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Slave to a Younger Master (14)

Spring Break Part 3

I was roughly gang fucked for a long time. I was groggy when my Masters started to fuck me and before I really woke up I was in a sex haze. I know their big cocks were up my ass and down my throat, and that my hands were working, but I don’t remember much beyond that. It went on for a long time, as my Masters were young and could cum over and over again. At some point, they finished and headed back for bed. I was coated in cum and I vaguely remember crawling to my mat and going back to sleep.

I woke with a foot kicking my shoulder. “Up doggie, time to run.” Sam was awake and he wanted to run again.

“Yes, Master.” I got up.

“You are the dirtiest doggie, we’ve got to clean you again.” Sam said, outside he turned the hose on me and hosed me down. The water was cold and I shivered, the water hurt on my cock and balls. I turned around and around until Sam was satisfied that I was clean enough.

“Heel.” Sam said, and I followed. Sam kept me buck naked for our runs. Sam was very sexy in his running shorts, a hemp necklace tight around his neck. I knew I’d get to suck his big beautiful cock again. And I run just behind him, looking at his perfect butt and back. We took the same route we took yesterday.

We hadn’t gone far when I heard “Yeah!, Yoo-hoo.” And “Oh, baby.” from one of the beach houses. I looked in the direction of the voices and saw two men on a porch waving at us. I looked at Sam, his sexy smile was back on his face.

“Heel.” Sam said, and began to jog up to the beach house. I followed. Sam said to me quietly “OK doggie, when we get up there, hit your knees and look down.”

“Yes, Master.” I said.

Sam jogged up the stairs with me behind. Sam stopped at the top, and I knelt at his feet, looking at the floor. I got a quick glimpse of the men, both were well-built and handsome. “We saw you run by yesterday, and we just had to come out to see if you were coming again, you are such a beautiful sight in the morning.” Said one of the men.

“Yeah, so we set up out here for the show. I like the close-up even better, though.” Said the other, both men looked with appreciation at Sam’s sexy body, and his sexy smile.

“I’m glad my doggie and I can accommodate.” Sam smiled, his smile getting sexier by the second.

“So he’s your doggie, eh? Is he a good boy?” Said the second man. “I’m Bruce, by the way, this is my partner, Steve.”

“I’m Sam. We call the doggie boy.”

“We? Do you have someone special Sam?” Steve asked, pouting a little.

“Honestly, he’s not my doggie. He belongs to a friend of mine, we’re all in a house up the beach. Boy is serving all four of us this week.”

“All four, he must be a busy boy.” Bruce said.

“We do OK. Boy’s learning fast.” Sam patted my head a little.

“Are the other three as handsome as you?” said Steve.

“I’m tops, but the others are OK.” Sam said.

“You sure are, look at those arms of yours.” Bruce said.

“You want to feel?” Sam raised his arm.

Bruce moved forward and felt Sam’s bicep. “Hey Steve honey, feel this.”

Steve stood up and felt Sam’s bicep as well “Oh yes, very nice. You get lots of exercise I bet.”

“I work out.” Sam said.

“You must be tired, let me massage you a bit to make you feel better.” Steve began to massage Sam’s biceps Sam smiled at the attention.

“Here, have a mimosa.” Bruce delivered a drink to Sam. Sam took it, had a swallow.

“We have to make you comfortable.” Steve guided Sam to a lounge chair, and kept his massage of Sam up.

Bruce and Steve felt Sam up for a few minutes, appreciating his beautiful, sexy body. Bruce and Steve were in their 20s, both had dark hair, and both were very well built, good size cocks stirred in their shorts. Sam reached up and began to deeply kiss Steve, pulling Steve onto the lounge chair with him, feeling up his ass. Bruce watched, running his hands over Sam and Steve. After a minute, Sam broke off. “We’ve got to take care of Bruce. Bruce, you want Boy to give you a blowjob? He’s pretty good.”

