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Slave to a Younger Master (5)

At home with Master

Master told me one day that I would need to take a weekend off work, he didn’t tell me anything else, but then his orders were all I needed.  At the end of my shift on Friday, I went to a deserted area near the restaurant and waited, as I had been ordered.  I waited about two hours, then Master drove up. He popped the trunk. Then he ordered me “In the trunk. And you had better be naked when we get where we are going.”

“Yes, Master.” I answered. I got into the trunk hoping no one saw me. Once in the very confined space, I struggled to strip as fast as I could. I didn’t know how long I had to complete this task, so I hurried. I kept hitting my elbows and knees. I even racked my balls a few times.  Master drove on.

Judging from the number of turns and stops, we were in a residential area. Finally I heard the sound of the tires change and it was like we were in a driveway. A pause, then a pull forward, then the car stopped and the door opened. I was cramped in the trunk, when Master opened it up and looked down at me.

“OK, bitch, out.” Master ordered. We were in a house garage.

I climbed out. Master snapped his fingers and pointed to the floor before him. I knelt down and look adoringly into his beautiful face.

“OK, boy, here’s the deal. My parents are gone until Monday, so you are going to serve me in my own house until then. But the first thing I want to do is fuck you in my own bed.” I humbly followed Master into the house and up the stairs. He led me to his bedroom. It looked like any typical teenagers bedroom. From looking at it, you wouldn’t know he was anything but normal. Messy, yes, but what teenager had a clean room? You wouldn’t know he was a Master with a slave some five years older than he was. “Strip me, boy.” He ordered. I undid his shirt (what a beautiful chest), his shoes and socks (what beautiful feet), his pants (what beautiful legs) and his shorts (what a beautiful cock). “Get on the bed on all fours, boy.”

“Yes, Master.” I climbed on the bed, and spread my ass open as wide as I could.

As Master began to fuck me he started to talk, which was unusual for him, as it was almost conversational, not the commands I was used to. “I guess everyone wants to fuck someone in the bed they grew up in. I’ve had all sorts of fantasies in this bed. I jacked off for the first time here. I’ve dreamed of fucking here, and once I started fucking I dreamed of having a slave. Now I have a slave I dream of things to do to you. Now here you are, what a fucking dream come true.” That seemed to be all the conversation I was going to get, and he began to fuck me in silence. After a few minutes, Master ordered me “Tell me how much you like me fucking you.”

“Oh, Master,” I said “I love you fucking your little dog cunt slave. I am so happy to be your plaything and to be fucked in your bed. I will do anything to make you happy. I will be your slave, your toy, your pussy. Master, anything you want to do to me is acceptable, I am yours to use and abuse as you wish. I am your slave and you are my Owner. I worship you, Master, you are my god. I am your fucktoy and  your slave. I am your boy and your cunt. I am enslaved to your cock and I will do anything to feel your big cock up my hungry, unworthy whole.”

“Good boy.” Master said, slapping me on my ass. “Keep it up.” So I did. For quite a while he took his pleasure with me. I hadn’t seen him for a few days before this, and I wondered if he had had sex or jacked off in that time. I didn’t think so, because he had never fucked me this long before.

Finally, he increased his pace and rammed his big cock in and out of my abused hole at a furious pace. His fingers dug into his hips as he slapped my hips back and forth. Finally he came with animal lust. I moved out of his way to allow him to lay on his back on his bed. Without being ordered, I reached down and cleaned his cock off with my tongue. Since this was so special for him, I worked slowly and with all my skill. I tongued into his slit, and licked his balls. I cleaned his pubes and licked up his shaft. I applied more suction than I had ever been able to before. I was rewarded for my efforts as his cock began to rise again. Master hadn’t said anything, so I continued with my slow blow. I glanced up at Master and he had his arms behind his head and was thoroughly enjoying the gift I was giving him.

I blew him even longer than he fucked me, and I think Master enjoyed himself. When Master finally came, I swallowed it and slid off the bed to my knees beside it. Master dozed. I silently watched his nude form. I was so in love with Master, that I just stared at this body for the half hour or so he dozed.

