Pup Turismo

1985 | 175 cm | 89 kg
Adelaide (AU)

Pup Turismo on Twitter

A nice pup from Australia has combined two of his hobbies to start doing a very special kind of art. He is into Bodypainting Photography and producing some amazing pictures. Hi Turismo, you live downunder, means that that your models have just to stand with their feet into a tank of bodycolor and that the gravity does the work of covering the models with the paint? 🙂

Well almost, what gravity doesn’t get the kangaroos sort for me, when they jump in the tank, their big feet splash up the rest

Oh I didn’t know that kangaroos can be so helpful. 🙂 What is for you the attraction of bodypainting even if it seems to be more work than I’ve thought because you have to feed the kangaroos too.

I love the transformation that bodypaint can provide, paint can do so much from hiding things people dont like about their bodies to highlighting muscle tone and structure. I love seeing the eyes of the models when they first see themselves in a mirror or on the camera for the first time, the reaction, the comments the wow factor I guess. I’ve made some great relationships through painting, it’s daunting, but relaxing yet liberating all at the same time and the pictures speak for themselves.

As for the Roos, they eat grass that saves mowing, win win really.

It really has a wow effect and it looks amazing. I am sure you have also your own experiences with being painted. How does it feel and can you describe the process of such a full body painting?

My main interest in paint is metallics and honnestly I’ve never been fully painted, no ones ever wanted to paint me!

The metallics have a baby oil base, so it feels like your fully lubed up & a bit slippery. I like to have some form of a connection with the people I paint, so it begins with a chat to get to know each other first, from there it usually progresses to hair removal over the entire body and a light covering in either moisturizer or barrier cream. Then its paint time, I paint with either a brush or a small roller, both disposable for hygiene reasons which takes about 25 minutes. Then its pose time in front of the camera, after that simply wipe off the bulk of the paint with a towel and jump in the shower. A typical session takes about 2 to 2.5 hours. Models leave smooth, refreshed and fully moisturized, like a day spa really but with photos covering the experience.

Oh poor pup, nobody wants to play with you. 🙂 To have a baby oil base means that the color will never dry. Is that correct? So at the end of such a session the models are living paintbrushs and everything they touch get colored?

I have other play interests, I’m okay with that 🙂 That’s correct, it doesn’t dry and it can be extremely messy! So drop sheets are mandatory with my painting. There is a mixing liquid that does dry, but it doesn’t give the same super glossy look, and nobody likes dull metallics! I’ve used different oils too, some dry a bit but are harder to get off, some so runny they drip everywhere. Baby oil is the happy medium for me and it has a nice floral fragrance lol

Hehe. Sounds like an interview about cosmetics in a beauty blog. 🙂 But it is really a pity that you can’t have sexual action with such painted boys because they really look amazing. Oh, it would be interesting to have an intensive fuck and cuddle scene with a painted and non painted boy and to see how they would look afterwards. What do you think?

Oh I never said you can’t.. I’ve painted couples before that have well and truly explored the entire sexual side of being painted. Given the paint is safe on all areas of the body there is no negatives and it is one of the hottest things to capture, as well as be part of. I think you might be onto something there for a future shoot, sadly finding guys interested in being involved in such a shoot is not an easy thing to do in Australia, trust me I’ve asked many!

Oh, is it really so difficult to find some sexy exhibs in Australia? An advantage of the babyoil is that you don’t need any lube. 🙂 But let us talk about the second part of your hobby: The photography. I can imagine the lighting is even more important if you do pictures in which this special metallic shining effects should be visible.

Yeah, finding guys keen to be painted is fairly difficult, it’s not the paint but the hair removal that turns people away in most cases. Lighting makes a big difference to the final results. I don’t usually edit my photos past cropping and watermarks so the effects are all manual. I use a combination of cool white and warm yellow lighting indoors or for the best results natural light or being outdoors is the best, hence you will see a few pictures taken out in the great aussie sun.

Yes, you really have done some great pictures and I’m happy that you’re sharing them here on sadOsam. What are your upcoming projects?

I have a few guys I’m in discussions with for some new shoots, possibly with some props and a few BDSM twists on my normal full block colour themes, maybe something with a more pornographic element, but you will have to wait and see 🙂

How many of your boys died during a shooting? 🙂 I’m asking because one of the best ever James Bond movies “Goldfinger” has teached us, that if you cover the full body with the golden color your skin can not breath anymore. 🙂 Btw. do you need to be as rich as Goldfinger was, to have this special hobby?

Theres a reason I paint people in forests …

I’ve never had anyone suffer any form of negative effect from being painted. In my experience breathing is best done via the nose and mouth so I purposely leave them uncovered, everyone goes home safe and well. I enjoy doing the painting and materials arent overly expensive for a hobby. As far as money goes, I dont make any from it, but I dont pay any either. Every guy who gets painted takes full copies of every pic taken and they get me as a friend for life, not sure if that second bit is payment, but it happens anyway!

Yes guys, just visit Turismo’s Twitter to see his work. There you can find also a lot of rubber and pet pictures he has done. Hey pup, thank you for our chat and talk to you soon again because we really have also to talk about your kinky life in downunder. I’m curious to know what else kangaroos can be helpful for.

Wait till you see the emus …

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