“Sure.” Bruce said.

“Get going Boy.”  Sam said.

“Yes, Master.” I crawled to Bruce and reached up to pull his shorts down. Bruce helped me and I took his growing cock into my mouth. Bruce was OK sized, and I went to work on his meat.

“I’ve never had a dog suck my dick before. Hey, you really a dog?” Bruce pulled my mouth off his cock.

“Yes, sir.” I said.

“Are you a dog all the time?”

“No, sir. I am always a slave, but only a dog when I’m told to be, sir.”

“Fuck. Blow me good slave. Work me.”

“Yes, sir.” I moved back to his cock. Bruce was now fully hard, and his wasn’t shortchanged at all. He had a good-sized cock, with veins over it. I felt his soft skin over his rock-hard cock, his big cockhead forcing further and further down my throat. I moved my hands up his strong, powerful legs, feeling up his washboard abs and his tight pecs. I gently worked on his nipples, easily pulling and twisting to make him feel good. Bruce bucked his hips, forcing his big dick in and out of my mouth.

“My balls, suck my balls.” Bruce said.

“Yes, sir.” I said, moving to lick his hairy balls, big and low hanging. I pulled them into my mouth, and they filled my mouth. Bruce’s hand moved up and down on his pole. After a few minutes, he pulled his balls out of my mouth and put his dick back into me. I worked on his dick, moving up and down on his pole. I could see Sam and Steve still kissing, feeling each other’s bodies, occasionally they would look over at us. Bruce moved his hands to my head and began to take control of my movements, forcing me further and further down on his cock, shoving my nose into his pubes as he came in me, spurt after spurt powering into me. I swallowed it all, gently cleaning him off when he was done. I was gentle and cleaned his dick, balls and pubes. Bruce was breathing deep.

“Stevie baby, you have got to try this.” Bruce shoved my head toward his lover.

“Do you mind, Sammy?” Steve nibbled on Sam’s ear.

“Fuck no, I think you should. The little faggot’s been getting a lot of practice lately.” Sam said, moving so I could get better access to Steve’s dick.

I moved to take Steve’s already hard cock into my mouth, as Sam and Bruce watched. I moved further and further down on Steve’s cock and though that they were a good pair, both Steve and Bruce had big cocks, so they must really enjoy fucking each other. I wished I had a bigger cock, but it really wouldn’t matter, Master didn’t let me use it a lot. Sam moved over and began to kiss and feel up Bruce as they watched my work on Steve.

Steve was already hot when I started to suck him. I guess getting to kiss and feel up Sam really turned him on. It would have really turned me on. Steve has already hard and close. I could feel him trying to keep it back, so he could enjoy my service some, but it wasn’t long before he came down my throat, filling me with his cum.

I also gently cleaned up Steve. As I finished up, Bruce said “You don’t have to go soon, do you?” He had two of Sam’s fingers in his mouth, and was looking meaningfully at Sam.

“I don’t but I should send Boy back. He’s got to serve the other men too.” Sam said.

“But you can stay.” Steve said feeling up Sam’s arm.

“Oh hell yeah.” Sam was enjoying the service he was getting from the men. “Boy, run back to the house. Tell them I’ll be back later.”

“Yes, Master.” I said.

“And thank these men for letting you blow them.” Sam said.

“Thank you Sirs, for letting me blow you.” I said, still on my knees. The men laughed a little, and then turned their full attention to Sam.  I moved to run back to the house. At least Sam said I should run, I wouldn’t be outside buck naked and alone for any longer then I had to. It was humiliating to have to run outside naked alone, but it was the only way I could get back to the house and under cover. Cars passed, and since Bruce and Steve had seen us, I’m sure other people saw me, naked running on the beach. It was still early when I got back, so I got to go back to sleep on my mat.

As I entered the house, I saw Master sitting in the Living Room. He watched me as I approached, got on my knees, kissed his feet and said “Master.”

