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The Key To Happiness (4)

Days of Woe

“Fuck”, Zach grumbled and let the key drop to the ground where it landed on top of a large pile of similar keys.

He looked into the little wooden box.

There was just one key left.

Zach groaned. This was just typical. Of course it had to be the final one. He slowly shook his head.

He had stolen the box on Friday, after having been forced to go through a torturous, painful routine that left his balls badly bruised and swollen. Adding insult to injury, he hadn’t been lucky enough to find the right key to the little plastic cage that held his huge cock, preventing him from getting hard or shooting his load. On the spur of the moment, when he was alone in the room, he had grabbed the box and limped away as fast he could.

Once home, Zach had ran to his room and started going through the keys. But so far, none of them fit the lock.

Zach picked up the last key and tried to unlock his chastity device – but it didn’t fit.

“What the fuck?!” Zach mumbled. Muttering obscenities, he tried again and again, to no avail.

Zach let out a miserable sigh and looked down at the pile of keys at his feet. How could he have missed the right one?

He spent the next hours going through the keys one by one again. And then once more. And a fourth time.

At sunrise, Zach was sure: The right key was not in the box.

Zach looked at his crotch and tugged at the little plastic cage.

He had never been this horny his entire life.

It was only a couple of weeks since he had been locked in chastity – but it felt like an eternity.

It sure wasn’t helpful that his friends had the time of their lives torturing him and humiliating him and making fun of his predicament.

Zach bit his lower lip. He contemplated calling Simon and complaining that he had taken the key out of the box. But Simon was probably angry with him. After all, he had just taken the box.

Zach let out a frustrated grunt.

He just wanted to fuck!

He closed his eyes. He was so fucking tired.

A moment later, the door burst open and a couple of Zach’s frat buddies stormed into his room.

“How did it go, man?” AJ grinned. He raised his hand and smacked Zach’s nuts hard, causing him to let out a sharp yelp and sit up straight in his bed, his face contorted in pain.

“Are you free again?” Reese chimed in.

Before Zach had a chance to say something, AJ turned to Reese, a huge smile on his face. He had felt the unmistakable shape of Zach’s cock cage when he slapped his nuts, and he shook his head slowly.

“Oh no!” Reese laughed. “Your cock’s still locked up?”

The rest of the guys burst out laughing.

“Get the fuck out!” Zach grunted.

Reese and AJ grabbed Zach’s blanket and pulled it away, revealing Zach’s naked body.

At the sight of Zach’s testicles, the guys cringed in sympathy. They were bruised and battered, black and blue, and severely swollen. A pitiful sight.

“Oh my fucking god”, Reese chuckled.

“Thank god your cock is still locked up”, AJ grinned. “So you don’t have to worry about those useless balls of yours…”

“Just get out”, Zach mumbled, cupping his crotch with both of his hands.

He spent the rest of the day in bed, trying to get some sleep.

The next day, Zach managed to catch AJ alone.

“I need your help, buddy”, Zach mumbled. He wasn’t good at this. He didn’t like asking for help – but there was no other way.

“Sure”, AJ grinned and poured himself a glass of water.

Zach stared at his feet. He was wearing nothing but the little apron that his buddies made him put on every day. It was barely large enough to cover Zach’s huge genitalia.

Zach cleared his throat.

AJ smiled and handed him a glass of water after quickly adding Zach’s daily dose of powdered Viagra to it.

“Thanks”, Zach emptied the glass. He had become so used to the bitter aftertaste of the drug that he didn’t even notice it anymore.

“I’m here for you, buddy”, AJ said with an encouraging smile. “How can I help you?”

Zach told him about last Friday, about the keys and the wooden box in his room.

“I see”, AJ said. “So you don’t have the key.”

Zach shook his head.

AJ grimaced. “You took the box. I bet Simon is going to be pretty angry with you.”

Zach nodded, a miserable expression on his face.

“We could just take a sledgehammer and slam that cage open”, AJ suggested.

Zach’s eyes widened. “But—“

“But Simon would know, and he’d make you pay for it”, AJ said.

Zach shifted uncomfortably. “And my cock—“

“Yeah, your cock would probably be ruined. Your balls, too, I guess”, AJ nodded, scratching his chin. “Let’s keep that in mind as plan B.” Suddenly, AJ’s face lit up. “Wait a minute, I know just the guy to call!” He reached into his pocket and pulled out a cell phone. Smiling at Zach, he dialed a number.

An hour later, the doorbell rang.

Zach had been pacing the room for the past thirty minutes. The Viagra had kicked in, and he was ultra-horny, his swollen, aching balls throbbing with cum and dying for release.

He rushed to the door and opened it.

