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Pleasure Slave (9)

I lay there, wondering what was going to happen next. I was expecting Master Brett to order Gary to let me go, to undo me from the horse, but there was an interruption.  Without even knocking, Master Jed came in, and stood there looking at the three of us, all naked.

“Ah, Brett – you’ve had your turn, I guess.  Want to ride him again, or shall I take over?”

“No, Jed…. He’s all yours.”

Master Jed didn’t use Gary to help him undress as Master Brett had.  He was more casually dressed, in jeans and a leather jacket, and without a shred of embarrassment he just stripped them off and allowed them to fall to the floor.  His body was much thinner than Master Brett’s – he was taller, too, and sinewy. His dick was long, rather than fat, and he stood there and stroked it into life, not appearing to be at all embarrassed by having Master Brett watch him.

He came around behind me, his dick swaying as he took long, easy strides, and I almost jumped with the shock as he slapped my butt, hard.  And then again, and again!  He must have rained about heavy slaps down on my defenceless butt, and it smarted and hurt.

“Right, boy!  That’s tenderised your rump a bit.  I like a slave to know that his owner is in charge when I fuck, and you’ll certainly feel more sensation now when I slam into you….”

There were no more words, no small whispered comforts as there had been with Master Brett – I felt him pulling my cheeks apart, then the warm touch of his dick on my sphincter, and the next instant he was in! No stretching, no gentle movement, the whole length of him was rammed home in one go.  I did scream, I remember that – it wasn’t just the sheer unexpectedness of his action, but it actually hurt, and hurt badly.

“Good, slave! “, he shouted. “Now you know what penetration is really like, this is how a man really rides a slave…..”

He began to thrust in and out of me, and these weren’t the slow, measured thrusts of Master Brett.  No, each one involved him pulling almost all the way out of me, then slamming himself violently home so that his pubic bone slammed into my tender ass.  On and on it went, and I wasn’t moaning quietly now – I was shouting out each time he thrust, screaming out my anguish at what was happening to me.  Or was I?  Somewhere, deep down., something in my brain was saying that although this was hurting, it wasn’t really – there was a huge sexual charge associated with what was being done to me, and I became aware of my dick starting to go hard as he continued.

It didn’t go on for long, of course – no man can fuck that vigorously and hope to keep it up for long.  He came, with a great shout, as Master Brett had, and stood there, buried deep inside me.  But not for long – he pulled out, very quickly, giving me one last bout of sensation, then came around to the front and waved his still hard dick under my nose.

He too pulled my head up off the horse using my nose ring, but then, holding me there with one hand, he put his other to the base of his dick and proceeded to slap my face with  it, so that my cheeks got covered in cum.  “Right, boy – that’s the preliminary cleaning.  Did Master Brett teach you about cleaning a man off?”


His hand left his dick, and a really vicious, stinging slap almost ripped my nose ring out of my nose. “Manners, boy.  We’ve had enough of the ‘Mr Nice Guy’ now – you’d better start to act like a proper slave. Try it again.”

“Yes, sir.”

“Right then, boy, get licking….”

His balls hung down low, too, and I had to really work hard to lick and clean him to his satisfaction.  I then just lay there,  my ass hurting and my ears still ringing from the vicious slap to my face as I watched Gary scurry around, helping him and Master Brett to dress.    They just ignored me, as if I wasn’t there – Master Brett and Master Jed were intent on dressing, and were discussing the day’s business, and Gary was so busy, and looked vaguely scared, as if he thought that something terrible would happen to him if he made a mistake in helping the two masters.  Although I suppose I was relaxed, there was a problem – something wet and cold was  sliding down the inside of my thighs – I supposed it must be my masters’ cum leaking out of m ass, and I tried desperately to stop it – I mean, you don’t want other men to see you covered in cum, do you?  But however hard I squeezed my legs together, and tried to contract my sphincter, nothing seemed to stop it, and the small trickle of semen made its way down my legs.

When they were dressed, both Master Brett and Master Jed left, still deep in conversation. I thought they’d have told Gary to let me go, or something, but they said nothing and Gary bowed deeply to them as he closed the door behind them.

“Come on, Gary – let me up off this fucking thing…”, I said.

“Ah, well, Steve…. You’re not quite finished yet.”

“Do you mean they’re coming back?”

“Well, Steve, Master Brett will be back, of course: it’s his office.  But before then I’ve got work to do.  Master Brett usually likes to stay and watch, but he sounds busy today.   But he always lets me use the new slaves after he and Master Jed have finished….”

“What do you mean?”

“I get to fuck you now, Steve.”