“You didn’t go out on your own, did you faggot?” Master said.

“No, Master. Master Sam took me for a run.”

“Where is he?”

“We met two men, Master Sam is staying with them for a while. He says he’ll be back later, Master.”

“Ok, work on my balls slaveboy.”

“Yes, Master.” Master was nude, and I moved my mouth up to the balls I loved so much. I knew every inch of them, every wrinkle and hair. I gently licked Master’s manly balls and caressed them with my lips. I pulled them into my mouth and gently sucked them.

I gently lapped at one, then the other. I put one, then the other in my mouth. I felt the big, buoyant balls in their sack. I tasted the special taste of Master’s mantaste. I knew I was pleasuring that bit of him that made his glorious cum. I moved my tongue in spirals over Master’s balls, I took long laps at Master’s nuts. I put both in my mouth and gently sucked them, moving my tongue on them. I was careful not to let my teeth touch them or suck too hard. I wanted to please Master and make him happy.

After a few minutes of my worship of his balls, Master moved one hand to casually stroke his huge, beautiful cock. I kept up my work on his balls, and Master gently beat off. Occasionally his hand would touch my nose and I felt a shiver of excitement as I serviced my Master. Being able to service Master, to have his balls in my mouth was what I lived for. I wanted to nothing more than to give Master pleasure, and if he wanted to use and abuse me, he could, as long as I got to suck him.  Master paid no attention to me except to accept my service of his balls. He stroked himself at his leisure, and only after some time of my work did he speed up to really make himself cum. I continued to work on Master’s balls as they drew up and spurted his manly cum out. It was great feeling the cum move, my mouth on Master’s balls.

I kept working on Master’s balls after he finished his cum, but I was even more gentle. Master breathed deep, and I saw his chest heave. Master was my god, and he had beautiful pecs. Master shoved his hand into my mouth, so I left his balls and lapped his cum off his hand. Taking a cue, I moved to clean Master up, his cock, his pubes, his stomach and chest.

I sucked down his manly cum, and I wished I could live on his cum and piss alone. I loved the taste, and Master had cum heavy, so I had a lot of cum to swallow down. When I finished, Master half-opened his eyes and said “Go tie yourself back up, boy.”

“Yes, Master.” I returned to the kitchen, put my collar back on and went to sleep on my mat, my mind full of Master’s balls and cum.

A stream of piss hitting my face waked me up. I sputtered looked dazed, then I remembered where I was and opened my mouth, trying to catch it. I opened my eyes to see Tim pissing on me. I moved my head up to take his cock in my mouth. Tim finished his piss and ordered me to lick up the piss that has splattered.

“Dirty, filthy, nasty little cocksucking faggot boy.” Tim said.

“Yes, Master.” I said.

“Look at this mess you made. Fuck, can’t you do anything right?”

“I’m sorry Master.”

“You’d better be, you worthless piece of shit. You don’t expect me to walk on that mat now that you’ve gotten piss all over it, do you?”

“No, Master.”

“Suck the piss out, fuckface.”

“Yes, Master.” I knelt on the floor and worked to suck the piss out of the mat. I got some, but you just can’t suck all the moisture out of a mat.

After I had been coming up dry for a bit, Tim cruelly twisted my nipple and said. “Do you want to sleep on a piss-soaked bed?”

“If you want me to, Master.”

Tim pushed me over. “Fuck, you are a lousy, worthless fuck-up. I’ve got to get Jack to give you to me for a while so I can really put you through your paces.” That worried me. I’m sure Master would give me to Tim if Tim asked, and I was afraid of what Tim would do to me. “Beg me to let you sleep in a clean bed.”

