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Slave to a Younger Master (17)


It was even better getting to suck Tane off without having to hold my breath. He was big and hard, and his crotch smelled and tasted clean, since we had just gotten out of the jacuzzi. I did a couple of bobs on it, getting my nose nearly to his pubes before I came off and licked up and down his shaft a few times. I was gently rolling his balls in my hand. I continued on the shaft while I tried to decide if I should tongue his cockhead or balls next. I decided on the cockhead and licked around and over it before engulfing it in my mouth. More bobbing up and down to please him.

Next I licked my way to his balls. Tane was leaning back, enjoying my work, and I was going to give him the best blowjob he had ever had. Not only was I duty-bound to show how obedient I was to my Master, but Tane was very sexy and deserved all the pleasure he could be given. I sucked down working my tongue for a bit. I pulled off and breathed on his cock. I licked down the shaft and tongued his nuts, covering them in my spit.

I moved further down, licking his taint. Tane shivered and let out a gust of breath. He liked that, so I stayed there. I tongued up and down his taint, letting him really feel good. Thinking if he was enjoying the work on his taint, I’d get to rimming, so I did. Even with my face buried in his ass I could tell he was liking it. I stuck my tongue in his hole and left it there until I had to withdraw just to breath. My tongue back in and I kept his pleasure going. Tane scooted down so I had better access to his really magnificent ass. He had good, strong globes covered with a good covering of black hair. I was really enjoying eating his ass. I actually enjoyed most of my slavery, getting to work on some beautiful bodies. Tane was exotic and it was wonderful to get my mouth on it.

I circled his hole with my tongue slowly, letting him really feel that I was doing it. I wanted him to know I would do anything to make him enjoy using me. I flicked my tongue around while moving my lips, all so he could feel it, and feel it good. His ass smelled good, I knew it was fully clean since we had been in the water together, but his body just had a good odor. I’d bet he would be good to rim even if he had just been working out. 

I did some full licks up over the hole, then flicked quickly. Now to push my tongue into the hole gain and move it around, changing the shape of my tongue it gave him a great feeling. I could hear him moaning. I was so glad to make him so happy. He shivered again. I had to pull my tongue out of his ass to get some air and I felt him move. He got up and put his hand under my arms and rolled me back, “I’ve got to fuck you.”

“Yes, Master.” Tane was moving his really impressive dick to my ass. He pushed in, his straight black hair falling over his eyes. He was thick, so I could really feel him going into me. My legs were on his shoulders and he was planking over me, his toes on the ground and his knees off it. I looked up, I didn’t get fucked face-to-face much, so it was a great experience for me. Tane was very good looking, so it was better for me. I could almost feel bad that I was enjoying it so much, as a slave my job was to take whatever I was told to, but all of this was his choice, he was fucking me the way he wanted, and I was taking his fuck. He was going heavy, really pushing in. It seems I had been successful in turning him on. Thrusts went deep in my ass, filling me up. Tane felt so good in my body. His strong, round muscles gave him some real power in his fucking. I could feel his pubes and thighs banging on my ass. He has some decently think pubes, just further proof of what a man he was. Tane was grunting over me, and it was great getting to see his body push into me. Usually I’m fucked doggie style or some other way that didn’t let me see the guy fucking me. This was such a treat. Like I was being rewarded.

Tane sped up. He hadn’t really been fucking me all that long, but it seemed he wanted to cum. I felt like I had been doing a good job, exactly like a slave boy should. Tane was breathing deep, and really going at it. Tane’s knees came down to the ground so he could push deeper into me, shortly afterwards he started cumming in me. “Groofph”. That was weird word, but it was just Tane getting off and falling to his side after what was a big cum into me. His arms were cast wide, I moved down to clean his cock off, as I had been trained. “Wha?” Tane said in a bit of surprise before putting his head back and just enjoying it.

I cleaned his cock lovingly, it was such a pleasure doing things for him. Once I had cleaned him off, I gently lapped at his balls, Tane just lay back and took his due of worship. Tane reached down and pulled me up to him, holding me. It was like having a boyfriend or lover. Those were not feelings I got a lot, since I was a slave. I stayed quite, just letting him do what he wanted. He looked over at me, shifting a bit. “Let’s get into bed, it’s much more comfortable.”

“Yes, Master.” I replied. He chuckled softly. He got up, holding my hand and leading me into his house. He had a good sized place, and it was put together well, nice furniture and well kept. We entered his bedroom. He pulled me onto the bed and held me close. Tane didn’t say anything, so I just lay in his arms. It was nice being held. Tane occasionally moved his hands a little over my body. Well, my body was there for him to enjoy. He fondled my cock and balls a little. That was something else that almost never happened to me. When Master or his friends grabbed my junk it was to hurt or embarrass me. This was nice. I knew I’d be going back to that, but while I was getting this nice treatment, I was going to enjoy it. All the better since it was what the man using me wanted.

