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Slave to a Younger Master (16)

A trip for a chain fitting

I barely remember making it back to the beach house and hooking my collar up to the chain so I could fall asleep. I was exhausted, and I’m sure all sorts of cum was dripping out of my ass. I fell asleep at once.

I was kicked awake by Sam, he wanted to take another run. I had no choice but to obey his wishes. I got up, aching all over my body. “We’re not going to run long slaveboy.” Sam said, as he went down the stairs to the beach, me following. “I’m tired but want to get some running in. Plus my blow job.”

“Yes, Master.” As before, he had on shoes and shorts, but I was bare-assednaked. I still liked watching his ass as he ran, so firm, and I knew how good it tasted.

We didn’t run as long as we usually did. Sam came to a stop and just dropped his shorts. I dived to his crotch and started sucking on his dick. I loved sucking his big cock, but my throat was sore, after being gang-fucked in the face just hours before. But I gave him my all, so he would enjoy himself. It was more important that he had a good time, no matter what it put me through. I glanced up, and I could tell he was liking it. So it was worth whatever happened to me.

I was rewarded by his grunts as he shot his cum down my throat. Sam quickly got ready to run again, and I had to scramble to follow him. I knew how long we had to run back, and it really wasn’t all that long. And I got to watch his ass. I was just letting my imagination go on about rimming him. I was almost surprised when we started up the stairs to the beach house. Sam headed back up to his bedroom to go back to sleep. I certainly could have gone back to sleep, but Master had ordered me to keep up with the house and everything, even if I didn’t get any sleep. I took a deep breath and got to cleaning the house. Fortunately, there wasn’t much to clean up, so I got it done quickly. Cum had leaked out of my ass while I was sleeping, so I mopped it up. I figured I didn’t have to lick it up, like I would have if Master was there. Finishing up, I put my chain back on and fell back to sleep.

All four of my masters came down at the same time, I made them breakfast, and I was allowed to have milk in my cereal this time, but I still had to eat it from a bowl on the floor. I wasn’t really listening to their talk for awhile, but eventually the noise started making sense in my head. They were talking about chains, for me. I tried to patch together what the point was, but I couldn’t get it to make sense.

“I’m going to need to fuck him before you take him out.” Rick said.

“Yeah, go for it.” Master said.

“Bend over the counter, bitch.” Rick waved at a place.

“Yes, Master Rick.” I got up and bent over, putting my legs wide so he could have easy access. Rick came up behind me and started to push in. I’d had his dick up me a lot the last few days. He was long. Decently thick, but he had a long cock. I braced my hands so my belly wouldn’t get too hurt on the corner.

Rick was a great fuck, really filling me up. I was glad I could be of service to him, so my Master and his friends could get their rocks off anytime they wanted. I was something they could use and not have to think about. I wanted to make my Master happy, and that meant servicing his friends, so I did. The other men just went on talking, occasionally looking over and saying something that Rick would reply to, but his main focus was on pounding my ass. He had the biggest cock I’d ever had in me. It felt great, getting fucked up the ass is one of the best things in the world, and I was getting fucked all the time. Even better than getting fucked was getting fucked over and over by a lot of young, horny, hot guys. My ass was getting used a lot, and the best part was that I was doing it for my Master.

Rick was virile, well all of them were. His hard cock was rocking me forward and back. Since meeting my Master, I had more sex than ever in my life, and for a good slave it was the best. I had my legs and arms bracing me as I was used by this man. I knew I was an object for him, but I was fulfilling my purpose in life, giving a real man pleasure. Rick sped up in his thrusts, and I know he was getting close. He was pushing harder in and I had to work more to keep my ass in place for him. He came in me, still throwing thrusts in me, but slowing down. Nice to feel his cum shooting into me again. When he was done and pulled out, I turned around, got down on my knees and started cleaning his dick off, tasting his cum and my ass. He just stood there and took it, as was his due. He went back to the table with the others, and I stayed on my knees as I had no other instructions.

They finished up, getting up and heading out. Tim snapped his fingers and pointed at the table and sink. I knew I was to clean up, so I got started right away.

Master and Tim came back downstairs dressed in shorts and t shirts. “Let’s go boy.” Master said.

