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As A Straight Guy I Love And Often Fap To Gay Latex And Leather Bondage Porn

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DrPonyBatBond | 1961 | 188 cm | 93 kg | West Palm Beach FL (U.S.)

People say the Pro-Domme experience is not authentic, but there is clearly a real power exchange with the right people who enjoy each other and each other’s kinks.

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How long have you already been living out your kinky side and how did you came to that?

DrPonyBatBondMy place as Mistress Michelle Lacy’s pony boy and the harder core bondage play that goes with it has been happening for a little over four years. The magic of seeing a professional dominatrix who shares my kinky interests make for an irresistible combination. 

My interest in kink has been around longer than I can remember although, as a five-year-old, I didn’t know it was kink. I was fascinated by powerful female figures on television, such as Diana Rigg in in her leather cat suit in the Avengers and Julie Newmar in her shiny catsuit, especially as she was tying up Batman. My parents bought me a black vinyl 66 Batman rain poncho with hood, mask and bat ears and it affected me in ways that I didn’t understand, every time I wore it. My parents couldn’t get me out of that cape and it became my first real fetish item, forming part of my early self-bondage and masturbation experiences from puberty through to college. Even as a thirteen-year-old, I used the poncho for a slave mask and for rudimentary breath play. 

As a youngster, I was the hero in the school play and was tied up for several scenes. I was always enthusiastic about attending play practice and was aroused the entire time. Fast forward to college and it was time for bondage, blindfolds, spank and tease and I developed a reputation for fun games in bed. When I discovered bondage magazines like Centurions Catalogue, reprints of Sweet Gwendoline and Stanton, it opened me up to a world that I didn’t know existed!  Before long I started buying leather hoods and heavier gear for self-play and self-bondage games after finding a Mr. S Leather Catalogue. 

I experimented with a few Professional Dommes in my younger days, but nothing really came of it. Vanilla life, marriage and family become the priority, but I continued to self-play and buy gear.  My spouse loves fetish wear, but not the hard-core bondage gear I lust for. Reading Skin Two Magazine taught me there were other kinksters all over the world who liked the same stuff I did and then the internet came along with so much straight and gay bondage porn to enjoy. 

Eventually I joined Fetlife and discovered more of the world of fetish through conversations with fellow kinky people. I visited Mr S in person, a Disneyland for kink, buying a custom hood and much gear over the years. 

About 5 years ago, trawling for kink, on the Internet, I found an advert for Mistress Michelle Lacy with an amazing photo of a sub in heavy leather bondage. I was impressed with her website and writings.  Eventually, a session date was set and so begun my amazing journey into hardcore bondage gear and pony play nirvana. 

Whats essentally  important for you there?

There are two key requirements. Firstly. I need a trustworthy, fun and creative play partner and secondly, I need to consider what fetish play will do for me. Mistress Michelle is on the same wavelength, someone as kinky as me. She understands my crazy fantasies and invites me to join in a few of her own. The relationship works because Mistress enjoys the fetish wear, costumes, and bondage as much as I do, or maybe more. I get a thrill watching how pumped up she gets with the artistry of her rope work, the perfect balance in her hoist work and the laughs when I twitch from ministrations and torture. 

People say the Pro-Domme experience is not authentic, but there is clearly a real power exchange with the right people who enjoy each other and each other’s kinks. I love watching her sniff that brand-new piece of lovely smelling leather gear, just like I do. She is an incredibly attractive person inside and out.  She’s smart, fun and trustworthy. I can give up total control and pass it to her comfortably because I know she has carefully honed her craft and cares about me and our shared experience. 

When we first started, she’d talk about how I drifted off into my “bondage bliss” and how I just loved more and more bondage.  I float off into another carefree plane of existence as the bondage gear or ropes are going on. Ironically, bondage gives me freedom to let go, to drift, and to daydream.  It’s partly the sensation of the bonds as they hug me, leaving me helpless to resist the ministrations of my Mistress. It’s also part arousal, being touched, teased and bound by such a gorgeous woman and it’s partly like a drug, when if the magic is happening, I get the hoped-for endorphin rush. It is a cacophony of sounds and senses, of shiny black fabrics, the aroma of latex and leather, the feeling and the look of thigh high boots on either one of us. We both get off on it. 

Part of the power exchange is submission and sensation play that consists of an erotic mix of pain and pleasure. I love the complex and restrictive bondage gear, being objectified as a gimp, and the never-ending selection of fetish wear. In my early sessions I wasn’t into the pain and was distressed by my inability to accept it. Mistress Michelle discussed it with me and helped me understand that I wasn’t really submissive, but more a fetishist with fantasies of submission – a completely different animal all together. She said that I most definitely wasn’t a service slave, but that she could work with a “polite fetishist” like me.

I read that the dominatrix works hard to tie, tease and torture. Eventually her subject is trained and rewired to associate the pain with arousal and pleasure, which is easier if you tend to be masochistic already, I guess. Around the same time, I stumbled upon a website about pony play by Cpony. In one of his essays he wrote about submission in pony play and it just clicked for me. I knew I had found my place in the twisted and kinky world. We tried a session with the pony gear and it was a real switch for me. I morphed into a noble, beautiful animal, able to leave behind my inhibited intellect. Magically I could accept and even yearn for “the training” of the beast. 

Do you have special sexual and fetish preferences?

Yes. My fetish likes are so powerful that the simple opening of a cabinet or drawer containing BDSM gear gets me fully erect. I have a huge collection of toys, gear and wardrobe that I wear around the house and bring to sessions. Mostly it remains hidden in giant duffels in my closet behind my vanilla clothes. 

