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Super Bowl Party (12)

I have had multiple guys spit in my mouth, piss down my throat and put loads into me so far today, but nothing has given me greater pleasure as a faggot than simply sitting on Master Rob’s dick in front of his four guests. Not “pleasure” in the sense of physical pleasure, as what kind of a faggot would I be if I cared about that? I’m talking about the kind of pleasure that comes from knowing I’ve done right by Master Rob, and the incredible bonus pleasure that comes from being so close to him. I love my master, and the fact I don’t get love in return simply doesn’t matter. I get to worship his body. I get to receive his fluids. I get him inside me. And today, for the first time, other guys are watching me with Master Rob totally inside me. I get to feel close to him, I have him inside me and other people can see both of those things. Faggot heaven. 

The game is close down the stretch and, as always, the closer the game the longer the last few minutes take. 

“Damn, Rob, any more timeouts and that pussy is going to be sore,” Nick said. “Seems like cuntboy has been impaled on you forever already.”

“Don’t worry about this pussy. We’re going to tear it up a lot more than I’m doing just sitting here,” Master Rob assured Nick. “I know I’ve got a good faggot; today we find out just how good.”

WTF does that mean? I think to myself. I mean, how good do I have to be to get gang-banged? Sometimes even an experienced faggot can be naïve when it comes to what’s on the mind of an Alpha. 

When the game finally ends, Master Rob whispers in my ear in a surprisingly intimate way. “Go get the sheet with the squares, and get back on me before you look at it,” He says to me. “Yes, Sir,” I whisper back, and I awkwardly shift upward to release his awesomeness, even more awkwardly climb off of the chair, drop to me knees and crawl over to get the sheet. I put it between my lips — can’t get it wet, that would bring on punishment — and crawl back. I present the sheet to Master Rob, who simply shakes his head.

“That’s not what I told you do, is it, bitch? Get back on me and then look at it,” Master Rob tells me. I crawl around to get in better position when He stops me. “Stand up, pussyboy.” I know why he’s saying that and I’d rather be on my knees. I instinctively stand and then turn to face the guests, bent slightly over. Master Rob sits up a bit in the recliner and gives me a hard whack with his hand. He then does the same to my other ass cheek. “You follow ALL my instructions. You know better,” he says. “Yes, Sir. I know, Sir. I’m so sorry, Master Rob, and I will do better next time.”

Nick, who, having been the beneficiary of Master Rob whoring me out the day before, has been the boldest of the group in speaking up, and he is again at this point. “You are a stickler, Robbie,” he says. “I’m learning a lot in case I ever get a faggot slave of my own.”

“A-ha!” says Master Rob. “So now you’ve figured out the other reason for the guest list. You see everybody, Nick got a taste of what it’s like to own a faggot yesterday. I whored mine out to him when I sent him to Nick’s store to shop for the food for the party. But owning and training a faggot is about a lot more than shoving your dick In his cunt. I wanted to show you boys that the real pleasure in owning a faggot comes from two things: how much easier your life gets, and how it makes you feel to have such control over another person, especially one who is pretty smart and could be doing things with his life other than being your bitch. I’ve always been accused of being cocky, but now whenever I walk into a room, I own it. I know I’m the top dog anywhere I go. The feeling of control extends into your whole life, and I wouldn’t have had things go my way the past few months as much as I have without this faggot. I’m telling you, every guy, straight or gay, who isn’t a faggot should have either a live-in faggot or a couple of fags on call. It does a body good, and a mind, too.”

I don’t hear every word of this as I’m busy trying to climb back on Master Rob’s dick without dropping the paper. But I get on early enough to hear the part about how owning fags can give you a feeling of power that extends beyond the bed or getting your chores done or errands run. I get an odd feeling of pride knowing that my submission to his awesomeness has translated into other parts of his life, and I suddenly feel more useful than ever. As I slide down where I belong, I have to fight back tears. Fags have feelings, too, and this expression of my value to my magnificent master touches a lot of them.

“OK, faggot,” Master Rob says as the teams head out to midfield to shake hands. “Who won the all-important fourth quarter?”

