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We Try To Build The Bond Between Us All And Let Everyone Be Themselves

Pup Deeno

1984 | 182 cm | 68 kg


PupDeeno on Tumblr.

Hey everybody, today we go down under. No, not under the sheets together (you pervs ;P) We’re talking to an aussie pup , the adorable Pup Deeno 😉 Can you tell us a bit about yourself puppy? When did you first try out kink, and how did you start involving it into play? 🙂

Deeno: Tell you about Deeno.. Hmmm. Deeno is the Alpha in his pack, he’s the bouncy Husky from the West Coast and a hardcore wrestle pup (with the bruises to prove it) that can’t get enough of playtime and fighting over toys… And as of last month, I just turned 1. Rufff!

I had spent my first month of pup life solo, after jumping onto Recon and realising I was the only pup in my city. Or at least that’s what I thought back then. 

I met a friend of a friend shortly after online who let me pup out in front of him. He bought me my very first rope toy and helped me understand that there was no right or wrong and that I was perfect just the way I was.

And now I bounce, I run, I’m cheeky and sneaky and I havent
looked back. Except maybe at handlers hehe

1 year and already cheeky and sneaky huh? 😉 I know from myself that can land you in “trouble” sometimes. Do you have some stories where you did?

Ohh yeahhh, Deeno sure has. Probably the most common trouble he finds himself in would be breaking one my handlers first rules he set out. Pup Deeno is not allowed on any furniture without first asking for permission. As a totally innocent pup, one that would never disobey, or do things like posting naughty photos .. Oh wait.. That’s a different pup I’m thinking of 🙂

Deeno can sometimes get caught up with taking photos, forgetting his place and getting on the couch or bed to show off, and post them to tumblr.
Most of the time, Sir says nothing about my disobedience until he sees me next.
Then asks me if there’s anything I need to tell him… Which I have usually forgotten about the photo.. So he shows me the post, before disciplining pup. Deeno is learning a little bit more each time though, like when to obey the rule…

…and when he needs to break it… So badly.

XD you always gotta keep the balance. Do you have other rules you need to obey as a pup?

That’s all for me at present, with the exception of Sirs other pups. I am not to play with them without asking permission first, and I guess the general Sir comes first philosophy that I live by too, so I supose that’s a rule yes? 🙂

Absolutely 😉 What were some of the most memorable experiences since you have become a pup?

The very top of that list is my pack. My boys have a lot of love for their Alpha, and I them. They bring nuzzles and laughs whenever we are together. Special nuzzles go to my Koby, who was the first pup I ever met and has been there for my whole journey.

Ruff him and my boys so much.

We have also been growing the community here. From thinking that I was alone, to realising all the pups were all there but living behind the scenes, to now, where are bringing together pups of all kinds to laugh, drink, eat, hike, socialise, anything at all as humans and pups depending on the event. This has made Deeno a very very happy pup *wags*

How exactly have you been bringing those people together? You mentioned some events, can you tell a us a bit more?

Community wise there was a WA-PAH page on Facebook that had been shut off from view years back. After we made contact with the other PAH’s we got access to the page and have been focused on regular catchup and adventures. We have a monthly group that goes to a kink night called Nefarious where they recently expanded the pup Kennel to accommodate our growing numbers.

There are pup pub lunches, bushwalking, backyard movie nights to name a few.
These events are ways we try to build the bond between us all and let everyone be themselves whether we are playing with a ball in our gear, or hiking around waterfalls out in the bush as humans.

Sounds like you achieved quite a lot since becoming a pup, and that it’s more than just something to be in bed (or on the dungeon floor) for you? 😉

Absolutely. Deeno makes the most of the bedroom, car, spa, or dark corner whenever the urges surface but yes as a whole I love to be involved in the growth of the community for all doggos. Sir tells me that there’s so much more for us to achieve, reminding me at each event as to the successes that everyone is experiencing.

So it’s all onward and upward for Deeno.

That sounds lovely and I hope you’ll keep that direction 😉 Now many say pup play is a bridge to exploring other kinks. Is that also true for you? If so, what things have you started to try out?

I can see how that’s the case, and I would have to agree. I imagine there’s a lot of trial and experimenting out there during pup sessions when a Sir/Handler/Owners are putting their pups through their paces or learning where the boundaries for playtimes might be.

Deeno has toyed with some. Light/Medium pain play which was on and off enjoyable during the sessions, but the following day left nothing but hot memories in its wake.


Some rough bondage with leather cuffs and rope makes pup squirm and panic in all the good ways, as Deeno is not used to giving up control and then some some casual watersports as the opportunity presented itself to try it out a few times so pup jumped on the opportunity to try, and it ticks Deeno’s boxes if he’s on that kinda mood. Pup is open to suggestions future kink adventures though.

Life is for living after all.

Ok last question. As we’re already on the future, are there things you wish/dream of in your kink life?

Future you say…. World peace. And by world peace, I mean be involved in a Pup Empire. It was my dream to have one and it’s on its way, but like all good things, Empires are no different and size matters. Deeno also dreams meeting more of the amazing pups he has been luck enough to meet via tumblr and other social media. I attended my first pup and handler competition this year in Melbourne, so there is a burning desire to compete in one of them. Maybe it’s just the Alpha in my that wants the title, or maybe it’s the show dog inside of Husky Deeno that just wants to be on live display, whatever happens though… Deeno has lots of bouncing and energy to share with the world… For treats of course. Ruff

Hey, I'm Se7en, one of the authors and guys behind sadOsam. I'm an all around kinky puppy that enjoys to explore new things and talk to interesting people. Don't be shy to hit me up if you like, I promise I won't bite. Fair warning though, I'm a slow replier, quite busy on here usually :)

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