A kinky story written by Max Potter | Chapter Draft

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Back to the Men in Chains

I slowly woke up, taking a moment to remember where I now was. I was still bound up, of course. Tane was too much of an expert for me to slip out in my sleep. Tane was softly snoring, while we were wrapped intertwined together. He was doing most of the wrapping as I was unable to move. His masculine scent was intoxicating. His big muscles seemed to radiate power even with him sleeping.

Little is better than waking up next to a hot man. For me, it was great knowing I was in my place doing what made him happy. As a slave, my only purpose was pleasing men. The more I did that, the happier I was. The snoring died off, and Tane squeezed me. “Good Morning, Master. How may I serve you today.”

“Struggle to get out of  those bonds.” Tane released me from his arms and I strained against the ropes. It was hopeless. Tane’s fingers would rest on various parts of my body as he felt me try to get out of the bounds. I could see the joy in his eyes as he watched me struggle with no hope to escape. I was at his mercy, I was his plaything, and he loved it. Men who tie people up love to watch their victims fail to get free. Tane kissed my lips. “Squirm off the bed and out to the hall.”

“Yes Master.” I started to wiggle to the side of the bed, then moved my legs off the side and slid to the floor. Moving along the floor was difficult, but that was the point. Tane had bound me well, but I could move a little bit at a time, wiggling along like a worm. I’m sure he found it amusing, Tane moved to the edge of the bed and watched me. The glimpses I got of him showed that he was pleased at my struggles.

I finally made it out the door. Tane gave a short laugh and bounced out to me. “Excellent.” He felt me up, running his hand over my skin, sometimes pulling at the ropes. His impressive dick began to swell. He looked down at it, then at me. He rolled me over to my back. I was pretty sure I knew what was coming.

I was right, he got over me, his hands placed close to my knees. His cock hovering over my mouth for a second before he began to lower it. I opened my mouth and it went in. He started slow, but there wasn’t going to be any stopping him. Not that I wanted him to.

I think every thrust was a little faster, until he was full on face fucking me.  Bound on the outside, his huge prick seemed to bind the inside of my throat, putting me further under his control.

Face fucking makes it hard to suck or use your tongue on your man. But that’s no excuse not to try. I did what I could, but it was his powerful hips that were really running the show. My body was a receptacle for him, and he was using me again. It wasn’t easy on me, but that’s not what it’s about. He was getting his rocks off, that’s what it’s about. I grabbed air when I could, and I could see his hairy body moving up and down over me. It was all about his pleasure.

He shot deep into my stomach, straight down. I was starting to panic by the time he pulled his cock out and I could actually breath again. Tane picked me up and tossed me over his shoulder again to carry me to the kitchen. He put me down in a chair and had me watch him make breakfast. He ate in front of me. This was part of the fun for a guy into bondage. He wasn’t being served by me, but he was getting what he wanted even more than a servant, and that was getting to do things with a bound boy under his thumb.

He didn’t torment me by denying me food. He fed me, one bite at a time. He started after he finished and he fed me like he would a baby. I thanked him after every bite. Once I had my breakfast, Tane looked at me and then the dishes. There was no way I was going to be able to clean tied up. He ran his thumb over my lips as he softly said “I do like watching you work with restrictions.” He leaned back and looked at me a bit. “Maybe a bit of twisting you.”

He started to experterly take my ropes off. I moved and rubbed a bit as blood began to return to the parts of me that had been blocked off. I wasn’t sure what “twisting” was, but it didn’t take me long to find out. Tane rebound me. I had some slack in my ankles, but a rope came up from the center and around my cock and balls. I wouldn’t be able to straighten my legs without causing my genitals serious pain. I’m right-handed, and my right hand was behind my back so much my torso was twisted around. He roped over my shoulders, connected over my pecs, then connected to the loop around my junk. That forced me to bend forward. Legs bent, torso bent, back bent. I was twisted. Tane gave me a wicked smile. I was uncomfortable, but that was the point. All of it was focused on my cock and balls. As I moved a little I confirmed that straightening out was painful to my delicate bits. I was going to be in this shape, and having to keep myself in it. I knew Tane would like that.

I had to shuffle to carry the dishes to the sink and get all the items together. And I was having to use my left hand, making things that much more difficult for me. But I did it. Tane watched with a smile on his face. Not at all easy, but he was enjoying it, so it’s what was going to happen. I had to go pretty slow, I only had one hand to work with, and had put me in a very difficult position. I wanted to get out of this one, much more than the binding he had me in last night. That was just awkward, this was hard and sort of painful. I couldn’t complain, I was a slave and had to do what made the man I was charged with happy. It couldn’t stop the grunts from coming out of me, nor the jerks when I pulled too far and got my cock and balls yanked. It took me a long time to get the dishes done. Tane got a boner, and that was a very impressive sight. As hard as it was on me, it was better that he was enjoying it.