Tane just seemed to want to lay there, entwined in each others arms. I would have sucked him or something, but that wasn’t his desire, and it was only important what he wanted. I felt the warmth of his body, and nuzzled his shoulder. I don’t know how long we lay there, but I was patient. I noticed he was getting hard again, so my hand wandered down to his junk and played with his balls. Tane spread his legs a bit, so I made sure my hand had more contact with his balls, so not just my fingers, but he palm as well. He rolled back and put his hands behind his head. I leaned up and began to lick his pit. “Damn, you’ll do anything, won’t you?”

“Yes, Master. Do you want me to do anything else? I’ll do anything you want.” I reminded him that I was at his disposal. It was a little surprising to me. If this guy made chains for slaves, he was sure to have used them. But he was so tender.

“Yeah. So, my kink is bondage. Much more than anything else. Hell, that’s why I make chains. But you’re so fucking obedient, I want to try something. Think you can stay bound if what’s holding you isn’t all that strong? Like you could just snap it?” Tane shifted a bit, and I felt his dick hardening a bit under my hand.

It sounded difficult, but it being difficult for me wasn’t what mattered, doing what I was told was. “I’ll stay bound, Master.” I knew it would be tough, at some point I would ache and really want to break them, so it would just be my own obedience holding me in place.

Tane looked at me in calm anticipation. He brushed his hand over my chest and got up. “Follow me.” He said as he headed for the bedroom door.

“Yes, Master.” I followed, walking. Tane hadn’t ordered me to crawl and he had said that sort of stuff wasn’t really his style anyway.

When we got to the living room, he pointed to a spot in the center of the floor. “Wait there.”

“Yes, Master.” I went and stood where he had indicated. I waited. Tane was gone for a bit, then returned with something he carried in a loop.

Standing in front of me, he held a length of it up. It was some form of thin plastic cord. “Take it and pull apart.”

“Yes, Master.” I obeyed. It didn’t break in an instant, but I discovered it certainly was breakable with a bit of effort. This would be perfect for bondage games where you didn’t want to be serious.

“Kneel down, head on the floor, hands behind your back.” Tane said, slightly pushing me down.

“Yes, Master.” I knelt as instructed. I felt him wrap my wrists together, than my ankles, positioning me so my legs were held up by the connection to my hands. It was uncomfortable. Tane felt my lower back as he stood up. Without a word, he sat on a chair and watched me. My face was turned towards him and I could see how interested he was.

The early part of being bound is easy, especially like this. Not a high-stress position, just enough so you feel it. But the longer you are in it, the harder it gets to stay there. Usually, that’s what the ropes are for. Ropes keep you in position and you can pull on them which actually helps you stay where you are put. I didn’t have that. As I started to feel the strain, I pulled a bit on the cord. I remembered how much it took me to break it. I could pull a little, but I couldn’t get any real relief by relaxing my muscles and being supported by rope.

I could see Tane smile a bit as I had to juggle letting my body shift a bit without putting enough pull on the cord to snap it. The real pain hit my knees first. I was on a carpet, and I was very used to being on my knees, so it wasn’t the contact, it was the position. My folded knees were feeling it. Holding my arms around my back was pretty easy, but the knees were bent and as time went on it hurt more. I wiggled some keeping in my mind that I couldn’t pull on the cord too  hard. I got a little relief, but just a little. It actually emphasized the pain. I could move just enough to make my knees think there was some room, but I didn’t give it to them. I was breathing a bit harder now. Tane had a glint in his eyes. He was liking this.

Tane’s cock was getting hard. He could tell I was struggling. His bonds were doing exactly what he wanted, guiding me in place, but forcing me to hold position. I took a deep breath and closed my eyes for a second. When I opened them again Tane had a smile on his face, and his dick was harder than before. It was getting difficult for me to hold in place. It had been a while, time was marching on, and I could feel every very long second.

In rope bondage, I could have just let my muscles slack and the rope would hold me were I was and I could just get a breather, even if I stayed bound up. For Master Tane, I couldn’t let go, I had to keep my muscles tight. My face was red with stress, my breathing deeper than before. I let a small groan out. Tane’s face lite up, he was really enjoying my distress. I whimpered. He chuckled. My legs began to shake a little. I had to work to force them to stay mostly in place. I whimpered again. I moved my hands a bit.