“Good boy.” Master said when he woke up. “This is going to be a great weekend. You can start by cleaning my room.” So I began to straighten up his room. It was weird cleaning up a teenager’s room and following his little instructions, but I obeyed. Every so often he would tell me where something went. When thing were put up, he gave me instructions on where to find cleaners, and I returned and cleaned and polished things. Then I fetched a vacuum and finished the job. When everything was in order, Master let me suck his toes as a reward.

His room done, Master took me down to the kitchen. There he instructed me on what to make him for dinner  with a list and recipes.  Then he showed me the dining room. I was impressed with the size of the house and the furnishing of the house, and I figured his parents did fairly well. In the dining room, he instructed me to set the table for one, and to use the best. Then the led me to the living room.

“I’ll be in here, slave.” He said, as he said down in a comfortable, expensive chair. “I’ll ring this.” Here he rang a bell “When I want you. You are to come at once, kneel, kiss my feet and say ‘I am here Master, what can your lowly slave do for his great Master?’ Understand?”

“Yes, Master.” I replied, bowing my head.

“Get started on dinner.”

“Yes, Master.” I said and returned to the kitchen.  I started dinner and a few minutes later heard the bell. I rushed to him and said “I am here Master, what can your lowly slave do for his great Master?” His feet were up, and so I kissed the bottom of them.

Master exploded, slapping me in the face, beating me with his fists, and kicking me. “You sorry fuck, that’s not the order I gave you.!”

I cowered before Master. “I’m sorry Master, please forgive your worthless slave. I will do better Master, I’m sorry Master. I’m sorry Master.”

“You had better do better. I’m going to have to punish you now, and I didn’t want to do that.”

“I’m sorry Master.”

“Shut up.” Master looked down at me cowering at this feet and thought a few minutes.  “I’ll punish you later. Get back to work.”

“Yes, Master.”

“Shut the fuck up.”

I was so upset to disappoint Master. It took me a while to figure out that I was supposed to kiss his feet first. A minute or two after I discovered my error, the bell rang again. Determined to do better this time, I hurried to the living room, knelt, kissed the bottoms of his feet and said “I am here Master, what can your lowly slave do for his great Master?”

“Better, bitch. I just wanted to see if you would do better. Get back to work.”

“Yes, Master.”

A few steps down the hall, the bell rang again. I hurried to Master, hit my knees, kissed his feet and said “I am here Master, what can your lowly slave do for his great Master?”

“I just wanted to see you do it again. Back.”

“Yes, Master.”

I got to the door when he rang the bell again. I quickly returned to Master, knelt, kissed his feet, and said “I am here Master, what can your lowly slave do for his great Master?”

“Back.” Master said, some amusement in his voice. The game was restoring his good spirits. The bell rang again when I was only a few feet away. I turned around, took the three steps back to Master, knelt, kissed his feet, and said “I am here Master, what can your lowly slave do for his great Master?”


This time I was only part of the way up when the bell rang again I returned my knees, kissed his feet, and said “I am here Master, what can your lowly slave do for his great Master?”

This time there was no ‘back’, just the bell ringing again. I kissed his feet, and said “I am here Master, what can your lowly slave do for his great Master?”

Master kept this up for a few cycles, never letting me off my knees. Finally he tired of the game and sent me back to work.

After a scant minute in the kitchen, the bell rang. I returned to the living room to Master, knelt, kissed his feet, and said “I am here Master, what can your lowly slave do for his great Master?”

“I want a drink. Get me a coke.”

“Yes, Master.” I fetched the drink and delivered it. When Master ignored me, I returned to the kitchen to work.

One of the dishes was to be fried, and when I reached for the oil, I discovered a note that read:

No apron, no cover

I was going to get splattered with the hot oil on my naked skin.

Master called me to refresh his drink once, and when I was setting the table for him, to piss. He dropped his cock into my mouth, and I was double careful to swallow it all. I was terrified of what would happen if I spilled piss on the carpet or the chair.

When dinner was ready, I approached Master and knelt. “Master, dinner is served.”

“Not good enough.” Master said then indicated a box on a side table. “Your uniform is in there. Put it on.” I had noticed Master had put a tee shirt and pair of sweatpants while I was in the other room. I crawled over to the box and opened it. I had to open the tissue and  saw a dress.

