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Chastity Gives An Imence Boost To My Productivity

Are you a sub/slave/faggot or how would you describe yourself?

I would describe myself a Switch. I’m not a complete sub nor a full fletched dom. I have some subserviant leanings, for example I love being in chastity but also derive immense pleasure from putting others in chastity. Being a dom to others gives me huge pleasure. This pleasure is than amplified by being in chastity myself. Tieing someone up, seeing theire cock straining against a chastiyt belt all the while having my own cock stain against it’s own enclosure is one of the biggest turn ons for me.




It is just a reminder to myself that my mind is strong and that I am in complete control of my mind and body.

What’s your motivation for being in chastity?

I know myself well enough to have realised by now that I’m easily prone to addiction. For example I cannot just drink one beer, once started I have to drink them all, for that reason I do not drink alcolhol, the same with sigaretes. Chastity for me is a phyisical reminder of the restrictions I can place on myself and the dicipline I’m able to muster to control urges that quite frankly frighten me. Do not understand me wrong however, I’m not adicteded to sex, It is just a reminder to myself that my mind is strong and that I am in complete control of my mind and body.

How long have you been into chastity?

My first memory of chastity was seeing a CB6000 in a “Bound Men” video online around the age of 16. This contraption seemd something quite alien and exiting to me, this started an extensive Google search for this concept I did not even know the name of. Diving into this Google rabbithole I found a Chastity related Tumblr, this was the start of my exploration into this wonderous wold of kinky Tumblr’s. After just fantasing about chastity for 2 more years I finaly reached the legal age of 18 enablenig me to dive in for real and buy my first cage. With the power of hindsight I now realise that chastity has much more deeper roots for me. I rember at a verry young age being exited about wearing a sports protection cup. The weight of the cup in my pants and the restrictions it imposed always were exiting to me eventho I had no idea about the proverbial bird and the bees let alone about BDSM and kink.

What device do you wear?

I started off by buying a clear Holy trainer V2 on my 18th birthday. After a year of getting used to being in chastity, starting with wearing it for a few nervous hours working my way up to going in public wearing the cage and graduating to wearing it for extende periods of time, I bought a steal cage. The idea of the cold steel and heavier weight were verry apealing to me. I soon learned how hellishly uncomfortable a cheap steal cage can be. This steel cage opend my eyes to all the negative points I had read about online but never expiericed myself like pinched skin and chafing. These horrible expierinces lead me to become an even greather fan of het Holy trainers supirior comfort. Finding my regular Holy Trainer being on the large side however I bought myself a white Holy Trainer V2 tube in the shorter size. This being my favourite cage to this day.

Are you locked 24/7?

I’m not locked 24/7/365, I am however locked up for exended periods of time with my current record being 40 days.

Do you have a keyholder?

I do not have a keyholder. However I do not completly trust myself with te keys eather. I lock away my keys in a padlocked box. The code of the padlock I do not know but entrust to the Chastikey-app. Thanks to this amazing app I’m able to recreate a online keyholder. I do not know how long I’l be locked and can play games witch might increase or shorten my locked time all within my predefined limits. This app in commbination with their own Discord chat room where you can easly and freely talk to likeminded people is the best keyholder for me. This chatroom is an amazing place to me, they are really supportive and difficult moments however they do not hessitate to tease you as well.

What’s the longest you’ve gone locked?

My personal record stands at 40 days. This was last locktober (2018) combined with an extra game in the Chastiykey app.

Don’t you miss masturbating/cumming while locked up?

The first few weeks i do, but hey isn’t that part of the fun? After a while I just forget about it and focus on all the other ways I can still enjoy myself and others ;D.

How often are you allowed to cum?

When I do a regular Chastitykey game, which are usual between ten, and twenty days depending on my luck with the cards I do not allow myself to cum during the game. When I do longer chalenges like Locktober I have a milking release using Lord Chirenons tapping method every 2 weeks. Somethines when doing longer lockups I do have a wet dream, the body will always find a way. I do not mind these, I find them quite exiting.

What were some of the problems you’ve had with chastity devices and how did you solve them?

Personaly I have not had many problems thanks to the comfort of the Holy Trainer. The issues I had with the horrible steel cage (pinching, chafing,..) I easily solved by not using that particular cage anymore. On the hygiene front I have quite an easy time as well. My boddy does not produce a lot of precum, this means I rearly leak when wearing the cage making everything less sticky and grose. I unlock myself once a week to do a big cleaning of myself and the cage. The rest of the week everyting is kept locked and clean in the shower/bath.

What are some of the positive effects of chastity you’ve noticed?

I find chastity gives an imence boost to my productivity, both in my job as well as in my person life. Not having to focus on my own selfsh needs I have more room in my day and in my mind to focus on important projects for work and to keep my life organised. Being able to have spend more of my free time on work projects have given an incredable boost to my carreer, alowing me to make promotion several times in my short carreer due to impressing the recruiter with a lot of extra knowledge gatherd by reading and studieing in stead of jerking off.

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  1. i am totally in accord with this interview and i have many common points with Agia. i am locked in a Holly Trainer nub and it reminds me of my submissive nature. i too suffer from addiction and being locked is a way of controlling these urges.

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