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One on one: Sammy vs. Phil

“Let’s get to it right away”, I suggested.

Sammy and Phil grinned.

They were standing opposite each other.

“I’m gonna bust your bollocks”, Phil grinned.

The 18 year redhead was wearing tight jeans, a blue t-shirt and sneakers. He was the new star of American soccer, having been transferred from his native England a few months ago. The t-shirt he was wearing had his name and team number printed on it. He grinned at him opponent and ran his hand trough his hair.

Sammy smiled, umimpressed, and grabbed his junk. He was wearing sagging jeans and a t-shirt that was much too loose-fighting for his body. He was five inches taller than Phil, and he looked down at the muscular athlete.

It was an unequal pairing that called for cheap tactics. Phil and Sammy knew that, too.

I had asked them to start off our series of one on one fights. Phil had done some work for us in the Ballbusting Olympics, acting as the umpire in all of the matches.

After the last day, when the penalties had been dealt out, I had asked Phil if he’d be willing to do some more work for us. He had thought about it for a few days. After his transfer to a US team, he had been very busy training, attending social gatherings, doing commercials etc. But apparently he was amenable to some distraction now and then, because he agreed to show up for this match – and many more after this, hopefully…

Chad was standing behind the camera.

“Let’s do a short introduction, first”, I said.

Chad zoomed in on Phil’s face.

“Hi, I’m Phil”, the red haired soccer player smiled into the camera. “I’m 18 years old and I’m gonna bust Sammy’s bollocks…” He pointed at his muscular legs and his feet, and the camera panned down his body. Suddenly, Phil threw a kick into the air. Then he doubled over, holding his crotch in mock-sympathy with his invisible opponent. “Ooooh”, he grinned, “That’s going to hurt…”

“Thanks”, I said. “Very good.”

Phil grinned and turned to Sammy. “I mean it…”

Sammy chuckled.

Chad focussed the camera on Sammy’s face.

“I’m Sammy”, Sammy smiled. “I’m 18 years old and I’m gonna crunch Phil’s nuts. When I’m through with him, he will have to say goodbye to having kids.” Sammy chuckled and continued in a high-pitched voice, “’Sorry, ladies, but the soccer star sperm bank is closed for good…’”

Phil laughed. “We’ll see, Sammy…”

“Thanks”, I said. I turned to Chad. “Got everything?”

Chad nodded.

“Okay, great”, I said. “Enough with the teasing, let’s get started.”

Phil and Sammy circled each other.

Both didn’t seem to take the match too seriously.

Sammy grinned impishly and took off his t-shirt, revealing his smooth, lean chest.

“It’s my lucky shirt”, Sammy grinned. “I don’t want it to get ripped apart…” He threw the shirt away.

Phil shrugged and pulled his own shirt over his head.

Sammy looked at his opponent’s muscular abs and hairless chest and smiled.

Then, seizing the opportunity when Phil’ view was limited, Sammy launched a wicked surprise attack, kicking the soccer player’s groin hard with his foot. The instep of his sneaker collided with the soft bulge in Phil’s shorts and smashed his testicles into his pelvis.

Phil had his arms straight up, his head inside the shirt.

He gave a muffled scream and doubled over, unable to free himself from the shirt and equally detained from shielding his junk.

Sammy grinned and followed up with a mean knee jerk into Phil’s package.

Phil shrieked and tumbled to the ground.

He frantically got his t-shirt off of his head and curled up in a ball, grabbing his crotch and holding the t-shirt in front of it, if trying to cushion the pain in his balls.

He moaned in pain, and his face started to turn red.

Sammy grinned. “Need some time to come into play?”

Phil moaned. He had his eyes clenched shut, nursing his battered balls and writhing on the ground.

Sammy knelt next to Phil and reached for his fly.

“Stop!” Phil squeaked, sensing was Sammy was up to. He struggled against Sammy, kicking his legs and punching Sammy’s body. A well-placed punch at Sammy’s solar plexus sent the skater flying back, landing on his ass and panting heavily.

Sammy massaged his chest and grimaced in pain. He was sitting on the ground, his legs spread wide, allowing Phil to lunge at him and throwing a solid punch at Sammy’s balls.

