A kinky story written by Max Potter | Chapter 15

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Riding and Shopping

Tim beat my ass for some time, his strong arm coming down hard on my abused butt. All the time he was rubbing his asshole in my face as I tried to rim him out. As he rubbed his ass in my face, I felt the pain of his weight and he tried to really rub hard, making me feel like what I was, a worthless slave. All the time, he was beating my ass. Tim was not as well built as my Master, but he was not a weakling at all. He has sinewy strength, and he used it all to beat me. All the time he was degrading me saying to me “You worthless whore. You are nothing but a piece of shit, and you are so lucky a real man like me lets you kiss my ass. Get that tongue up further, you stupid cunt. Do some work you lazy shit. Whore, slave, pussyboy. You are a nothing but a cum-whore, a hole for us to fuck.”

I don’t know how long this went on, but my spit had made his ass slippery and wet. My ass was hurting with the beating Tim was giving it, and my boypussy was hurting too, since he was sticking his fingers down it every so often. Finally, Tim stood up and kicked me. I lay on the floor, I knew some new order would come, but I didn’t want to get in trouble by doing something without orders. Tim walked around the room some, occasionally kicking my balls. My dick was hard. As much as it hurt, I loved being put in my place.

“Fuck, I want to wear you out, what am I going to do with you?” Tim bent over me. He slowly dripped spit onto my face. “Don’t move, bitch.” I left the spit on my face, waiting for another order. More spit dribbled on my face. “I want to ride you like a horse… Say, that’s an idea. Get up bitch.”

I got up on my feet. I was shaking some, but I stood. “No, you stupid bitch, like a horse, on all fours!” Tim pushed me down. I hit the ground hard. Tim mounted me, sitting on my back. “Giddy-up bitch.” Tim shouted, kicking his heels into my legs. I began to crawl across the floor. Tim wasn’t gentle, and I was having to carry most of his weight. That was hard. And I couldn’t move fast, no matter how often Tim said “Faster, faster, pussy.” I tried to go faster, I really did, but a boy can only go so fast.

Tim got up, slapping his hands hard on my back, standing up and kicking me over. “Up, up, all the way up.” Tim ordered, kicking me again. I stood up. “Ok, cunt, let’s try this again.” Tim went behind me, putting his hands on my shoulders. “Put your arms up and hold my legs. That’s right bitch.” Now I was carrying Tim on my back. I bent forward under his weight. “Move, bitch.”
I began to move across the room again. This was much faster, and Tim loved it. “Yeah, yeah.” He said still kicking my legs. I moved around the room.

“Let me down.” Tim ordered. “Stay.” I stayed, like a dog. Tim moved around the room, looking for something. Finally he found what he wanted. A belt. Tim moved back behind me and looped the belt though my mouth, like a bridle. Then he mounted me again. This way, he would turn my head whatever way he wanted to go, like I was a real horse.

This amused Tim for a while, then he decided he wanted to go further, and jumped off. “Keep it in your mouth, cunt.” He ordered. I bit down on the belt to keep it in my mouth. Tim let me to the door, and opened it, slapping my red ass out. I followed Tim down the stairs, and out the back. When we were outside, he mounted me again, and forced me on. Tim guided me down to the beach, and me run up and down the beach. Tim was jerking my reigns up and down to make me go faster and faster and pulling them one way then the one way and the other to make me zigzag back and forth. I was running as fast as I could with him on my back. I was breathing hard and sweating like a pig. I could feel Tim’s big cock against my back. Tim’s dick was very big and hard, I could feel that he liked doing this to me.

I started to stumble after a while, not able to do much more. Tim kept pushing me, “Come on fuck, you stupid bitch. Faster. Watch it cunt.” I just couldn’t make it any more, and almost fell to the ground. Tim let go of the reigns, and slid off, kicking me. I just lay there taking the abuse.

Tim knew I couldn’t carry him any further, and decided it was time to fuck me. “Get your ass up, pussy. Fuck, I’m going to fuck you now.” I raised my ass up, and felt Tim’s hard cock push against my boypussy. Tim didn’t wait for me to adjust, he just shoved up my pussy and started pumping. It felt really good to be fucked by such a man, even thought I was exhausted and trying to catch my breath. Tim’s cock really stretched out my hole, and I felt the sand digging into my knees and hands as I took his massive cock up my ass.

Tim’s cock was beautiful, and he was a real man. He powered into me, each thrust going all the way up to his pubes. I was shoved further into the sand by his strong thrusts. His hips moved back and forth, drawing his cock almost out to the head before traveling the long distance up the shaft to the hilt again. Finally, I felt his powerful bursts of cum rocketing up my guts. Tim roughly pulled out, dusted off his knees, and headed back the house. “Don’t forget to leach yourself up, slut.” Tim left, laughing. It took me a while to rise and head back. I still had to clean the house before I put myself on the leash.