It was a french maid’s dress. I picked it up and held out. It was a transparent black number with a even more transparent while apron permanently attached to the front. I swallowed and pulled it over my head. There was no arguing with Master. I was relieved the box was empty, so I wouldn’t have to ware the stupid hat. The dress was transparent, and one layer, except for the part with the apron, so it hid nothing. It was backless, and my tits peeked out beside the straps over the shoulders. The skirt part was crinkly like a ballerina’s and stood out and was so short that if I were to bend over my ass would be totally exposed.

“Now, tell me again.”

I crawled over to my original spot and announced “Master, dinner is served.”

“Led me.”

I started to walk to the dining room before Master.

“Sway your hips like a slut.”

How embarrassing. “Yes, Master.” I began to sway my hips back and forth like a cheap hooker. That way I led him to the dining room. Master stood my the head of the table where I had set it. I pulled the chair back for him and he sat down.

Master snapped his fingers and pointed to the kitchen. I turned to go.

“What, no curtsey?” Master grinned at me.

I turned back around and delivered a deep curtsey. I felt foolish and stupid. Master grinned at me. I entered the kitchen and brought him the soup. Master had ordered a several-course meal, so I was sure he was going to play with me for a while.  I served the soup in my best waiter (waitress) mode and stood back. Master snapped his fingers and pointed to the floor. I knelt. Master ate some of the soup, then snapped his fingers and waved over it for me to take the soup away. I picked up the china bowl, curtseyed and brought the next course.

This pattern continued for the light courses, and when I brought the main dish I knelt beside him again. Before starting, Master looked over at me and said. “Blow me.” I crawled under the table, pulled the waistband of his sweatpants down and began to blow him. I did the best I could, but I couldn’t see anything but the underside of the table. Master was ignoring me except for the growth of his cock.

Master took some time on this dish, and I thought to myself it was because he was pleased with the head I was giving him. When he was ready for me to take this one away, he delivered a kick to my stomach and ordered me “Up, take this away.” I obeyed, with the curtsey. I brought the next dish and knelt, not knowing if he wanted more head or not.  He ignored me, and I wasn’t sure if I was wrong or not. Master finally waived this away. I brought the desert.

“I want to be entertained.” Master said. “Stand on one foot. Take the other and suck your toes.”

“Yes, Master.” And I followed this order. I felt more foolish doing this in the ridiculous costume. Master ate the desert and watched me. About half way through the dish he ordered me to switch feet, so I obeyed.

When he was done, Master waved the dish away. As I took it he said “I’ll have coffee and a cigar in the living room.”

“Yes, Master.” I took the dish into the kitchen, poured a cup of coffee and took it to the living room. Master was there first. He was sitting on  the couch. I curtsied and handed him the cup. He had already lit a cigar.

I hadn’t had time to kneel when Master looked up at me and said “I need a place to put my feet up.” I took his meaning and got on all fours. He put his feet on my back like I was a footstool. I heard him puff and sip the coffee like I was a piece of furniture. Then he spoke again. “Oh, I don’t have an ashtray. Boy, put your and up so I can use it as an ashtray.”

It was tricky and painful to move my hand up to let Master use as an ashtray. It was like twisting my arm behind my back. Master flicked some ashes into it and continued to smoke. Master enjoyed his cigar for some time, and I was in increasing pain in the position. At one point, he took one foot down and batted my hard dick a little. I was hungry. I had fed Master, but not eaten myself.

Master finished the cigar and I felt the heat of the stub over the palm of my hand for a few seconds. He wouldn’t put it out in my palm, would he? Yes, he would. I prepared myself for the pain. I knew I couldn’t flinch or discomfort Master. I felt the heat get closer. Then the cigar end crushed into my palm. I felt the skin burn. It wasn’t as bad as it could have been, the cigar was mostly out and there was a lot of ash in my hand. It still hurt, and I screwed my eyes closed. Master stayed put a few seconds longer, then stood up and said “Get up, dump the ash and wash your hand. I’ll meet you in the kitchen.”

When I rejoined him in the kitchen, he was looking around. “Bit messy.” Master said.

“I’m sorry, Master.” The kitchen actually fairly clean, as I had washed the dishes as I used them.