“Yes, Steve.  We couldn’t do it in the confinement cage last night as I had to wait for our owners to take your cherry  But now you’re ready, and I’m ready, too – in fact, I’m looking forward to it.  You almost fucked me last night, and now I’m going to do it properly.  So how do you want it….?”

“I don’t want it at all.  Let me up off this fucking horse… “

“No, Steve.  It’s part of your training.  You heard Master Brett say that you had to have sex with all the guys here, to break you in properly and to get you properly trained… Well, I’m first on the list, and looking forward to it, too.  So how do you want it – long, slow and gentle, like Master e Brett, or a proper hard fuck, like Master Jed?  I can do either, you know – I’ve been properly trained”

“Gary, if you don’t let me up this instant, it will be the worse for you… I’ll be let up from here at some point ,you know, and then I’ll beat the shit out of you….”

“No you won’t, Steve!  If you do something like that, they’ll have you whipped for damaging their property- I’m a slave too, remember.  Now, rough or smooth?”

“Fuck you, Gary….”

“No, Steve, it’s you who’s going to get fucked…..”

I felt his body pressing against mine, and just like Master Brett he stood there for a bit, running his hands up and down my sweaty back and massaging his dick against my ass crack.  Then he pushed my cheeks apart, and for the third time that day I felt the hot tip of an erect dick nudging at my asshole.   There was a little shoot of pain as he pushed himself through, but then he rested, and I could feel his body pressed against my ass as he stood there, buried in me.

“Oh, Steve… You’re great, man.  You’ve got a great ass….  This is really going to be good….”  He said quietly, and then he began to fuck me.  It wasn’t as gentle as Master Brett, or as violent as Master Jed – I suppose, with the benefit of hindsight, I’d call it a good, workmanlike fuck, at least at first – as he got into his stride, he seemed to speed up, going faster and faster, and pushing harder and harder.  I suppose that’s what being only twenty two does to you – sex is so much more urgent, so much more insistent, and once you get going, you just have to go at it with all your vigour until you cum.

When he’d finished – which didn’t take all that long, I suppose, he too came and stood in front of me.  He hooked his finger in my nose ring and hauled my head up and back.

“So, Steve… How was it?  Ready to clean me off?”

“Fuck you, Gary!  This isn’t funny!  Let me go….”

“Oh come on, Steve… Don’t you want to lick my lovely dick clean for me?  It’s only cum and sweat – you heard Master Brett say that….”

“Gary, let me go….”

Still holding me, utterly helpless, I saw him smiling.  “Oh come on, Steve… You want to lick my dick really, don’t you?”

“Gary, I’ll hit you, whatever the consequences, if you don’t let me go this instant….”

“Only joking, Steve!  I hate being strapped down on the fucking horse, too – I mean, it takes all your dignity away, doesn’t it?  A man ought to be able to choose whether he lets another man up his ass… And even when we’re working,  there’s some bit of choice we can usually exercise in how we get fucked over. But when they’ve got you strapped down like this, you’re no more than a hole just waiting to be filled… Come on, then….”

He knelt down and released the clips holding my bracelets to the legs of the horse, and I gingerly got to my feet.  My hole felt sore, my ass and face were still stinging from the powerful slaps that Master Jed had given them, and I hated the feeling of the cum running down the inside of my thighs.  I went to take a step, and immediately noticed something different – above all the little shoots of pain from my body, it felt great to be walking – my ass somehow “slid” over itself.  I suppose in normal life you don’t ever think about it, do you?  I mean, you just walk, and your ass muscles slide over each other and you don’t notice. But when they’re slick with cum, they positively glide, and any difference like that is immediately noticeable.

“What next, Gary?”  “Well, Master Brett didn’t leave any instructions, so I guess we’re free to go back to the slave quarters.. Here…..”, he said, picking up my shorts and throwing them at me.  “Let’s get dressed, and get out of here.”

“Where do I clean up?”

“Back in the slave quarters, of course.”

“But I’m running with cum…”

“It doesn’t matter!  We’ve all seen cum before, after all.  Stop being such as prude, and get your shorts on.”

As he spoke, Gary was pulling his on, and I could immediately see his dick outlined  at the front – it was still covered in cum, and the moment it touched the very thin satin material, it formed a wet outline perfectly clearly.

“Gary… I can’t… The cum….”

“Suit yourself, Steve.  Come naked if you like – everyone here’s seen a dick before, after all.”

So what could I do?  I really didn’t want to roam the corridors totally nude, as there were women working in some of the admin functions.  I tried as best I could to clean some of the cum out of my ass crack and from my thighs, but only ended up with it all over my hands.  Reluctantly, I reached for my shorts and pulled them on, and immediately knew that the same thing was happening to me as had happened to Gary – I could even feel the satin, as it was so damp, starting to chafe in my ass crack!