I wasn’t very fast in my late-night chores. I had to clean up the house before I went to bed, but after the ridings Tim had given me (both kinds!) I was exhausted, so I was slow in my chores. I probably would have been in trouble if my Masters had seen me, but they were either fucking each other or sleeping. But I cleaned up and almost forgot to attach my leash before I fell asleep.

I was kicked awake by Sam. He was smiling his fucking sexy smile at me. I was still tired, but I wanted to do what this sexy man wanted. “Time to run, doggie.”

“Yes, Master.” I took off my leash and followed Sam outside. When we hit the bottom of the stairs, Sam began to run down the beach. I followed like the dog I was. Sam was wearing a pair of running shoes, and slinky pair of running shorts. The shorts hugged his gorgeous ass as he ran, and I got a good look at his buns as he ran in front of me. They were all muscle, strong and two firm, round globes of tasty ass. I looked up his back, his skin tight and tanned over his muscular back. I loved looking a real man’s back. His shoulder blades moved back and forth under his skin, and his lovely neck, encircled by his hemp necklace. I would love to spend an hour or two just licking over every inch of his sexy body. Even the back of his head was sexy, his blond kinky-curly hair was enough to make anyone’s dick stand up. Sam was sexier from the back then most men were from the front. It was great to be dominated by men like that. It really put me in my place.

Running this morning was tough, as I was still tired from the fucking and workout Tim had given me. But I kept up. Eventually Sam decided we had gone far enough, and stopped.  I got to my knees and pulled out his massive, growing cock. His beautiful tool began to slip into my mouth. I almost didn’t care that we are out in the open, and anyone could see I was just a cock-whore. Sam’s cock was silky on the outside, and hard as steel on the inside. It was big and really filled my mouth. I had to work to get his massive head far down my throat.  You would think that after all the cock I had had so far I would be getting tired of it, but just the first sniff of his manly funk turned me on. The only thing that was a good as taking a cock down the throat was taking one up the ass. I knew Sam wouldn’t fuck me this morning, but at least I was serving a real man. My nose hit his pubes on my first suck down his long, big shaft. I almost choked on the huge size as I forced it further and further down my throat. I wanted to make Sam, my Master, happy. I sucked hard on his cock, really going for suction. I could look up his sexy body from my position kneeling at his feet. There was a slight treasure trail up form his pubes to his belly button. Every inch of him was sexy tanned, firm and hard. His pecs stacked and tight. His nipples erect and kissable. I could see his arms, beautiful biceps and sexy hair on his forearms.

His cock jerked as his man-seed flew into my throat. I swallowed his precious cum, glad to serve a Master. Sam breathed deep, and I loved looking up at his perfect chest as he inhaled. I hoped he’d make me a tongue bath sometime, I’d love to service every inch of his perfect body. Sam pulled his shorts over his manly cock and began to run back to the house. I followed like a good dog. I collapsed on my mat after putting my leash back on.

The day went on like all the others had, I had to eat a piss-filled breakfast off the floor after I had served my Masters their breakfast. I was getting used to the routine, and glad I could serve and amuse my Masters. When I went down to the beach Tim sent me back to fetch the belt. I knew I was going to be ridden again. And I was, Tim mounted me like I was a horse and rode me around the beach. The other men laughed at me being turned into another type of animal. Master was next. I could feel his dick on my back as I carried him around. I could feel his cock getting harder as I gave him a ride. This was a new type of submission, turning me into even less of a person.

Master jerked the belt that was my harness hard right and left making me turn in the sand.  Master loved riding me like this, then he passed on to the other men, and I spend quite a while running around the beach. I could feel Master’s strong body mounted on me as I carried him around. I could feel his massive cock rubbing on my back. Carrying Master round like this was a new type of submission for me, and as I carried my godlike Master round, I felt more and more like his possession. There is something very different about carrying your Master round and feeling his massive cock rub on my back.

This was a new way for Master to dominate me, for a slave to be controlled by a Master. There was something really great about being so completely controlled by a real man. I could feel his strong legs as I held them up. I could feel his hard dick, as it knew it dominated me completely. I could feel his perfect pecs and his strong arms. There is nothing like being under the control of a real man, and to feel his perfect body.

I was ridden for hours, and I was exhausted when I was sent in to make lunch, I wanted to fall asleep. But I was afraid of being punished, so I did what I was told.

