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In 2018 I Was Unlocked For A Total Of 12 Days

sadOsam: Are you a sub/slave/faggot or how would you describe yourself?

godoggyboy: I’m more of a submissive person. I like to submit to a powerful man. I also really like DogPlay and various BDSM games, bondage, spanking, electrical stimulation, clamps, clothespins and more. For me, the ideal relationship is an adult partner who dominates both in relationships and in sex. I like hard sex, but I also want affection and tenderness. BDSM practices should not take up most of the time, they should dilute ordinary life. Some elements such as chastity of course can be in everyday life.



The main problem is getting used to SLEEP WITH THE CHASTITY CAGE ON. FIRST, The night erections simply did not allow ME to sleep 

sadOsam: What’s your motivation for being in chastity?

My main motivation was to give up Masturbation. I masturbated a lot and just felt like I wasted my sexual energy.

sadOsam: How long have you been into chastity?

I got my first chastity cage at the end of 2012. It was a plastic CB6000. I’ve tried to wear it for a few days, but I rubbed my skin on the plastic too much, it was really uncomfortable and painful. Next cage I got already was a metal one, a giant compared with my current cage. It was a cage I could wear for 1-2 weeks. Over time, I bought new cages for chastity and tried to wear them all. I wanted to find a cage that will fit me perfectly. And in short: Sessions of chastity increased, cages decreased in size. I also had big breaks in chastity, I could not wear a cage for 6 months one time, but then still returned to the cage afterwards. In 2017, I started practicing constant chastity, there were long sessions, short breaks for a few days and then a chastity session started again. That September I started my blog on Tumblr, which helped me to treat my chastity with more responsibility, as now I was followed and supported by my subscribers. In 2018 I was unlocked for a total of 12 days, the rest of the time I was locked in a micro chastity cage, I had 4 real orgasms and 13 anal orgasms.

sadOsam: What device do you wear right now?

Now I wear a metal lattice cage, with an arc-shaped ring. Length of the cage of 3 cm length with a ring 4.5 cm. Very small, cozy cage in her, my cock feels in complete safety 🙂

sadOsam: Are you locked 24/7?

Yes I am locked 24/7. But I don’t aspire to go into permanent chastity, I like my little cock and I want it to keep working. But I sleep in a cage, I go to work in a cage, I do in the gym in a cage, and i like it 🙂 I remove it only to remove my hair and make a quality hygienic cleaning. This happens once in 1-2 weeks, for 5-10 minutes. I also remove the cage after the chastity session, it could be a few days. And when I’m dating a friend, he can take my cage off if he wants to as well.

sadOsam: Do you have a keyholder?

No. Initially, I locked myself up and I liked it. I had a partner who kept the keys for a while, but now I don’t have a boyfriend. I sometimes meet friends for sex and BDSM sessions, but the key for the cage is always with me. For all the time that I am locked I have already developed a rigid discipline on the topic of chastity. I set myself goals, come up with games of chastity that I have to finish to take the cage off and have an orgasm. However, when I have a permanent partner, he will certainly own my key.

sadOsam: What’s the longest you’ve gone locked?

Hmm today it has been 82 days since my last real orgasm and the last day when I was unlocked all day. My record is 132 days without a real dick orgasm. I also had a test on which I never removed the cage 65 days.

sadOsam: Don’t you miss masturbating/cumming while locked up?

I’m playing with my ass and sometimes I have anal orgasms. I regularly do prostate milking too. That’s enough for me not to think about masturbating. And when the balls are overflowing, the body flushes the excess of semen at night, which leads to “wet dream.” 😛

sadOsam: How often are you allowed to cum?

I can cum after an active game of chastity, and can be allowed to cum by my friends I meet sometimes, if they want me to cum. But this is rare, usually I get an anal orgasm from a real dick.

sadOsam: What were some of the problems you’ve had with chastity devices and how did you solve them?

The main problem is getting used to sleeping in a chastity cage. The night erections simply did not allow me to sleep at first. I woke up every hour and tried to somehow escape from the erection. But over time, my body got used to it. And suprisingly, now in small cages it is much easier to carry an erection. If your penis has nowhere to increase, then there will be no strong erection. There were still problems with rubbing the skin, pinching the skin, but that mostly depends on the model of the chastity cage. That’s just how it goes, you need to try them and choose the perfect cage for you. Nowadays there is a very large selection of different cages of chastity. You can just choose one to suit your taste. Just do not forget about hygiene, especially if you have foreskin. I luckily had my circumcision before I started to get involved in chastity and so I have no problems with hygiene.

sadOsam: What are some of the positive effects of chastity you’ve noticed?

There are lots. Increased sensitivity throughout the body for once. And there is also the aggravation of erogenous zones. I began to enjoy anal sex much more and I can do it as much as the partner wants. I’ve become very lustful in sex and am quite ready to carry out everything that my partner wants. And the main thing is anal orgasms. After I had a real anal orgasm, I realized that I want to practice chastity all the time.

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