I slide my eyes over to the right number across the top and then down to the right number down the side. And I shiver just a bit. “It’s Mr. Nick, Sir.”

“Lucky devil. OK, Nick, you now move into Position 2 and Garrett will take your old place at Position 4,” Master Rob says.

“OK,” Garrett said. “But what does it all mean?”

“You are about to find out,” Master Rob says. “But first, anyone have to piss? In fact, strike that. Everybody empty your bladder no matter how little or much you have to piss. I don’t want anyone needing to use my fag as a urinal while he’s going to be so busy. Fag, slide off and get into Faggot Service Position.”

Once again, I awkwardly get off of Master Rob’s dick and off of the recliner. I drop to my knees and crawl around the chair to my spot. The only one who really needs to piss is Danny, who has this weird smirk on his face the whole time his strong piss stream is going down my throat. Eric, Garrett and Nick each take their turn, but all of them either pissed in me recently or haven’t had much to drink since the last time they pissed and I don’t get much. But I get a bit out of each of them, the warm, tasteless piss of an almost-drunk stud from each of them, and when they’re done they are left standing there wondering what comes next.

“OK, boys,” Master Rob starts. “You’ve heard me talk about how awesome it is to own one of these. But even if you only have one need, a faggot is better at meeting that need than any bitch you’ve ever had. And now you’ll see — and feel — for yourselves.

:”Faggot, get the ottoman over here and get my pillows off of the bed.”

I have a perfectly good king-sized bed — well, if he’s in my place Master Rob has a really good bed — so I don’t understand why he’s going to use the ottoman and pillows. Wouldn’t he want to be comfortable? 

“OK, cuntface. Put the ottoman right in front of the recliner, and put the pillows on the seat of the recliner.”

I do as I’m gold. The ottoman is in such a position that you could sit on it and lay back with your head on the pillows that are on the recliner, and Master Rob does just that. 

“I’m still lubed from before, and so is that pussy. So get back on it, but this time face me.”

I seldom get to face Master Rob when he rapes me, so having his dick all the way in while I get to look at his face and body is a fantastic treat. 

“Tell me the positions again, faggot, and we’ll get everybody ready.”

If it’s truly possible to break out in a cold sweat, I do at that moment. Nervously, I repeat everyone’s position number. “Mr. Danny is in Position 5. Mr. Garrett is in Position 4. Mr. Eric is in Position 3, and Mr. Nick is in Position 2.”

“And what does that make me, faggot?”

“Position 1, of course, Sir,” I say, smiling obediently at my perfect man.

“All right, gentlemen. I’m sure you’ve been wondering since the end of the first quarter what this all means,” Master Rob says as I shift slightly. It seems to weird to have this conversation while four guys are standing around me — literally — as I’m sitting on Master Rob’s solid erection. “Nick, you stand on my left and Eric, you stand on my right. Both of you facing me. Garrett, you straddle my chest and face the faggot. Danny, lube up a bit. Not that the faggot will need it, but I want to make sure you feel as good as possible.”

Suddenly it all becomes crystal-clear, to me if not all of Master Rob’s guests. 

“Faggot, you’re going to be sucking on Garrett while you stroke Nick and Eric. Boys, do NOT get too close. If he gets you too close just push his hand — or his head — off of your dicks and relax a bit. Every load is going up that pretty pussy so it’s nice and sloppy when it’s my turn to rape it. Danny, why don’t you slide that nice young dick of yours into my fag’s pussy?”

“Um, Rob, you’re already in there.”

“Do I stutter?” Master Rob says in the tone usually reserved for me. 

Just before I bend at the waist to allow him easier access, Danny whispers in my ear, “I’m sorry.” 

“I HEARD THAT!” Master Rob practically shouted. “You never say you’re sorry to a faggot unless you cause him unintentional harm. In the first place, this is not harm. Fags need to be double penetrated. They crave dick more than air, and getting two at once — actually five — is Nirvana to them. And second, there’s nothing unintentional about it. Now rape that faggot, NOW!”

