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Slave to a Younger Master (7)

One Night

One night Master and Tim were visiting a friend of theirs named Barry. Barry’s parents were out for the evening and Master and Tim went to hang out. The conversation turned to sex, as it usually did with teen-age boys and Barry admitted to Master and Tim that he was a top-virgin. He had been fucked, but he hadn’t fucked a guy. Master and Tim were good friends and didn’t rib him too much. Both Master and Tim were “Tops” and not interested in getting fucked, so there wouldn’t be a three-way. When this came out about Barry Master looked over at Tim, smiled and said “Know what I’m thinking?”

Tim smiled back and said “I think so.”

Barry asked “What.”

Master replied. “You can fuck my slave.”

Barry said “You have a slave? Like in the movies.?”

“Depends on what movies you are talking about.” Master said. “I have a faggot who crawls on the floor and kisses my feet. You can fuck him.”

“You have got to be kidding.” Barry said.

“He’s not. I fucked the bitch a few days ago.” Tim said.

“I’ll get him.” Master said, and rose to go. “Get ready Barry, you can fuck him all night if you want.”

Master left Barry’s house and drove to my apartment. He entered without knocking. I in the kitchen when he arrived. I went before him, knelt and said “Master.”

“You’re going for a ride. Get your collar on and find the leash.” Master said. While I obeyed, I heard Master going through my clothes. He returned with  a loose, baggy pair of shorts. He tossed them at me and said “Put those on.” I obeyed and he attached the leash to my collar. He then headed out the door, pulling me with him. Master locked the door and led me down to his car. I was terrified someone in my apartment building would see, and I’m sure someone had to. Master pushed me in the passenger’s side, and drove off.

“We’re going to my friend Barry’s house.” Master said to me, not like I had any say in the matter. “Barry has never fucked a guy, so you are going to get fucked.”

“Yes, Master.” I had always hoped Master would keep my slavery private. But he had done a few things to me in public, and I was humiliated by it. A few days ago, Master had shared me with his friend Tim. I was so embarrassed to be used and shown in public. But I had to obey Master.

“You had better show him a good time. And you had better do whatever he tells  you.”

“Yes, Master.”

We rode in silence, except for the radio. When we got to Barry’s house, Master took me by the leash and led me to the front door. He rang the bell. I stood there beside him burning with shame as anyone could see me.

The door opened and it must have been Barry. He had a swimmer’s build and light brown hair. Master roughly pulled me into the house.

“This is my faggot, Barry.” He indicated me. I stood with my head bowed. He jerked the leash cruelly. “Stupid faggot. Lose the shorts and kneel.” I hurriedly obeyed.

“Damn.” Barry whispered.

“The bitch will do anything you tell him to.” That was Tim’s voice.

Master handed the leash to Barry. “Here, take him up to your room. Tim and I will watch TV until you’re done with him.”

“Thanks Jack.” Barry said. He tugged on the leash and I rose to follow him.

“And be as rough as you like.” Master called.

“OK Jack, I will.” Barry replied.

Barry led me upstairs to his room. He closed the door and I knelt.

“This isn’t some come-on, is it?” Barry asked me.

“No, sir. I am a slave. I will obey you. Master has told me to show you a good time, and I will do anything you want. I want to please my Master and I want to please you.” I replied.

Barry undid the leash, but kept the collar on. I could see his cock growing in his pants. “Crawl this way.” He said, beckoning with his finger. I crawled to him as he backed up to sit on his bed. I crawled to between his knees.  “Wow.” He said.

I lowered my head and began to mouth his cock through his pants. It responded. I continued my efforts. Barry undid his pants and pulled his cock out. I looked up at him. “Please, Sir, may I suck your cock?”

Barry looked at me for a second amazed. Then he said “Yeah, suck it.” I did. I didn’t work too hard because I knew the idea was for him to fuck me. I could feel Barry really getting into it. Afraid he would blow I stopped and looked at him. I said “Please sir, would you like to fuck my ass?”

Barry took a second to register my question, then said. “Yeah.” I crawled up on the bed and presented my ass, Barry pulled off his pants and mounted behind me. “Do you want some lube?” he asked.

“If you want to, sir. But you are welcome to dry-fuck me if you like.”