I began to kiss and lick his feet. “O Master, please let me sleep in a clean bed, Master. I know I’ve been a bad boy and a fuck-up but please don’t make me sleep in a pissed in bed. Master, I will do anything you want me too, Master, please don’t make me sleep in piss. I will drink your piss Master, and your cum, Master. I am a worthless shitball, Master. I am a cunt and a faggot. Master, let me kiss your feet, Master, let me kiss your ass, Master. Master, great Master, do anything to me you like. Master use me, whip me, Master. Take me Master. Teach me Master. Teach me my lessons, Master. Don’t make me sleep in piss Master. Let me sleep somewhere clean, Master. Punish me, Master. Do anything to me, Master. I’m your slave, Master. Treat me like shit, Master.”

“Oh fuck off.” Tim said, kicking me over. “That’s enough. I’m not sure what I’m going to do yet. Hang that thing outside and get in here and make me breakfast.”

“Yes, Master.” I moved to obey his orders. After I had served Tim, I was ordered to bend over with my ass to him and finger my hole. I was doing this when Master and Rick came down. Tim ordered me to suck my finger to clean it, then I made and served breakfast to the two men. I was ordered to kneel in a corner of the kitchen while the men had a long breakfast, only getting up when one wanted something. Master told Tim and Rick that Sam was out with a couple he’d met and would be back later.

When the men were ready to go down to the beach, I was ordered to fill my dogfood bowl with corn flakes and hold Rick’s massive dick so he could piss in it. I held his dick carefully. “Don’t spill any, or you’ll really get it.” Rick said. Rick pissed long and hard, really filling the bowl. I could feel the piss moving down his cock, and it felt great to be holding such a manly dick while it pissed. When Rick finished, he had me gently lick the last drop off his cockhead before eating my breakfast.

“Boy, did you change the sheets on the bed yesterday?” Master was looking at me sternly.

I hung my head “No, Master.”

Master looked down at me. “Go fetch the belt.” I rushed up to Master’s room and got the belt. I returned to my Master’s feet and respectfully handed him the belt.

“If you had been a good boy you would have washed all the sheets and changed them. Only a bad boy would want his Masters to sleep on dirty sheets. Bad boy is going to be punished to teach him a lesson.” Master said.

“Yes, Master, please teach me my lesson, Master. I’m sorry I’m such a bad boy, Master, please punish me long and hard so I will be a good boy for my Master.” I said.

“Get up and bend over. I’m going to whip your worthless ass.”

“Yes, Master.” I got up and bent over so Master could whip me easily.

CRACK Master was not going easy on me, the belt was big, had holes and was really painful. And Master was strong, so the hits had power behind them. “One, Master. Thank you, Master.” Master usually wanted me to count and thank him when he punished me, so I did.

CRACK “Two, Master. Thank you, Master.” The men were leaning back, sneering at me, laughing at my punishment. I got fifty smacks for my punishment.

Pleased with my humiliation, the men headed down to the beach for fun while I cleaned up. I had to clean up the kitchen, the bathrooms, and the bedrooms. When I got to Tim’s room I discovered he has trashed it. He had tossed his clothes all over, messed up the bed, all sorts of stuff, so I had to work really hard to clean it up.

I got fucked several times that morning, as the men would come out of the water to have their dicks serviced. There is nothing like getting to service one giant studly cock after another. I was getting real familiar with their dicks by now, I spent lots of time with a dick up my ass or down my throat. Most of these were real quick, the men just wanted to get off.

I was sent for lunch, and I brought it down to serve my Masters. “This is great. You want to get your dick serviced, and the faggot services your dick. No waiting, no work, no questions. God, I could live like this forever.” Tim said. The other two agreed with him.

I wondered if we were going to play Fetch again, but Master sent me up to the house for my bell. I knew what was coming, and I dreaded it. I was going to have to play my bell for the men. I returned with the bell and the string attached to it.

“Get your dick hard and put it on.” Master said. As I did Master said “He hates doing this. He hates to be on display. He doesn’t think I know it, but I do. He’s got to do what I tell him, no matter what he thinks. Isn’t that right, boy?”