Danny freezes for a second, but only a second. He puts the head of his dick just above my ass crack and taps my lower back with it a couple of times. I can feel him stroking it. He tentatively moves it to my hole, already well filled by Master Rob’s perfection, and starts to push the head inside. 

I yelp in pain. Even just slightly in, this hurts, and it’s different from any pain I’ve felt bottoming before. I don’t tell Master Rob much about my past — not the sexual details, anyway — so he has no idea if I’ve been DP’d before or not, and quite frankly he doesn’t care. 

“Garrett, if I can hear the faggot crying, you’re not doing your job,” Master Rob says, and Garrett moves his body just a bit closer and pulls my head into his crotch. He’s only semi-hard at this point, so I’m good. Meanwhile, Danny is trying his best to get his hard, young dick inside my now-crowded cunt without hurting me, and that’s impossible.

“RAPE. HIM. NOW.” Master Rob almost screams at him. And suddenly, with a burst of energy — and lack of compassion — that he didn’t have a moment earlier, Danny shoves his dick inside. My mouth filled with cock or not, I yelp in pain.

“Smack the fag’s ass, kiddo,” Master Rob says to Danny. “Give the pussyboy something to cry about. Garrett, don’t worry about preventing him from making noise. There’s something hot about making a faggot cry.”

Danny, not yet into a rhythm fucking me, gives my ass a hard smack. I keep my lips tightly together and do not scream.

“Nothing? OK, Danny, smack the other ass cheek and then really get into plowing that young meat into that pussy,” Master Rob now obviously wants me to cry as a turn-on. Faggots aren’t supposed to have any pride, but I try my best not to cry. Part of me wants them to earn that, and they are going to have to really hurt me to get it.

After the other smack, Danny focuses — finally — on helping Master Rob fill my pussy. I am grunting on every thrust, not to please anyone but because if fucking hurts — but Danny found the right gear and suddenly became relentless. More likely, once he found his spot and stopped thinking about what Master Rob was saying, it was feeling good. “Mmmmmm,” I hear out of Master Rob, who, after all, is having his beautiful dick jerked off by the wall of my rectum on one side and a hard young dick on the other. For a gay alpha, that has to be heaven.

Not that I would know.

“Fuck! This is amazing,” Danny yells out as he gets into it. The pain hasn’t yet subsided — does it ever in DP? I don’t know — but I’m at least used to it, and I try to bounce a bit on their cocks. But that naturally makes me lose focus. 

“You are not giving enough attention to the dicks on your sides, faggot,” Master Rob says. And he’s right. Danny doesn’t need my help to fuck me, so I decide to let him do what he’s going to do and focus on the manual part of this situation. Garrett can handle my mouth, and from the way he’s doing it I get the impression he’s afraid of shooting too soon. So with not much happening in my mouth, and leaving Danny to his own devices in my pussy, I focus on stroking Eric and Nick. Not heavy jerking off, of course, as I don’t want them to get too close, but nice, gentle attention to dicks and balls. Eric especially seems to enjoy when I gently fondle his balls and Nick seems to enjoy a finger sliding along his taint, so I focus on that. It also makes me feel good that I can give them individual attention while five dicks are using me at once.

“Dude, your dick feel amazing against mine! I had no idea!? Danny, who you might recall discovered he was gay between freshman orientation and today and had banged every cheerleader in high school (or should have; if you like young guys, he is damn near perfect and if you don’t, focus on that dick) is now totally into it. When his dick briefly popped out, it was back in so fast nobody other than Master Rob noticed. He was pounding away, and if I didn’t know how long it took Master Rob to cum I would have been worried about him getting off too quickly. I kept grunting on each thrust, which seemed to turn on everybody, and is definitely made Danny fuck harder.

“I know you would get into it,” Master Rob said. “You close?”

“FUCK YES!” came the response and Danny did not skip a beat the last 45 seconds or so, ramming his young dick into me as if on a mission, and in a way he was: His load was going to be the first to, um, grease the skids for the rest of them. “TAKE IT, FAGGOT! TAKE THAT HOT LOAD OUT OF MY BIG DICK!” Like I had any choice.