I kind of slunk along the corridors back to the slave quarters, pressing myself into the wall if anyone went to pass – actually, I suppose, that’s what they expected me to do, as I was a slave, after all, and slaves always have to give way to free men in corridors and stuff, don’t they?

When we got back into the combined sleeping area and “common room”, there were about twelve of the guys lounging around.  As we came in, they all stood up and cheered, and I blushed red with embarrassment.

“Come on, Steve – show us your ass!”, became the chorus, and I wanted to crawl away and die.  I tried to ignore it, by starting to go out through into the showers to clean up, but the guys wouldn’t have it! As I went to go past, they grabbed me by the arms, and then Gary bent down and pulled my shots off.  My fellow slaves pushed me over to the table, and bent me over it on my belly.

“Hey, Steve – nice ass!  I see Master Jed was giving you his lesson in how a tenderised rump  Look, you can still see the hand prints.”, one shouted.

I tried to get up, but a steady pressure held me down, and a pair of hands pushed my ass crack open.

“Wow!”, another of my so-called fellows exclaimed. “Look at that – you’ve taken a real pounding.  I suppose that Gary had his fill, too?”

“Uh, yes… He said it was normal….”

There was a chorus of manly laughs and obscene jibes at this.  Then I heard the unmistakable tones of the black slave, Jomo, say “OK, guys, let’s stop hazing Steve.  He’s been through enough today, and I guess we can all remember what it’s like the first time?”

There were universal sounds of assent, and they let me stand up.  Strangely, I didn’t feel ashamed or embarrassed any more:  there I was , buck naked, cum all over me, and yet it felt as if I was in the company of real buddies, buddies who understood what had happened.  But Jomo wasn’t finished yet.

“Hey, Steve, didn’t Master Brett tell you about how you have to go with all of us, to get experience?”


“Well, I bet Gary told you he was first on the list, right?  And that’s why he could fuck you?”  “Yes.”

So are you going to fill in the next column now, or later?”  “What do you mean?”

“Well, it’s all a two-way thing… We all get to fuck you, and you all get to fuck us.  Gary’s done his bit, so it’s your turn now – why don’t you give him a good seeing to, after what he’s done to you.?  He didn’t need to fuck you today, after all – he could have waited until you weren’t so sore!  Sometimes the young fucker gets above himself, and he needs to e taught a lesson… So why don’t you fuck him, now, and fuck him hard?”

There was a chorus of “Yes”, and “Too bloody right”, and “Come on, Steve…”

Well, I didn’t really want to do it.  For one thing, I still didn’t feel I really knew what to do, and I didn’t want to look stupid in front of all the other guys.  And for another, I wasn’t sure I wanted to fuck – well, that’s not quite true, I suppose.  I remembered how good it had felt between Gary’s thighs, and now I’d seen what a lot of fun three men had got from fucking me,  There had to be something in it didn’t there?  But no, I wasn’t ready – and I especially wasn’t ready in front of a room full of other guys!

“Hey, no… Tomorrow, perhaps….”

“He’s scared….”, I heard someone mutter.  “A big guy like that thinks e can’t handle young Gary….”

Well, I wasn’t going to have that, was I?  I mean, you can’t let other guys think you’re afraid of anything, can you?  I was much more worried about being thought a wimp than I was about not knowing exactly what to do!  After all, I’d fucked women, hadn’t I, and it couldn’t be that different.  And there was a definite sexual charge in the air

“Hey, I don’t suppose I could sleep now anyway, with a load of cum in my balls.  Perhaps I would like a fuck….”

“Right on, man!”, Jomo shouted, and the others all cheered and began shouting “Fuck him, fuck him, fuck him….”

“But perhaps  I ought to start off  with something bigger?”, I queried.  “Can any of you guys tell me if it’s better to start with a big, black ass?  Or would you recommend sweet, tender, young Gary?”

“I’d suck you in and you’d never get out… It takes real experience to fuck me properly…”, Jomo said, laughing.  “I’d like to Hoover up that white dick into my black hole….  Are you man enough for it?”

Oh, Jesus Christ, I thought.  I’ve blown it now!  I’d hoped to gain a bit of tome, to find some way of avoiding things, but I seemed to have made it worse! I watched almost in horror as Jomo dropped his shorts, then went and lay over the table, and reached back with his big hands and pulled his ass cheeks apart. There, deep down between the two massive slabs of muscle was his hole.  I remember thinking that it looked odd – until I realised that like a lot of niggas it was probably normal for him to be a different colour down there from the rest of him – like the palms of their hands, and the soles of their feet,  I suppose.