“OK, I’ll try that.” Barry tried to press into my asshole, but found it difficult, even with me helping him. He reached into his nightstand, pulled out some lube and spread it on his cock. He slid in after that and fucked me.

I moved to help Barry out so he would enjoy himself. But since this was his first time, he came pretty quickly.  When he pulled out, I went down on him and cleaned his cock off.  Barry lay there, staring at the ceiling for a bit. I slid off the bed and knelt, head bowed, for my next command. Barry lay still for some time, then his hand reached for his dick and he began to fondle it. He got some hardness back and looked at me. “Blow me again.”

“Yes, sir.” And I did. I got him to full hardness, then he pulled out and lubed up again. I crawled up and he mounted me.

He fucked longer this time, and with more variance. He was slow, he as fast, he tried moving some. It took much longer for him to come, but come he did. I cleaned him off again, then knelt by his bed.

Barry recovered, got up and dressed himself. “Lets go back down.” He said to me. I followed him. Master and Tim were watching TV.

“How’d you like it?” Tim asked.

“It was great.” Barry replied.

“Was the faggot a good boy?” Master asked.

“Yeah, Jack, he was great.” Barry said. “What are you watching?”

“Corner.” Master said to me, pointing. I knelt facing the wall in a corner. Every so often, I was sent for drinks or snacks.

When it got late, Master and Tim got up to go. Master put my leash on, but didn’t say anything about my shorts. I wanted to wear the shorts, but Master didn’t tell me to put them on. He did pick them up and toss them to Barry. “Here you go, a souvenir.”

“Thanks, Jack.” Barry said

That left me wearing only a collar. I followed Master and Tim outside. The stopped and talked beside the car, leaving me bare-assed in the open. They talked about the stars, and how dark it was. I know they were just trying to embarrass me. It worked. Finally we got into the car. Tim looked back at me and said. “You know what to do.” I did. Just like last time he rode with us. I began to suck my thumb. With the other hand, I pinched my nipples. And I bucked my hips like I was fucking.

Master and Tim didn’t pay me much attention, they were happy just to know I was doing this to myself in the back. They talked like I wasn’t even there. But every so often the would look back and smile. We were not headed back to my apartment, so I didn’t know where we were going. We finally pulled into a public park. Master pulled the leash to get me out of the car. We were parked by the restrooms. “Run around the building.” Master said, as he took the leash off. When I completed my first circuit, he waved me to do more. I kept running around the brick bathroom. After about 10 trips, Master stopped me and ordered me to do jumping jacks. I did this while Tim darted inside the Men’s room. He came out with a load of wet tissue paper that he stuck in my face. I sputtered but keep up the jacks. “Stop.” Master said. I stood at attention.

Master then took me into the dark and dirty men’s room. He tied my leash to one post between the commode and the urinal. I could reach either. When I say tie, I don’t mean in a knot. He just pulled a loop through so it wouldn’t slid off the pole if it were pulled. A child could have undone it. I knew from before that I could not undo it by command. Master snapped his fingers and pointed to the floor, I knelt.

Master spoke “Tim and I want to start a collection. We want to collect nickels. We want you to get us some nickels. Now, to get these nickels, every time someone come in you have to offer to do whatever they want if they will give you a nickel. When you get the nickel, toss it into the urinal.” Master pointed to the urinal I was near. “And don’t let them untie you. Make sure your contributors are satisfied and show them you are happy to serve them.”

“Yes, Master.” I said. My heart was in my shoes (which I wasn’t wearing). I loved serving Master. But doing this for others like Tim or Barry was horrid. And doing this in public was so degrading. But I would do anything my Master commanded. I had no choice.

“Have fun.” Added Tim, in a sarcastic voice.

“Yes, sir.” I said, defeatedly.

Master and Tim left the room, leaving me naked and kneeling on the dirty floor. I know this park this late at night would attract a bad element. I heard them get into the car and drive off. I was alone. Kneeling, I looked at the leash looped around the pole. I could so easily undo it and walk out. But to where? I had always wanted a Master, and now that I had one, I had to obey him. I didn’t like the commands, but I had no choice.

I heard someone approach. A man entered and looked at me. He was in his late thirties, with a pudge. He was dressed in ripped clothes that were too young for him. “Please sir, I’m collecting nickels. If you give me a nickel, I’ll do anything you want.” I was humiliated saying this.

