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Slave to a Younger Master (3 & 4)

The Bell

Master did come up with some duties for me. First he had me change to an earlier shift so I would be available to him after school (he was a junior at a local high school). He had me re-arrange the furniture in my apartment. I did the work, while he ordered me around. He changed his mind a lot , and I had to move furniture back and forth to please him. He brought me shoes to tongue-clean and ordered me to join a gym to tone up my body. He got me a pager so he could page me anytime he wanted me, and arranged a schedule of when I could do certain things like grocery shop. One day he appeared with a brochure for male belly-dancing. He told me to take the class so I could dance for him. I didn’t want to, but I obeyed. He had me dance for him when he was over sometime. But all that took time and happened over some weeks.

One day Master arrived after school and ordered me to stand next to him as he sat on the couch. He tied a string behind the head of my hard dick. On the other end of the string was a bell. When it was secure Master hit the bell and it tickled slightly. “Little boy has a belled dick. Play your dick for me boy.” I reached down with one hand to bat the bell and received a punch in my gut. “Stupid-ass cocksucker, play your dick with no hands.”

“Yes, Master. I’m sorry, Master.” I began to flex my dick-muscles up and down to ring the bell. It wasn’t something I had done a lot of, so it was difficult.

“You look so stupid doing that. It’s great. Tell me you like doing this for me.” Master smirked to me.

“Oh Master. I am only happy when obeying you. I am so happy to be looking like a dumb fuck to amuse you. I will would do anything for you, my Master, my Lord, my Owner. I dream of nothing but crawling at your feet. I would spend all day with a bell tied to my dick and ringing it for your pleasure. Anything my Master wishes is a command to me. I live to hear your voice and suck your dick and do as you wish.”

“Shut up.” I instantly fell silent, gazing down at my Master in awe. “I didn’t say to stop playing.” I had indeed stopped, and I started up again with vigor. “Fucker, try something with a bit of rhythm, I want a tune.”

This was a bit harder. My face tensed up with concentration as I struggled to obey. I wasn’t overly successful. But my Master was kind to me and didn’t punish me. After a few minutes of my struggle, Master got bored with this and sent me to the kitchen (on my hands and knees) to fetch him a drink. When I crawled back, Master was standing up and stretching. This really showed off his form. My breath caught.

“You like me don’t you? You really do like crawling at my feet.” Master said to me.

“Oh, yes, Master. I live for you.”

Master looked down at me, smiling to me a moment. I smiled back to him hopefully. He dribbled spit into my face. I opened my mouth to catch it. That earned me a smile from Master. “Time to fuck.” Master announced. He dropped his pants and I held my ass up for him. It was a dry-fuck, which was his preferred way. When he was finished with me (my bell ringing all the time) I went around and cleaned him off. He then stood up, put his foot on my head and said. “My good little slave boy. Practice with the bell, I want you to become talented with it.” With that he left.

Anything to make Master happy

The bell on my dick must have given him an idea. The next time Master came to visit me, he also tied a string around the back of the head of my dick. It’s a little sad, but about the time Master might arrive from school, I would start staring out the window, waiting for him. When his Camero came into the lot, I threw an immediate boner.

Master left the fairly long string tied to my dick and had me crawl to fetch him a beer (he wasn’t of legal age, but I was, so I had been ordered to buy beer for him). When I got back Master had me stand at attention next to him. While he drank, he pulled the string up, down, and sideways, pulling my dick with it. It hurt. Master had also brought a little whip. It looked like a regular whip, but was only about a foot long, like a toy. Every so often, it would land on my dick or balls. After about 20 minutes of this, tears were welling up in my eyes, and one trickled down my cheek. I had been flinching some, but Master had told me not to, so I wasn’t flinching much.

With the tear Master stopped and looked at me for a second, his wicked grin on his face. He then pulled the string viciously a few times, and delivered a few strikes with the whip in rapid succession. Then he said “Little boy going to cry? What a bad little boy. Don’t you want your Master to have some fun?”

As bad as his tortures were hurting my dick and balls, I was more concerned with Master’s amusement. In a sincere voice I said “Oh, Master, I am so sorry Master. You little boy is so sorry to disappoint his great manly Master. Your little slave boy will do anything to make it up to the great manly Master. Please tell your worthless piece of shit cunt boy what to do. I can’t live unless I make you happy. I will do anything. Anything, Master. Anything at all.” Here I took a deep breath, as I was going to continue until Master gave me some indication to do something else.

“So my little dog slave wants to make it all better?” Master replied.

“Oh, yes Master. Please tell me what I can do to make Master happy and to let Master have fun. I will do anything for Master.”

“All right.” Master used his thumb to wipe up part of the tear and stuck his thumb in my mouth. I automatically began to suck it. He left it there for a second then pulled out and began. “I still want to play with your little dick, but instead of doing all the work, I think you should. You can pull your dick and whip your cock and balls until you cum. And I want you to beg for the privilege.”

