not really enough for me these days…I need something to get myself extra horny πŸ™‚

Also after a long rough fuck, I really like getting my sloppy asshole filled with warm smelly piss for the climax. As you might have noticed by now, I love receiving in terms of…well, anything sexual. Haha. But I also like pissing into someone’s mouth. He drinks it, that’s a big turn-on for me πŸ™‚

Gabriel NoAngel: I will enjoy it in a slave/master dynamic. I enjoy being gaged with a funnel muzzle or mask and feel forced to take it in. I have no interest in drinking it willingly as obviously I don’t particularly enjoy the act in itself. It’s all in the mind game. I know some friends who like to play dare games like drinking a glass full of piss. That doesn’t turn me on, because it is completely focused on the piss, the whole sex context is taken out of it.

I think group play involving watersports can be quite horny. Imagine an orgy, one guy’s taking it up the ass and sucking off another, then suddenly his mouth is filled with piss… whoops! Sounds good to me! I have had some experiences of pissing on a guy with another guy or getting pissed on with a fellow sub by a couple of doms. That is really hot. It can also be a turn on to use piss as a natural lube as well. And it’s also completely safe! That’s one of the very plus side of piss play, it’s 100% safe. So guys, piss on!

Pisswhore: Personally, I love a piss roast shower! CLOSE YOUR EYES AND IMAGINE IT!  You’re basically being spit roasted, but the guy in front is pissing down your throat as he fucks your face and the guys inside you is also pissing while he fucks you, deep and hard!  I never hold back and just relax and if it’s going to cum back out while he’s fucking me and get nice and sloppy then even better (and I’ve not found a piss fuck top that didn’t love that as well). The icing on the cake would be if a third guy is there showering us all in the warm golden rain as well!  PIG IN MUCK!  I’m making it all sound like I’m a total piss sub, but it’s not true.  I’m a rarity in the world in that I’m 100% vers switch in everything sexual.

Sounds as the guys really love and need it. πŸ™‚ Now we have to talk about the culinary side of it. There are always funny advices how to make things more tasty. Do you know pineapple should make your cum sweeter and the classic advice … asparagus makes piss just something for real gourmets. Are our three guys real connoisseurs, or just gourmands? Next question: Do you actually like the smell and taste of piss? If so, why? Or if not, how have you got over it?

Yoshi Kawasaki: The smell of piss makes me not only horny but also relaxed at the same time. Since I was about 10 years old, I started tasting my piss in a bathroom so intentionally I accustomed myself to the smell and taste of piss. Was very curious about why the flavor of piss vary from day to day. And now the piss is one my fetishes and I love it so much so that once on my XTube account I posted a video of me pissing in a bathtub and at the end swallowing piss and cum. πŸ™‚

Gabriel NoAngel: Haha there are different levels of intensity… The worst one is morning piss, I mean that one… I wouldn’t touch it if my life depended on it! My very first experience with piss was with some guy’s morning piss… He did warn me, but as the young stubborn kid that I was, I was adamant to give it a try as the idea was turning me on so much…. very very bad idea! I stopped the whole thing. I’m a bossy bottom πŸ˜‰

I do tend to encourage my partner to drink a lot of beer or water, it’ll dilute it and makes the smell/taste better. No, I don’t enjoy it ‘au naturel’ haha. I would tell beginners to start with clear piss and then up the level a but. almost like increasing difficulty in a video game you know, step by step…

Pisswhore: Piss doesn’t usually smell.  If it does then that’s usually a sign of an infection or poor diet.  Piss itself as a substance is actually sterile and free from just about anything that can do you any damage.  The only time it will contain something is if you have some sort of infection or ill health (not including HIV or any other such chronic infections).  The bacteria in it is what creates a smell when it comes in contact with the air and becomes stale.  After a time it will give off a smell, which is why lift shafts and stair wells in tower blocks and car parks smell.  My personal preference is beer or wine piss.  It usually runs clear and tastes lovely!  Darker piss is usually due to low liquid intake or the intake of certain substances which the body can not break down or doesn’t want.  Therefore it is expelled and the piss can have an odour and different taste.