The little bit of movement was like teasing. My aching muscles and joints screamed with discomfort. I sucked in a big breath quick, shuttering as it happened. Tane leaned forward a bit. My eyes watered a bit and I blinked. Tane licked his lips. I closed my eyes and took a couple of deep breaths. I was straining so hard not to pull hard on the cord. I didn’t want to disappoint him, I wanted to be a good boy, I wanted to do exactly as he wished. I hurt so bad. I was used to pain, usually it was spanking or clips or my balls getting squeezed or something like that. This was different. I’d even inflicted pain on myself for Master’s amusement. This was mostly like that, but the pain was not the same.

For a guy into bondage, part of the fun is watching the bondee struggle against the knots, not being able to escape, being entirely under the control of someone else. It’s doing the good knots as a point of pride. The bondee can fight all he wants but to no avail. In this case, I was the one keeping myself in place. I was in a stress position where I would be able to break out fairly easily, but his command what was keeping me held. Stronger and weaker than ropes. Weaker because the actual physical restraints were not enough to really hold me. Stronger because I would do everything in my power to obey. He had the best of both worlds, I was struggling and doing it by his wish alone.

I gave a whimpering sigh. My knees were on fire. I have no idea how long I had laid there forcing my body into the shape he wanted. Tane stroked himself some, he was having a great time with me bringing his fantasy to life. My legs had a constant shake in them now. I was moving as much as I dared to change the feeling as much as I could but it really didn’t help. I was crying for real now. I knew my tears were wetting the rug. My mind was full of just the pain and holding my position. I couldn’t think of anything else, just that I had to obey and bare the pain. Tane’s face showed pure joy. He was the man, I was the slave, so I had to do what I was ordered. I didn’t know how much longer I could do this. I didn’t want to let him down, but I was sure my body would betray me and I would fail.

Tane got up and with a quick movement released me. I collapsed on the floor, and I’m sure I let a sob out. He rubbed my knees, which felt great and let the blood flow in them again. “There, there. You did good boy. I’m so proud of you.”

“Thank you, Master.” I croaked.

“Shhh. Shhhh. Just lay there. Relax. I know that was hard on you. Move your legs as you need to.” I did, straightening them out was like one of the best feelings I had ever had.

Tane rolled me over and rubbed my chest. He was so happy. I felt so good knowing I had done what he wanted. I didn’t crack, he ended it, not me. I had hurt myself and he got to enjoy it.

“All better now?” Tane looked down at me, still so happy he had gotten what he wanted.

“Yes, Master.” I replied.

“Good. Are you ready for the next one?” Tane asked me. I could tell he wanted something more, and I was going to give it to him.

“Of course, Master, whatever you would want.” I didn’t know what he had mind, but I would be as obedient as I could be.

“Get up, it’s time for you to make dinner.” Tane actually helped me up. I followed him to the kitchen. He showed me what he wanted, and where all the relevant stuff was. “I’m going to bind you up again. Same as before, easy for you to break the cord, but I don’t want you to. Find a way to do it with how I restrict you.”

“Yes, Master. I won’t let you down, Master.” I wanted to be a good boy and do things his way.

Tane tied my feet together, leaving just a bit of slack. I’d have to shuffle around. He took my right arm and put it behind me, tying it there and attaching it to my left arm. He set it up so my right arm couldn’t move, attached to my torso. He then tied my left arm so I could move it with some restriction.

“There, get to it.” Tane sat on one the chairs and watched me.

“Yes, Master.” I started to shuffle around to get things together to make dinner. I had to be sure to have everything together so I wouldn’t have to go after something and need to rush. Once I had it all, I started cooking. I’m right-handed, so it was hard working with just my left. It took quite a while, since I was so limited. I still had to shuffle around to get to the oven and stove.

This was just difficult. Not painful, for which I was glad, but so hard. Simple things were so much more complicated. I had to pay attention not only to my tasks, but that I didn’t pull too hard on the cords binding me. So it was a challenge. I could see Tane was enjoying watching me work for him. He had to be getting a real thrill out of it, and he was boned up. I had to be so aware of every movement.

Tane had ordered me to make dinner for us both, and he watched me plate things up. I plated and prepared his first, shuffling over to present it to him. “You can sit there.” Tane pointed to a chair next to his place.

“Yes, Master.” I almost couldn’t believe I was going to get to sit and eat almost like a regular person. I got my dinner in place and looked at him, he again indicated I should sit. I did. My right hand was still behind my back, and legs tied, so I had to be careful getting into the chair.

We ate, it was easy for him, awkward for me, since I had to use my off-hand. And I had to bend my head down so I could get the food in my mouth. Tane watched me in amusement. I was glad that my bumbling was what he wanted.

“You did good, boy. Bit of a struggle wasn’t it?” Tane asked me.