“Does slaveboy want to eat?” Master asked.

“Yes, Master. If Master wants, Master.” I hoped Master wanted.

“Well, lets see what we have.” Master wandered around a bit and picked up a plate. He slid various parts of the dinner he had returned to the kitchen on the plate. When a goodly glob was on the plate he put the plate on the floor in front of him. “Eat.” Master ordered.

“Yes, Master. Thank you, Master.” I knelt down and ate without hands. The food was good, but all plopped together was not appetizing. I ate with relish anyway, as I didn’t want to disappoint Master. That, and I was afraid he wouldn’t feed me otherwise. I finished by licking the plate clean.

Master looked approvingly at the clean plate. “Now clean up the rest of this mess.” And he left the room.

“Yes, Master.” I stood up and cleaned the kitchen. Master came back in as I was finishing, and put the dog collar on my neck.

When I was completely done, he asked “Get out of that dress.” I pulled the dress off. Master took it and tossed it on the counter. Master also had the leash, and he attached it and pulled me toward the back of the house. “I bet you have to go to the bathroom.”

“Not yet, Master.”

“Good.” Master took me into the back yard. It was dark, and the yard was screened. Master took me over beside a shed. Master attached my leash to a stake in the ground. He just dropped the loop over it. It would be easy to lift it off, but I wouldn’t without Master’s orders. “Now stay here until you go. Both kinds. And be prepared to prove it.” With that he casually walked back to the house, leaving me cold and alone.

I was naked in a strange place. Ordered to piss and shit in the backyard. And prove it. I looked around.  There was a small can up against the wall of the shed. I could piss in that. I waited some time, and finally got the pressure to go. I pissed into the can. I was about to take a dump when I was suddenly realized I could get in trouble if I shit on Master’s lawn. I looked around and found a spare, old, shingle. I took it up and shit on that.

As I finished up, I saw Master standing before me. I was amazed, how did he know?

“Wipe.” Master said.

I picked up some leaves and did so.

“Good slave. Leave them.” Master picked up the leash and led me back to the house. Just a few steps into this, Master looked back at me and said. “Carry me up to bed.”

I certainly couldn’t take him up in my arms, so I got in front and let him climb onto my back. I carried Master up to his room. As I undressed Master, he gave me instructions for the morning. Master had me suck him a while, then he fucked me and fell asleep. I slept at the foot of his bed, on the floor.

In the morning, I snuck out and made coffee. I carried a cup up to his room and entered. Following orders, I stuck my head under the covers and took his beautiful cock in my mouth and began to gently suck it. I continued to suck until Master woke up, a little after his cock responded. He sat up and began to drink the coffee. I kept his cock in my mouth and gave him a long, slow blow job.

After a while, Master got up and ordered me onto the bed were he fucked me. When he was done, I cleaned him off. I then crawled after Master to the bathroom, he walking. We got into the shower and I showered him. At the end of the shower, I gently dried him off. Master and I then went to the kitchen, were I made him breakfast. As he ate, I was under the kitchen table, blowing him again.

Over the Saturday, Master had me do several chores. I was allowed some thin, skimpy shorts while I mowed and raked the yard. I swept the walk and drive. Then I mowed and raked the backyard. Every so often, Master would let me in to drink water from the toilet bowl, lapping it up like a dog. Once, Master had me ‘take a break’ by blowing him again. Finished with those tasks, I was sent to the attic, a hot, airless space, to move boxes around at Master’s directions. When I was finished, sweat dripping off of me, the boxes were back pretty much were they had started from.

“You stink.” Master said to me.

“Yes, Master. I’m sorry, Master.”

“We’re going to have to clean you up.” Master led me out to the back yard. I was nude again, and felt very miserable. Master took up a hose and turned on the water. He began to spray me. The water was cold. I stood as Master sprayed me over. He spent time playing the water on my cock and balls. The water caused pain. “Turn around.” Master ordered, and I did, glad to have my cock and balls out of the way. Master sprayed me all over. “Bend over and pull your ass apart.” I opened up my asscheeks. Master sprayed the water into my asshole, like a violent enema. I felt humiliated to have this happen to me out in public, even if no one could see. Master turned the water off. “Run in place to dry off.” I began to run in place. “Higher.” I lifted my knees higher as I run in place. Master put the hose up and wondered back into the house. I kept running in place until Master returned. He looked at me and ordered me to stop. “Heel.” He then commanded and I followed Master took me into the kitchen. “Here are your orders for dinner.” He pointed to some papers on the kitchen table.