As for me and the smell of a lift shaft or car park stair, well, yes, they do turn me on!Β  I start to imagine guys pissing there or even two guys enjoying some piss play (some of my best sexual experiences, not just with piss, have happened in piss stinking places) so that’s always a turn on!Β  After I’ve played and just put my clothes on or something, it’s a bit of a turn on after a while if there is a slight odour.Β  Having said that, I don’t like to be physically dirty during my everyday life.

My slaves are happy that I like beer. But Pisswhore is right that piss usually doesn’t really smell. And it is often a brain thing if you teach a slave to drink piss. If he expects something fresh like a cold coke to drink, and then he gets fresh piss from the tab, then he will have problems to swallow. But if he expects something like a bouillon, warm and salty, then it is much easier to handle. Last but not least, we have to talk about good piss action. Next question: What was your hottest experience you ever had with watersports and do you have a fantasy you’d like to try out in the future?

Yoshi Kawasaki: In a sling, as one guy was fucking my ass, another guy was pissing all over my body was quite hot. In the end, they both pissed into my ass while they’re both inside me. Hoping to see them again somewhere…haha

I have always dreamed of being chained in a public toilet (or in a sex club) as a human toilet. I have seen this sort of pictures several time and I could not feel more jealous! But, for that, have to find someone to handle me there because without assistance I would probably stay there all night long! πŸ˜‰

Gabriel NoAngel: I think the best experience was being used as a “urinal slave” in a group/dungeon play. That was my role for the evening, tied up gaged with the funnel, being fed poppers every time someone came in to take a turn on me. That was the kick πŸ™‚ I guess that’s my ultimate fantasy when it comes to piss play and I’ve already experienced it. One thing I would be interested in trying is having an enema plug in my butt and taking it in there. A different sort of toilet use I guess…. I need to try that one for sure.

Actually, that would probably indeed be a big big fantasy of mine. To be enslaved at a sex party for a whole evening, securely restrained in the toilets on all fours, a funnel tube and plug in my ass, a funnel gag in my mouth, and just let the guys come and go, choosing which way to piss from or even better, going with a buddy and filling both holes and getting a whiff of poppers from time to time! That’s getting me proper hard… You see what I mean when I say I like the objectifying aspect of it? hot!

Pisswhore: There’s two experiences that were equally as hot, but for different reasons.  1) was a piss group at a mates place where everyone was just drinking down and piss fucking, or sharing, showering, etc. as much as possible.  The fact that we were doing it all on cam as well was another turn on.  It became really, really dirty, from drinking piss that had just been fucked into someone’s hole to piss ice cubes being placed inside everyone, even in drinks etc. Honestly this was just a depraved fucked up Sunday of no holes bared liquid filth!  2) I went to a Nakemates gathering at SOP in London on a Sunday in November.  I’d spent the afternoon earlier in SBN fucking and being fucked all over, so I was pretty turned on to say the least.  I arrived at SOP, stripped off and went for a wonder.  Met the people I was supposed to meet and then got to it.  There was piss coming at me left right and centre.  I drank down sooooo much I couldn’t believe my stomach had room.  I’d never been piss fucked at SOP before and I finally managed to get a guy to piss in and fuck my hole deep, and when a few guys realised what was happening, there was a queue.  I managed to keep most of the piss inside me and then was asked to empty the contents into a glass, which I did (thank god it was all just piss and cum) and was then forced to drink that as well on a dare by my friends (two of whom shared with me).  I was placed in the paddling pool while one of my friends fucked me and I had three guys all basically using me as a urinal.  The end of the afternoon resulted in me slipping on the floor in the toilets and blocking the urinal trough.  Which was handy as then everyone just used me. lol.  The train back north, sat in First Class, resulted in a couple of funny looks from people as at that time, I’m sure I had started to smell a tad of piss and spunk.  NOT THAT I CARED!  I had a smile on my face all the way back home with a damp patches in my jeans at the front and back!  As to what fantasy I may have… Just bigger and more I guess! There’s a large piss gathering in the states I’d love to attend but basically just to meet other like minded raw piss pigs for lots of unapologetic wet sleazy sloppy fun!

Now it is up to you: What do you think about the three guys, their kinks, and what is your opinion about piss? We are looking forward to reading your comments!

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