“Yes, Master. It was quite hard, but as long as it is what you want, I will do it.” I answered.

“I do want it. I usually have guys so tied up and it’s fun watching them try to get out and do what I tell them, but they really pull on the ropes. With that, I like watching them pull and strive, but with you.” He stopped and looked at me. “You, it’s so different. I just impede you a bit and order you not to break the cord. And you do it. I can see you working so hard to do want I’ve told you. It’s different. Not the ropes I could put on you, the way you just do it on your own. I can tell the work you put in it, it’s so fucking cool. It’s a different take on bondage, it’s bondage by command, not physics. I can’t believe how hard I get watching you do it. I’m going to fuck you good when we’re done.”

“I’m glad you like it, Master, and I’m looking forward to be fucked by you again. You can fuck me as hard as you want.” I said.

“You are such a damn submissive boy. Fucking obedient. So fucking obedient. I love it. Jack is so fucking lucky.” Tane shook his head.

“I’m a slave, Master. Slaves must obey all the commands given to them. I want to make you and my Master happy.” I was swelling in pride that he liked my service to him. It was great to know what I was doing was right and a real man was pleased with my performance.

We finished eating. “Clean this mess up.” Tane sat back to watch me again.

“Yes, Master.” I managed to stand up and took his plate to the sink. I shuffled back and took my plate. Tane was grinning at me. I continued my laborious work. I managed to wash the dishes and I put up everything that I had left out. When I was done, I turned around and bowed my head. “I have finished Master.”

Tane just looked at me for a moment, playing with his cock. He got up and approached me. He bent down and tossed me over his shoulder. He carried me to the bed. I was careful not put pull on the cord so that I wouldn’t break them. Tane put me on the bed and felt the cords. “Good, still all in one piece.”

I was on my fully tied side. Tane got behind me and I felt his cock at my ass. He put his arm around my chest and pulled me back, his other arm aimed his dick. Since my legs were tied, he had to work to get it in place. But he succeeded, going into me dry, something I was pretty used to. He kept going in until his pubes were on my ass cheeks. “Hump boy. Hump yourself on my dick.”

“Yes, Master.” I got what he wanted and moved my hips back and forth. I fucked myself on his pole. This was challenging, since I still had the cords around me, and I knew he didn’t want me to break them, so I had to be careful. So I was fucking myself and paying attention to the cords so I wouldn’t break them. I had my freer arm behind my back so I had less chance to pull it apart.

“Fuck yeah.” Tane was thrusting into me, really getting into the situation he had put me in. I was still humping myself. Tane had a great dick, and I really enjoyed having it up my shute. I let myself enjoy it, since Tane was so nice and easy to obey. It was a nice change to have a dick in me that was attached to someone who didn’t treat me as rough as Master. I would never want to be seperated from Master, but if Tane was going to go easy on me, I was going to enjoy it.

Tane started fucking faster, and I did as well, still trying to keep the cords from breaking. We were making the bed move as Tane was putting those impressive muscles into fucking me. He was going and shoving through my ass cheeks and into my ass. He started rutting and I just couldn’t keep up with him. It didn’t matter. He was tearing up my ass. He was getting what he wanted. And he came in me. His breath was heavy, and he hugged me tight.

When he released me he said. “Break them. Get out of it.”

“Yes, Master.” I pulled against my restraints. It took a bit and I strained, but the cords broke, and I collected the cords and reached down and broke the bounds on my ankles.

Tane tossed the cords to the floor and just held me. After a while, he decided he wanted to go to sleep. “I’m going to tie you up. I’m going to use thicker rope so you will actually be able to fall asleep.”

“Yes, Master.” No surprise, he had rope in his bedroom. He tied my hands together in front of me, and my ankles together. He got me under the covers and joined me. He wrapped me in his arms and nuzzled me. He was so happy, I could tell. He felt over the ropes slowly as he drifted off. I was actually pretty comfortable compared to my last few nights of sleeping on the floor. I was in a bed, tied up sure, but still in a bed. Not to mention I had an incredibly hot man with me. I was the slave, but it really felt good. I fell asleep as well.

… to be continued

Max Potter
Max Potter
Max Potter discovered an interest in domination and slavery at a very early age. First reading about historical accounts of slaves, that eventually turned to an interested in the Dom/sub culture. A voracious reader, he see dominance and submission in many passages. When a friend gives up something, when a man takes a metaphorical blow for someone else. When one will is subjected to another. For his writing, he looks for the unusual situation. It could be total reluctance on the part of the sub, or innovative commands given. Always on the lookout for a novel idea, he can be contacted at his Gmail account as maxrpotter.

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