There was nothing for it.  I went over to him, conscious of my fellow slaves watching, reached down, and ran my finger over his pucker.  It felt so strange – crinkley, but somehow warm, and soft.

“Hey, you’re dry as a bone and tight as a drum”, I shouted.  “Who’s going to give me some cum to lube him?  I don’t want to have to wank him, as it looks as if his balls are a bit undersized….”

There was a great shout of laughter from the other guys at this, as the one thing that Jomo’s balls were not, and that’s undersized!  They swung here between his thighs, evidently full of  cum, just waiting to be released.

“You can fuck me dry, white man!”, Jomo called out. “I can take a white dick plain…. Come on, boy, pound it in there, as hard as you can.  My nigga ass can take anything a white boy can give it….”

“Hell no, Jomo… I think you don’t know the size of my dick.  It will more than fill that hole of yours…”

I really don’t know what I was hoping to achieve by all this badinage. Perhaps I was hoping that “something” would turn up, to “save” me.  Perhaps one of our owners would come in, or there would be a fire alarm, or something…. anything.  But it never happens like that, does it?  The other slaves were all now chanting “Fuck the nigga, fuck the nigga…. “, and I knew I had to go ahead and do it, or lose terrible face.

“Jomo, are you sure?”  I changed my tone now, to show him I was serious.

“It’s OK, Steve”.  He was reassuring in turn.   “A lot of clients like to play rough with me and just fuck me hard and dry, so I’m used to it.  And you ought to do it at least once that way, so you know just how good it can be to really have a hard, dry fuck.  Just use a bit of spit to make your dick a bit  slippery, moisten my hole with a bit , too, and then fuck away….”

I’d read in a story somewhere, one I’d picked up by accident, about how you go about wetting a guy’s ass, so I crouched down, gathered a whole load of spit in my mouth, and spat it at Jomo’s hole as it was there in front of me.  More spitting into my palm, and a few quick strokes along my dick (which had the effect of causing my erection to become more solid, as well as wetting my dick), and I could delay it no more.

I went and stood behind Jomo, and kicked his feet apart a bit.  “Keep your ass pulled right open, nigga,”, I called.  “There’s a lot of dick to go in there….”

I moved forward, and started to do the thing that Master Brett had – moving my dick up and down in Jomo’s ass crack,  I almost fainted with the sensation!  It was incredible – my dick head sent shivers of excitement all through me as it moved up and down the warm, moist deep valley.  If I’d been worried before about what to do, this feeling of sheer sexual ecstasy took over, and it was just as if I knew exactly what to do next… I used my hand to position my dick at the entrance to Jomo’s hole, then pushed. I felt his resistance, but it didn’t mater – I just thrust my hips forward, hard, and was rewarded with an even more incredible feeling as my sensitive dick head popped in to him.

There was no stopping now, and I didn’t want to stop. I felt the moist power of his ass muscles almost caressing my dick, and I thrust it home.  I heard him moan, and I didn’t care whether it was with pleasure, or pain – all I was focussed on was the excitement that I was feeling, with the sheer joy of being inside this big guy, of having him under my control.

Hard and fast, I began to pump my dick in and out of him, using my powerful thighs to drive it again and again.  I could hear him crying out, and I still didn’t care – he could have screamed his fucking head off as far as I was concerned – who worries about the guy underneath, when you’re having such an experience?

I was dimly aware of the reaction of my fellow slaves – at first, they’d been kind of cheering me along, but as my strokes got harder and harder and faster and faster, and as Jomo’s cries got louder and louder, they went quiet.    I didn’t care, though – it was as if they weren’t there anyway, as my whole world had contracted down to my dick, and Jomo’s hole, and the interaction between them.

I wanted it to go on for ever.  I felt as if I could have gone on thrusting away all night like that.  But you can’t really control the reflexes in your body, can you?  I felt my balls tightening, and however much I tried, I couldn’t delay the inevitable:  I had one last thrust, really hard and deep into him;  my back arched, my head was thrust back, and I gave a great primeval cry of “YES!”, as the cum shot down my dick, and flooded Jomo’s ass.

And then, as it does, it was all over.  It was as if someone had thrown a switch and everything came flooding back  I heard the startled sounds of my fellow slaves around me;  I heard Jomo’s whimpering cries, and I felt the warmth of his body around my dick still, as it started to detumesce.  Rationality returned, and I realised that I’d fucked a man, a man who didn’t seem to have enjoyed it all that much, even though he’d been bragging about how he could take it hard!  But, as you do in these circumstances, I fell forward, and my big body sprawled on top of his slightly bigger one.  I could feel the wetness of my sweat and his, as I lay there.   Not knowing what else to do, I moved my head as far forward as I could, and whispered “Hey, thanks.. That was great….”