He looked down at me and gave me a cruel smile. “Hey, I like it. Beat off.”

I began to pull on my dick, which was erect. “Moan some.” The man said and I began to moan. “Loader.” And I increased the volume. “Play with your tits.” I fondled my tits. “Stick your finger in your ass.” I did so. I had one hand beating my dick and one finger in my ass. “Do another one.” I stuck a second finger in my ass.  Soon I was up to four fingers and then I shot all over the floor. “That was great.” The man said as he used the urinal further from me, zipped up and headed out.

“Sir, please may I have my nickel.” I smiled a pitiful smile at him.

“Oh, yeah, right.” He dug one out of his pocket at tossed it to me. I caught it. I looked at the coin. I had done all that for 5 cents. How low would I go? I put the nickel in the urinal.

A little while later a two kids came in. They looked like the kind of punks who left high school to experience the world and then discovered it wasn’t all that great. When they saw me, they laughed. I said “Sirs, I’m collecting nickels. I’ll do anything for a nickel.”

The shorter one pulled a nickel out of his pocket and held it out to me. “You want this?” he asked.

“Yes, sir, please. I’ll do anything.” I said.

“Shit, for a nickel?” The shorter one asked.

“Yes, sir.” I said.

“Why.” The taller one asked.

For a second I didn’t know what to say. Then I decided I had to tell the truth. “My Master wants me to collect nickels. I was told to do anything to get a nickel.”

“‘Your Master’, what are you, some kind of fucking slave.” The shorter one said.

“Yes, sir.” I said.

The shorter one approached me, nickel still in his hand. He took a small skid on my cum on the floor. He looked down. “What is that?”

I’m not sure the question was directed to me, but I answered. “My cum, sir.”

“Your cum.” The shorter one said. “What’s it doing on the floor?”

“The last man to come in wanted me to beat off for my nickel, so I did.” I replied.

“Where’s the nickel?” The taller one asked.

“In the urinal.” I answered. The taller one checked and nodded to his friend.

The sorter boy looked at me and said. “You’re going to have to do a lot of work for this nickel. You can start by licking your cum off the floor.”

“Yes, sir.” I answered and bent my head to do it. The floor was filthy with cum and piss and dirt, and I don’t want to think what else. I choked and gagged as I licked my cum off the floor. When I was finished, I leaned back up on my knees.

The shorter boy now showed me the bottom of his shoe. “Better clean that too, it’s got your cum on it.” I began to lick the bottom of the boy’s shoe. I cleaned the entire sole. When I was done, he said “Since you’re at it, clean the top too.” So I keep on licking until I had cleaned the shoe. I knew I would have to do the other, so I got started without being told. I sucked down the dirt and mud and my tongue was dry. When I finished the top, he presented the bottom to me and I cleaned that as well.

“Me now.” Said the taller boy, and I worked on his shoes next. When I was finished, I noticed a man had joined us, early thirties, by my guess.  The shorter boy was talking to the man.

“Yeah, he’s a slave. Give me a dollar and you can piss on him.” Without a word, the man handed the dollar over, pulled out his dick and pissed all over me. He then left.

“Please, may I have a nickel?” I asked the boys.

“Hey, you didn’t say ‘sir’.” the shorter boy said. “That’s going to cost you. Give me the nickel you have in the urinal.”

I was almost ready to cry as I stuck my hand in the urinal to retrieve my hard-won nickel. When I held it out to him he said. “God, clean it off. Suck on it in your mouth.”

“Yes, sir.” I cleaned it off and handed it to the shorter boy.

“Now here’s the deal.” The shorter boy said. “You’ve just lost a nickel because you didn’t say ‘sir’ remember that. Now, to earn this nickel.” He waved his nickel in front of me. “You have to do anything I want. Well, I’m only getting started. Once I feel you have earned this nickel, you can started on the next one. But not before. Got that, fucker?”

“Yes, sir.” I said. I was defeated. There is no telling how much I would to do to get one nickel, not to mention any more.

“What’s this?” Another stranger had come in.

“Give me a dollar and you can do anything you want to this slave.” The shorter boy said.

The stranger gave the boy a dollar and had me suck his dick. I swallowed some of his cum, but he pulled out and spilled the rest on the floor. Done, he left.

“You’ve made a mess, clean it up.” The shorter boy said. I leaned down and licked up the cum.