Sammy groaned and closed his legs. He fell to his side, one hand rubbing his solar plexus, the other one caressing the damaged goods inside his jeans.

Both of the boys were lying on the ground now, moaning pain, their hands cupping their privates.

Phil grimaced and looked at his opponent.

Sammy was lying on the ground, his ass facing Phil.

Phil sneaked up behind him and grabbed Sammy’s bulging balls from behind, his hand wedging in between his legs, squeezing the poor skater’s testicles with all his might.

Sammy shrieked and struggled. Within a few moments he had freed himself from Phil’s grab.

He crawled away quickly, trying to get out of the danger zone, and curled up in a ball, this time keeping his eyes on the soccer player.

Phil grinned. He was nursing his junk, but he knew that his attack had weakened Sammy. He got up and walked over to Sammy.

“Come on”, he smiled and held his right hand out. His left hand shielded his crotch.

Sammy laughed and shook his head.

He crawled away from Phil again and eyed him with suspicion.

Phil smiled and followed Sammy through the studio.

Suddenly, Phil lunged at Sammy, landing on top of him and getting a good hold of his jeans. He yanked them down, exposing Sammy’s boxers.

“Fuck! No!” Sammy screamed, but Phil was determined.

He yanked Sammy’s jeans off over his sneakers and threw them away. He got up and grinned his opponent.

Sammy looked up at Phil.

Suddenly, the skater boy jumped at him from below, driving his head into Phil’s crotch and slamming the soccer player’s precious jewels with his forehead.

Phil yelped and doubled over.

Sammy reached up with his hands grabbed hold of Phil’s fly. He ripped it apart with all the force he could muster, revealing Phil’s pubic hair. Apparently the soccer star wasn’t wearing any underwear.

“Hey!” Phil screamed. “What are you doing? You are ripping—“

Sammy interrupted him with another head-butt into Phil’s crotch, catching his limp dick with aloud slap, and causing Phil to moan miserably.

Sammy yanked down the tight jeans, but they were too tight to come off over his sneakers.

“Oh”, Sammy grinned and looked at the naked genitals in front of him. “You’re not an underwear model, right?”

Phil stumbled and fell to the ground, his jeans around his ankles, his naked nuts and limp dick on full display.

Sammy chuckled and slapped Phil’s dick a few times.

“Fuck!” Phil screamed, filled with humiliation and anger. He struggled to get up, but he stumbled and fell onto his butt again.

Sammy grabbed Phil’s sac and looked him in the eye.

“Bye, bye, soccer star sperm bank”, he grinned and crushed Phil’s nuts in his hand.

Phil’s eyes widened.

Sammy chuckled and squeezed harder.

Phil screamed from the top of his lungs. He tried to pull Sammy’s hands away from his vulnerable goods, but Sammy clenched his teeth and continued to squeeze Phil’s nuts, squashing them in his hand and making Phil moan in agony.

“Time out”, Phil screamed. “Please, time out!”

Sammy was startled. He raised his eyes and looked at me, his hands continuing to squeeze Phil’s nuggets.

I shrugged. “There is no time—“

I was interrupted by a shrill scream from Sammy.

Phil had punched his solar plexus again.

Sammy coughed and let go of Phil’s nuts. He grabbed his chest and groaned.

Phil rushed to take off his sneakers and his jeans. He got up and stood next to Sammy, naked except for his socks. He doubled over and massaged his reddened sac. The look in his eyes said he was out for revenge.

Sammy was dizzy, his hands rubbing his solar plexus.

Phil reached down and grabbed Sammy’s boxer shorts. He pulled them off, revealing Sammy’s nice sized genitals. His dick was half-hard and twitching, his balls hung low in their sac.

Phil grimaced. “The skater boy sperm bank is open to the public, huh?” he grinned and grabbed Sammy’s ankles, making Sammy’s upper body fall so that he was lying on his back, now. “But not for long…”

“Fuck”, Sammy whispered.

Phil chuckled and brought his right foot into Sammy’s crotch. He pulled on Sammy’s ankles, driving his socked foot further into Sammy’s groin and crushing his nuts hard.