To see a play partner dressed in classic dominant outfits, latex or leather, it doesn’t matter, really does it for me.  There is just something so erotic about a lithe, fit body, male or female, clad in skin tight fetish fabrics. I love to wear latex and leather, to be dressed in a hood, in a gimpy full coverage, chest harness, hip harness, chaps, jocks, and thigh high boots or similar. Thigh high shiny boots, although sometimes seen as a cliché, have an amazing effect on me.

The B in BDSM is my bliss. I love gags and blindfolds, straight jackets and sleep sacks. A Vacbed is my best friend. I have gradually moved on from the basic tie and tease to more advanced and much heavier play with fancier gear. 

As to the D in BDSM, I have learned to love mild impact play, cbt, electrotorture of the nipples, cock and balls. To be locked away in chastity and with butt plugs of various sizes strapped in place is pure bliss. Mistress laughs and says that I’ll cook myself with how high want I the electrotorture, especially on my nipples.  Breath play is icing on the cake when I’m held securely inside a latex hood and wearing a gas mask.

My pony play gear collection is growing exponentially. The more I get, the more I want. I refer to Cpony’s website for information on gear and my latex pony aesthetic comes from seeing European pony play photos. I especially admire Nighty and converse with more pony players than I can mention in the States and abroad. 

What kind of guys do you like?

Well, that’s an interesting question. For vanilla sex, I most definitely identify as straight and love a fit Mediterranean looking brunette. The big chested Hollywood blonde bimbo type does little for me. My beautiful mistress is attractive to me, but not so much in a sexual sense. She remains the dominant, albeit unattainable equestrian trainer and Mistress. I am merely her pet.

I love and often fap to gay latex and leather bondage porn, identifying with the bondage subs in that case. All my custom pony gear is from Leatherwerks in Ft. Lauderdale and they tell me I’m their biggest straight customer!  They certainly love to mess with the straight guy when I’m being fitted there. Having discussed with straight Fetlife friends, the concept of playing with guys, the consensus is if someone’s into fetish wear and bondage and super turned on by the gear, they’d all happy to play with anyone and I agree. I have been asked to play by people who identify everywhere along the spectrum and, for me, inhibition seems to go out the window when gimped up. So, I’d play with anyone with similar interests.

What was your hottest experience until now?

That is impossible for me to say as they all bring their individual magic, their heat in particular areas. I’m a little bit jaded at this point. I believe with Mistress Michelle, I’ve crammed ten years worth of experiences into under five years and I’ve checked many goals off my kinky bucket list. Aside from meeting many internationally famous dominatrixes and having sessioned with multiple Dommes, I’ve had photoshoots with four or five famous Dommes several times. Dominatrixes love talking Domme like and melting me through the shoot. 

For session play, some of these are routine: I’ve been in leather and latex straight jackets. I’ve been in leather, latex and neoprene sleep sacks, including a suspended one and one belted down to a bondage board. I’ve been chain suspended in a hog tie in a full leather bondage gimp suit on the ceiling! I’ve been rope tied to too many things to list. 

I’ve been in inflatable latex gear, worn gas masks with inflatable gags resulting in amazing breath play and been in a neoprene sleep sack and hood for a swimming pool bondage mummy scene. Another favorite was a latex Vacbed with breath control and vibrator teasing. 

I’ve attended Club Dom, a special estate used to film BDSM porn. With jodhpur clad equestrian Dommes, I engaged in pony play sessions where I was filmed and photographed as I was being trained and made to pull pony carts. On top of that, I’ve met some of the slaves who attend The Order Of Indomitus slave weekend. It’s pretty amazing to drive up and watch leather and latex clad mistresses hosing their naked male slaves, all locked in chastity, with cold water. Watching their fantasy become reality is a really special feeling and hopefully they had similar feelings when they saw me undergoing my equestrian work.

Ironically, my hottest experiences don’t involve actual sessions but in attending parties as a pony. 

I’ve attended a Fetish Factory weekend, training as a pony boy in leather and pony boots around the pool. The looks of the other kinksters, but more importantly, the randy stares of the vanilla pool staff are forever etched in my brain. Many staff members ran over, tripping over themselves to give me water, after I removed my gear and it was certainly weird to walk through a hotel lobby dressed only in my leather jock. 

On another occasion, Mistress was invited to be a kink entertainer at vanilla party in a hotel for a famous kink photographer of Madonna in South Beach Miami. This well-known photographer specifically requested I attend with her as the latex pony boy. He had seen pictures of me and he wanted to photograph and see me. It was strange to be the center of attention amongst the most beautiful model types of Miami. The looks of lust in vanilla people’s eyes, sexy comments, frequent rubbing of my latex, and the unashamed groping of me left a huge impression!

Are there things/dreams you want to experience once?

I have a dream of being kidnapped and forcefully turned into a pony boy with piercings, body modifications and all manner of special pony gear and to be used as a toy with the other pony boys and girls for kinky pleasures on the pony farm. That is my current favorite recurrent dream. A story I co-authored with my kinky friend, AWS can be found on Fetlife. It is based on the reality of the Miami party before morphing into the kidnap fantasy and it’s a great read, if I do say so myself. It’s called Mistress Michelle Lacy’s Party Pony. 

I know it’s cliché but people always tell me how lucky I am to find my Mistress Michelle. I know it’s true and really believe with all the fun we have and the gear we play with, I already am living out my kinky dreams.

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