“Yes, Master.” I said, humbly.

“No play us something catchy.”

“Yes, Master.” I began to move my dick muscles to ring the bell. The loop of the string was behind the ridge of my cockhead, and as I moved my dick muscles it make the bell bounce and ring. It’s not easy to do, and really hard to do in any rhythm, but I did my best. Master had first had me do this early in my slavery, and I had been ordered to practice. I had gotten better, but it was still pitiful. There I was, standing at attention, a bell tied to my hard dick, and having to make it bounce up and down trying to get a tune out of it. I looked foolish. It was incredibly degrading. There was no way to get a really good rhythm out of my dick, and having to stand there and try for these younger boys humiliated me.

I was doing my best, but it wasn’t very good. It wasn’t long before Rick was really laughing at me. The other two men joined in. I kept on playing. There was nothing I could do about it. I wondered if I could look more stupid, feel more humiliated, but nothing came to mind just then.

When the men finally got over their laughter, I was ordered to dance with my bell on. I moved into my sexual belly dancing moves. I felt like a cheap whore, moving around like that, sucking my fingers, opening my ass, pinching my tits, all while moving my body. The bell kept on ringing, reminding me of my lowly place in life. I kept dancing and the men broke into new fits of laughter. When the men had finally had enough of my performance, I was ordered back to the house to clean myself up, then kneel in the corner until called for. Even that was humiliating. I was used and discarded. Sent to a corner like a bad child. Pulled out a few times over the day to get fucked and sent back. The radio would bark out “Bitch, get down here.” And I would run to the beach, get fucked and be sent back. I was there only to get their dicks hard and get them to cum.

Kneeling in the corner wasn’t fun either. I was felt like a used sock just tossed in the corner. My only comfort was that I was servicing men and my Master. I had spent years wanting a real Master to take control of me. Now that I had one, I had to obey. I couldn’t image leaving Master. I just couldn’t give up his cock. I was put on this earth to be a slave. Now that I had finally become a slave, I had to work to stay one.

Late in the afternoon, after I had finished sucking Tim off, I was ordered in front of the men, down on my knees. Tim then ordered me to put my forehead on the ground, and stretch my arms towards them. It was humiliating. I looked like some slave in a bad movie. That’s what they wanted, of course, just another way to tear me down. I was left like that for their amusement for some time.

After I had been in this position for some 10 minutes, Sam came up the beach. He was walking with a self-satisfied smile on his face. He was greeted by the men.

“Did you have a good time?” Rick asked.

“Fuck yeah.” Sam said. “These two guys had scoped us out yesterday when I took the doggie for a run. This morning they watched out for us. We went up and they were two fine hunks, real hot. I had doggie blow them and sent him back. These two guys were real accommodating. We made out on the deck for a while, they both worked on my cock and balls. They were real good too. Then we decided to head up the the bedroom.”

“I figured you’d fuck them.” Master said.

“Oh yeah. They treated me good. Mimosas, and all. The bedroom had the biggest bed I’ve ever seen. They took my shorts off and kissed all down my legs, then we got in bed and had a real hot fuck session for a few hours. They treated me and my cock and balls real good. Everything was for me. Their mouths, their asses. They fed me in bed, they even peeled grapes for me, feeding me like I was some god. They fucked each other on the foot of the bed for me, it was great.”

“I’m surprised you came back.” Rick said.

“Their vacation’s over. They had to go back. But I got their number. I’ll be visiting again and they promised me the treatment would be even better when we were in their house.”

“Fuck you really hit the jackpot.” Tim said.

“Fuck I did.” Sam said. “I have the feeling I’m going to be spending a lot of time with them. And if today is any indication, they are going to take real good care of me.”

The men discussed Sam’s good fortune until they decided to send me into the house to kneel in the corner. Some time later, Rick came in and sat on the sofa. A few minutes later he said “Fucktoy, get over here.”