“But you owe me some punishment for last night.” I had forgotten I had kissed his feet in the wrong order last night. Master took up a tube and squirted some of the contents into his hand. He rubbed it liberally onto my cock and balls. It was Ben-Gay, I saw from the tube. My heart froze. The cream burned into my cock and balls. I cried out. Master slapped me across the face. It stung more because of the cream. And the sting stayed, as the Ben-Gay burned into my cheeks. “Grovel.” He commanded angrily.

I fell to my knees, I kissed and licked his sandled feet. “I’m so sorry Master. Please forgive me, Master. I am unworthy to be your slave. Oh, Master, I am but a sorry cunt for you. Please forgive your worthless slave. I am your slave, your property. You are may great manly Master stud. I am but your whore. I am not worthy to suck your cock or rim your ass. I am nothing but dirt below you. I am nothing. I am your plaything. Your fucktoy. I am your boy and you are my great Master. I will do anything to make it up to you, Master. Please give me any punishment you desire. Master, I worship you. Master, you are my god. Please Master, punish me long and hard for disobeying you. Master, oh, Master, please do with me what you wish. Master, I am your whore and will obey. Oh, Master, my little cock and balls are on fire with your punishment, and I will take more and more. Master, please hurt me and teach me to obey you better. Master, great Master, I will grovel at your feet forever. Master, I will do anything to make my Master happy. Please, Master, I cannot live without your. Master, I am your unworthy slave,  your pussy, your cunt, your fucktoy, your plaything, your property. Master, please do whatever you want to me. Master, you are my owner and I am nothing. Master, I am your whore, your slave. Please put me in my place. Master, oh, Master, I’m so sorry.”

“Enough.” Master said, kicking me in my face away from his feet. I stopped and looked up to him pleadingly. Master looked down at me and still had disapproval in his face. My eyes pleaded with him. Finally, he spoke again. “I have not forgiven you. You will have to work very hard to please me. I will consider more punishment for you.  For this, you will have to have punishments until I decide to forgive you.”

“Oh, thank you, Master. I will be happy for all your punishments. I will do anything for my owner, my Master.”

“Good slave. Remember that. You are my fucktoy, and you are my whore. I like that. Now get to work.” He left.

My cock and balls were on fire. And I was as hard as a rock. I was hurt that Master had had to discipline me, but I was excited that he had done so. In great discomfort, I started dinner.

Master called me a few times. Twice, just to have me come in and dismiss me again. Once to fetch him a drink. Once, he called  me to piss in my mouth.

I put the pornographic maid’s uniform on before I announced dinner was served. Master had me go down on a candle to entertain him dinner, then take another and fuck it in and out of my ass, so I was getting it in both ends.

After dinner was the same, with me acting as footstool and ashtray at the same time. He wasn’t as gentle snuffing out he cigar as he was the night before. After his cigar, Master had me give him a slow blow job. After I had cleaned him up he ordered me to stand before him nude.

“I have been equitable until now. I have only punished you when you needed it. Isn’t that true?”

“Yes, Master.”

“But you balked at it, so I think you owe me something, don’t you?”

“Yes, Master.”

“What do you have that I can take?”

“Anything, Master.”

“What do you have that I don’t already own?”

“Nothing, Master.”

“Then what can I take to punish you?”

“I don’t know, Master.”

“Slap yourself, hard.”

“Yes, Master.” And I obeyed.

“Again, again, again.” I kept it up. “I know what you can give me, boy.”

“Yes, Master. Anything, Master.”

“You can give me punishments. Or take punishments, rather. I have only punished you when you screwed up, now I will punish you when I feel like it, Do you like that?”

“Yes, Master. Thank you, Master.”