Jomo turned his head to the side, and looked back at me.  “Steve, man, you sure are one hard fucker!  I usually reckon to take any man on his first time without any trouble, but that was one ace fuck!  Now, get your body off me – it’s bad enough nearly being fucked to death by you, without having your weight crushing the last bits of life out of me!”

He was smiling as he said this, so I could tell that there wasn’t a problem really.  I  got back and stood upright, then pulled my dick out of him, quite slowly.  Jomo got to his feet, turned around to face our fellow slaves, and said “You guys are in for a hard time!  This is one is ace fucker.  I reckon he’s an aggressive, dominant top…. So all you tender-assed white boys are really going to know it when he’s been up you!”

Looking at me straight in the eye, he went on “But of course, Stave, My turn will come – or should I say cum?  Remember, we all have to fuck and be fucked by the other guys, and Master Jed and Master Brett usually get the newbies to go with me more than once – so my big dick is going to be up that ass of yours as well!”

He  was smiling as he said this, and before I could say anything, he put his big black arm around my shoulder and led me off towards the showers.  “I think our fellows have had enough of a show for one day, though, don’t you think?  Let’s you and me go and clean up – I doubt that you want my dick after you’ve already taken three today.”

It was kind of companionable in the showers – Jomo wanted to soap me, and I really enjoyed the feeling of another man running his soaped hands all over me – and yes, I enjoyed it even when he did my dick and sac, and when he ran his hand down my crack.  Mind you, I winced when he touched my hole, which was really sore now.  But I discovered that there’s something very special about having another guy shampoo your hair – the feel of strong, manly fingers massaging your scalp is really great.  I suppose I was a bit startled at my reactions now – if anyone had ever suggested at my sports club that we should shower together and wash each other, I’d have been horrified – but once you’ve fucked a guy, a whole set of new possibilities open up, don’t they?

It was even interesting to help Jomo out, too – I suppose I’d never felt a stud’s muscles before.  At my gym I used to sneak a peak at the toned guys as they showered and dressed, as most guys do, but there’s a world of difference between that and actually touching the flesh and being able to probe the body to see if it’s as tough as it looks.  Now I was at liberty – no, I was almost required – to run my hands all over Jomo’s superb frame as I thoroughly soaped him, and there was a distinct tingling in my fingers as they stroked his fantastic ass and thighs; and I also got an erection when I felt his nips stiffen under my hands as I washed his upper body.  I wondered what to do about his dick and so on – he’d been really unconcerned about washing me down there, but I was still a bit wary of touching a guy’s most intimate parts, so I left well alone.  Just as I thought I’d finished, though, Jomo said “Hey, Steve… Are you afraid of my big, thick black dick?”

“No, of course not.”  Well, I suppose that wasn’t strictly true.

“So are you prejudiced?  Don’t you want to touch nigga dick?  It’s OK to fuck nigga hole, but not OK to touch nigga dick?”

“Hey, don’t call me prejudiced, nigga!  I used to work with lots of them…”

“So come on then, white boy – I want to feel those white hands of yours soaping me properly…”

I almost felt myself starting to blush, as I guess I had been concerned, actually, about touching his dick – not because it was black, but because it was so thick and powerful looking.  So having got this approval, I knelt down and started to wash him, oh so gently – and as you’d expect, with a guy stroking your dick and sac, he began to go erect.

“Want to suck it, Steve?”

“No, thanks….”

“Ah, you are a whitey, don’t want nigga dick…”

“No, Jomo…. But I’m tired, I’ve had enough cum….”

“I’ll believe you, Steve.  Thousands wouldn’t!  But it can’t be long postponed, you know – you’d better dream tonight about the way it’s going to feel when this dick splits your ass wide open, and then when it’s filling your throat….”

I did look at it again, and it did seem very formidable.  But I noticed one of those things that fixes in your mind – the inch or so behind Jomo’s dick head was a much paler shade than the rest of his ebony-black dick:  that must have been where he was ‘skinned, and this “band” was the underside of his ‘skin before it was cut away.  I was going to ask him about this, when he turned the water off, and we were finished.

To be continued …

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  1. I like this stora and I like Pete Brown’s blog in especially his very interesting describes of that many slave-pictures. I suppose he is a very sensible man with a very good phantasy! I like him at all…!

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