“Yes, Master.” I crawled over to Rick. He was naked, his legs splayed out in front of him. His unbelievably big cock was aimed straight at the ceiling. Rick was gently stroking his massive dick, slowly up and down. I could see the veins in the cock, and his big balls hanging below lying on the sofa. The size of his cock was scary. It was thick enough to really stretch the ass when it was stuck up there. And long enough to take your breath away.

“Get up here, sit on my dick.”

“Yes, Master.” I began to climb up. Rick kept me facing him. I put my feet on either side of his hips and used my hands to pull my asscheecks apart. I began to crouch down, aiming my ass to his huge cock head.

“Yeah fucktoy, take it, go down on it.” Rick steered his massive cock to pierce my asshole. It stretched my ass. I felt every inch of his long, long cock slid into my well-used hole. Rick smiled a wicked sneer. Rick’s massive cock moved further and further into my hole, I was impaled on an ungodly huge cock. I used my legs to move further and further down. I put my hand on Rick’s strong shoulders to support myself. I kept moving down. It almost took forever to move the length of his massive cock. I felt its girth stretch my boypussy and his massive cock really filled me.

I felt every inch, every centimeter of his long cock enter my boypussy. It seemed to go on forever, as I moved further and further down on his huge cock. More and more of his hot meat entered my cunt and shoved my guts aside. It felt like getting an endless pole stuck up my ass. Actually, it was pretty much like that. The length of Rick’s cock was inhuman, and although I’d had it up my ass and down my throat more times than I could count, it was still work to get it in. More and more disappeared up my ass.

Finally, I was all the way down on Rick, his massive cock shoved all the way in me. Rick’s strong hands held my waist and he said “Stay here fucktoy. Yeah, slut. Just like that.” Rick moved his hips side to side some,  I felt his cock move around in me. Just like he commanded me, his cock commanded my guts, and my body was just his toy. “All the way up now, slowly.” I began to rise up on his long pole. I could feel his cock pulling out of me, leaving me empty, hollow. I rose further and further up. Just traveling the length of his prick took time. Finally I got to the top and I looked down at this major stud. Rick said “Fucktoy.” And slammed me down on his cock again, since his hands were still on my hips. His inches of manmeat shot into me like an iron poker. I let out a groan.

“Yeah, fucktoy, take it. Up again. Slow.” I began to pull myself back up his huge cock. My legs were protesting this hard work, but I had no choice but to obey. When I finally got to the top of the long prick, Rick gently began to pull be back down. I continued my journeys up and down his incredibly long pole for a long time as Rick enjoyed someone to not only had to take every inch of his cock, but take it any way he wanted.

Rick had stopped talking, but his hands told me what to do, gently moving in the direction he wanted. I broke out in a sweat and my legs were shaking like they were going to give out before he finally allowed me to speed up enough to get him to cum. Like his huge cock, Rick’s cum was big. Spurt after spurt entered my boypussy. I felt the cum shoot into me and go like rockets. Rick’s head was thrown back and he was grunting. When he had finished with me, I was pushed off of him. I knelt, and still shaky, cleaned him off with my slave mouth. Rick ignored me, so I knelt back in my corner.

Some time later I was lying in front of Tim licking his feet. My Masters had come in and Tim had ordered me to crawl over and lick his feet, I had been doing this for about 10 minutes. Tim looked down at me and said “Do you think we can impregnate the bitch?” My Masters laughed for a moment.

Master said “You know, we could check.”

“Yeah, lets.” Said Sam. I was pulled up and bent over. “No, that’s not right.” Sam said. I was put in several different positions before I was laid on the back of the sofa. The men were behind me and held one leg up in the air. Several fingers were stuck up my ass.

“I don’t feel anything.” One of them said. I did, I felt the fingers up my ass and it was great. I had a few fingers stuck in my mouth to clean off.