“What a fucking asshole.” The taller boy said.

When I was done the shorter boy stepped outside for a minute. When he came back he said “I don’t see anyone else. We’ve got to do something to keep him occupied. I know. Blow me.” The shorter boy took out his cock and I blew him. He also pulled out so I would have to lick the floor again. Then the taller boy took advantage of me. As I was still licking this last set, a thirty something Hispanic entered. He was offered me for a dollar, paid up and pissed all over me. The boys thought that was fun so they pissed on me as well. Then they had me clean up the floor of all the piss. My tongue was getting a real workout on the floor.

Next in was a dirty older man who wanted to fuck me. He paid up and I got on all fours. I was used to being dry-fucked by now, so it didn’t hurt as much as it could. The old man had some stamina, then finally came inside of me. Finished, he pulled up his pants and left, leaving me humiliated on the floor.

The boys then wanted some more fun, so while the taller one pinched and abused my tits, the shorter one used his belt on my ass.  I was told to get on my feet, bend over and count. Taller boy brutally pinched my nipples the whole time. “One, Sir. Two, Sir. Three, Sir.” I counted up until someone came in, at about 70 or so. He wanted to beat me too, so the belt was handed over and Shorty got his dollar. This guy gave me about 20 whacks then stuck his dick in my ass and fucked me. During this fucking, someone else came in, and was offered my mouth for a dollar. They took the deal and I was getting it from both ends. The ass guy finished first and left, and I was able to concentrate on blowing the guy in front of me until a new arrival took my ass.  The second guy on my ass was a stayer and I finished the guy in front and two more before he filled me with his cum.

Finally left alone for a moment, I collapsed on the floor. My mouth ached from all the head I had given. My ass hurt from the fucking. My tongue was bitter and dry from licking the floor. The boys were merciful, and gave me a few minutes to rest. Then they ordered me to clean the floor again. Shorty got behind me during this task and slid his dick into my abused hole. “Keep licking.” He ordered. I did, and he fucked me while I was doing it. He held on longer than I thought, but then he had already been blown once. I had finished the floor, and the taller boy fucked me next.

The next guy who came in wanted to see me lap at the water in the toilet, so I did. That gave the boys the idea to have me lick the urinals before my next customer. The next guy wanted a rim job. He bent over and I lapped at his asshole until he was satisfied. He was satisfied all over the floor. I cleaned up after his under the boys’ watchful eyes.

I was on my feet and bent over again while Shorty and his friend explored my asshole with their fingers when Master and Tim returned. Shortly looked at them and said “Buck a piece, he’ll do anything.” I was turned the wrong way and couldn’t see who had come in.

I heard laughter. Someone walked near me and I heard Master say “Where are the nickels, boy?”

The boys stopped fingering my ass and Shorty said “He’s your’s?”

“Yeah, and he was supposed to be collecting nickels.” Master said.

“Master, I…” I started.

“Shut up.” Master said.

“We’ve been charging people a buck to use him.” Shorty explained. “He’s been doing it to earn his nickel.”

Master and Tim broke into peels of laughter. Tim said “Still working on the first one!”

“Well, no.” Said Shorty. “He had one. But he didn’t call me ‘sir’ once, so I took it away. He’s been   working hard for his nickel.”

“Took it away.” Laughed Master. The two boys joined in the laughter. Finally, it died down and Shorty gave Master the nickel I had earned that night.  Master got Shorty’s telephone number. “For later.”

I was put in the back seat, but with papers under me so I wouldn’t mess up the car. I had to hump my hips like I was fucking and use both hands to pinch my nipples. That left my mouth free to tell Master and Tim my adventures for the night. When we got to my apartment building, Master escorted me to my apartment, since I had no key with me. I had a raging hard-on the entire time, and I’m sure someone saw me.

To be continued …

Max Potter
Max Potter
Max Potter discovered an interest in domination and slavery at a very early age. First reading about historical accounts of slaves, that eventually turned to an interested in the Dom/sub culture. A voracious reader, he see dominance and submission in many passages. When a friend gives up something, when a man takes a metaphorical blow for someone else. When one will is subjected to another. For his writing, he looks for the unusual situation. It could be total reluctance on the part of the sub, or innovative commands given. Always on the lookout for a novel idea, he can be contacted at his Gmail account as maxrpotter.

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