I finally finished the dishes and turned around. Tane smiled and I would have kneeled if I could, but the ropes kept me from doing it. “There is a coffee cup on that second shelf. Bring it to me.” Tane ordered, sounding all calm. I looked where he indicated. I would have to reach. I’d have to be careful not to drop it.

“Yes, Master.” I turned to follow the simple command. Well, it seemed simple. But the shelf was just a little too high for me to reach. I stretched a bit, but the pressure on my junk was pretty intense, so I pulled back. I glanced around, I could see a subtle grin on Tane’s face. He probably didn’t even want the cup, just wanted me to struggle.

Well, if that’s what he wanted, it’s what I would do. As I was looking around, I saw a stool in the corner. Hoping he would let me use it, I shuffled in it’s direction. Tane didn’t stop me. I reached it and used my feet and the rope attaching them to scoot it where I needed it. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Tane’s smile widen.

I carefully climbed onto the stool and reached down the cup. The rope did pull on my stuff a bit, but I could handle it. I made it off and began to bring it to him.

“Changed my mind. Put it back.” Tane gave a dismissive wave with his hand.

“Yes, Master.” Since I had just gotten it down, it was a bit easier to put it back. When I had it back, I turned and stood until Tane gestured to me to come closer to him. I shuffled to him, keeping my head down. He ran his hands over me, squeezing my balls. “I’m going to miss being able to do things to you. It’s so much fun.” I knew I’d be leaving, and even in my current predicament, I liked doing things for him. The memory of my Owner came to me, and I realized I missed him. It had been fun obeying someone else, doing different things. But nothing compares to serving Master again.

“I wish I could get you to suck me off like that, but you’d break your neck.” Tane started to undo the ropes on me. “You’d suck me if I ordered you to, wouldn’t you?”

“Yes, Master, I would.” I responded. I would have too. A slave has to obey regardless.

“Good for you I’m not in the mood to call an ambulance.” He released my back first, that let me straighten out, and that felt amazing. He undid the rope making my legs bow, and I flexed my knees. “You can blow me now.”

“Of course, Master.” I knelt and licked up his shaft. He had a great taste and his cock was beautiful. He had left my right arm tied behind my back but was able to use my left to massage his balls. I licked around his dickhead, over his piss slit and wide licks up the underside of his cock. I put my mouth over it and slowly worked all the way down. My lips undulated as I worked down the long distance to his pubes. Once my face reached his pubes, I left his cock lodged in my throat and let the spasms pleasure him. I stayed as long as I could, but I did have to breathe. He let out a sigh as I came off. I gasped for air and went down again. I spent quite a bit of time keeping my face shoved to his hips, until I started to move quicker. I worked to get him off, moving my tongue. He responded, I could tell his excitement  with his cock moving. I shoved down deep, gagging a bit. I didn’t gag much these days due to all my wonderful Master’s training, but a sound from him indicated he liked it, so I let myself gag more. It was mostly fake, as I could really deep throat. But it was all about the man’s pleasure. My speed was pretty good, but Tane grabbed my head and started to fuck my face. It started almost easy for a face fuck, but he got going and I let him do things his way. He was leaning back and forcing his hips back and forth.

He let out a groan as he came, I swallowed it all. He collapsed into the chair and I gently licked his cock to clean him up. When he caught his breath he ordered me to fetch the chains he had made for me. I went out, still naked, which was my normal state. The chains were heavy, and I had to balance them to bring them up. Silently, he loaded them onto me. Evenly distributed over my body, there was weight.

Tane sat in his chair and stretched his feet and pointed at them. I got down and began to rub them. He let out a contented sigh. It was nearly half an hour of me working and he taking the pleasure before I heard the car stop outside. “Kneel.” Tane said and I complied instantly as he headed out the door. I heard them talking as they approached. I looked down at the floor so I would appear humble.

Master’s voice. As my ears heard that, I felt a thrill go through my body. I had an extraordinary time with Tane, but I could barely credit that I was beyond thrilled that I was returning to my owner. My dick started to get hard. I felt like a girl about to be kissed for the first time. They walked in and I felt my heart leap to my mouth. Master was back for me. I knew he would be, even after the extraordinary experience with Tane.

“Up, turn around so I can see it all.” Master said, and I got up, slowly turning around so I could be inspected. “You did great work Tane, really top notch. I can do all sorts of things to him like this.”

“Glad you like it. And I appreciate you tossing him in as well. I’ve had a great time using him.” Tane gave me a smile. My heart warmed hearing this man tell my Master I had done a good job.

“He didn’t give you any problem at all?” Master asked.

“Nope, you’ve trained him well.” Tane then recounted what he had done to me. Master showed his appreciation for it and said he’d have to try some of the same.