“Beat off.” Master used the remote control to turn on the TV. I beat off. When I came, I spurted on the carpet. “Lick it up.” I did. “Beat off.” My cock was still burning from the Ben-Gay, but some of that had subsided. It took quite a while to cum, and I had to lick it up again.  After the fifth time, my dick was so tender that hurt to touch it. And it still burned from the Ben-Gay. I came, put nothing came out for me to lick up, I looked at Master. “Dry, eh? Pose for me.”

I was exhausted. I had worked hard all day, I had been humiliated and groveled at Master’s feet. I hadn’t eaten anything since lunch, and my dick was in agony. I began to flex my muscles and pose for Master.

“Keep your dick hard.” Master said. I had to struggle to do this on top of everything else. “Stop.” Master said after I had been posing for nearly an hour. “Is the bitch hungry?”

“Yes, Master.”

“I think you have to earn dinner. Do 100 pushups.”

I don’t know where the strength to do 100 pushups came from, but I did them. Towards the end, my form was not perfect, but Master didn’t say anything to me.

When I was finished, I just lay on the floor. “Kneel” Master said, and I knelt before him. “Go clean up the kitchen. Throw the food away.” Master went back to watching TV and my heart sank. Last night he had given me scraps from the table, was I not to get dinner tonight? When I had finished my chores, I returned to Master and silently knelt. Master got up and said “Heel.” I followed behind him as he returned to the kitchen. It was getting late, and my stomach was growling. In the kitchen, Master pulled out an unmarked container and undid the lid. I couldn’t see into it. “Kneel.” I went to my knees.

“You have been bad, slave. Instead of scraps, you get this.” Master upturned the container and the contents fell out, scattering all over the floor. It was dry dog food. “Eat it all up, Fido.” Master called me Fido again, so I knew I was his dog, and couldn’t use my hands. I got on all fours and began to pick up the kibble with my mouth, chew and swallow the dogfood. The canned stuff had been horrible and squishy. This stuff tasted even worse and I had to work to chew it. “Thirsty, Fido?” Master asked. I looked up and put my tongue out in a panting motion. Master undid his pants and I drank his piss.

I had to crawl all over the kitchen to get all the kibble. Master then had me carry him up to bed. He had me strip him. He put my collar on and a leash, which he attached to the bed. I blew him and when he came he told me not to swallow. He then fucked me dry, long, and hard. When he was done he had me swallow his come.

The next morning, when it was time to wake him I couldn’t make coffee without  undoing the leash, so I just started on his cock again. When he came in my mouth he said “No coffee?”

“I’m sorry, Master.”

“You had better be.” He undid the leash from my collar and pulled the covers back up. “It’s Sunday, and I’m going to sleep late. Your chores are on the desk.”

There was an list on the desk.

  1. Put on the shorts.
  2. Wash the windows.
  3. Do 100 pushups on the front walk, with a hard-on.
  4. Strip.
  5. Mop the kitchen floor.
  6. Do 100 sit-ups in the back yard, with a hard-on.
  7. Vacuum the downstairs.
  8. Do 100 deep knee bends in the back yard, with a hard-on.
  9. Kneel in the corner of my room by the desk, face to the wall.

If you are thirsty, you may drink from the toilet bowl downstairs. You must be naked anytime you are in the bathroom or the kitchen. If you take the shorts off you cannot put them back on.

So I wouldn’t be able to get a drink until I had finished the push-ups, or I would be bare-assed for the world to see. The shorts were next to the list. They were white, very short, very tight, and didn’t obscure much, being almost transparent.  I obeyed Master’s instructions.

After I had been kneeling in Master’s room for about an hour, he woke up and I heard his say “Blow me.” I crawled over and gave him head. When he was ready, he had me kneel on the bed and he fucked me.

That done, we headed for the bathroom. Outside the door, Master pointed to the bathroom floor. I noticed it was wet. “I had to take a piss and you weren’t there. You had better clean it up. Lick it up.” I was already on my hands and knees so I crawled to the door and began to lick up his cold piss. Master was nude in the hallway and stood watching, his arms folded over his beautiful chest.  When I had finished my task he looked at me and said “Good boy.” I showered and dressed him.