Several spurts later, he’s holding his spent dick inside me, catching his breath. When he pulls out, Master Rob is ready with instructions. 

“OK. Garrett, you get out of his mouth and get ready to rape the faggot. Danny, come over here and have him clean you up. Damn look at you. You are a mess. If you want him to lick up some of that sweat, he can do that before he leans over for Garrett.”

“That sounds hot. OK, fag, you see all this sweat on me? Start licking.”

Danny is no muscle stud, but he is nicely toned, and I’m excited to be licking the sweat from his pecs, stomach and sides. Danny lifts his arms and twists his body so I have easy access to an armpit. “Best part, fag. Well, almost,” Danny chuckles. I dive in — I LOVE eating armpits, whether fresh out of the shower or fresh out of the gym, and I go in with gusto. He pushes my head out with his free hand and twists his body the other way so I can clean the other one. 

“There’s cum dripping out of his cunt!” Garrett says, almost more disgusted than excited. 

“Then use your dick and push it back in,” Master Rob answers, back to that tone reserved for me. 

I lean over for him to enter, and Danny takes the opportunity to slide his dick into my mouth for cleaning. There are few things I enjoy more than cleaning a man’s dick after getting raped, and as I’m slurping on Danny’s I realize that the last dick is going to taste like ass, lube and the cum of FIVE guys. I am one lucky faggot.

Garrett is very tentative about getting his dick inside me, and it dawns on me that, given the choice, he’d rather not. But even straight guys aren’t going to disobey Master Rob on this day, and he works the head inside just as I pull off of Danny so he can inspect my work. 

“Pretty nice job, faggot,” he says. “But you know, I think my ass is a bit sweaty. Is it OK, Rob?”

“Oh fuck yeah,” Master Rob answers. “This one loves to eat ass, not that loving it matters, right bitch boy?”

“Yes, Sir, Master Rob,” I say as Danny starts to swing one leg over Master Rob’s leg, turns around and swings back so his ass is in my face. It also means his dick is in Master Rob’s face, and he playfully gives it a couple of strokes. I smile to myself; he might be an Alpha, but he’s still gay. 

I bury my face in Danny’s sweaty hole just as Garrett finally gets his entire dick inside me. It hurts, again, but his dick is thinner than Danny’s so the pain is much less severe. Danny bends over with his arms on the recliner, his face in Master Rob’s chest, so I can get inside his ass really good. As my hands are occupied, I can’t spread him open, but Eric and Nick notice that and each one pulls apart the cheek on his side. “Thank you, Sirs,” I say as I go in and really shove my tongue in that hot little hole. Danny moans with pleasure as I bob my head in and out with my hands still fondling the men who are spreading his ass open for me and Garrett’s dick now starting to get into fucking my cunt.

Master Rob pulls Danny’s face up and looks him in the eye. “My fag do a good job?” he asks. “Fucking awesome, Rob. Just amazing. Thanks for the invite.” “Anytime, kid. Seeing you naked, pissing and fucking was a treat for me.” And with that, he shoves his tongue in Danny’s mouth. After an instant of surprise, Danny starts kissing back. They are locked in a tongue battle for about 30 seconds before Master Rob pulls back. 

“Climb out of there and let Eric in,” he says. Danny dutifully if somewhat reluctantly climbs off of Rob and away from my pussymouth to let Eric climb into that position. But Danny doesn’t go far. Master Rob grabs Danny’s hand and pulls him close, and Danny takes that as a cue to lean down and kiss him again. That goes on for a minute or so before Master Rob puts a hand in back of Danny’s head and guides him down to a nipple. “Be a good sport and lick that for me,” Master Rob says. “You got it!” Danny responds happily, and gently starts licking and sucking on my master.

Eric slides his dick into my mouth while my right hand is still fondling Nick. Garrett, who hasn’t been that excited all day, suddenly gets excited. “This fag’s hole is so tight with your dick in it, it’s like he’s going to squeeze my load out of me,” he said in an almost high-pitched voice. Master Rob reminds him, “You call the shots. Rape him good before you shoot, and you decide when to grease that hole.”