After my Masters had eaten, I was ridden again. Master and Sam went to town, and Rick tried to come up with a way to fuck me while he was riding me like a horse, but there wasn’t a way to get his massive dick up my boypussy while treating me like a horse. It would have been great if they could have fucked me while riding me, but my boycunt was in the wrong place, so I was a failure to my Masters. Tim beat my worthless ass for failing like this.

When Master and Sam got back, I discovered they had been to a sex shop. I was ordered to kneel before Master has he put titclamps on me. Since I’m just a piece of shit slave, Master didn’t care how tight they were. I cried out as Master put each one on tight, really pinching my girl tits hard. All the men laughed as I twisted under the new pain. They loved to torture me.

“Tell me you like it.” Master said to me.

“Thank you Master, I love what you have done for me.” I said, the men laughed.

“Turn around and bend over.” Master ordered.

“Yes, Master.” I obeyed. Master roughly shoved a butt plug up my ass. It was a big, wide butt plug, so it really stretched my boypussy out.

“Tell me you like it.” Master ordered, but he didn’t say I could move.

Still bent over I said “Thank you Master, I love what you have done for me.”

I had to make dinner and serve my Masters. After dinner, Master checked my collar and ordered me to take offthe titclamps, and butt plug. Wearing only the collar, I was ordered to follow the men out to Master’s car. I was ordered into the trunk, and the men go in and we drove off. I couldn’t see, but I was sure things would be bad, wherever we were going, I was naked, and I was sure I was sure I would be humiliated.

After a while, the car stopped. I was ordered out of the trunk, and I got out in a parking lot. I was buck-naked. I was surrounded by my Masters, and I had been naked in front of them for days, but this was different, I was out in public.

“Heel, bitch.” Master said, and headed off.

“Yes, Master.” I could barely talk, I was so embarrassed. I followed my Master, and the men were laughing at me. I was under the lights, and I felt like the entire world could see me and my little dick. As we got closer to the building, I discovered we were at a sex shop. My dick was getting hard.

Master was heading in the door, I was going to be on display. Sam and Tim opened the doors, Master went in, motioning me to follow. As I made it in the door, Master said loudly “Hurry up, slut, we’ve got to fit you for a cock cage.”

There were only a few people around, and everyone looked at me and laughed at me. I turned red all over. I was so humiliated. I didn’t know what to do. My stomach was all in knots, and I was afraid I was going to throw up. Rick came up behind me and pushed me in. My dick was hard as rock, I was so completely humiliated. I knew Master wanted to humiliate me, so I was entertaining him and his friends, but it was still tough,

The men were laughing at me, and some of the guys in the store laughed too. Once of the yell “Shake it baby.” Tim slapped my ass and said “You head the man.”

“Yes, Master.” I began to shake my ass, causing my hard, little dick to swing back and forth. There were new peels of laughter from all the men in the store. I was completely humiliated. I had to keep swinging my ass. My dick moved back and forth. Everybody was having a great time except for me. I was being humiliated.

While I was still swinging my sorry ass, Master went over to the cock cages and looked at them. He picked one up and ordered me over. Master and his friends held a few up to my little cock. They compared a few then ordered me up on a table. I looked around, I felt even more on display than when we came in.

I was up on this table, and I could see all the men in the store looking at me and laughing. I was turning red all over. My Masters opened a cock cage and put it on my little dick. It was bigger than my dick and Master decided against it. He wanted a smaller one. “I don’t know if we can find something as small as that dick.” Tim said.

“Get an extra-small.” Rick said. I could see all the men in the shop laughing at me. I must have turned beet red. I didn’t want then to find a cock cage for me.

But they did. Master put a cock cage on my dick that was smaller than my dick. My hard dickhead pressed against the end, and it hurt. Master laughed and decided that was the one to get. Master snapped his fingers and headed to the counter. Master paid for the cage and we left. I was so glad to be out of there. The men headed back to the car, and I followed. I was ordered back in the trunk.

We drove for a while. I wanted to cry, and my cock hurt being in the cage. I was painful, with my dick pressing the end. All this humiliation was making my little cock hard. I didn’t want to have these things happen to me, but I wanted to obey Master and make him happy. And it made him happy to degrade me. I knew my life was dedicated to pain and humiliation so my Master would be happy. Eventually we stopped. When the truck opened, I hoped we were back at the house, be we were in another parking lot. The men were laughing at me again. The men laughed at my hard dick in the cage, the head pressing against the end. Having the men laugh at me made my little dick even harder. I was a laughing stock for all of them again. Any of the embarrassment I had gotten over came back.