“Cough” I was ordered as someone pushed up my balls up into me, like you have to at the doctors. The men were pulling open my asshole some to ‘examine’ me. It was very degrading. The men pinched my ass, then my tits, and under my arms. My cock and balls were man-handled and my balls were shoved up and I was ordered to cough several times. All the time, one leg was held up in the air.

“I don’t think he’s pregnant.” One said.

“Let’s try some more.” Said another. Master snapped his fingers and pointed at the kitchen table. I knew what was expected of me, and I crawled up on the table and lay on my back. Four dicks were put into me. One down my throat, one up my ass and two into my hands. I was being used by four men who had each fucked me several times today. But they were young, and their big balls were full of cum. Cum that was pumping into me. The cock was wonderful. I loved feeling the big cocks thrust up into me. Knowing that I was being used, that I was a slave, this is what I had always wanted. I was amazed that these studly men could still fuck me after all the cum they had put into me already today, and Sam had been fucking his two new friends as well. I sucked hard and kept my ass tight, so my Masters would get the best experience of fucking me. If you have never been the hole of a bunch of hot, horny men, you don’t know how great it is to be filled with hard cock. Not just one or two, but four hard giant cocks filled me.

I can’t tell how long I was fucked, but it was all great. It felt like gallons of cum was pumped into and onto me. I was left alone for a while, my Masters let me recover from the wonderful fucking. When I started to move, I was ordered to shower and clean up. I was told to keep the bathroom door open, since I was a slave and didn’t deserve privacy. When I was cleaned, I was order to start dinner. I made dinner and served. After dinner, the men went back into the living room.

“Boy, go get your rings, they are in my room.” Master said.

“Yes, Master.” I began to crawl upstairs. I was dreading this. I was going to be a target of another game. I knew that I was there to do whatever my Master wanted, and he wanted me to be humiliated and to be a toy, so that’s what I was. Master had played this game with me before, so I had an idea of what to expect. I found the rings and crawled back.

“Here’s the game.” Master said, as I passed rings to each of the men. “Shit for brains will get his little dick hard. We’ll toss the rings at it. If you get the ring on, you get a point. If the faggot misses, he gets punished. Most points wins.”

“If he misses, he gets punished?” Sam said.

“Yeah, the bitch should get all the rings on. If one doesn’t make it, someone’s got to pay.”

“What’s the punishment?” Rick asked.

“Five swats with a belt.”

“Cool.” said Tim.

Master snapped his fingers and pointed up. I stood up and got my dick hard.

“God damn it, it’s going to be hard to hit such a little target.” Sam said. All the men laughed. They laughed at me. Even before they started to play, I was being laughed at because I was so much smaller than them in the cock department.

Sam tossed a ring at my cock. He got it on my cock. That saved me from some beating. The men laughed. Tim tossed a ring at me and missed. The men laughed as I moved to tried to get it on my cock. The men tossed the rings one at a time. It must have been great for the men to make me run around the room trying to get rings they tossed onto my dick. Sometimes they really tried to get the rings on my dick, sometimes they tossed them to see me run and try to get one that went wide. I knew I had to try to get the all or I would be punished. I quickly lost count of who had the most rings on my dick and how much I was going to get beat. The men found it very funny, and laughed a lot.

The men started to toss the rings at me more than one at a time. That made things harder for me, as I missed more and more, and I was always stuck between two, three, or four rings flying at me to catch on my dick. The men kept it up for some time. It is so humiliating to be used for a game. I was just an object for these teenagers. When they wanted to fuck me, I was just a hole. When I wasn’t a hole, I was a toy to use and abuse.  I don’t know how long they played, but at some point I was told to fetch a belt. The game was over, and I didn’t know who won. But now I was going to be punished for not getting all the rings on my cock. I got the belt back and gave it to Tim, who held his hand out for it. Tim snapped his fingers and I assumed the position for a beating.