Garrett slows down for a minute, but he’s basically catching his breath. When he resumes, he fucks harder than ever, the head of his dick getting slightly deeper inside me than Master Rob’s but again, not being that thick, I don’t hurt as much as when Danny joined Master Rob inside me. But between my pussy, Master Rob’s dick, the lube and the fact Danny’s hot cum was already in there, once he got going strong it didn’t take that long.

“FUCK! I’M! GOING! TO! CUM!” Garrett screams, and with that my hole instantly becomes as sloppy as it’s ever been. Two huge loads inside me, one hard dick resting and another dick about to pull out. I suddenly realize I’ve become a party bottom, and it makes me feel good. You can’t be too slutty when you’re a faggot, and when it’s all at the direction of your awesome master you’ve had a good day. And I wasn’t done yet.

“Nice work, Garrett. I was afraid you wouldn’t get into it, and it took you long enough, but watching you slam your dick into that faggot was worth the wait. Eric, you get behind him so Garrett can get cleaned up.”

Eric is not quite as adept at getting out of the straddling-Master-Rob position and kicks him in the side as he swings his leg over. “Fuck, I’m sorry Rob,” he says. “It’s OK,” Master Rob replies. “Just take it out on the faggot.”

Great. I guess it’s because I put the ottoman there? Who knows? Or maybe Master Rob just gets excited watching other guys spank me. Anyway, just as Garrett presents his body for cleaning, I feel Eric’s first whack on my ass. And it was hard. “FUCK!” I scream. “Quiet, faggot. Any sound out of you will draw another smack out of Eric. Eric, again. Harder.”

Even though my ass cheek is now on fire — oddly, my hole is quite relaxed with “only” Master Rob inside me at the moment — I do not make a sound other than an “mmmmm” through tightly closed lips. “Good boy,” Master Rob says, reaching out to twist my nipple just a bit. I don’t take the bait, and the only sound I utter is another “mmmmm” through tightly closed lips. “Well done, faggot. You passed. I would have bet anything you think you own that you would have screamed again, and I would have had to make Eric spank your faggot ass some more. I would hate to do that.”

Garrett apparently just wanted his ass eaten before the cock cleaning, so with one hand he pulls a cheek away and Nick pulls the one closest to him, and I dive in. He moans softly as I lick around the hole, darting inside now and then. When he’s satisfied, he almost gracefully climbs over, turns around and climbs back, sliding his long, thin dick into my pussy mouth. “Clean it good, fagboy,” he says to me. “Yes, Mr. Garrett,” I mumble as my tongue gets to work. It’s too bad he didn’t want more cleaning, as that lean swimmer’s body would have been a pleasure to lick. But I focus on my job, and I clean his cock well. He pulls out and is inspecting it just as Eric shoves his dick into me. 

I grunt loudly, but no screaming, earning another tit tweak from Master Rob. Garrett climbs out and takes a seat on the sofa, leaving Danny licking Master Rob’s nipple, Nick with his genitalia in my hand, and Eric picking up the pace on my poor ass. “Seems like old times,” he says to Master Rob, who quietly responds, “Fuck yeah.” 

Eric has no problems getting all the way in, and no problem fucking at his own pace and depth without worrying too much about the pain he’s inflicting. Meanwhile, Nick has taken Garrett’s place in front of my face, only he’s facing Master Rob. 

“Your hands are free now, pussyboy, so spread my ass and get that faggot tongue in my nasty hole,” Nick said. And, after getting used to obeying Nick the day before in the back room of the supermarket, it feels like second nature to obey him now. I spread those cheeks wide and get my tongue in that hole. I let the force of Eric’s fucking push my head into Nick’s ass, twisting my tongue around with each thrust. 

And the thrusts are relentless. I honestly can say getting fucked never hurt this much, not even without lube. (Of course, the first time that happened it felt like somebody wrapped a baseball bat in sandpaper and shoved it up my cunt. That’s what a 21-year-old black stud can do to you.) Eric has his hands on my hips and driving into me, pulling almost all the way out and driving into me again. This is the kind of savage assault most of us faggots crave, but it takes on a different feeling when there’s already a good-sized rock-hard dick occupying your personal space. 