It had been hard enough standing the torment when Master was doing it. As he said the words of what I had do now, I was mortified. How could I do that to myself? And I had to beg to be allowed to. Master’s face didn’t look like he would compromise. Not that I ever asked him too. Not that he ever would. Master liked to do things to me, and liked to make me ask for things I found humiliating.

As much as I didn’t want to torment myself, I threw everything I had into the begging. I felt I could move from position to do so, and I bent down to kiss and lick  his shoes. I started to beg, loud enough that he hear without having to tell me to speak up. And I was sincere. No matter how little I wanted to inflict the pain on myself, I couldn’t disobey or disappoint Master. “Oh great and wonderful Master, I am just a poor slave who is your puppet. I want to act to amuse you. Please let me pull on the string on my dick and whip my dick and balls for you. I will do this, Master, until I cum, so I can please you. Please Master, have mercy on you cunt slave and let him put himself through pain so you can be happy. All your little boyslave wants is to make you happy. Master, I will pull hard on the string and my cock will dance for you. Oh, Master, I will whip my cock and balls sharply so you can see the red strips I leave. I will pull and whip at the same time, Master. Master, I will do one than the other. I will use the string to get better angles for the whip. Oh, please Master, please Master. Master I want to amuse you and take pain for you. Master, oh, Master, please let me do this for you. I want to be a good slave for my Master.”

“Get started then.” Master said, snapping his fingers.

In my only gambit to steal myself for this, I kissed and licked his shoes some more. “Oh, thank you, Master. I will make Master happy, Master.”

“Stand up so I can get a good view.”

I stood up. Master handed me the little whip, sat back and watched.  I was hard from the begging. I began by pulling the string to one side. I made a fast jerk, and I felt my dick move to the right. It was painful. The string cut into the tender underside of my dickhead, and the cock stretched. I pulled hard enough to feel something in the roots. Then I struck the underside of my dick with the little whip. God, it hurt. It was flexible, so it wrapped around the shaft some. I pulled the string in some other  directions, and had a go with the whip on my balls. I don’t know which was worse, my cock or my balls. The whip hurt less on my shaft, but the string make up for that. Master had hit the head of my dick with the whip, so I figured I had to as well. I delivered two successive quick strokes to the head. Tears were really coming down now. Master was leaning back enjoying the show. I switched hands with the string and the whip for some variation.

“Is the boy happy to be doing this for his master?” Master asked.

“Oh, yes, Master. I will do this all day to make my Master happy.”

“Smile for master to show you are enjoying this.”

How humiliating. Here I was causing great pain to the most sensitive parts of my body, after having had to beg to do so, and now I had to smile to show I liked it. I smiled. I was crying now, tears coming down my cheeks, and into my mouth.

“Those are tears of joy, aren’t they bitch?” Master asked, a little like it was a joke.

“Oh, yes, Master. I am ecstatic to be doing this for you.”

“Tell me some more how much you like to do this for me.” Master said.

I pulled my dick straight down and whipped the top. “Oh, Master, I love doing things for you. I love <ugh> being your plaything, your toy. <ugh> I want to <ugh> do <ugh> all sorts of things for you. <ugh> Please, Master, please be happy that I am performing for you. <ugh>. I am so happy to do <ugh> this. Master <ugh> I will whip <ugh> my dick forever for you. <ugh> I will <ugh> whip my <ugh> balls forever <ugh> for you. I will pull my <ugh> dick on a string <ugh> always for you. <ugh> Please let me <ugh> do whatever you like. <ugh>”

Master smiled, and I continued. It took a while, but I finally came. While the orgasm wracked my body, I stopped pulling and whipping. When I stopped spurting, I just stood there, in a bit of a daze looking at the Master I loved.

“I didn’t say you could stop.” Another order. I raised the whip and began to jerk the string some more. My dick was super-sensitive now, and it hurt even more. The string came off, as my dick had shrunk some. “Stop” Master said, as I began to retrieve the string to put it back on. I stopped and looked at him in wonder awaiting my next task.

“Slave has been very good. Master is happy. Blow me.” I knelt before Master and undid his pants, taking his large cock out and into my mouth. I sucked for some time before he stood up and fucked me

To be continued …

Max Potter
Max Potter
Max Potter discovered an interest in domination and slavery at a very early age. First reading about historical accounts of slaves, that eventually turned to an interested in the Dom/sub culture. A voracious reader, he see dominance and submission in many passages. When a friend gives up something, when a man takes a metaphorical blow for someone else. When one will is subjected to another. For his writing, he looks for the unusual situation. It could be total reluctance on the part of the sub, or innovative commands given. Always on the lookout for a novel idea, he can be contacted at his Gmail account as maxrpotter.

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