He had me make him a late brunch and again I was under the table blowing him as he ate. When he as done, he scrapped his left-overs onto the floor and ordered me to eat. When I was done, he had be lick the kitchen floor up. He had me lick up a wider area than I had eaten off of to be sure it as clean. I crawled after him to the living room. Master removed his pants and lay down on the couch. “Rim me.” He ordered. I dove for his ass and licked at his hole. I tongued deep into his ass and around his hole. I kept is up for some time as he enjoyed himself and bucked his hips in pleasure. Finally he came, rolled up on the back of the couch and I swallowed his cum. “Clean that up.” He pointed to the stain on the couch and I licked it up the best I could.

Then Master ordered me to the floor with my face in the carpet and ordered me to get a hard-on. He left the room. I didn’t have to get a hard-on since I already had one,  but I kept it up.

When he returned Master said “Kneel up.” I did. “We are going to play a game.” I saw he had several large rings in his hand. “We are going to play ring toss. Here are the rules. I am going to throw a ring. You are going to catch it on your dick. Every time I get one on your dick, I get a reward, and you have to do something for me. Every time you miss one, you get punished. Does that sound fair?”

“Yes, Master.”

He sat in the chair and said “Stand up over there.” He pointed to a spot on the floor. I stood there. “Wait, are you thirsty, boy?”

“Yes, Master.”

“Go get your piss from the other day.” I had to go into the back yard with a raging hard-on to fetch the can with my piss from two days ago. I returned and stood in my spot before Master. “Drink it.” I drank the cold two-day old piss from the dirty can. I had grown to love Master’s piss, but mine tasted different. Plus it was cold and had been outside for two days and was in a rusty can. I almost gagged. When I was finished, I was ordered to throw the can away. When I returned, Master said “Ready to play?”

“Yes, Master.” Master tossed the first ring to me. I could tell he was trying to get it on my dick, but he wasn’t trying too hard. I moved to try to catch it, but it hit the floor.

“Too bad, one punishment.” Said Master, and tossed another one. I missed that one as well. “Two punishments.” He tossed again, and I managed to get this one on my dick. “Good bitch, I get one reward. Leave the ring on, every one that falls off is another punishment for you and a reward for me.”

Master played for some time, he enjoyed seeing me run around the room trying to catch the rings. Master had 10 rings, so that was a round. We played 10 rounds. In the end, I was to be punished 88 times and give 42 rewards, it was more than 100 because I had dropped so many.

For my first punishment, Master took a think rubberband and wrapped it several times around my hard shaft. “You keep that on, and stay hard until I decide to let you stop.” The band was not all in one circle, but over an area of my small dick. For his first reward, Master had me give him a long, slow blow job. For my second punishment, Master produced a vibrating dildo and harness. He had me strap it on with the large dildo inserted into my ass. He then turned it on. “You’ll keep that on until I decide otherwise.”

“Yes, Master.” The dildo was even bigger than his cock, so it stretched my ass. And the vibrations were great for a while, then they began to ware on me.

For his second reward, Master had me lick his arm pits. He had sweated some since I had showered him, so he wasn’t as bad has it could have been, but I spent 10 minutes in each pit. My nose was full of his man-scent and my tongue was raw from the hair by the time I was done. When I was done, the phone rang. As Master went to answer it, he ordered me “Stand at attention and move your hips like you are fucking.” I obeyed. Master answered the phone and had a fairly long conversation with whoever called. My dick hurt from the rubberband. My ass hurt from the dildo. I felt like an idiot standing at attention with my hips fucking air. Finally the call was done, and Master returned to his chair and just watched me for a while.

“Put your hands behind your head.” I did and continued the fucking motion. “Stand on your toes.” I did this, even thought it changed my balance and I almost fell over. Keeping the motions up while I was on my toes caused strain, and it was getting more and more difficult to obey.

Master tired of this, and decided to watch some TV. He had me fetch him a drink, then return to be his footstool. Master decided the vibrations from the dildo bothered him, so he turned it off, but left it up my ass.

Finally it was time for me to start dinner. Master turned the vibrator back on and ordered me to the kitchen, where I found the list and recipes. He arrived a few minutes later and handed me the tube of Ben-Gay, but didn’t say anything. I looked at it with dread, then opened it and applied a lot to my cock and balls. The fire rapidly began to burn my cock and balls. I humbly handed the tube back to Master who said. “Good boy.”