After they had laughed at me again, my Masters turned and headed away. Master snapped his fingers and said “Heel.” I was just a slave, so I followed. I was so humiliated that I could barely raise my head. I followed, keeping my head down. I didn’t see where we were for a minute. The men opened a door and walked in. I had to follow. I was completely naked except for a cock-cage that was too small for my rock hard dick. I was naked, humiliated and in pain. The men stood to each side of the door as I went in.

It was a gay bar. I could hear music playing. There were men around drinking. Everyone was looking at me. I had to have turned even redder. I could feel the brick in my gut get heavier. I was so embarrassed, I wasn’t sure I could keep breathing. I wanted to hide somewhere, but there was no where to go.

“You can’t bring you boy in here!” the bartended yelled. “unless he blows me.” Everybody in the bar laughed. Master slapped my ass hard and ordered “You heard the man.”

“Yes, Master.” It was so hard to move forward. I had to really fight to get my foot up and forward. Everyone could see  my naked body, my hard cock pressing against the end of the cock cage and my ass with the new mark my Master had just put there. I followed orders and headed behind the bar. The barkeeper was smiling a wicked smile at me, knowing he had me, and I had to do what he wanted. I sank to my knees before this man.

He was good looking, with dark hair, and a really great body. He must work out all the time when he wasn’t behind the bar. He was so hot, I doubted he had to work hard to get someone to suck his cock. He must have men offering to suck his bock all the time. I could see where his big cock had worn a white patch in his old jeans. Before I could reach up, this hot man undid his pants and pulled a massive cock out, roughly forcing it into my mouth and deep down my throat. He had a really great dick. Long and wide, hard and powerful. I could feel the veins rub on my lips and tongue. I could feel the silky smoothness of his cock skin, and the iron hardness of his cock.

I could feel his big cock head moving back and forth, choking me when he thrust deep into me. He had a long head, that pushed even further down my throat. I put my hands behind his thighs, feeling the strong muscles there. I moved my hands up and felt his perfect ass. It was round and strong I could feel his butt muscles tense has he forced his manhood further and further down my mouth. There is nothing that feels, as good to a boy like me than having a real man put his dick in you. It feels better than anything. And this is what being a slave is all about. Having your Master pass you around to be used by whoever he wants you to. You are the hole, the thing, the object. All the humiliation, all the pain, was for this, to be used.

The cock down my throat was filling, soft and velvety. Hard as steel. Hot like steam. My nose buried in his pubes swallowing his heavy dick down. I moved up and down on his long dick, getting to feel every ridge, every inch. After some minutes, he grabbed my head and shoved me up and down quickly, finally gushing his cum deep down my throat. I swallowed it all, it had a great, manly taste. I knew I had been taken by a real man. Without being told, I cleaned him up and he put his large equipment back in his tight jeans.

I got up and the bartender poured four beers. “Take these to your Master.” He said.

“Yes, Sir.” I carried the tray over and served my Masters. They were laughing and talking, Master snapped his fingers and pointed at he floor. I knelt and stayed quite. I glanced around some. I could see men starring at me. I was so humiliated. I was the only slave here. And everyone was laughing at me. My dick was still hard. I was sure I had the smallest dick there. And it was horrible. I tried to get over this, but it was so hard to obey Master. I knew I had to do what I was told, but this was tough. I wanted to cry.

Master kicked me and ordered me to fetch more beers. I could feel the eyes of everyone on me and my bobbing hard dick as I obeyed. Guys hands reached out and pinched my ass, cupped my balls and flicked by dick. I served the men and knelt again. Eventually they began to move around. Sam started dancing with a guy and Rick disappeared to the back with a guy who was begging to suck his dick.

Master got up and headed over to the pool table. “Crawl.” He ordered. I crawled and followed. Master sucked down a beer while he watched the game and talked to the studs playing. One guy came over and would use his pool stick to bat my hard dick back and forth while he talked.  Finally the game was over, and one of the guys asked if Master wanted to play. “No, but you can play my slave here.” He said, kicking me. “Get up and play the nice man.”

“Yes, Master.” I stood up.

“I’m supposed to play that?” the man laughed.“Hey, we’ll make it amusing. Boy here will play with his stick up his ass.” Both men laughed. “Rack them up, boy.” Master ordered.

“Yes, Master.” I racked up the balls and the guy took aim and broke. He sunk one right off. After he put a few more balls down, he missed and it was my turn. Master and this guy looked and laughed at me. I picked up a stick and but it over to shove it in. It wasn’t easy, but with all my practice with the giant ungreased cock of my Master, this was easier than it could have been. I bent over and shoved it in. I tried to pretend it was a dildo, but I knew better. Finally, I got enough in to shoot.