“My dick has never felt like this,” Eric practically squeals. “Probably because you’re too worried about pleasing a woman when you fuck. Fag-raping eliminates that conflict and allows you to focus on your own pleasure,” Master Rob said. How many times have I used that line when I’ve tried to get a straight guy to go beyond just letting me blow him? More often than it worked, but Eric used fags in college and just needed a gentle reminder. Once he was back on familiar turf in his mind, he was a man possessed.

“TAKE! THAT! DICK! YOU! FUCKING! FAGGOT!” he says, each word coming on a thrust. The only problem with being DP’s, I figured out, is that the balls of the guy doing the thrusting slap the other guy’s dick and you don’t get that same wonderful sound when an Alpha’s balls smack you on every thrust. I catch myself thinking about my own desires and chastise myself for it. Focus on Eric and Nick.

“Damn you can really tell when a fag is into eating your ass, can’t you?” Nick said to Master Rob. “Makes a difference, doesn’t it? You’re loving that, aren’t you faggot?” “Yes, Sir,” I say when I come up for air, but immediately I’m back at work. I know the back of my tongue will hurt tomorrow from all of this stretching, but I must do my best for  Master Rob’s guests. 

“FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!” yells Eric as his load joins Danny’s and Garrett’s in my pussy. Have I ever been more of a faggot? Only in my mind, when I want to drop to my knees every time a UPS guy comes to the door. A friend of mine swears that works, but I’ve never had the balls. (Duh. Of course I haven’t had the balls. I’m a fag.)

I usually don’t feel much as far as cum goes, but three loads is hard to miss. I feel so sloppy and dirty as Eric pulls out and Nick climbs out of the oral spot. Eric, like Danny, goes for the full-service cleaning (because he used to get it in college?) and I happily lick sweat off of his chest and stomach before feasting on his armpits before the cock-cleaning. When his dick is in my mouth getting tongue work, he starts to pet my head like you would a dog. “You are a great faggot. Rob is so damn lucky. Maybe he’ll let me use you again.”

“I will email everyone a list of services and prices,” Master Rob says without emotion. So was this also a free sample of Rob’s Fagwhores For Rent?” Was that what this whole day was? A free trial before purchase? I don’t even know what services I’ll perform, and Master Rob already has prices for each figured out in his head. Or maybe he’s just fucking with me.

When Eric is satisfied with the cleaning, he does something both intimate and dominant at the same time. He puts his hands on either side of my face, smiles and says, “Open.” I do and get rewarded with a juicy one I can savor before swallowing. I slide it around in my mouth for a bit, then open again to show Eric. “Good fag. Very good fag.” I then swallow it and smile up at him. “Thank you, Mr. Eric.”

Nick has been watching this the whole time, not doubt getting more and more horny seeing the extent of my depravity and obedience. I know Nick enjoyed using me the day before, but I also know he and Master Rob must be closer than the others if he whored me out to him. Master Rob might like to show off his control of me, but he never would whore me out to someone he didn’t trust. I know that. It’s another reason my devotion to him runs so deeply.

But I was right about Nick. He wanted to make sure he was fully hard and mentally fired up before invading me. With three loads flooding my rectum, he doesn’t need lube, and quite frankly I know he doesn’t want to use it anyway. I also know that there is not going to be any “introductory period” where he tests the waters before taking the plunge.

Nick gets it. Nick gets whatever he wants. I sensed that yesterday and I’ve been both looking forward to and dreading this moment since I figured out Master Rob’s plan. And Nick doesn’t disappoint. He lined up the head of his dick against whatever part of my hole isn’t filled by Master Rob, pauses for a moment, and than rams it to the hilt. I slip and let out a small yelp, leading Master Rob to point down at me. Nick gives my ass his hardest spank, but this time I just whimper. I am in more pain at this moment than I’ve been since meeting Master Rob, and I know he’s enjoying it so I have to just keep going. 