“Yes, Master.” I followed him as they headed out to Master’s car. We were going someplace. I was still naked, but since I hadn’t been instructed to put anything on, I was going to stay that way. I got in the back and started the ritual I had to do when I rode with them. I bucked my hips, tweaked my nipples with one hand while I sucked the thumb of the other. The men ignored me, but that was normal, I had to do this for their entertainment, so I did. I had no idea where we were going, but it wasn’t my place to ask.

It was a pretty long drive. We were in a very rural area. We turned up what turned out to be a long driveway. When we got to the house and parked, we all got out. I glanced around and noticed that you couldn’t see another place nearby. We were isolated. The men knocked on the door. I waited behind them, head down. I knew I was going to  be displayed as a slave, so it was best that I start out right.

The door opened. Head still bowed, I checked out the man who came out. He seemed to be a Polynesian, based on his skin tone. And he was built, his muscles had that rounded look rather than the long type you see on some guys. He was just in a wife-beater and shorts. Interested, I made a quick glance at his crotch. He was packing. “You must be Tim and Jack, I’m Tane.”

“Yeah.” They both said, shaking hands. “Nice to meet you.”

“Come around back to the shop. We’ll see what you want.” He lead them around the house, with me following silently. They chatted, it seems they arranged this the day before. Still, nothing I needed to worry about, I had to obey, not question.

There was a cinderblock building, Tane opened up a garage door letting us in. There were a lot of tools all around. “Put your boy there, we’ll try out some and see what you want.”
“Do it boy.” Master said, and I went to stand in the middle of the room where Tane had indicated.

“Here are a couple of popular options.” Tane put two chains of different gauges, one over each of my shoulders. Master and Tim looked at them, handling them a bit. Tane brought over a couple more gauges of chain. I stood there while they checked them out, moving them around me a bit, like they were deciding on something for me to wear. Well, given the circumstances, they were. Master decided on a gauge, and Tane showed him shackles. Master picked a set.

“What will this run me?” Master asked. Tane named a price, but added “But if you leave him here for me until tomorrow morning, I’ll cut you a break.” He named a lower price.

Master and Tim looked at each other. “Deal.” Master said and they shook.

“Kneel in front of Tane, boy.” Master said.

“Yes, Master.” I obeyed, still keeping my head down.

“You will do everything Tane tells you to, no questions. You will obey him completely. He has total authority over you until I come back.” Master told me.

“Yes, Master.” I said. I was a bit excited, Tane was very hot and I was going to enjoy getting fucked by him, since I’m sure he was going to want to fuck me.

“Stay here.” Tane said, as they started to walk out.

“Yes, Master.” I said and stayed kneeling in place. They headed back to the car, and I heard it pull out. I was alone with a man I didn’t know. It wasn’t the first time, but all that mattered is that I did what Master wanted.
A bit later Tane came back. He came over to me and ordered me to stand up. I did. He rubbed his hands over me. “Nice.” He said.

“Thank you, Master.” I replied.

“I’m going to have fun with you.”

“Anything you wish, Master.” I wondered what fun he had planned. He felt over my cock and balls (which felt good) as well as my ass (which also felt good).

Tane took some measurements, neck to wrists, ankles, waist, marking them all down.

He went over to a counter, patted it, “Get up here.”

“Yes, Master.” I went over and jumped up, sitting where I had been told to.

Tane took out a blindfold. “I’ve got to get your chains together. I want to you sit here. I’m going to blindfold you, and hand you tools. I want you to rub them around you, like you were getting off on them. Get hard, moan a bit. Don’t put them in your mouth. Got it boy?”

“Yes, Master.” Weird, but it was his choice, I was there just to please him.

He put the blindfold on me, and handed me what I quickly figured out was a monkey wrench. I rubbed up against my chest and face, moaning a bit. My dick was hardening. “Oooooo.” I went, sticking my tongue out, and feeling the wrench up and down like it was a hard cock.

I could tell he was still standing in front of me, watching me. I did feel like a cheap slut, but I had to do what I was told. I kept my performance up, and eventually heard him move off. Then I heard him moving metal around and he must have been working on the chains I was going to get.