“You’re the locksmith”, Zach said, his eyes filled with hope.

The young man standing in the door had ginger hair and a wiry and fit body. He was dressed in black chinos and a black long sleeve t-shirt, and he was carrying a black toolbag.

He looked at Zach and raised his eyebrows. He hadn’t expected to meet a half-naked guy dressed in a ridiculous apron. “Umm…”

“Yeah, he’s something like a locksmith”, AJ said and nodded at the young man. “Good to see you, Barry.” He invited the young man in and turned to Zach. “Give him the money.”

Zach nodded and rushed into his room. When he returned, Barry had lined up his tools on the floor.

Zach stared at them, a blank expression on his face.

AJ cleared his throat.

“Here”, Zach mumbled and gave Barry a wad of money.

Barry counted the bills and put them in his pocket. Then he turned to Zach. “Take off that ridiculous thing”, he said, pointing at Zach’s apron.

Zach took it off, exposing his big, bruised balls and his locked cock.

Barry scratched his head. “I see”, he mumbled, kneeling down in front of Zach. He grabbed Zach’s balls and pulled them up to have a look at the plastic ring that held the cock cage in place.

Zach groaned as Barry squished and squashed his swollen balls, making no effort to treat the two big, tender orbs as anything other than useless obstacles to his attempt of picking the lock.

Over the course of the next hour, Barry used every tool he had brought to torture Zach’s testicles. He poked at them with his screwdrivers, smacked them with the ratchet, squeezed them with the adjustable wrench and hit them with the hammer.

Zach was groaning and moaning, screaming and crying in agony as Barry abused his aching nuts, pretending to try and open the lock on his chastity device.

Finally, Barry reached for the power drill.

Zach’s eyes widened. He stared down at his crotch.

Two C-clamps were holding his nuts, squishing them flat.

“No”, Zach groaned.

Barry looked up at him, raising his eyebrows. “You don’t want me to continue?”

Zach shook his head, his face a mask of pain.

Barry shook his head. “Okay, it’s your choice”, he said with a shrug. “I’m done here. There’s nothing more I can do.”

Zach gritted his teeth. “I know”, he mumbled.

AJ suppressed a grin. “So you’ll stay locked up?”

Barry looked at him, the power drill in his hand.

“Yes”, Zach mumbled.

Barry shrugged and put his tools back into the bag.

AJ showed him to the door.

Before Barry left, he handed AJ half of the money Zach had given him.

AJ winked at him and grinned. “Thanks for your help.”

With Barry gone, Zach had chucked his best chance at getting out of his chastity cage ahead of time, and his balls looked even worse than before.

The following days, Zach tried several ways to relieve the ever growing tension in his cum-filled balls.

AJ who was studying to be a doctor volunteered to examine Zach’s testicles, and after a painful and prolonged examination, he gave Zach a couple of pills that were supposed to calm him down. Unbeknownst to Zach, the pills had an opposite effect when combined with Viagra. Since virtually everything Zach drank was interspersed with the potency-enhancing drug, Zach’s horniness reached entirely new levels.

Acting on the advice of his frat brothers, Zach resorted to unconventional methods to keep his mind off sex.

Every night before Zach went to bed, he asked his buddies to kick him in the nuts. They took turns bashing Zach’s spuds as hard as they could, sending him to bed with a pair of ridiculously swollen and bruised testicles.

But after a while, his buddies grew bored with Zach’s problems and his constant need to get hit in the nuts, so they told him to take matters into his own hands.

Zach pleaded with them, dreading the duty of bashing his own balls, but his friends didn’t come around.

They had better things to do, like going to parties and banging girls, so Zach had to do it himself.

After failing to punch his balls hard enough, Zach found out that rat traps did a very effective job of squashing his nuts. Every night he’d drop his aching balls onto the trigger, causing the spring-loaded bar to come down on his balls, all but breaking his nuts in two and causing him to spend a good hour or two caught in a deep, dreamless sleep.

Like a prisoner in his cell, Zach had a calendar that counted down the days until he’d be free again. Every morning, after getting his nuts out of the rat traps, he’d cross off a day.

“Monday”, he croaked. “Only a couple more days till Monday…”

To be continued …

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Alex Nehling
Alex Nehling
Alex Nehling has been into ballbusting ever since he can remember. He has published hundreds of stories on his website In addition to testicle torture his stories feature themes like wrestling, chastity play, edging and milking, muscle worship, small penis humiliation, oral and anal sex, public humiliation, domination, and many more. In 2017, Alex wrote his first ballbusting stories in his native language and started the German blog in collaboration with another author. In 2018, he has teamed up with fetish porn producer Toby Springs to produce a series of ballbusting video clips. Alex lives and works in Germany.

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