“I’m going to have so much fun with him with these.” Master lifted a few links and jangled them.

“I hope so, I like my chains to be used.” Tane had pride in his voice.

“Oh, I’ll use them. My slave here will get very familiar with them. I need to find a buddy with a farm, send him there to work in chains, lifting hay bales.” Master and Tane laughed.

“I know someone like that. I’ll get you in contact.” Tane offered.

“Damn hot. I need to put my slave to some real use.” Master slapped my ass, ending with a squeeze.

“Always the best thing for them.” Tane agreed.

“I Vemmoed your money. Going to bounce now. This bitch has a house of horny men who need their dicks taken care of.” Master attached the leash he had brought on to one of the convenient loops of my collar. He began to move, reaching out to shake Tane’s hand. We walked out to the car, and Master indicated I was to get into the front seat.

Sliding into the driver’s seat, Master commented “You know what to do.”

“Yes, Master.” I started to buck my hips, my dick had gotten hard as soon as I heard Master’s voice, and now being alone with him, it was raging. Small and inadequate next to his, and designed for his abuse, but so excited. I put a thumb in my mouth to suck and began to pinch my nipples. Tim had started this, and Master loved making me do it every time we got in.

It was different in the chains. I had a metal belt around my waist, heavy chains rubbing close with the seat belt. They rattled.

Master drove, not speaking to me. My excitement to be with him again knew no bounds. My owner had direct possession of me again. This is where I should always be, no matter what he did to me, I knew I’d always come crawling back. I looked out the windshield, the tropical plants moving in the breeze. I could still smell the sea air.

Master pulled down a side road. He got out and snapped his fingers for me to do the same. I obeyed. He took my leash and led me further down, eventually coming to a small clearing. “Suck my dick.”

“Yes, Master.”’ I got on my knees before him and pulled down the board shorts he was wearing. Just lifting my hands to do that took extra effort, with all the metal hanging on me. I was a little surprised, but did not let that delay my service. He was already starting to erect, and my breath caught a bit as I looked at the center of my universe. His cock, his beautiful, massive cock. Getting the opportunity to do anything to please him, major or minor filled me with overwhelming joy.

My lips slid over the cockhead, my tongue already in motion. I instantly felt my life was where it needed, to be, serving him. Every atom in my body now had its purpose. I was there only to please him. I went all the way down, forcing his dick into my throat, my nose pressed into his pubes. Voluntary and involuntary spasms of my throat working to please him.

The chains clanked, against other links and my skin. I could feel them swinging. It was extra effort, but I could not let that reduce the pleasure I had to deliver. Evey blow job had to be better than the last. I would spend my alone time thinking of new ways to suck him, to do a better and better job.

His prick gave me an energy I got nowhere else. I was never so alive as when I had it in me. It was like the source of my very life force, I had to do everything I could to deserve it and earn more. I took him so deep I could not breath, I did this out of choice, pleasing him was so much more important. I moved my head, my tongue, my lips. I was going all out. I’d had lots of sex and work under Tane, but this was my owner, and I missed him. I needed to prove my worth, show him every instant of every day that I should be kept. No effort was too much for that.

I was putting my all into this blow job. I hoped Master had not jerked off while I was gone. He never should go to that effort. I should always be there to make that effort for him. I could only deserve that by showing him that I could be better than his own hand. His hand was so superior to me, that I needed to work extra hard to try to narrow the gap.

Master was groaning. I knew his groans like I knew the taste and shape of his body. He was liking this. Complete unfettered worship of his cock, total devotion. I don’t know how much that turned him on, or if I was just the physical instrument of his pleasure, and it only mattered to me if he consented to use me. My own dick was hard, but I completely ignored it, I didn’t need pleasure like I needed to deliver pleasure to him. My throat bulged with his size. Him, all him.

I noticed a shift in his balls, he was getting close, I poured on the effort, evidence of my subservience to him, my need for him. He was so generous to use me, I had to. His cum shot into me. I didn’t stop until the last spurt was delivered, just the way he liked.

Removing his cock from my mouth, I gently licked it clean. Master breathed deep, recovering from the orgasm I had been permitted to assist with. When he was spotless I leaned back, daring to move my eyes up his perfect body. I was greeted by a smile on his lips.

“Seems someone missed Master.”

“So much, Master. I live for you.” I adored him. I hoped it showed on my face.

“Good boy. I wanted to get my rocks off before I got you back, there is a lot pent up you will have to take care of. You’ve been mostly good, I want you to be a completely good slave. Work hard and make the men happy.”

“I will Master. I’ll do everything for you and your friends.”

“That’s my slave.” Master took the leash and started to lead me back to his car. I knew I would have to be on my best behaviour, and that if I failed, I would be punished.

To be continued …

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