I rubbed the wrench against my boner, still making slutty noises. I found the whole thing odd, but I kept going since I existed to please men. After a while, I heard him stop his work and move around. The wrench was taken from me and a new tool handed to me. Vice grips. I moved it like I had the wrench, seeming to get off on it. I put the handles over my balls and moved the sack around, I started humping the air, still moaning. I heard a bit of a chuckle from the man I was entertaining. My dick got harder as it seemed I was doing a good job.
Tane kept working, where I could hear the sounds, I didn’t know what they meant. Every so often, I would get a new tool. A hammer, a screwdriver. I just kept up my slut performance.

“Done. Ready to try this on you now.” Tane said. He approached and took off my blindfold. “You can stop with the tools now. It was kinda hot.”

“Thank you, Master.” I stayed in place waiting for a command.

“Get over here. Let’s try these on.” Tane indicated a spot and I went and stood. He brought the chains over and attached manacles to my wrists. I was a bit surprised to discover they were padded. He must have seen my face. “Your Master wanted you be able to wear these without having you damaged.” He got down and attached padded manacles to my ankles as well. “Move around a bit. Take a few steps.”

“Yes, Master.” I did. The chains didn’t impede my movement, but were long enough to scrape along the floor when I walked.

“Good. Good.” Tane watched me. “Jack ordered a couple of additions.” Tane put a hand up for me to stop, and I did. The first addition was a belt around my waist. It had hooks so the chains could be adjusted to different lengths. Multiple hooks around it, bent down so they didn’t stick out. He tried several, leaving me with different levels of ability to move around. “Perfect.” He said. Next was a collar for my neck. That one was easy. It also had the hooks, and I could be bound with my hands next to my face.

“One more.”

“Yes, Master.” This one was a thinner one that hooked around my cock and balls. It also had little hooks that could have chains attached to. He had me walk around. He attached links of the chain to the belt and the cock ring. It worked just like he wanted.

“Let’s get you out of them. Then you can join me in the jacuzzi. You are one hot little number.”

“Yes, Master.”

“Try to take the wrist cuff off. Here’s how you work the latch.” He showed me and I was able to do it. “Good boy. Jack told me these weren’t for serious restraint, you obey just fine. He just thinks it will be amusing.”
“Yes, Master.”

“You are a submissive cuss, aren’t you?”

“Yes, Master.”

The chains were off, and he put them on a workbench. “Follow me.”

“Yes, Master.” I did. He lead me up to the back of the house. He had me help him take off the cover of a jacuzzi, which was already heated up. He flipped a switch to start it going. I stood and looked at him. He kicked off his shoes and pulled off his shirt. He was very muscled. Great pecs, not a six-pack, but the abs so close to it, more of a guy who worked hard but wasn’t going for the ripples. Just little tuffs of rings around hisnipples and a treasure trail. He hooked his thumbs in his shorts and pulled them down over legs with a good covering of black hairs.

Tane was hung. A long thick cock hung over big balls. Black hair sproutedall around in a thick bush, on his balls and thighs. I looked up at hisface. He had a slight smile. Such a great body, I was really going to enjoygetting fucked by him.

“Get in with me.”

“Yes, Master.” We both stepped into the tub. Tane pulled me next to him as we sat down.

“Now, gently run your hands over me, I want to feel you. Do it slowly.” He had one arm around me and the other up against the tub side.

“Yes, Master.” I started to feel him up. It was wonderful, he had such a body. Gently grabbing his cock, it responded, getting harder under me.
He just let me do this for a minute.

“Do you ever say anything but yes master?”

“I will say anything you want me to, Master.”

“I want to know how this is for you. So tell me the truth. I want tohear. Do you like being a slave?”

I looked up at him. His eyes revealed he was serious.

“Yes, Master. Being a slave is the best thing that ever happened to me.”

“Where did you meet Jack?”

“I’m a waiter. He came in and was seated at one of my tables. Afterwards he offered me a ride home. I got to blow him in the car, then at my place he fucked me. He discovered I wanted to be a slave and told me I could audition for him. I passed and I’ve been his slave ever since, Master.”

“How did he discover you wanted to be a slave?” Tane was playing with my nipple.

“I called him Master after he fucked me.”

“That’s all it took? Damn.”

“I’d wanted a master for a long time. He has taken control over all of mylife. I couldn’t be happier, Master.”

“He and his friend brought you up for spring break?”

