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I love the way RUBBER interacts with all my senses

Why does rubber fascinate you so much, and how did you first come in contact with it?

The way rubber interacts with all my senses and the way it forms my personality is just mind-blowing, it’s like a gateway to my true self.

Ever since I can remember I’ve been fascinated by shiny and tight clothes and it’s something I started exploring as soon as I was able to. It didn’t take long before I discovered rubber was what I connected with most. Perhaps my first contact with rubber (at least in a kink sense) would have been when I turned 18, I went out and started exploring trying to find someone who could introduce me into the world of latex. It didn’t take long and I met a great friend who allowed me to try on a catsuit with attached socks and a matching hood. As soon as the zipper was closed I was in heaven and my obsession with rubber was really cemented.




The hottest experience was the time I was placed in a rubber vac bed and teased relentlessly for what felt like hours

How does it feel when you wear rubber?

There’s nothing quite like it for me, I love the way it interacts with all my senses. How it caresses every part of my body it touches, the tightness acting like a perfect featureless second skin, just the feeling of wearing it sends shivers down my spine.

And once I polish it up looking in the mirror makes me feel absolutely beautiful and with a hood on I feel like a totally different person, or at times, not even a person, just a shiny rubber object completely encased in rubber. Also, the sound of it crinkling while I wear it is something I could listen to for hours it’s a rather unique sound and something that instantly arouses me when I hear it.

Beyond that, I even find joy in the other aspects of rubber, things like the smell are enough to make me smile and even the taste of some latex undies balled up into a gag can be a wonderful experience for me

What changes for you when you are in rubber?

When I’m in rubber my personality can change drastically, It definitely makes me feel more submissive but in some ways, it can also make me more confident.

In the bedroom I become like clay in the hands of a Mistress/Master, there’s not much I won’t do when I’m covered head to toe in rubber.

But on the flip side of that if I’m wearing it out to a party or club it gives me a certain confidence to be myself and not be as shy or timid as I usually would be in my everyday life. It’s another aspect I’ve really come to love about it.

How often / when do you wear it? (As much as possible, only when fucking etc)

I wear it as often as I can, it certainly makes times in the bedroom more fun but I would probably wear it every day if I could get away with it, I find it enjoyable beyond the sexual attraction, even though that is a large part of why I enjoy it so much.

That being said even something as simple as wearing a hood or some latex stockings is something I’ll often do during the day as I don’t always feel like being completely encased but I’ll never say no to wearing rubber.

How important is it that your play partner is wearing rubber too?

I certainly enjoy seeing someone I’m playing with in rubber, it’s a huge turn on and having the dynamic of latex being empowering to whoever I’m playing with while it turns me into a total submissive is awesome but I don’t find it super important what my play partner is wearing. I can have just as much fun with someone dressed in a pair of tracksuit pants and a t-shirt as I can with someone covered head to toe in rubber. I find that the dynamic and way we interact is much more important.

Does naked sex still attract you? How about when they’re in other gear?

I do still enjoy naked sex, though rubber has become a bit of a fetish for me; I can enjoy all sorts of kink play or even more vanilla sex but I don’t enjoy it nearly as much unless I’m in rubber

And I can always find a great appreciation for my play partner in any other sort of gear, whether it be leather, decorative ropes, a harness or any other sort of gear I love it all and it’s always great to be able to enjoy someone else’s kink too.

What makes playing in rubber so attractive? Are there any particular sexual acts that really turn you on in rubber?

Well, it completely enhances the sense of touch a little caress or a swift spanking feel so much more vibrant when wearing rubber and of course even just seeing myself or a play partner wearing it during play is a joy.

And as for any particular acts of enjoyment, I would have to go with breathplay for sure, rubber is airtight and completing the seal with a gasmask or even a plastic bag is one of the most incredible feelings I have ever experienced, feeling every inch of my body struggle for air while being completely encased in tight shiny rubber is just something that I can’t compare to anything else.

What is your hottest rubber experience so far? And do you have any fantasies that you have yet to live out?

This is a hard question as I’ve had so many fantastic experiences in rubber but hottest would probably be the time I was placed in a rubber vacbed and teased relentlessly for what felt like hours, feeling the air get sucked out and being bound helplessly by my favourite material is something I will never forget. But a close second would be the first time I went outside to a party in latex, walking through the streets at night heading towards the party was super exhilarating and one of my favourite memories.

And as for fantasies? There’s probably two that really jump to mind, first the thought of becoming a latex maid employed in a kinky mansion slowly becoming more and more kinky and depraved as I continue to work there. And secondly, I have always wanted to try several layers of latex enclosure and then to be placed in a vacbed and have my air-restricted and my body teased for hours on end.

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