I moved over to where the cue was and struggled to get the stick up. I was hard to aim having to look backwards. I started to attract a crowd, the men in the bar coming over to laugh at me. I felt ridiculous, I knew I had to look stupid trying to do this. The guy I was playing as standing next to Master and they were both laughing their asses off. I tried hard to hit the cue, but it was tough, shoving my ass back with a long stick coming out of it. After several attempts, each failure bringing new laughter from everyone. I knew I turned red from my head to my feet. I felt hard rocks in my stomach because I was so humiliated. And my little dick was still rock hard in the cage, and my dickhead was pressing hard on the cage. Finally, I managed to hit the cueball and move it a little bit. Lots of men were watching me and everyone laughed at me.

“Stupid faggot.” The man I was playing said, and easily hit a few more balls in. I knelt next to my Master and watched. This guy had a really great ass. I was sure I would be eating it before the end of the night. Master used his foot to kick my dick in it’s little cage. My dick bobbed up and down. The guy deliberately missed a ball and stood back, laughing at me. I got up and put the stick up my ass again. Everyone was laughing hard at me. I used my pitiful ass to knock the cueball a few inches. I had to try a few times to actually hit the ball. Everyone kept laughing at me. It didn’t take long for this guy to win the game. “I win, you owe, me bitch.”

I looked over at Master “Yeah blow him bitch.”

“Yes, Master.” I kneed crawled over to the guy. I looked up at his face, he was young, good looking, with really short hair. He had a smirk on his face, and had some really good muscles. I reached up and opened his pants, pulling out his lengthening dick. The man shoved my hands away and shoved his dick deep and hard down my throat. I almost choked as he left in growing down my slavethroat. I could hear the man laugh at me. All the men were laughing at me. I kept sucking while everyone watched. I hated being on display like this, but it’s what Master wanted, and that’s all that mattered.

I kept trying to suck, but this man was taking control and putting his cock in and out of me like he wanted. I was a hole to him, nothing more. He tasted great, but I could barely keep up with him as he slammed in and out of my pussymouth. Finally, he came, forcing some of his man-seed down my throat and then pulling out to splatter the rest over my face. Everyone laughed at me.

Master forced me up on the pooltable on my back. He moved me around some then said “OK, guys the slut’s open for business. Pull your dicks out and go to town.” I was in for it. Master had opened me up to everyone in the bar. I was going to be fucked and big time. My head was pushed down, and a new dick shoved in my throat, at the same time, a dick was shoved up my ass. My hands were put on other dicks. I began to pull on the dicks in my hands and to suck on the dick in my mouth. I used my asspussy muscles on the dick in my boypussy. I had been getting practice over the last few days with four dicks at a time. There were lots of men, and it seemed they all wanted a go at me. I couldn’t see anything except the legs of the guy raping my throat. I knew this was going to go on for a while.

The men in the bar really went at me. When someone came in me and pulled out there was another dick shoved in me. I had been getting some practice at the with Master and his friends at the beach house, and they were hot, horny young men. Hot horny young men can fuck a pussyboy for a long time. But this was a whole bar full of hot horny men. My head was over the table, getting a cock shoved into it. My pussy was over the side, with a cock shoved up it. My hands were pumping up and down on the cocks there. Every so often someone would hit the cage my cock was in. But I was mostly just a hole.

Having my Masters do this to me meant I could take some of this, but this went on and on and on. Cock after cock after cock. I never saw the faces of the men who were shoving into me, just the legs of the guy at my mouth. After a while got to be pretty hard to keep taking all that cock. I had to admit to myself that it was great to have a lot of cock. I had spent a lot of time wishing for cock and a Master to make me take it. Now I had a Master and he was making me take cock like never before.

My mouth began to get tired, and dry. My boypussy was getting a real workout. And the men kept shoving their cock into me. I felt like I was drowning in cum. I couldn’t even try to count how many different cocks I were put into me. And they kept coming up to cum in me. I was open pussy for every real man in the bar. And there were lots of real men in the bar. Nothing makes a real man hard in the cock and proud like fucking a boypussy. I was the boypussy to an entire bar, and Master had really put me in my place. I was his slave boy, so I did whatever he said. Master wanted me to be a pussy for the entire bar, and so I was.

It kept on and on. I had no clue how many hot studs I’d serviced, and I had no idea how many hours I had hot, hard, cocks shoved into my pussies. I vaguely remember being ordered to crawl out and getting into the trunk. The next thing I actually remember was Tim kicking me awake telling me I was a lazy faggot.

To be continued …

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