Sammy screamed.

Phil ground his foot in Sammy’s crotch, wedging his balls between the sole of his foot and Sammy’s own crotch.

Sammy let out a high pitched scream.

Phil grinned and continued grinding his foot into Sammy’s crotch, crunching his balls with his heel and pulling his legs towards him.

Sammy groaned. He tried to lift Phil’s foot away from his balls, but the muscular soccer player just smiled and moved his foot around, causing Sammy to groan louder.

“Uncomfortable, huh?” Phil grinned and twisted his foot.

Sammy shrieked.

“Look at your dick”, Phil chuckled. “Wanna squeeze out a little load for me?”

Sammy glanced at his cock and groaned. His dick was rock-hard and twitching. Clear fluid was oozing from its tip.

Phil laughed and let go of Sammy’s ankles. Quickly, he lunged between Sammy’s legs and punched his agonized testicles with his fist.

Sammy coughed and his eyes watered. He tried to grab his balls, but Phil managed to bring in another punch, his knuckles driving Sammy’s plump balls into his crotch.

Sammy coughed again. His eyes lost focus and his mouth opened. His cock twitched violently.

“Time for the sperm sample”, Phil grinned and grabbed Sammy’s juicy balls with his left hand.Sammy moaned.

Phil’s right fist slammed into the reddened meatballs and smashed them into his hand.

Sammy moaned louder. His cock continued twitching.

In rapid succession, Phil punched Sammy’s balls again, five times in a row.

Sammy’s eyes widened, his eyebrows raised and a miserable wheezing sound escaped his lips.

Phil chuckled and repeated his move.

Sammy coughed.

Phil grabbed Sammy’s balls with both of his hands and squeezed.

That did the trick.

Sammy moaned miserably and his dick unloaded. His cock turned into a geyser, shooting hot, white cum like a fountain.

Phil grinned and continued kneading Sammy’s balls.

Thick jets of sticky, white cum landed on Sammy’s chest, on the floor, and on Phil’s body.

“Fuck”, Sammy panted. He was sweating and his face was beet-red.

“Seems like your sperm bank is impressively solvent”, Phil mused. He punched Sammy’s busy balls one final time, sending drops of cum flying all over the place.

Sammy screamed from the top of his lungs and grabbed his tender testicles.

Phil chuckled and wiped some spunk off his abs. He brought the sample to Sammy’s face and wiped it on Sammy’s lips.

“Fuck!” Sammy screamed.

The last drops of cum oozed out of his stiff dick.

“Quality cum”, Phil grinned and slapped Sammy’s nuts with his hand.

The poor skater curled up in a ball and started to moan softly.

Phil got up and stood in front of the skater. “I think I won”, he grinned, standing in a pool of Sammy’s jizz. His socks started to soak and he raised his eyebrows. “Perhaps I should give these to the laundry”, he grinned. Then he looked at Sammy and chuckled. He bend down, took off his right sock and turned to Sammy. He brought his sock up to Sammy’s face and smiled. “Open up”, he said.

Sammy shook his head.

Phil sighed and with his naked toes nudged Sammy’s hands that were cupping his groin.Sammy groaned and opened his mouth.

Phil stuffed his sperm-soaked sock into Sammy’s mouth and grinned.

“Game over”, he said.

“Cut”, I shouted.

Phil turned to Sammy and grinned. “Everything okay?”

Sammy moaned and spit out the sock. “You busted my balls good…”

“I know”, Phil grinned.

“The sock thing wasn’t necessary”, Sammy whispered.

Phil shrugged. “I thought it was a nice finishing touch…”

Sammy groaned and rubbed his balls.

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Alex Nehling
Alex Nehling
Alex Nehling has been into ballbusting ever since he can remember. He has published hundreds of stories on his website In addition to testicle torture his stories feature themes like wrestling, chastity play, edging and milking, muscle worship, small penis humiliation, oral and anal sex, public humiliation, domination, and many more. In 2017, Alex wrote his first ballbusting stories in his native language and started the German blog in collaboration with another author. In 2018, he has teamed up with fetish porn producer Toby Springs to produce a series of ballbusting video clips. Alex lives and works in Germany.

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