Dinner was like the night before, only I used a cucumber to blow and fuck myself. The only part of my dick that wasn’t on fire was the part covered by the rubberband, and that part hurt in a different way. I was in agony and misery. But I loved Master and would do anything for him.

After I had disposed of the ashes from my hand (he had another cigar after dinner, and my palm was badly burned), Master produced a string with a bell and handed it to me. “Put this on and show me how you have practiced.” I attached the string behind my hard dick-head and began to move my dick muscles to make it ring in a song. Master watched with a grin on his face. I had to look ridiculous. Belled dick, vibrating dildo up my ass. After I had been playing for a few minutes Master held up his hand like there was a remote in it and acted like he was pressing a button. He said “Pause.” I stopped and didn’t move. Master got up and left the room. He returned a few minutes latter and I hadn’t moved. Master then attached two clothes pins to my chest, one on each nipple. The bit was painful. He griped a good bit of my tit when he did this, so my tits were sore on top of everything else. Master sat back down, repeated the gesture, and said “Play.” I resumed my ringing.

When Master had enough of this entertainment, he had me remove the clothe pins, dildo and rubber band in that order. Then he ordered me to dance. He hit another remote and some middle eastern music started. I began to sway my hips and gyrate as I had been taught in belly-dancing classes. This was the first time I performed for Master even though he had ordered me to start over a month ago. I had already had about half a dozen lessons. I wasn’t very good, but I didn’t suck. Master watched me for a while then turned off the music and had me dance without it. Finally he said “Stop. Boy, are you ready for dinner?”

“Yes, Master.”

“Then get your shit from the other day and meet me in the kitchen.”

My heart froze. Was he going to make me eat my own shit? I went into the dark back  yard and found the shingle with my shit on it. I picked it up. I carried it to the kitchen with growing dread.

Master was waiting there for me, young and glorious. Tears welled up in my eyes. Master just looked at me. I walked before him and knelt, putting the shingle on the floor between us. I looked up at Master begging with my eyes. Master looked at me with a stern expression. I was petrified. Finally he spoke “Kiss it.”

“Master?” I asked, not sure I had heard him.

“Kiss it. You’ve tasted your shit off my cock when you suck me, so kiss it.”

I looked down. It had begun to disintegrate in the two days it was outside, but I lowered my head to obey Master’s order. He was right, of course, I had tasted my shit when I cleaned him up. But faced with this my stomach turned. I kissed the rotting pile and knelt up.

“Good boy. I’m glad you are willing to listen to me and obey. You must always obey, right, slave?”

“Yes, Master.”

“Good. Now take that out back and toss it. I’ll get your dinner ready.”

I was so relieved to obey this command I fairly ran into the back yard. When I returned, Master had a plate on the floor with his leftovers and some dry dog food mixed in. He snapped his fingers and pointed. I got on all fours and ate my dinner.

After I ate and cleaned up the kitchen, Master introduced me to a new pass-time called “Flick the Dick” I stood over him while he sat and watched TV. He would flick his middle finger at my hard dick and make it bounce. The little flicks would have been uncomfortable in the best of times, but after all the torture my dick had undergone, it was pure hell.

When Master tired of this he had me suck his feet for a while. Soon, it was getting late, and Master decided it was time to take me back to my apartment. He took me to the garage and ordered me into the trunk and told me to dress.

Getting undressed in the trunk was hard enough, getting dressed was almost impossible. I allowed modesty to rule and worked on my pants first. It took me most of the trip to get them on, so when we got to my apartment, I hadn’t finished with my shirt. Master told me to carry it, not wear it. I obeyed and alone went to my apartment as Master returned home.

To be continued …

Max Potter
Max Potter
Max Potter discovered an interest in domination and slavery at a very early age. First reading about historical accounts of slaves, that eventually turned to an interested in the Dom/sub culture. A voracious reader, he see dominance and submission in many passages. When a friend gives up something, when a man takes a metaphorical blow for someone else. When one will is subjected to another. For his writing, he looks for the unusual situation. It could be total reluctance on the part of the sub, or innovative commands given. Always on the lookout for a novel idea, he can be contacted at his Gmail account as maxrpotter.

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