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When I Think Of Doms Jerking Off To Me, It Turns Me On Because They Want To Dominate Me

The time in which porn was just produced by porn labels is definitely past. We have presented several cam boys on KINKFINITY, but also guys who produce their own content. Today I’ve one of the kinky x-tube boys with me.

I get the most satisfaction from being used to fulfill another man’s desires.

Hi Devon, I’ve introduced you as kinkster. Now it is really up to you to tell us, what you’re into. Can you give us an insight to your kinky desires and needs?

Well first and foremost, I am a sub. There is nothing that turns me on more than a strong, horny, dominant man who knows exactly what he wants and has no hesitation to demand it from me. I get the most satisfaction from being used to fulfill another man’s desires.

Getting into specific fetishes, I definitely have to say my number 1 fetish is Foot Worship. For me, it’s one of the most powerful forms of submission. To be down on my knees at a man’s feet, looking up at him holding his hard cock while he looks down on me and commands me to massage and kiss them. His feet are his base. They are what he stands his ground on. They are tired and sweaty from his daily efforts and they need attention. It’s a great way to help a man get relaxed and horny for what comes next 😉

Foot fetish is one of the most powerful forms of submission.

Oh yes, you’re right. I really love good foot slaves. As you have told us, it is really relaxing, and it brings the boy to the place he belongs to. But can you explain to us why it is such a powerful form of submission and what the symbolic of this act is for you?

Well, being kneeled down at the very base of a man’s body as he sits back and looks down on you with an egotistical pleasure as you massage and worship his tired feet. You are submitting yourself to the job of relaxing and pleasing him. His feet are what he stands on and walks on, what carries him through the day. They take the brunt of his daily activities. So in a sense, you aren’t just worshiping his feet. You are worshiping everything he has done and put effort into for the day. His work, his existence, you are showing how much you appreciate him and what he does. Not to mention pheromones. Any part of the body that produces a lot of sweat like feet, groin, and armpits release a ton of pheromones. Guys who are turned on by sweat and piss are most likely pheromone lovers, like myself. When you breathe in his pheromones, you are breathing in his sexual essence. For me, that is the biggest turn on possible!

Oh, let us continue with your love for pheromones. What’s about piss?

Watersports – for me, watersports has a similar vibe to foot worship. Letting a man take a piss on you/in you is an example of worshiping his entirety. Giving yourself up for him to relieve himself on you, marking his territory. It takes us into our primal sexuality that lies deep within our Root Chakras.

I’ve made my first piss games in an age of 8 years. It was not a sexual act, but it was just interesting to play with something people think it is dirty. What have been your first experiences with piss, and how did they come?

It all started with internet porn and curiosity. When I first saw piss play in porn, it sparked a strong interest for me. Something that seemed a bit “wrong” but also turned me on a lot. Pissing outdoors or on someone/yourself brings a feeling of liberation and freedom from normal boundaries. And that’s how I discovered how powerful pheromones can be. Just like in sweat, piss carries a ton of pheromones that stimulate sexual attraction and desire. Later on, when I started experimenting with other guys pissing on me, I also discovered how much of a dom/sub element it also carries. The first time I got on my knees for a guy to whip his dick out and soak me with a strong, manly stream of his warm piss, I felt extremely primal. As if he was marking me as his territory. Like he was an ancient beast of a man who needed to exert sexual dominance over me. As a sub, this is a very invigorating and satisfying feeling that has stuck with me for many years.

The first time I got on my knees for a guy to whip his dick out and soak me with a strong, manly stream of his warm piss, I felt extremely primal.

How humiliating is it for you, and what is the importance of humiliation in general for you?

To be honest, I don’t feel humiliated when I’m being dominated or pissed on. It makes me feel invigorated and obedient like a good sub boi. I do love the feeling of sexual embarrassment/humiliation, though, and I think the best way to incite that feeling for me would be in a group or a semi public scenario. We’ve all seen the studio porn vids where a sub is hardcore dominated by a large group of men in a public bathroom – that would be an incredibly fun and humiliating situation for me!

OK and what are other kinks you’re into?

Bondage – giving up control to the Dom. Allowing the Dom to tie you up/bind you in a position that turns him on, to use you for whatever he wants, generates a strong feeling of sexiness. You know he wants you, and there’s no questioning that when you’re in his control, exactly how he wants you.

What is the attraction of feeling inferior, delivered and without any power?

It makes me feel sexy. The Dom wants to use me for his sexual pleasure, and there’s no questioning how bad he wants it when he has you tied up with your ass spread. It makes me feel attractive. And despite giving up my freedom to move, it feels liberating to completely let go of control, and just take whatever he decides to give me. And I always love a good surprise 😉

You really seem to be a submissive guy. What else do you really like?

Spanking – A man bending me over and exuding his dominance over me by spanking my bare ass. Showing his ownership of it. This ass is for him and he is going to give it everything he’s got. My ass exposed for him, knowing how much the sight and feel of it turns him on. Knowing how much the redness accentuates the view for him before he slides his cock inside of it.

The way you describe spanking it is again about possession. But a hard spanking can also be painful. Is pain and punishment something you like, and you think that it is part of a subs’ life?

I think that depends on the sub. For me, yes absolutely. But the kind of pain that spanking brings is a pretty safe and harmless type of pain. Not to mention sexual, since the ass is a very sexual part of the body. So despite spanking being painful, it’s also very pleasureable and a major turn on for me. In some sense, it’s like “tenderizing the meat” before fucking it!

Oh yes, I love to fuck a hard spanked ass. When not only the penetration but also the slapping of the slaves’ ass against my chest gives some pleasurable pain to the boy. Hehe. But one of your main kinks you haven’t told us yet. Exhibitionism! Isn’t it?

Yes, I love being exposed! Well I’ve had fantasies about doing porn for many many years. I just didnt have the confidence prior to getting started 4 years ago. I love sex, I love porn, and I love being watched. The attention I initially started getting when I first hopped on a webcam was absolutely exhilarating and liberating. I’ve felt free to share my sex life on the internet ever since. It turns me on a lot, knowing that men are jerking off to my videos.

Hehe, what is the turn on by knowing that others are jerking off to your videos? What kind of pictures do you have in mind if you think about it?

Well, I know a lot of subs jerk off to my porn, and I’m flattered that they are turned on by doing the things that I do!! But when I think of tops and doms jerking off to me, it turns me on because they also want to dominate and fuck me. In a way, it’s like mental fucking. Theres an energetic vibe.

Hehe. Have you never thought about guys you don’t like jerking off to your videos?

You mean, guys that I’m not attracted to? Yes, I’ve thought about that, and it also turns me on in the same way. I just feel good about know someone is enjoying me and what I put out there.

You’re a Xtube ambassador? What does that mean exactly?

It means that I devote my porn solely to XTube, and I help promote and represent the brand. For example, making promotional videos for XTube, or for contests they run for our amateurs. I also had the pleasure of handing out free XTube merchandise at Philadelphia LGBT Pride! It’s been a lot of fun working with them!!

If you think about your beginnings in front of the cam, I’m sure that you can give some advice to guys who are interested to start to make their own little movies so that they can avoid problems and mistakes you have probably had/done.

Be patient, and get creative, and most importantly, have fun! The #1 thing to remember is that porn is about feeling good and experiencing fun. So if you’re ever feeling shy or self conscious, remember this. Enjoy your experiences and do your best to capture the best angles of it. Also, you can almost never have too much lighting!!


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