Which at this point means doing nothing. No dicks to suck, no bodies to clean, no balls to fondle. It’s just Nick inside me with Master Rob while I watch Danny, who is now licking Master Rob’s other nipple as Master Rob caresses his head. If this is meant to make me jealous, it’s working. I’m getting all of the abuse of a master-fag relationship while Danny gets the fun of a normal gay relationship, if only for today. I guess — accurately, as I’m told the next day during my performance review — that this is another test in a long line of them Master Rob planned for today, and I force myself to put jealousy aside and go back to feeling nothing.

Because this is the stage when a faggot is reduced to cumdump, nothing but a hole to be filled by eager cocks with cum-filled balls. If I was being recorded — and I did not know it at the time — my eyes should be rolling in back of my head as I go into a state of semi-consciousness, aware of the dicks pounding away at me but powerless to even feel them. If ever a faggot became a piece of property, it was at this stage, with all feeling gone, all dignity shredded, all freedom of choice long since reduced to fantasy (and even fantasizing about it was a violation of the Alpha-faggot code), and the faggot truly is just a body with holes. No heart, no mind, no soul. Just holes.

Did Master Rob think about all of this? Did he think I would think about all of this, even with two good-sized dicks inside me? He knows I’m not just a “stupid fag,” and I know he is a very smart guy even outside of our situation, in which he is all-wise and knows what is best for me. So I have to at least consider the possibility he knew this would happen and he knew I would think about it. Does that make this scene better? Or does it make me pathetic beyond the master-slave dynamic?

I got that thought literally fucked out of me, as Nick hit a new spot and could tell by my physical reaction I was affected by it. That only encouraged him to keep at it, and he was getting deep with every thrust. Then, suddenly, he stopped. He looked at Master Rob, and so did I. Master Rob nodded just slightly, and moments later I felt it. A warm stream was flowing into my pussy.

“Silly fag,” Nick said. “I was faking not being able to piss much before. Wanted to make sure you didn’t expect this.”

He got me. I didn’t expect it.

“Is he really pissing in his ass?” Garrett asked, somewhat foolishly.

“Fuck yeah, boys,” Master Rob said. “I have a full-service faggot.”

The other three looked at Nick with something resembling awe as he calmly emptied his bladder into the same hole that currently was housing his and Master Rob’s dicks. He stood motionless and silent as he pissed. I was thrilled by this, as I had dropped hints about “Nobody’s ever done that to me” every so often. But I also was hurt. I wanted Master Rob to be the first.

I have a very wise master. When the stream finally stopped, it started up again. WTF?

“THAT’S my piss,” Nick said. “Rob and I planned it so we both would piss up your pussy while we were double-fucking you.”

So Master Rob WAS the first! I was so excited I temporarily forgot I was being DP’d. The pain disappeared for a second as I looked up into Master Rob’s beautiful face. “Thank you, Sir,” I said. He just nodded at me as he pulled Danny’s head off of his nipple and resumed kissing him deeply.

Fuck! I get a little taste of what I need, my connection with my superior man, my magnificent master, and in practically the same motion he shows affection to somebody else. But before I could feel sorry for myself, Nick had resumed pounding away at me, with me whimpering at every thrust.

Nick likes to fuck hard. I mean really hard. And it’s hot. And by now that pussy is so sore it really didn’t matter. It’s like having an injury that can’t get worse; you play through it. Or, in my case, remain sitting on my master’s awesomeness while another very hot man with a very hard dick pounds away at me. 

As he gets close, Nick gives my ass a couple of slaps, a little hard for something not punishment, but I’m helpless to protest. Or talk. Or make any noise above whimpering. Besides, even Nick can’t last forever.

And he doesn’t. Somehow getting even deeper at the end, he blasts what seems like a gallon of jizz into my sloppy cunt. He barely reacts as he floods me, and he quietly pulls out and stands next to me. “Your hole, boss,” he said to Master Rob.

Master Rob pushes Danny off of him and looks me in the eye. “Climb off, then get in the position I was in,” He said. 