Tim didn’t go easy on me. His first strike left a red mark on my ass. Tim was strong, and his powerful arm really laid into me. “One, thank you Master.” Tim laughed. CRACK a new strike hit my ass and a new red mark appeared “Two, thank you Master.” Tim kept up for quite a while, since I had missed so many of his. Beating me had made him horny, so when he stopped, he just stuck his cock up my ass and fucked away. He popped off quick, and Sam started to beat me. I got beat for a while, and my ass was sore and on fire. Master Jack was the last one to beat me, and he was strong, and he really lit into me. Tears streamed down my face as the pain bit into me. I noticed Sam and Rick were wrapped in each others arms. I was amazed that after fucking me so much, they still had something for each other.

When Master finished, he tossed the belt on the floor and ordered me back into the corner. Finally, they decided to go to bed. It was decided that Tim had won the game, and I was his for the night. As I started to crawl towards the stairs Tim said “Lower, I want you lower, cunt.” Tim put his foot on my back and pressed down. “On your belly, creep you worm.”

“Yes, Master.” I kept my body in contact with the floor, and moved to the stairs. It was hard to move like this, and with my ass still on fire, it was humiliating. It was weird getting up the stairs, and my cock and balls were scrapped on the edges of the stairs. As I creeped down the hall to Tim’s room, I saw the smirk on his face. Tim had wanted me to himself for a while now, and I was sure tonight was going to be tough.

In the room, Tim poked his big toe into my mouth and I began to suck it. After a second or so he pulled it out and stepped back. “Roll over faggot.” I rolled over onto my back. “Spread your legs.” I spread my legs. Tim smiled wickedly down at me. He aimed his foot at my balls and delivered a kick to my exposed balls. “God, what a piece of shit you are. You’re going to lick my ass. I want you to go deep with that tongue.”

“Yes, Master.” I knew I was helpless to resist him, I had to obey any wish he had. Tim pulled his shorts off and tossed them away. He roughly dropped on my face, his stinking asshole on my mouth. I suck out my tongue and began to lap. All I could see was the top of his asscrack and up his back. Tim didn’t just sit on my face. He moved his ass back and forth, wiping it on my face. He was rubbing his ass in my face.

“Yeah you worthless cunt, eat my ass. Stick your shit tongue up my shit hole. Suck it big and hard.” Tim said. Tim reached down and grabbed my legs. Still sitting on my face, he pulled my legs up. Tim pulled my ass towards him, bending me double. It was really painful. My ass was red, tender, and still hurting from the hard beating I’d gotten for being a bad boy and not getting all the rings on my cock. Tim delivered a sharp slap to my abused ass. It really hurt. Tim as strong, and he was putting force behind his slaps. “Yeah, a worthless piece of shit, that’s what you are. You’re not a real man, you’re a boy. You’re just a piece of shit.” Tim was grinding his ass into my face, and I was trying to get my tongue further and further into his ass has he had ordered. Tim was poking two fingers into my asshole, poking and stretching it. In addition, Tim was slapping my tender ass with his strong hand. “Look at you, just taking it. I’m rubbing my ass in your face and you’re just licking away.” Tim farted into my mouth.

Tim kept this up for a while, sometimes spitting on my ass, making it sting even more. I was totally degraded, my ass hurt from all the beating I’d had today, and I was bent funny. My mouth was full of ass. I knew I was a slave, and this is the life I’d always wanted.  There is nothing like being completely controlled by a real man.

To be continued …

Max Potter
Max Potter
Max Potter discovered an interest in domination and slavery at a very early age. First reading about historical accounts of slaves, that eventually turned to an interested in the Dom/sub culture. A voracious reader, he see dominance and submission in many passages. When a friend gives up something, when a man takes a metaphorical blow for someone else. When one will is subjected to another. For his writing, he looks for the unusual situation. It could be total reluctance on the part of the sub, or innovative commands given. Always on the lookout for a novel idea, he can be contacted at his Gmail account as maxrpotter.

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