“Yes, Master. There are four of them. Master brought three friends from school, including Master Tim.”

“You’ve been servicing four high school boys for the last few days?” He seemed a bit surprised.

“Yes, Master. But they are men. I’m just a boy.”

“They must be fucking you a lot.”

“Oh, yes, Master. All the time. They are very horny. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve been fucked since we got here.”

“I can’t imagine having to service that many dudes. Your ass must be worn out.”

“Oh, I love it, Master. They fuck me good, over and over. I can’t get enough. And it means I’m doing it to serve them.”

“You like servicing men?”

“Very much. It’s what makes me worthwhile.”

“Concentrate on my cock and balls now.” Tane leaned his head back as Icomplied.

“Yes, Master.”

“You sure are obedient. You do all this shit for him. Why?”

“He owns me, Master. I’m his to do with as he pleases.”

“What has he made you do? Tell me some stories.”

“Yes, Master.” So I do. While slowly feeling up his dick and nuts, I tell Tane about some of my adventures, like the weekend at Master’s house, or the trip Master and Tim took me on where I got fucked in a field and ended up doubled teamed on a billboard. About being put in a park men’s room to service anyone who came in for a nickel.

“Damn, you are an obedient fucker.” He said.

“Master is my owner, I’m his property, he can do anything he wants to me.”

“What about if I wanted to buy you? Or talked him into giving you to me? Would you do the same for me?”

“Of course, Master. Slaves have to obey their owners.”

“Damn.” Tane put his hand on my head, ruffling my hair a bit. “It would be nice, but don’t worry, I won’t try to take you away from Jack.” I have to admit I felt a bit of relief. Even though Tane seemed like he’d be easier on me, I didn’t want to stop being Master’s slave. “Heh, he’d have to be an idiot to let you go.” Tane paused a moment. “Let’s try a bit of a blowjob. Now, I want you to suck me under the water, but don’t get yourself in trouble. Come up to breath when you need to.” He looked at me seriously. “I don’t want you gasping for breath like you’re about to die. But make me feel good. This will be just an appetizer. I’ll get a full on job in a bit.”

“Yes, Master.” I scooted around to get between his legs, still keeping my fondling of his massive equipment going. I took a deep breath and went under the water, closing my eyes and feeling my way to his hard dick. I engulfed it in my mouth. The water made it weird, but a hot weird. And I was glad to finally get a chance to suck him. I bobbed up and down a bit, before coming up for air.

I opened my eyes briefly to see a satisfied smile on his lips and his head went back. Another man getting his due from a slave. Back on his cock, I made sure I was rolling his balls in my hand, and that I was also stroking him when my lips weren’t at work.

It was hard with this pattern of breathing. It’s different from getting throat-fucked, there you grab a breath when you can, this way it had to be planned. Deep breath, dive under, suck, come out of the water. It was a lot of work, but it was worth it. His penis was great, and it was so sexy to be doing this for him. He was being nice to me, ordering me to not endanger myself. It was like he knew I would have pushed myself to stay under otherwise. The jets of water tickled my face a bit.

I had been working on him for about 15 minutes when he sat up and held my head out of the water. “That’s enough. I want to get out of this thing and get a full blow job.”

“Yes, Master.” I followed him out of the jacuzzi. He took a towel off arack, and tossed me one before I could offer to dry him off. He waved a hand that I was to work on myself.

Once we were dry, he took them both and tossed them on the floor, kissing me deep. I returned the kiss, reaching my hands onto his wide back.

“Over here.” He lead me to a wicker sofa and sat in the middle of it, splaying his legs wide.

I knelt between them, one hand on his balls, the other on the base of his cock as my tongue licked the head. Tane gave a sigh of pleasure and I really started to work on getting him off.

To be continued …

Max Potter
Max Potter
Max Potter discovered an interest in domination and slavery at a very early age. First reading about historical accounts of slaves, that eventually turned to an interested in the Dom/sub culture. A voracious reader, he see dominance and submission in many passages. When a friend gives up something, when a man takes a metaphorical blow for someone else. When one will is subjected to another. For his writing, he looks for the unusual situation. It could be total reluctance on the part of the sub, or innovative commands given. Always on the lookout for a novel idea, he can be contacted at his Gmail account as maxrpotter.

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