Finally, something is going to go my way! I love being fucked on my back, because I get to stare at Master Rob’s beautiful body and gaze into his eyes while he drills his dick into me. I love that.

When I’m in position, Nick straddles my face. “Clean that nasty hole, bitch,” he said to me, and as I’m starting to lick up and down his hairy crack Master Rob is putting my legs up on his shoulders. I am in heaven.

Master Rob wastes no time shoving his dick inside me. After all, it’s been there for close to an hour and it’s more than open enough, so no reason to pussyfoot around, as it were. Soon I hear that most wonderful sound of balls slapping against me while he fucks me. Instinctively, Danny, Garrett and Eric gather around to watch the finale. Nick is still basically sitting on my face while Master Rob is burying his dick deep into my hole. 

“Looks just like fucking a woman,” Garrett said.

“Yup,” Master Rob said. 

“He’s a little too busy to talk now, so let me,” Nick said. “I know some Alphas and most straight guys don’t want to look at a fag’s face while he’s blowing them or they are raping him. But look at it like this. You get to see his face while you’re imposing your will on him. You can see how pathetic his little dick is while your big, fat one is destroying his pussy. And you can spit in his face at the same time you’re raping him. If you’re into inflicting pain, you can reach down and twist his tits off, too. Believe me, get over the “but it’s a guy” thing and take advantage of your position on the food chain.”

“What he said,” Master Rob said between grunts. I wondered if Nick was a natural-born fag-rapist or if Master Rob had recruited him and thus shared some of his philosophy. Again, didn’t matter.

Master Rob was showing off, and the sound of his balls slapping me got louder and louder as he continued the assault. My pussy well stretched, he wasn’t hurting me much, but I still whimpered along with his thrusts because I knew that would please him. Nick finally moved his ass off of my face and pushed his dick into my mouth for cleaning. 

Seeing another dick go into my mouth from his position seemed to trigger something in Master Rob, who suddenly picked up the pace. I had never seen him like this before, raping his faggot like a man possessed, the speed of his thrusts almost impossible to maintain, streaks of sweat sliding down his awesome chest. He wanted to cum, he wanted to impress his guests, and he wanted to — again — make me his own. To show me that no matter how many others used me for pleasure, I belonged to him. Only him.

Well, yeah. That’s what I want. To be my master’s faggot, to get as much time with him as I could, to be useful to him, to please him in such a way that he would want to be around me more often, as much as I didn’t deserve that. And I was trying.

And then it happened. With what only can be described as a roar, Master Rob drove himself all the way in one last time and started spurting deep inside me. For about 15 seconds I could feel spurt after spurt, and now I had five awesome loads of cum as far inside me as anyone has ever shot them. 

“Damn that was hot,” Danny said. “You look amazing when you fuck.”

“Thanks, man,” Master Rob said. “Hard not to get into it when you’re raping a fag who is pre-loaded.”

Master Rob pulled out of my pussy and walked up to my head, straddling my well-used body. He put his hands behind my head and pulled me near him. I opened my mouth for him, but before he put his slimy dick into me he drooled into my mouth. I got out “Thank you, Sir” just before he pushed his awesomeness into my head. I gently bobbed up and down, then started sliding my tongue around to get him good and clean. He held my head against his crotch for a while, enjoying the sensation, then remembered his guests.

“If anyone wants dessert, there’s pie, cake and ice cream. He’ll be done in a second and will be happy to serve everyone,” Master Rob said.

Much to my relief, only Nick accepted the offer. The others put their shorts and basketball jerseys back on.

“Faggot, go to the door and get in Faggot Service Position so they can kiss you good bye,” Master Rob said. 

I slid off of the ottoman and crawled to the door and got into position. One by one, Danny, Garrett and Eric spit into my mouth, thanked Master Rob and left. Master Rob and Nick, both still naked, took spots on the sofa. 

“Come here, fag,” Master Rob said. “Sit between your dream men.”

He wasn’t lying, and he knew it. I crawled over to them and got up on the sofa between them. The show might be over, but a little encore apparently was still to come.

To be continued …

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